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Messages posted by: Krammekat
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Mavor wrote:Post coming tomorrow on the attacks that each side is incurring, .
I'm shirking my duties today, because my birthday is occuring.

Happy birthday from the Sporum Mavor! Forget about creating, and enjoy the day!
Feathers strikes me heavily as a person who could've endeavoured to become a psychologist/psychiatrist through her past life, plus having studied psychology can lead the character down both a "good" or a "bad" road, so I'll vote option 5 for episode 1C - Therapist life [Psychology]
Garfielf wrote:
"Let's get them," he caws in a harsh voice so hoarse
That it made Starcutter grow unnamed hatchlings by force."

I lold too hard
This seems very awesome! I'm intrigued - I've just caught up with E1AB, I'll be looking out to pitch in for episode 1C
ChocIce75 wrote:(Again, there are already 3 Santa creations on the field. Stop posting them.)

I believe the rules state that each creator is allowed to create and post without limits, but is only capable of having 3 "active" at a time
The next weapon, invented by that one elf that spends too much time getting nerve-shocked, inhaling exhaust gasses and chewing reindeer-feed, comes the S5 "Snowed-in Ballcannon Backpack!"
This hand-cannon is loaded with snow in the green compartment facing the back of the wearer, wherefrom the snow is shaped within the mechanics of the backpack, into geometrically perfect spherical snowballs which are barraged toward the Anti-Claus armada! The S5 is capable of completely burying and encasing a Spoffit in a mere 6.2 seconds, and it is commonly deployed to hinder, slow or generally irritate the enemy.
Miniature Christmas decoration included!
Snowballs not included

Gabrieletheman00 wrote:
Gabrieletheman00 wrote:

I want to protect Santa Claus, how I can put a photo of a creation I made here? How I can put here a image?[/quote
I’m at Santa Claus side

Take a look here
ChocIce75 wrote:(So... is ANYBODY going to counter the Scare-Bot I made?)

I believe I just did with my Jolly Launcher XV2
To assist Santa's forces, the elves have slaved away in the workshop and produced The Jolly Launcher XV2
Countering the Scarebot, The Jolly Launcher is deployed for various purposes, as the results gained from the weapon are completely random. The ammo chamber is essentially an attached wooden box, chugged full of joyous surprises - thus the enemy will never even know what cheerful surprise will smack them across the face!

EDIT* Changed png from Photobucket to Imageshack, hopefully this helps
EDIT** Ditched Pb & Is since they both want me to pay and switched over to TinyPic instead

Very active! Freshly returned and back on trying to improve my adventures!
nutella8888 wrote:
Krammekat wrote:
nutella8888 wrote:
And as I said, the adventure "thumbnail" cannot be imported into Spore to open the adventure in the editor.

If you mean screenshots for the adventure thumbnail you should hit up the console command and use freecam - though I could have misunderstood you

What I mean is, when I try to import the adventure "thumbnail" they uploaded into the Spore GA editor, nothing happens.

If what you mean is importing pictures into spore to use as thumbnails for your own adventures, then I would instead suggest using console commands

If what you mean is that you try to download adventures (or other items) from the sporepedia by using drag and drop, you can alternatively click the "thumbnail" and hit the yellow download button

If none of the above then I admit I'm confused '-'
nutella8888 wrote:
And as I said, the adventure "thumbnail" cannot be imported into Spore to open the adventure in the editor.

If you mean screenshots for the adventure thumbnail you should hit up the console command and use freecam - though I could have misunderstood you
DarkMagickan wrote:
dylans04 wrote:What's the exact problem? Do you go into the portal and they don't come in through with you? If so, you may want to use Move To instead of Follow.
Well, that, and the fact that once they finally actually DO go into the portal, they walk around with question marks above their heads, staring at walls, when their main objective is to follow the player.

Have you tried advanced behaviors? That feature can work miracles
DarkMagickan wrote:I can't get the stupid creatures to do what I want them to in this adventure. All they have to do is follow the player through a door (portal) and walk down a stupid hallway. They can't figure it out.

So I uploaded every element to Imgur:

Can someone please try and help? The script is all there. The goals are all there. It's just the hallway scene where it falls apart.

I'd really appreciate it.

Getting creatures to walk properly through teleporters/through buildings can be a real hassle.. For me, I've found it's just a lot of trial-and-error. Positioning the creature, tinkering with their behaviour, then testing the adventure only to redo it all.
My best suggestion would be to try a few different "walk patterns" and behaviours, see how it affects them in-game and learning from what you did previously.. Though it may not be a very helpful suggestion
Sharples65 wrote:

Yes, it should be functional. If you're not sure that your adventure is banned or not, just come here and I'll take a look at it.

I've raised this issue to the Maxis Administrator and so far, they said they would be looking into the information gathered from my 'trial and errors' and this thread. I believe the cause of the problem to be the datacenter shift in 2015. So hopefully their team can look into the datacenter.

Awesome, I'll make sure to come back here if I ever encounter these problems again.

Even still, it's absolutely great to see that there's users helping each other out, the way you do! Hopefully we'll actually get some response from Maxis, but if not it's awesome that there's these kinds of threads!
Kudos man.
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