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I'm not sure how this is relevant to Spore at all unless you're referring to:

"T-Search is a cheat tool designed to search for parameters in memory while a game is running. This is a primary tool used when making trainers. This program allows the use of breakpoints and disassembly for tracking down DMA locations. This program will also automatically generate the commands needed to plug into the Trainer Maker Kit."

The site I pulled this from was the least sketchy-looking one and top Google search result. It also specifies Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista; there is no Mac support.

They also indicate that they have a forum for discussion of all software provided and "hacking" various games. I would suggest looking there for a Mac version because this really has nothing to do with Spore, but it's filled with spam from what looks like a bot.

tl;dr: The Mac version of this software probably doesn't exist and I would advise against downloading anything labeled "tsearch mac." If you still want to risk it, run your download through VirusTotal provided the files are all under 64 MB each.
I feel like I've had to clear up these misconceptions about 500 times now because the Sporum vacillates between self-perpetuating a mythical "earlier time" where everything was horrible or a "golden age" where everything was wonderful. I don't even know why I'm bothering for the 501st except that I spent way too much time on this forum and I feel a degree of attachment to the community here as a result.

Superraptor wrote:Back in the day even a slight negative comment could get you banned for 'flaming.' I was told off by a mod once because I was 'making hateful comments towards other players' when I was simply pointing out that the censors block the word 'butthead.' This was in a discussion about which words the censors block.

Others have had it far worse and have been given week-long and even permanent bans because they spoke out of turn or got a little angry at someone.

No permanent bans were handed out by moderators; moderators cannot ban beyond 7 days and could not ban beyond 1 day for quite a while. All permanent bans were made after the issue was REVIEWED by an administrator; it was an administrator decision. No one ever received a permanent ban for a minor offense like "speaking out of turn" while I was moderating here, which is pretty much forever. Permanent bans weren't even on the table for the first year or two of the Sporum's existence unless they were handed out by the entirely separate customer service team that handled the alert button flags.

andrew_6595 wrote:Yeah, the sporums use to be very very strict, plus the members then would nearly break their necks trying to turn you into a SporeMaster over any small violation of the Rules.

The only time anything remotely resembling this kind of 1984-esque Sporum you are describing existed was in 2008 when Numerator moderated and formed the "Lock Squad," which was nothing more than a group of users who PM'd him threads that needed to be locked or posted in the thread. You weren't even a member yet.

Davopotamus wrote:I was banned once... i defended someone against piratenori's typical troll attitude, he told me i didnt know who i was messing with, ha... i was banned...
But this guy has friends in higher places...

I keep seeing you post this story, but you never tell us which moderator it was, despite the fact that suspension emails list which one banned you. I find it difficult to believe you were banned by anyone other than the CS team given that I am the only moderator who spends/spent any length of time with Nori and I have banned him for trolling previously. Unless I banned you; in which case, you may as well just post that it was me.

Frankly, if there is one thing I really can't stand about this community, it's the rumors. I could handle the spam, the trolling, the hurr durr in-fighting, but the rumors were what soured me on this place in the end and made for the worst foruming experience I've ever had in an online community. And part of that was my fault because I let them go on for a long time. So please. No more rumors.

If you guys want a new moderator, you're not going to get it, you really don't need it and I can't think of anyone who posts regularly on here who should be it at this point (or who would even want to--I'm sure Davo has better things to do). If the alert flag were reliable and timely, the forum could run without any assistance at this point except from users who had common sense and knew what the alert flag was actually for.
You need to give your PC a scrub. You have adware that's hooked into your browser which is changing text into hotlinks. If you have other questions, please send me a PM as I'm really trying not to post here anymore.
I am a male living in Portland, Oregon aged 24. Come get me, Sporumers. You can find this and more simply by using appropriate search parameters on the Internet (use the same username elsewhere? ever posted your email address somewhere? musical preferences?) and I don't even use Facebook. Unless your Sporum account is tied to a dummy address with a brand-new username never-before-used elsewhere and you haven't let any crossover information slip relating to other usernames/accounts/preferences/interests on other sites or any other personally identifiable information, chances are at least decent, though not always great, that I could locate further personal information about anyone posting on the Sporum. If you have a social media account via Facebook (especially Facebook), Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. it's even easier.

To see this in practice, EropsToad, one needs only look at your signature which provides a link to your dA page containing all sorts of delicious information like your ethnicity/interests and a network of friends who may also have information about you. Common themes linking your accounts like the use of Toad from Super Mario Bros. games are also evident and these and more are the sort of things one would look for when attempting to dig deeper (i.e. do you have a Facebook account and does it share any of these qualities in order to verify it as yours?).

If you use Facebook, I am already watching you and know where you live. I am probably outside your house right now. Yes, I see you hunched over your computing device through my binoculars.

And then there's the NSA.

Also of note is that this thread has been done before with varying degrees of success, which nosedive the moment someone posts "I am a robot" or "I am an alien."
whoster wrote:
OneBlackbird wrote:OMG GAIZ HALOLZ!!11!!!!1!!! EVR1 MAK MOAR COMINTS ABOUT TEH POST FRUM KSHEW!1!!!1!!!1111

luv 5evr, ur frond blickbrd

Just because you had a bad experience in Multiplayer doesn't mean you hafta judge the whole thing for just its Multiplayer, give campaign solo play a try, if you have access to it ever.

whoster, do you hear that sound? It's the sound of a plane passing right over your head and on that plane is the ability to understand my post as parody. If only you had followed your mother's advice and bought your tickets earlier.

luv 5evr, ur frond blickbrd
Pat1196 wrote:I have not "dumped" the modding community. I've simply stated that at this time, I seek no interest in involving them with this effort.

You sound just like John Riccitiello recovering from a trip-up. Congratulations.

Maybe it's time to follow his lead and resign.
Pat1196 wrote:Chief-Director: Pat1196 (myself)

There's nothing to explain. You are bombastic in all your posts, dump the mod community overboard because you "don't like them" and act like making some adventures in Spore has turned you into a celebrity.

I'm just going to come out and say it: Pat1196, whoever he is, is bad at running this. He's like the CEO of the company who doesn't know he's putting his foot in his mouth half the time and makes bad PR for everyone.

Tough love is best love. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Your logic is flawed and Didzo is correct. Your statement equates shrinking to obsolete and your follow-up is just to add the word "gradually" to it. You are still saying the same thing. You just added an extra word. You could've said "quickly" and it wouldn't change the meaning, only the timeframe.

If you really wanted to make a point about the possible vestigial nature of the appendix, you could've taken all of five seconds on Wikipedia and followed a link to an actual research paper.;jsessionid=468874E9D03EA4A39F6A88F3053BA5EE.d02t01

Oh no. Where did that come from? I think it's trying to say something. What's that? The appendix may hold certain important gastrointestinal flora, but is less useful in developed countries? Your point is valid, but how you arrived there is not. You may as well have said "Elephants are getting smaller; that means they are gradually becoming obsolete."

Oh, Didzo's point is also valid. However, he arrived there with facts.

In the future, please look before you leap.
I don't even.
A nutritional scientist once told me evolution wasn't true. He was a scientist. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Peekarica wrote:my film Spore Effect to him. It should give him a sort of vision what players want for a new Spore game. See Shores of Hazeron as example.

I definitely want a Mass Effect/Spore mash-up trainwreck of a game. Oh boy, I can't wait.

Good thing the developers don't really care about what you think.
Pat1196 wrote:This is why our community is dying.

That's all I can say about this. Just lol.
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