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Messages posted by: uglydollfan
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'Twas nice knowing you guys here... You know, I was considering on returning to Spore... I may just play that game again!

However, the same could not be said for this forum...

I'm only here just to say goodbye to this site, I've somewhat enjoyed it, but it's not that active...

Thankfully, wherever forum I'm at right now is pretty friendly, and good too! Enjoy the rest of the year!
Don't like your tone sir, anyways, I've came back to pick something up... Now I'm gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Packing up! I've found a better forum to reside in!

I'm serious, I won't be back! Goodbye!
God Dangit, I wanted to see the Incredibles 2, but it has flashing lights.

I may not have epilepsy, but I don't want to risk it n'or my brother's health...

Might as well wait for Blu-Ray!

Oh... Uh,
Oh, and there's been an old anime movie discovered today... It looks decent, but the reason why it's getting attention is because of both character design and a certain scene.

What's the name of the Anime? "Penguin Memories". Apparently, this is a movie based on a japanese BEER brand, don't believe me? Here's proof!

Now, here's the scene in question, anything look familiar?

Here's a review of E3 so far, from what I've seen :

EA succeeds in being terrible
Microsoft is actually decent!
Ubisoft is also decent, but it's slightly better because of a certain nintendo character being playable in one of their non-nintendo games!
Everything else? ehhh, not interested in seeing those...

I wonder what Nintendo's gonna show tomorrow?
Well, School's over...

Now what?
Finals week is just around the corner...
*Eating food*
*Random person approaches*
"Are you gonna eat that?"

Inner me: WTF Are you stupid? Do you think people buy food just to eat them? Of course they do! Listen you *Derogatory Female term*, If you want food, go get your own, idiot. Did your mother not teach you about minding your own business, or even the consideration of others?!?! How did you grade school idiots even get into High school?!?!?!
Runilith wrote:

I thought he was named after ketchup
[Aaron Schlossberg]
*Lives in the most diverse city in America (New York)
*Can speak foreign languages (spanish/french) fluently
*Advertises above point in his business

*...Yet he doesn't like it when other people speak it

numbuh 2

Number one just begs for death!
*When you fix a small problem but you feel like you stopped a crisis*
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