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Messages posted by: ZJBDragon
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Sorry, it's not even worth $5 plus shipping. It'd be better to wait for a bundle of parts expansions since there will likely be a long parade of them coming out.
Bishop149 wrote:Tempted by the offer of 10% off I just filled in an online survey from EA regarding the spore newsletter. . .

I took that survey too, but they never sent out the 10% off. I wasn't going to use it because buying something directly from EA is like asking to be taken advantage of, but it's the principle of the thing that makes me mad. They couldn't even get a simple online survey working right. That's just pitiful. How bad can you get? Apparently EA knows no limit. The omission of PC as a gaming platform is just icing on the cake.

I say good riddance to EA. I hope they leave PC and just shovel out console garbage from now on. Nevermind their most successful franchise is primarily a PC game (The Sims), the fact that the PC market is expanding globally, and the fact that the overwhelming majority of people on the Spore newsletter are PC gamers.

Btw, the unsubscribe link on the newsletter doesn't work. It looks like it does, but the newsletter keeps showing up even if you unsubscribed weeks ago.
JPFrostfox wrote:
ZJBDragon wrote:If you have a multi-core CPU and more than 3 GB of RAM, then you may actually see performance improvements in Vista due to its better implementation of multi-threading support in its core code.

This has been adequately proven as false in many, many benchmarks and consumer testing - especially with SP3 in which multi-core support in XP was enhanced. Vista will cost you roughly 25-30 percent performance from the same hardware (especially while gaming). So regardless of how new your hardware is you are basically dumping speed for some gimmicks, glitz and glam. You also don't have the 'advantage' of DX10 (hardly noticeable in my opinion), but a group of clever folks have even managed to make that work under XP, which of course was possible from the word go... but it was used as a means of marketing leverage to try and force adoption of the new OS.

Add to this the problems and concerns raised by the very touchy DRM that is built into Vista by Microsoft to control media distribution channels in a bid for greater consumer control and revenue generation (a primary reason that sound hardware access was changed by the way), and generally Vista is not very appealing to intelligent and informed PC users. This is often much more apparent if you have HD media and hardware, it doesn't function as well as it should.

Granted some people hate on Vista just because they see others doing it, but there are valid and real reasons why the OS has failed miserably to be embraced by the IT market. It was SO unsuccessful that they couldn't even manage to force Vista through brand name OEM distribution, and instead had to resurrect support and sales of XP in order to keep from losing massive revenue potential (places like DELL, HP, etc).

To claim Vista costs you between 25 and 30 percent in performance tells me that you, like I used to, haven't gone through and gotten deep into Vista's inner workings. Yes, on a default install I wouldn't be surprised to see that much performance loss particularly with a stock manufacturer install full of bloat and company tweaks. However, on a clean install with modern drivers and tweaked settings I've seen a noticeable performance improvement. Yeah, it's not as big as I'd like but it's there. Now this may not apply to all systems, but this was the case with my P-7811 FX. It performed better under Vista x64 SP1 than it did under XP x64 SP3. It also boots faster on Vista than a desktop PC running XP with much more powerful hardware.

Now as for Vista's DRM problems and its numerous failures, shortcomings, and flaws, I will not dispute that. You are absolutely right. I use Vista because I have to, not because I want to. I expected much worse than what I got. When someone asks about performance disparities, however, I give an honest answer based on my experiences. The original poster couldn't even put together a sentence properly. I doubt he/she will notice much of a difference aside from all the unnecessary graphical bling. With proper tweaking research, that performance boost can be realized granted the hardware is at or above what I mentioned.
templeflame wrote:are there any magor differnt things in vista ( im running xp)

If you have a multi-core CPU and more than 3 GB of RAM, then you may actually see performance improvements in Vista due to its better implementation of multi-threading support in its core code. If you don't have those pieces of hardware, then XP is likely much quicker. I don't particularly like Vista, but I was quite shocked to find it booting up faster than XP on the same machine. I still maintain Vista is a bloated poorly-designed OS, but it does have some advantages over XP and likewise XP has advantages over Vista.

As far as gaming, I run Vista 64 bit and have had no problems with any games, surprisingly. The only exception being that buggy POS named Gears of War, but that's a game problem and not a Vista problem.
Nice analysis. Everyone expected the numbers to die down a bit. However, according to the stats released by Maxis, the game is doing a nosedive. It's in free-fall here and is much worse than I bet they were even expecting. Initially I was surprised at these findings, but the more I think about it the more understandable they are. There's absolutely nothing to sweeten the deal or make people want to continue to play Spore. I'm sure there will be a little spike around Christmas and with the release of the new parts pack, but things are all downhill from here.

I know I've given up hope in this game. I haven't even played 50 hours yet I've had enough of it. I still randomly browse this forum once in a while when I get really bored and have nothing better to do. Most of the time I do have much better things to do though. Spore simply cannot stand up to all the competition out there. I was hoping Maxis would throw Spore owners some free content or at least another patch, but there's been nothing. I see no reason to want to play Spore. The impending release of the parts pack and comic creator seals the deal because I, like a lot of people, don't want to be spending money every couple weeks to keep a game current. In this harsh economic times it's more prudent to spend money on deeper, more entertaining and fulfilling experiences.

It's sad because Spore could have and should have been so much more.
QSphere wrote:You want to blame EA for DRM, fine.
You want to blame them for desyncs, prices, content, features, gameplay,...etc. Go ahead.

But you can't blame them for a printing error that is out of their control, which affects a portion of the production, and which they have acknowledged and provided solutions for. That is what I meant by fair.
No matter what QA systems you have in place, things happen and bad units slip through. You think they can check every single copy to see if it has a complete serial? Heck, I once bought a game with NO serial at all. These things are produced in batches, and probably some where discovered to have the fault.
I would be surprised if this sort of thing doesn't happen every so often but doesn't make the "news".

You can and should blame EA for it, and I just did earlier. EA's name is on the box. EA is advertising the game. EA is providing support for the game. EA is publishing the game. EA is distributing the game. EA is providing the DRM and account security for the game. EA has defined the game's budget. EA has defined the game's development schedule. EA has been in charge of quality control. Suddenly EA is not responsible for the packaging materials on their own game? That's not how things work. EA still has to sign off on the games before they can be shipped. EA is supposed to be monitoring the quality of the boxes and documentation being produced. When someone is asleep at the wheel you don't blame the front seat passenger -- you blame the idiot that fell asleep at the wheel. That would be EA. Yes, the front seat passenger isn't free of guilt if they didn't grab the wheel, but it's the idiot not paying attention/sleeping that's primarily to blame.
QSphere wrote:The incomplete serials where the fault of the company responsible for printing the manual (pizzaria), not EA (pizza customer). My comment was about putting blame where it should be.

Remember the movie Elf? Remember when Will Ferrell's dad (in the movie) approved that book that was missing pages? It's kind of like that here. EA has final approval on what does and doesn't ship. They purposely overlooked or ignored the error due to their absence of quality control. If someone was checking, then it would cost money to reprint those keys and it could delay shipment so they made the decision to put the almighty dollar ahead of the customer yet again. Either way, EA once again shows arrogance and ignorance to the needs of its customers and stomps on the little guy in their quest for more cash.

You want to blame the printer and yes we should blame the printer because they screwed up. But we also need to place blame on the company who contracted with this printer, did not check over their work or ignored their work, and placed little accountability if any on their production system. EA is even more guilty than the printer because they're supposed to be keeping track of how things are going and assuring some sort of improvement in product quality like they've been boasting incorrectly.
MinionJoe wrote:
ZJBDragon wrote:I don't know who to believe anymore.

Rereading the article, it sounds like they're unsure of the poster's identity. It could just be a non-employee stirring the pot.

I mean, we can only really go on what the Maxis folks tell us and hope that EA doesn't later override them.

That's the problem -- EA can override them and has in the past.

They are sure of the poster's identity. This was the thread they linked to and you just need to scroll a little over half way down the page to see the message in question:
MaxisLucky wrote:Untrue. Spore's system for the forums suspension/banning is separate from the system for suspension/banning for the online features of the game. I cannot speak for other EA games.


I hope that's true, but this subject keeps coming up. I don't know who to believe anymore. I'm starting to feel like any purchase of an EA game is like taking a seat in a bait car. I understand things get out of control sometimes, but biting the hand that feeds you is never a good idea.
MinionJoe wrote:So my housemate went out and picked up the Rock Band 2 bundle a couple days ago. He brought it home, started to unpack, and made an interesting discovery:

The new wireless RB2 guitar controllers are supposed to have a sunburst finish. His does not. It has the "wood grain" neck, but the face of the guitar is the plain old black finish.

When I went back to the store yesterday (to pick up my collectors edition Fallout 3), the salesman was surprised to hear that the controllers are no longer featuring the sunburst pattern. Especially since their in-store setup has the promised guitars and was "as advertised".

That's not surprising at all unfortunately.

While we're on the subject of EA not keeping promises, remember that incident with MySporePage and the post where he threatened to ban someone and that the ban would remove their ability to play Spore? Remember how SporeMasterLadyM and some Maxis people showed up to boot him from this site and claim he was being inaccurate? Looks like he was entirely accurate:
You guys think Securom is bad? You haven't read this then:

Remember that incident on the forums a month ago with MySporePage being kicked out of being a moderator for threatening to ban people and thus making their game inaccessible? Remember how Maxis and SporeMasters rushed here to tell us he was wrong and that it was safe to discuss? Read the article. MySporePage was actually telling the truth. For saying something EA/Maxis doesn't like in Spore, you can get banned from Red Alert 3 and vice versa is also true. If you're banned in Red Alert 3, you can't play Spore either. Things are linked and forum actions carry over to the games in which you've purchased, despite what has been said in the past. In short, we've been lied to.

For those who don't remember the incident from a month ago, here's some background:
BotsMaster wrote:PS: Do you really think noone from EA reading writings of yours in forums.
They do reading your writings so I recommend you to watch your mouth(Rude words only).
Dont worry they knew everything that bugs you but ruling a company that big is not easy.
Making real everything that players request even harder.Atleast I saw like that while I was
working in IBM and Microsoft.(I saw man wants to command his laptop with his voice only...)

I think everyone knows EA is at least monitoring this forum in a passive sense. Someone is watching it. However, the problem is that the information communicated here never makes it far up the food chain at EA or Maxis to the people who actually matter. On top of that, the information that does make it upwards is filtered and distorted. Because lower managers/employees don't want to look bad, they typically suppress information like raw customer feedback in order to sugar coat and omit things whenever possible. Would you tell your boss a product that you made is hated by a lot of customers? No, you'd say they were a vocal minority, minimize their numbers to just a couple or a fraction of a percent, and gloss over a few light selected complaints. Then litter the rest of your report with positives in hopes of that new raise or promotion. This is business, not a conspiracy or something irregular. People have to keep bashing EA and its practices in the hopes that a problem becomes such a big deal that the lower managers can't sugar coat it or the upper-managers find out what people are really saying.
SporeMasterKaliena wrote:There are errors that specifically relate to licensing, that is not the kind of error this person seems to be describing. Also do not discuss illegal activities on the forum.

He bought the game. He has a right to play the product in which he purchased. I have not discussed anything illegal because a legal purchase has been made and I suspect the problem is Securom, thus this is a discussion about troubleshooting. Isolation of the object suspected at fault, in this case Securom, is the best way to troubleshoot.

Before you insult my intelligence by posting a canned response from MaxisCactus, read what this person typed. He installed on 2 computers previously, installed on a third, reinstalled multiple times, changed profiles and permissions, and therefore it is guaranteed now that he's used up his activation limit. 2 desktop installs + 1 laptop install + 3 re-installations on multiple profiles is over the limit. This person is running out of time before deployment, there is no activation revocation tool, and there is no painless way to acquire a new activation to the product you purchased.

Tonosp0r, you could also try calling EA and when they give you a hard time, accuse them of not supporting our brave service men and women. You might get an accelerated response with that kind of approach.

EDIT: Sorry to slam the door on you, but since this person has multiple computers and was able to get the game running on other machines without issue (particularly an XP64 machine), the chance the router is interfering is almost negligible.
Sounds like you used up your 3 or 5 installs (depending on the date of manufacture of your game CD). You are no longer authorized to play the game you purchased because EA and Securom think you stole it. You can contact EA for another install credit, but they likewise will flag your account for piracy, give you a hard time, and drag their feet for a week or two before they credit your account with another activation. Try returning/exchanging the game at your place of purchase, persistently contacting EA for support, or acquiring the version without Securom.
It would be nice if the fans and customers got this sort of attention instead of media outlets. You would think that the people here who purchased the game were more important than just another fan site. We can't even get our Q&A questions from over a month ago answered, but Maxis has plenty of time to go around doing interviews and promoting content that should have been in the retail release.

Besides, I thought I read Spore was Chris Heckler's game, not Will Wright's? With all the changes Chris Heckler made, I don't see why it's worth interviewing Will anymore. His game ceased to exist starting in 2006. I have intentionally misspelled Hecker as Heckler.
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