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Thank you. I haven't actually been a part of a long-form RP since ~2013, so I'd like to get back into the swing of it with something like this. I think it would be best to create another thread so that I might edit the OP if necessary.
I ran a fairly successful RP on here a few years back. I'd be willing to take control of this or create something similar.
Hello, yes, I repeat my query: Would it be unreasonable for my character to own a small barber shop or other small business in New Black Fall?
Really like this idea. Before I get too far into my character, would having him own a small barber shop in New Black Fall be reasonable?
While I haven't plumbed the depths of the other subforums as yet, I doubt they fare better. I remember a time when people took the RP section and its contents seriously, attempting to the best of their abilities to create a vast, intricate narrative enjoyable by all participants. I remember a time when page 1 consisted entirely of beautiful examples of writing and brotherhood that, though they may have met their end eventually, were exemplary. Certainly spammers existed, but they were few and far between. I look upon the RP section as it is now and feel immense disappointment. Two thriving RPs that haven't migrated, one of which was made on its creator's first day of membership. Despicable. It seems the only available method of killing this cancer, this blight upon the earth, is death of the host body. Though I don't command any power from on high to smite this beast, I can rant about it all I like. Slime, you are a braver man than I to wade through this vile mass. Godspeed.

Bump. I am ashamed.
Good morning/afternoon/evening, all. Welcome to our roleplay. Sharrowsign and I (though he may not do much until later) will be co-managing it. This particular RP is about two nations that have formed on the same continent and their interactions not only with each-other, but with the deities (some of which are found in our own mythos) that so enjoy amusing themselves with the actions of mortals. Conflict and corruption are everywhere, and your character must do his/her best to make his/her way through it. Have fun. Or not.

(Note: While this was enjoyable to make, it was also hard work. Please give it a look before posting tl;dr. Thanks, -PK)


Exiled from their country, a group of renegades wandered the lands, hoping to find a place to call home. But there was no home to be found, and with nothing to lose but each other, they settled down in a land unknown to all. Those who had exiled them watched as they prospered, and from a strange land, created a country. It was small, but it was a country. The citizens of this country named it Aletheia, after the goddess of truth. They created a great place, of eight wonderful towns, and enough land to start many more.

There was Irsi, the first town, and therefore where the government resided. The government was ruled by a council of eight representatives, elected by the towns that they were from. For luck, Iris was given the name of an ancient slumbering goddess, and this became a tradition in Aletheia, to name the cities after deities. Iris was the most beautiful city, but not the richest, or the largest, despite being the capitol. That title belonged to another town.

Yes, the richest town was Surbecer, a town protected by mountains on all sides but one. Surbecer was the most technologically advanced, and this allowed it to expand to become the largest. Its citizens were mostly engineers, though some decided to explore the minerals in the mountains, and became miners.

The next few towns to come up were Iken, Esri (commonly called Anellob Esri due to the similarity in name to Irsi), and two very similar towns, which were like twins, and as such, were called Castor and Pollux after a very famous pair of deities. Iken was a town where honest workers could do whatever they wanted, from smithing, to teaching. Anellob Esri was where the military (known as the Aletheiades) were trained and housed. Finally, Castor and Pollux were given the blessing of great land for agriculture, and they distributed the majority of the food that the nation ate.

There were two more towns to be made. Once the nation's borders were expanded south, these towns arose. In the southwest, there was Hades, a secluded town in a very dangerous area. Hades survived, however, and became a more dangerous counterpart to Nike. The final town to rise up was Cetus, a fishing village near the Zelus River, which ran through the country's borders. Cetus quickly surpassed Castor and Pollux in food distribution, providing the country with fish to eat.

Everything was good, until a great disaster occurred. A group of outsiders (the slang words for outsiders were hestians or hestiades, due to the fact that the people who had exiled the original Aletheians were followers of Hestia) had infiltrated the country. They made their way down the Zelus river, and burned down the town of Castor. The citizens of Castor were forced to flee to Pollux. Meanwhile, the group of outsiders made their way through the mountain range that bordered Iris and surrounded Cerberus. Most people assumed that they died in the Kratos Mountains, but they did not. Instead, they infiltrated Cerberus, and burned it to the ground. The outsiders died later in an avalanche while making their way out of Aletheia.

Surbecer fell, but its citizens had nowhere to flee. Instead, they were forced to build a mockery of what had been there: to replace the richest, largest city, they built the poorest, smallest city. The new town was dubbed Apate. Meanwhile, in Pollux, the town struggled to house the citizens of Castor. Pollux became the second poorest city, though it regained some money later due to the great amount of food that it sent out.

And so welcome to this country of Aletheia. If you choose to visit it, you'd first see Ekin in the northwest, and to the southeast of Ekin, Anellob Ersi. To the south of Ekin and Ersi you would see a large, thick forest, and south of that, the secluded village of Shade. East of Shade you would see large fields, just north of Cetus, which is located near the Zelus River.

Going up to the north of Aletheia, you'd see overpopulated Pollux, with everyone old enough working to feed the rest of the country. To the east of Pollux is a great mountain range which borders Iris, which, with Cerberus gone, the largest and richest city in Aletheia. Finally, surrounded by mountains, you'd see Apate, a shadow of what used to be there.

There would be only one thing alike in all of these cities: regardless of age, race, gender, and ability, everyone would be treated the same. Yes, those under fourteen may go to school rather than work, but everybody must cooperate. Everyone must follow the schedule: three days of work or school, another day of work regardless of age, a day of studying, and a free day. Everyone must have equal portions of food at meals unless they are sick and need extra food. Everyone must work equal hours: eight and a half hours of work, from early in the morning until mid-afternoon. As an Aletheian, the country is like your entire family, even though a child in Hades does not know a child in Iris. As an Aletheian, you are taught to share with the country what you have, and protect your country at all costs--even if what you're fighting against is a force not to be fought against.


So that’s Aletheia for you: seven cities which together, have prospered against all odds. Despite its success, Aletheia is not a perfect place to live in. It turns away many outsiders, in fear of military action. It forces all who are older than eight to start working. But still, if you’d like to know what it is like in Aletheia, continue.

Opportunities are mostly the same in Aletheia, though different cities mean different jobs. Overall, Aletheians were treated exactly the same in all establishments: it was mandatory that even the council of eight that was in charge of Aletheia was given the same treatment as every other person. Every child, starting at eight years old, was given opportunities to try out various jobs. At ten, they would start an apprenticeship, even if this meant that they would have to move to another town to have proper working conditions. Four years later, all fourteen-year olds in the country would graduate from school, and be able to get actual jobs. At age fifteen, the offer was made for these people to join the military in Bellona Eris. Finally, at seventeen years, citizens were authorized to try out for a role in the Aletheian Council.

With a normal job, you would most likely move wherever it is most convenient. A miner would move to Apate, despite the poorness of the town, as the large mountains are best for mining. A farmer would most likely move to Pollux, even with Pollux being as overpopulated as it is, as Pollux has good conditions for farming. For those who wish to take up a job as a blacksmith, a doctor, or any other job that does not require special conditions in the land, Nike and Hades are the obvious choices, though Hades is much harder to get to. Bellona Eris and Iris house the military and the government, respectively, and people who wish to serve them must move to these cities.

So there you have it. It’s Aletheia, land of workers, fair treatment, and all that. You could have a character here, if you want. I can imagine that you can imagine what it would be like. The threat of Myraum would likely force your character to make some changes to their day and protect their country.
Unless, of course, your character is from Myraum, in which case, that wouldn’t happen. But we aren’t forcing you to choose Aletheia. Hell, you could choose both if you want to. Meh. It’s up to you.



Long ago, a huge vessel referred to as the Ogra crashed on the shores of a continent unknown. The contents? Priests, miners, engineers, blacksmiths, doctors, three hundred caskets of gold, four hundred of iron and bronze, six hundred of survival supplies, and eight hundred of bows, swords, halberds, daggers, maces, axes, etc. These people were the remainder of an entire nation, looking for a new land to make their own. However, they found a land that only the insane would dare settle.

The land they found was misty. Very misty. They ignored it at first, carting their supplies to a nearby clearing, and setting up a series of villages along the coastline, connected at first by roads and then by underground tunnels that the miners found when digging. At first, life was peaceful. The society was booming, and a project to explore the continent was underway. The foremost engineer, his underlings, and a crew of 500 others journeyed into the mists. They did not leave. Most thought them dead. They were, however, far from it.

The mist was a blight, killing most and turning survivors into abominations unfit to live. The dead numbered in the hundred thousands, about 2/3 of the 300,000 passengers of the Ogra. The infection still lingers, though most have employed the technology outlined thusly:

The lead engineer, seeing what the mists did to his followers, began working on a solution. He cut hundreds of sheets of bronze into tiny threads, wove them into nets, placed a cloth behind each, cut this array into a long, ovular shape, and placed this filter into a mask looking somewhat like a bird, giving all bearing one the appearance of a plague doctor. (In modern times, the old style of masks are still used, but a smaller, more contemporary model has been created since. Closer in design to one of our gas masks.) This was done time after time until the 200 survivors could all breathe. They built first a village, then a settlement, then a city. They called it Damnation, on account of their situation. Half of the city was submerged in the murky waters of the marshlands; the other half was raised on a huge stone pillar, a metal staircase enclosed by a sheet of steel connecting them.

Meanwhile, the traveling party's compatriots were suffering. The mists had induced madness in two cities, plague in one, and depression in the rest. Only when the engineer returned from Damnation did things look up. He shared his mask technology and soon three of the seven cities were enveloped by mesh curtains backed by cloth. Others, desperate and unable to wait for the master architect, collapsed their entire city into the warrens that ran through the earth. When he arrived there, each accused him of being a corrupt sadist, a heretic, or unworthy to live.

Decades later, the Architect became king of the realm, called Myraum after the King's late daughter. The cities were eight in number: Damnation, the capital. I believe I described it in previous paragraphs. Norum, the northernmost settlement, is by far the most isolated and is the main source of iron for the country. The entire city is housed within a massive cave, and tracks lead out from it and into the warrens. The tracks are used for the transport of goods and people by way of huge metal cars that are generally pulled by horses. Lyacim, the second highest in global position, is the second largest and second richest, having almost the entire military stationed there. It is surrounded by a mesh wall like the rest, but the wall is much higher to accommodate its huge towers. Nothing else is at all notable about it, despite the governor being rather mad. Next is Ercim, founded by deception, raised up by greed, and famous for sin. It is third largest and is the sole city that remained without cover aboveground. It had no need to, as it rests very near the edge of the continent, where the mist does not reach. It is the continent's hub of gambling, prostitution, the like. In the south lies the metropolis of Myraum, Edram. It is the most heavily populated and is the poorest city of all of them, being filled with those who cannot afford to live in the comfort of one of the more spacious cities. Crime is abundant, but much less so than in Ercim. To the northwest are what are called "the twins," Tesam and Arduam. These cities are both situated underground and are capped by identical glass domes. A spacious tunnel connects them, making it seem as though they were one city. Little else is notable about them.

Myraum is corrupt. It is deadly. It is not for the faint of heart. It is a land of thieves, united under one man, Darius Rayn. He leads his underlings from their base just outside of Edram. Most thieveries are small time, but the big score comes along all too often. They call themselves the Parasite, as they sponge off of the wealthy like their namesake. Myraum is also a land of assassins, all of which have organized themselves much like the Parasite. Their name? Well, there are many. Some call them Death's Children. Others call them the Walking Nightmares. Others still refer to them as the Souls of Sythe, the god of death which they worship. They are assassins for hire that hole up underground just north of Norum.

So, that's Myraum for you. Dark place, corrupt place, the fruit of PK's fucked up brain. Enjoy. Or not.



These are the gods and goddesses that preside over the world. Some you may be familiar with, due to their presence in legends and myths in our world. Some you may not, as they are unique to this strange universe.

Users may only control them with permission from a creator.
Aletheia: Goddess of Truth.
Apate: Goddess of Deceit, though she slumbers for now.
Iris: Goddess of the rainbow.
Hades: Supervisor of Hell, or at least the equivalent of it.
Nike: Goddess of victory
Pollux: One of an ancient pair of twins.
Bellona: Goddess of war.
Sythe: God of death and plague.
Adram: God of anger and blood feuds.
Sari: Goddess of insanity and physical healng.
Nod: God of earth and intellect. Father of Sythe, Adram, and Sari.
Aeran: Goddess of fire and pain. Mother of Sythe, Adram, and Sari.

(Note, cities in Aletheia are mostly anagrams of the Gods/Goddesses. If that wasn't obvious already...)

1. None shall commit the crimes of godmodding, metagaming, or any other offences.
2. None shall roleplay unless they are literate and can type and roleplay well.
3. Respect the mods and other players. (I’m getting tired of saying ‘none shall’)
4. Please keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.
5. Godhood is reserved for the creators and those they deem mature enough.
6. Keep IC posts IC and OOC posts OOC, unless some emergency arises.
7. When you are banned from IC or OOC, coming back without permission will force one of us to contact an SM.
8. Mods have the authority to "temp ban," but cannot issue the real thing. They are obligated to alert a superior when a temp ban has been issued. Only creators may remove or assign full bans.
9. Temp bans can be a maximum of two weeks long.
10. Read Eochaid's guide.
12. Read OsakaSun's guide to realistic roleplaying. LAWL WE SKIPPED ELEVEN
13. Hail the Space Butterfly (Optional)
14. Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman.
15. Rule 16 is false
16. Rule 15 is false
17. Enjoy.
18. Or not.



Name: This should be obvious.
Age: 15 to 40.
Gender: Derp. (M/F/N)
Location: Town, Country.
Bio: Not required, but at least put your character’s job here.
Faction/Job: Factions are only applicable in Myraum. If you wish to include a job as a citizen of Myraum, split this field in two.
Infected Y/N: Infected can range from a terrible mutant to having an odd color of skin. Infection not limited to Myraum.
Appearance: I really don’t think that I should need to explain this.
Personality: See above.
Other: Anything that doesn’t fit with the above.



Thank Sharrowsign for everything about Aletheia, the first 4 rules, and the char. sheet. You may ask either of us for more detail on a point of our respective nation or on other issues of the RP. Thank you very much for taking the time to view (insert name here).

DISCLAIMER: Do not be a brat if your character dies. They very well might. Just make a new one and move on, faggot.

This OP is longer than most of my history essays.



I believe jokie's gone a bit bonkers.
Why does nobody want to live in Myraum? Too dark?
As you are one of the first 5 joinees, your character will, at some point, find himself with a rather godly axe. Also, as long as it's within the limitations of the character, you can do anything. You could be a weaponless specialist with a huge axe for when his fists aren't enough.
Parkaboy is #1. There is no argument to the contrary.
Incidentally, what fighting style are you planning for your char?
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