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Messages posted by: Pezzalis
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Didn't post one?

You asked me via a comment where i got mine. Mine was an attempt at a 1 for 1 copy of the SSV Normandy from Mass Effect 2.

The Mass Effect series has some great designs to draw inspiration from:
8/10, Nice unique shape, good colour scheme not too sure about the guns/thigns on the top but I guess I'll have to check it out fully ingame looks great anyway!

Click for Sporepedia page, the creation is the Normandy.

Mass Effect anyone? Finally finalized the Normandy I've been working on!

Collector Base Escape (Click for bigger)

CloudyVision wrote:
darwinken wrote:

Bites_his_Nose - Thanks for the answer on how you got your guitar rock star to face forward in the png. I will definitely give that a try.


CloudyVision wrote:Wow, some cool buildings their, especially Pezallis's alien-style "Fallingwater."

I liked that Pezallis's, Fallingwater inspired building as well. A couple years ago I asked my buddy fredmra to make a fallingwater for a little GA I was making. His version is below.. Although competent in many editors, fredma's forte was cars. I asked if he could make a 73 TR6 (a car I've been restoring off & on for years). This is what he came up with.

Ah yes, fredmra. I remember seeing his cars- the convertibles and other oldies like the Triumph there were most impressive. I'm not sure if I have seen his Fallingwater, but I have seen one that was featured a long time ago, and is of equally high quality.

For reference, that is by Rodamn, and it was the only other model of Fallingwater that I've found.

But this brings back to me that Fallingwater has always been my favorite piece of architecture, period. The design is so unique, and the waterfall makes it yet more impressive.

Wow those are some impressive builds!!

Thanks for the feedback (Nice to know that there is a community here committed to recognising creations without bunnies, grox or crying 8 year olds.

Also, the Sapien Lake House isn't meant to be alien at all
Well maybe on an alien planet but my sapien set is inspired by sapien architechture... Homo sapiens that is.

This one is based on falling water.

Constructing the building first, then adding landscape around it can result in interesting nature-architectural interactions making it look as if the structure was really built into the landscape, especially if there is space below it.

This one is based on falling water.
An empire I am working on, here is the city hall, they are a tribal-yet-advanced hermit race which utilize remnants of enormous dead organisms in their technology - The City hall is in a giant Conch Shell:

The Plunerii by Pezzalis (With some help from contest entries) <- Click to visit the Sporecast for the empire
  • Homeworld Wildlife:

  • - Herbivores -

    - Predators -

  • Sentients

  • Buildings

  • Vehicles:

  • - Colony - Land - Sea - Air -

  • Spaceships:

  • Coming Soon!

  • Captains & Characters:

  • Adventures:

  • And a empire I am working on, here is the city hall, they are a tribal-yet-advanced hermit race and utilize remnants of enormous dead organisms in their technology - The City hall is in a giant Conch Shell:


    Instead of leaving a word, I will leave a picture. If you dig a little deeper, you will understand.

    EDIT: Late post is late
    Raw Decoder.
    T3hPiti wrote:
    Pezzalis wrote:Good luck to everyone in the area

    Pezz! You never added me on Xbl ):

    PM me the GT (I might have missed it)

    As long as you lot in Washington don't get any sizable aftershocks, you should be fine (Going on info that no ones died?)
    Aftershocks really unerve people and some bring up destructive liquefaction ejecta which can make properties unsafe. They have to demolish about 96% of an entire suburb here because of that, but then again the one here in CHCH was much worse
    Good luck to everyone in the area
    Good luck Washington, you have a long haul ahead of you

    6 months on here in Chch and we are still getting 4.x aftershocks, with major chances of a 5.0 - 5.5
    I really wish I could enter future contests, especially Nordic
    Keep it up Mort
    Hey guys. I actually went on the other day to make something because I was bored. After three mid-creation crashes and restarts I gave up and today I tried a fresh re-install. After Spore was wiped from my system my Spore disc decided to give me a CRC error.

    Looks like I'm down and out. Will be selling the expansions and De-authorizing.

    If you want to keep up add me on;
    Xbox Live: P322A
    Gameranger ID:1820655

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