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Messages posted by: RyuKami
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Is there a way we can protect our allies from other players? For instance, if I want my NPC allies to not have their home system destroyed and colonized, how can I protect them if I cannot fight?
Is the communal planet stuck in tribal stage? I opened it and saw that they are allied with two tribes, but there are no more tribes on the planet, so you can't go to civ stage...

By the way you posted the wrong file; you're still hovering Earth and my empire doesn't even exist yet in the file you uploaded; it's old.
Im really sorry but I do, I dont really want to reearn those badges. Sorry for the setback. Ill try to help out your empire later, maybe I could use the Staff of Life a few times when you run out.
If you want I could take out those colonies for you with your empire, if that's allowed.
Im so sorry but could you try to play on my save? Maybe we could ask for extra time idk
Btw TylerVz I was watching your stream and a star that I renamed near the galactic core (Elene) was conspicuously not renamed, and my colony there was missing. Are you sure you are using the right file? I checked ingame to make sure I didn't upload the wrong file by replacing my Games folder with the one from the zip.

Plz no more confusion fml
Reserving Line 1
Yes. To avoid any future confusion, here is the link to the file again:

Edit: LOL Ninja'd

By the way, how do alliances work? Do you have to ask to ally someone? I personally don't want anyone to ally me because then they will get ecodisaster missions that ruin my planets. So I don't want anyone to ally me ingame, although you can RP like you are allied with me and green face is okay.
TylerVz wrote:You can ask dalahia, he specifically gave ryukami a little extra time because dalahia skipped him before his turn was over because he couldn't play today. I asked if you were going to stream because i forgot about their agreement. i even said so afterwards. But as i said before uploading his file seperatly could work. Also there is 2 files try it with Terribadlands.spo and Ryu-Terribadlands.spo

Terribadlands.spo should be deleted, Ryu-Terribadlands.spo is the correct file and is the one I replaced. I think you have to replace either stars.db or planets.package and I think if I replace one then the other game will crash. Also I am not sure which one you have to replace.

Also @Sharples65 THANK YOU!!! I will let you skip two of my turns in return.
TylerVz wrote:This has a simple fix.... just let ryukami upload his game seperately and put it in the folder with sharples turn.

I'm going to try that and see if it works.
Edit: It crashes the game lol
Sharples65 wrote:
HurryUpCucks wrote:
Sharples65 wrote:........ What is going on? Dalahia didn't skip his turn. The order goes like this:


Dalahia gave me his file some hours ago, I went asleep so I could play it today. When you finish your turn and upload the save here, that's your turn completed. RyuKami, when MP_Insgrox finishes his turn and uploads his file here, it's your turn.

I'm going to take my turn now since Dalahia gave me his file and we all watched the stream. After me, it's DOGC_Kyle.

I asked for a little extra time since my save was corrupted after I reached the center of the galaxy and I had to restart from cell. Also, my 24 hours werent over yet when Dalahia took a turn, but Dalahia really needed to go so I had to upload my file, and Dalahia said I could go right after.

Im kinda mad you deleted my progress AGAIN tbh even after I uploaded the file (unless you did use my file). I do not see why you had to do that. There was no reason to do that except to be a jerk. Now I'm at the very beginning of space stage (after I got to the center of the galaxy! again!).

First of all, if Dalahia did tell you that you could have your go before me, then that's wrong. Because the order was as I stated before. I am trying to find where Dalahia told you this and I can't find it. If it isn't in this thread, then that's not my responsibility.

If your computer is running out of memory, this is not our problem. This is a problem on your end. You should upgrade your PC or remove programs that are causing memory problems. You should save constantly, if a save corrupts, it always goes back to a previous save that works. I know this because my own save corrupted and reverted once I restarted Spore.

Please do not assume things about me. I have only took my turn because Dalahia uploaded his file. If you go right after Dalahia, then we would all need to agree to it first. Calling me a jerk because I seemingly have the upper advantage is nonsensical. I did not delete your progress, you uploaded your file out of position, that's your responsibility. The only thing I've done this round is destroy a few civilizations and make a couple of useless colonies that don't produce spice (this was done last round as well).

First of all, it's not wrong because Dahalia wanted to play while it was still my turn. That was the condition I agreed to.

I have no idea why you cannot find it in this thread. It is certainly here, so it is certainly your responsibility. Perhaps a visual aid will help.

Secondly, I spend hours while I was still tired to get to the center of the galaxy again. Don't try to pin my corrupted file on me, it did not revert. I lost the whole file. And yes, I did save often. That's not my fault. Calling you a jerk because you destroyed hours of progress, hours I spent while I was tired, is not nonsensical. In fact, I did not call you a jerk, I said there was no reason to ignore my file other than to be a jerk, which is different. What's nonsensical is ignoring the new file I uploaded just because you felt like it. Perhaps I am wrong, and there is another reason to ignore my file after you saw it than to be a jerk. Please state this reason, I do not know it.

I did not delete your progress

Yes you did. By ignoring the file I posted here after you obviously saw it, you destroyed my progress. This is your responsibility because you saw the file, but you chose to ignore it. That is destroying progress. Why did you do it?

Btw I uploaded my file out of position, because Dahalia pressured me to; Dahalia said he could not play today and he needed the file ASAP, so I obliged.

If all you did was add a few colonies, while what I did was get from the start of space stage of to the center of the galaxy, maybe you should reconsider adding those colonies to my file. It won't take much time. Reworking my progress will take time. You destroyed hours of progress to add a couple of colonies. I asked politely, I practically begged you to do it. I don't understand why you're so adamant about prioritizing your few colonies over all my progress. I'm not trying to be rude here, I'm asking you to please please please reconsider ignoring my file.
Okay I finished.
It's crashing a lot more than usual. I think my computer was running out of memory space so I deleted some videos and hopefully it crashes less now.

Nvm it still crashes like once every five minutes. Idk why it's being like this, it wasn't like this in the morning.
Dalahia wrote:
RyuKami wrote:Can I upload it a little late? I got to the center of the galaxy but my save got corrupted and I had to start over from cell stage.

Also it hasn't been 24 hours yet lol.
ill let you go right after i do, i really cant tomorrow.

I thought it was gonna be my turn. Sadly spore keeps crashing and I can't make any progress in space stage :'(
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