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Messages posted by: shunkerbelle
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geez when was the last time I posted here? And now this is happening? Well it's been one hell of a ride here and I am sad to hear the news. While this place did end up crashing down, the memories and good times still lay here.

Wish everyone the best of luck in the future! :D
I'm just gonna suggest these bad boys:
(Images are clicky)

UBD_Willosaur by Salooverall

Glaur by odonost

Real Contest by Mavor

Celestial by Gonzalo218

Also...(Sort of promoting my own work here but, meh...)

Sporepunk Airship by shunkerbelle
random ship:

(png looks bad, best seen in editor)
I've been a bit busy...
Large images ahead, sorry

The sight of Sealzilla alone made the elves run screaming for their lives, but Santa didn't even flinch. Even as the town was getting destroyed, he was happily feeding the Orcas who came to marvel at the destruction that was occurring.
"Hang on a sec..." the stranger mumbled, making Santa snap out of his train of thought. "What on earth are you feeding those Orcas?"
"Oh, its just a bit of fish" Santa replied, but then he smiled a sly grin "Fish...with a hint of magic dust used to make my deers fly, and..." he added before the stranger could protest. "Scales from a certain dragon king Kaiju!"

Soon enough, the Orcas descended back into the waters, then all of a sudden the icy floor glowed a bright yellow colour, getting the Sealzilla's attention. The beast let out a bellow and started shuffling violently through the town, crushing the buildings as if they were mere pieces of paper. Before the kaiju could impale the fat man and the stranger with its colossal tusks, a large black mouth, no two, no THREE black mouths crashed through the ice and clamped tightly around the sealzilla's neck. But it didn't stop there. The three headed beast flew straight upwards and threw the seal across the ice, away from the bewildered stranger and the surviving citizens.

"Holy mince pies!" Santa yelled cheerfully as King Ghidorca continued to headbutt Sealzilla away from the city, then smacked the seal into the icy water with its tail and swam after it, to conclude the battle somewhere else.

"a-after seeing that..." the stranger stammered. "i'm gonna need a lot of mince pies"

"Seriously, the old geezer's been so busy apparently, that he's still unaware that his sleigh's been missing for quite some time now" the mysterious stranger chuckled as it spied on the armored bears through a telescope, who were laying around the beautiful machine. "I wonder, if I get it back, he might give me more presents..."

A slow rumble from the mountain woke the bears, but there was nothing that they could see. It sounded like some sort of engine, but as they were trying to work it out, each one was thrown all over the place like bowling pins, eventually a large hybridized bike emerged from the snow behind the remaining bear, making it spin round and growl at the driver...
But it was empty.
Before the poor bear had a chance to react, the machine ripped through the snow and collided with it, breaking the armour and killing the soldier instantly. The stranger cheered up on the mountain, clutching a remote control, and descended down towards the sleigh to take it back to where it belongs.
"Hey Santa!" the stranger giggled over the phone. "You'll never guess what I found."
It may have looked like santa was losing the battle by just a simple little app (and the undercover elves). However he had a icy trick up his sleeve. The winter wyrm had a good run causing chaos until it was forced back down into the abyss but this one cannot be that scared. Santa picked up his phone and made a call to a certain little turtle that was hanging around.
"Hey you still have that lung around?" santa asked.
"yeah, what are you wanting it for this time?" the stranger replied.
"I'm having problems with my elves you see, they have been brainwashed by the Anti-Clause's phone app"
" is my trusted pet going to help? Freeze the phones? the stranger joked.
"actually, yes that's a brilliant idea" santa said joyfully.
"well, i'm sorry but i'm gonna have to refuse" the stranger replied. "The pet is currently unavailable at the moment"
This got santa's blood boiling but then he had a brainwave. "Either you lend me the creature or you won't get that steampunk owl you always wanted!" he yelled down the phone.
There was a pause, then a quiet "ok". A few minutes later, a huge creature smashed through the workshop door, making every elf in the room swivel their heads round.
"I was summoned by the Fat One!" the lung roared.
"I demand you hand me your phones immediately or you will be my next breakfast!"
And it worked, every elf handed over the phone to the lung and got back to work. The lung froze the phones and the elves who were being suspicious, exposing the undercover ones, and production was back up to speed again. The lung remained in the workshop, keeping a good eye out and occasionally eating the spare candy canes lying around.
All bow down to the mythical beast

or just give it a cookie and it'll melt the snow for you

Well i'm gonna have a go at this, looks fun...

You really think that's gonna get me down?
Santa said with a frown,

I'm gonna show you so much power,
it's gonna make you sit there and cower

Several figures emerged from the water
all ready and suited for slaughter

They could smell the birds up high
and started shooting them out of the sky

to send the penguins back to the South,
say hello to the polar bear with the mouth

and the obvious large turret on it's back

I hope that sounded ok, i'm not very good with poems

I want this one to be remade, mainly to be a captain for when I look at adventures. i know you can't do captain parts and i'm not asking for that, so just do what you need to do

Seriously though, what's going on right now?
I'm gonna be honest, I am genuinely surprised that I won. With so many amazing and unique entries I was up against, I was certain I was only gonna get something like an honorable mention. So very well done to everyone who participated in this contest, I hope to see this many entries in the next big contest
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