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Messages posted by: coolhome
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Unofficial PHP SporeAPI
by Preston Alvarado

I've created an API because I did not like the official PHP sporeapi. Which still hasn't been updated in ages. This is my new version and ive fixed some things and added some more features.

- Supports all REST Feeds
- cURL Support
- Debug Support
- Adds some more data the feeds dont supply
- Supports Achievement List, Parts Info, and Paint Info (blocks)

No bugs have been reported

Current: 1.2.0 (Right Click -> Save As)

Upcoming Features
- User Events
- Sporecast Events
- Possibly archetype support
- A few more things may be coming...

Documentation + Examples
Coming soon...

Please note on Achievement List, Parts Info, and Paint Info not all the images are available.

Happy Developing!

Preston Alvarado

p.s. Old topic: Click Here
svarogteuse wrote:Coolhome is ther some reason you didnt include the id and image informaiton in the getUserAssets function? I just beat my head against a wall an hour assuming they were there since they are in the REST feed. Are there any other functions missing data that are in the REST feeds?

That has been noted and I will take a look at that once I get my server back up. My server has some corrupted files that is preventing the cpanel from working. We are working quickly to fix these. Once there fixed ill look up that issue. I was sure I put everything in there that is returned from the feed. However if its something you generate from the asset id to get the image url ill have to add that.

In a few minutes ill put up a mirror on my files.

- Preston Alvarado

Now time to backup some files
SporeMasterDog wrote:Wow this is great! It'd be helpful for the less resourceful people if you have a short guide on the page that explain how to find the sporecast ID.

Will you be adding similar functionality for buildings and vehicles as well? I know it's a bit obvious but it'll be a great way to visualize the completeness of a sporecast.

Thanks! Well the only way to get a sporecast id is either by user input or with my function getUserSporecasts($Useranem). I need to write a guide / tutorial for my library to make it easier.

What do you mean by adding functionality for buildings and vesicles? We can get all the details on all assets no what type. Just that creatures can go more in depth with getCreatureStats($CreatureID).

- Preston Alvarado
MaxisMichael wrote:Can we link to your library off of the developer/php page?

Sure I don't see why not. I did it to help people start there applications. Only thing I got to do now is write documents and an example or two but yeah. Go right ahead.

p.s. - Can someone stick this topic?

- Preston Alvarado
MaxisMichael wrote:Wow, this is a big help. Thanks for your hard work!

Thanks! I just created version 1.1.0. It adds curl / debug features. I also fixed a known bug.

Now off to write documentation and examples.

- Preston Alvarado
cool is there a way to delete pjalva1?
PJAlva1 wrote:I created my own Spore-API based off the real one. Mines in a class just the way I like it. Check it out

Ill write some documents for it later. If there are any bugs please report them. I also plan to create curl support but I haven't got there yet.

- Preston

I dont know why it posted that under my screenname but whatever. Anyways hers an update

version 1.0.1 -
version 1.0.0 -

* - version 1.0.1 | 3/8/09 8:50pm est
* - New function getSubtypeName, returns model type like Cell, Creature, Tribe Creature, Civilization Creature, Space creature, and so on.
* - The functions getUserAssets, getSporecastAssets, getAssetInfo, and getSpecialFeed now return modelname
I have a question about the user info. In your API there is a field named 'name' and theres nothing there

Is that feature coming, unavailable at the moment, or just broke?

Other then that nice API =)
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