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Messages posted by: diamondkid
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Author Message
Hey Everyone! I would Love it if you guys could please, please, please check out my Tumblr!
It is filled with my art, and just plain random, stuff, including gifs, photos, videos, and plenty more!
Please Check It Out, or even better, like, reblog, or follow!!
Hey Everyone! I'm so sorry i STILL haven't been creating much, im just so caught up in my art currently. I like to try and make some of my drawings into some spore creatures, they just never turn out good enough to sorry bout' that But anyway, since i havent been on SPore much, i thought i'd tell you my Tumblr so that you can all see what i've been doing and drawing when im not on.

Here's The Link to My Tumblr:

I really hope you will check me out guys, really. I am taking my art more serious now.....and i would really like the support so that i know im not doing it all for nothing :3. So please, click the link, like, reblog, and please, please, please follow me! I'll love you forever . And i would be happy to follow back for your kindness

Thank You to Everyone Who CLicked This Thread, and All My Supporters Out There!!
I'm replying..........

And making a thread like this will probably make people reply even less just to annoy you....

And im not trying to be mean to u or anything, u know that right, im just trying to help
Ok, i decided to make this thread because im sorry, but i have HAD IT with the trolls, the downraters, and the mass-uprating of the crappiest creations!!! We need to give those who deserve it, that credit and spotlight again. What happened to all the amazing, beautiful, detailed, eye-catching creations that were always on top? The ones that inspired us, the ones that we enjoyed? That's right, u guessed it, trolls happened. These creations were all downrated for NO GOOD REASON! Then what did the trolls do? That's right, they uprated the ugliest, most unimaginitive creations i've ever seen! So, my fellow true Sporians, will you help out those who need the help, will u help your idols, inspiration, and favorite creators/creations get back to the top?!
If you are willing to join tis revolution, keep reading if u want to help:


For Us To Make This Happen, Here's What We Need to Do:

~Leave a reply, with your feelings about the MPN and this idea
~Leave a reply with pictures and links to your favorite creations/creators at the moment, or of all time. Then, if other people like the same creation/creator, quote the original reply. Then, if enough people like the creation/creator, i will add it to the thread as "featured". This means, that i'm referring this creation for everyone to look at and uprate, thus, almost automatically, getting onto the MPN (go tthe hang of this idea so far?)
~Leave a reply if you know anyone who is trolling or downrating. Then, we can all take em down (mwahaha)
~Uprate creations u enjoy, tell your buddies about them, it will really help in the long-run/downrate the ones u ACTUALLY don't like, not just to make someone feel bad
Good to know u guys till remember me, XD. And ya, im upset the summer is winding, im gonna beat u this year, u wont get the better of me!!! And ya, Pooshiggles, that's my favrite name so far XD
Hey everyone! I took a long break from spore, without ever meaning too ! I was just so busy with drawing, the summer, and well, life......But im back now and hope to take no more breaks, im all Spores (see what i did there? cuz u know....yours.....Spores...whatever) And i will participate more to, contests, challenges, pols, u know, the usual .And with my intro back to the Spore Universe, some new things have happened while i was gone:

New Avatar:


I think that's that much has happened i guess, my life is so amazing isn't it?
Anyways, hpe u all missed me, cuz i missed u guys!! Look forward to being on Spore again guys, i missed its spazziness! :3
How Did You Know................

TPBM picks their nose.....
CloudyVision wrote:You might want to know that I have already made an adventure series called the Apocalypse series. Though I'm not requesting that you change the name, I would like you to know of this, and, since my series is reasonably well-known, this could cause confusion. Just so you know.

Oh, well i had no idea..........sorry. But thanks for letting me know. I will take that into consideration
Yep, I was revived by my hamster...... (jk)

TPBM Favorite food is boiled brussel sprouts............
I'm still debating on that one, suffish

TPBM has strawberry shortcake bedsheets
suffish wrote:EPICNESS.

Shame I don't have GA.

Ya, that is a shame
ColorfulCreature wrote:Maybe a remake shop?

Good Idea
Thought i would post my Spore To-Do list so you guys could vote and see what you think i should do.

1) Create a 12Kira34 Clan Entry
2) Advice/Rant/Questions Column
3) Sub/Bud Gifts
4) Daily Creation/GA/Story
5) Ask Diamond
6) Soul/Etkin (characters)

What do you guys think i should do? Leave a comment and any other suggestions below!!!!

I have started a new GA Series Called, The Apocalypse Series. I think you can probably guess what the series is about from the name. So, the first installment is done and it is called, Reptillian Planet. Here's the description:
Finally, after month's of construction, the newest public attraction as been finished. A Dinosaur Sanctuary. But,when something goes terribly wrong, all the dinos are let out and reek havoc across the land. It is up to you, as one of the last alive, to stop these giant reptiles rein of terror before it's too late.
Like the idea? Wanna play the first installment of the Apocalypse Series? Then go ahead!!

My First Cat.............
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