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Messages posted by: SporeMasterSlyth33
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If the recently banned accounts could follow the rules we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Most forums would never have this discussion at all, the sporum's woefully inadequate ban system years ago made it necessary to interact with the worst spammers far more than we'd have liked because we had no means to institute long bans or ip bans.

The new mods have a little more admin support and can do what we had to beg, borrow, and steal to do back in the day.
DarkMagickan wrote:You're talking about him like he's a hardened criminal. He was literally a kid when he racked up most of those bans. Why can't you assume that as he physically matures, he might also emotionally mature?

We had this discussion when the Sharples88 account was permabanned years ago and he was allowed back in, I don't see the need for the new mods to grant him a 900th chance.

DarkMagickan wrote:Well, so let's permaban him now, when he wasn't doing anything at all, because someone was asleep at the wheel back in the day, right?

Yes, the punishment for a 100 time offender is infinitely more severe than the punishment for a first time offender. They know they're on a short leash and they just can't contain themselves.
This is just a friendly reminder that the banned user(s) in question have been banned over 100 times dating back to mid 2010 and would have been permabanned years ago if the admins were more responsive at the time. Many of the numerous alts are currently permabanned.

The mod quarantine is a graveyard of hundreds of browser crashing flash spam threads, lest we forget.
Applepie59 wrote:
cardiackid wrote:
SporeMasterSlyth33 wrote:
MobsterMania wrote:Hi aaronMK

Ghosts of sporums past are restless.


I don't know any of you people

What have I missed from between Mid. 2010 from Mid. 2014, exactly?


And furries.
MobsterMania wrote:Hi aaronMK

Ghosts of sporums past are restless.
RileySoto wrote:Spinning the rock could let you get gravity and mixing left over ejecta from digging out the inside of the asteroid with edible aerogels and 'home-made' soil could encourage bacteria to grow. And since it is the future, you could print the genomes of most any species from a lab, you could easily populate your new biosphere. Obviously this technology is still hundereds of years off, but with tech from 2200, could this be possible with out the need for massive funds from massive world powers?

Most asteroids are carbonaceous or silicate, not viable bacteria nutrients. Any growth mediums would need to be brought along for the ride. The dirt on Earth took hundreds of millions of years to accumulate from early chemophiles.

One often overlooked aspect of asteroid behavior is how incredibly dry they are. Larger bodies like planets and moons had water on their surfaces at some point, even unlikely bodies like Mercury and Venus had water vapor for at least a short period during their initial formation and cooling.

Asteroids didn't. That means that the chemistry of an asteroid is typically completely anhydrous and oxygen free, and the introduction of water during any large scale efforts will start generating new hydrated minerals and oxides. This can cause structural weakness and will leach water out of your supplies. This effect has been observed on Earth, meteor fragments degrade rapidly upon contact with free water and oxygen in Earths atmosphere, and samples must be taken and analyzed rapidly before their composition is altered.

It's also important to note that not all asteroids are solid bodies. Most have had their surfaces pulverized into a fine dust over the years (sometimes over a meter deep), and the body itself may not be structurally sound. Some asteroids are little more than agglomerations of smaller fragments and dust compacted into a single object.

The asteroid would have to be extensively surveyed and analyzed before any attempt is made to land on it or bore into it. You don't want to lose 5 billion dollars in mining equipment when your asteroid of choice disintegrates into a fine powder
There are 728,200 Lawyers in the US

Compare that to:

691,000 doctors and surgeons

262,800 civil engineers

794,300 police officers

294,000 electrical engineers

30,200 chemical engineers

(info from the Bureau of Labor statistics)
maylay wrote:Yep.

This will never occur for another thousand years.
Even then, it won't be the same.

2112 is only 100 years out bro
Infinite universe has infinite mass.

Infinite mass creates infinite gravitational force.

Infinite gravitational force creates a singularity of infinite mass at the speed of light, crushing the universe back into a singularity the instant it is formed.

The universe may have infinite volume, but it does not have infinite mass.

It would also imply that all events of non-zero probability have already occurred somewhere, which would raise some strange questions.
It's pervasive in our government and not limited to science.

Economics, Medicine, Engineering, Environmental...

We let people with a political science background make decisions on things that they know next to nothing about.

And, not surprisingly, our environment, economy, medical system, and engineered structures are all in shambles.

Our law system, however, is more robust than ever.
The problem is that the topic is that sort of behavior.

People dismiss centuries of scientific findings simply because they don't/won't understand it. I have never heard a critique of either evolution or the age of the earth that actually demonstrates an understanding of the information that proved those in the first place. It's not a logical counterpoint, it's ignorance.

And some of these people hold our highest elected offices.

A man who is in charge of directing our national scientific programs and policies is scientifically illiterate.
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