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Messages posted by: Ryno917
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Ah ok, I figured it would be something similar to that. I'll probably give it a shot, along with the mod in the link you sent. I'd like to be able to place more on a T1 planet. I want more character on my planets!
Any chance at getting a video of doing the submerged utilities (atmosphere protector, etc)? I'm not sure I really follow how it's done.
Royal Archonian

Newest in my line of Archon characters, this one a generic soldier of the Royal Archonian Empire. There's more in my profile.
Royal Archonian

Finally finished the new Archon for my Royal Archonian Empire. Guess that means that sporecast is now technically 'finished,' although I'll probably go back and modify some of the buildings and vehicles at point... or not.

Four from the Royal Archonian Empire. Not really 'new' anymore, though, I guess.
Might as well throw my hat into the ring.

Couple samples so you know what to expect. I've recently gone through and deleted my older, poorer, creations.
Are you sure they are subscribed to your sporecasts and not just buddies with you? I had subscribers before I ever made a sporecast.
TheCleaningGlove wrote:You need to stop drinking.

..Okay.. fine.. Right after this beer.. and maybe the next one...

EDIT: But, your sporecast is excellent! =] A constant theme that is kind of... space-ey and moon-land-ish. It's very nice =D

Some of you may have seen some of my Archon Empire creations and the like. Tonight I've deleted most of the old one creatures as I've decided they weren't up to par with my current abilities. I might do the same with a couple buildings, as well. Additionally, many of my new creations I've modified and essentially decided that they are also Archonian - just an extended empire. Basically, that means that while there is a blanket empire - The Archonian Empire - which controls all of them, there are several smaller empires within that empire purely for the sake of dividing the duties of an empire across the galaxy. The largest of these mini empires obviously being the Royal Archonian Empire (using most of the old creations as per my original vision of the Archon race). There is currently 4 extended Archonian empires in various stages of progress. All 5 mini empires will receive the full allotment of vehicles and buildings with at least one character. The idea is that all 5 empires are intended to be played separately, in the same galaxy, at the same time. Long story short, I've re-organized my sporecasts. There is now one for the entire Archon race, and one for each extended empire. Additionally, I've made a gaming sporecast to use as a theme. It does not contain any Archon items, only the other random creations I've made that will be used to populate things like pirate craft and the like. It will also contain other, lesser, empires. This is to try and reduce the risk of Archon empires being pollinated by the game to try and keep it down to just the playable games.

Click the Archonia City Hall to be taken to the Royal Archonian Empire Sporecast page. You should all be able to find the other sporecasts from there, as well, if you wish.

If you're interested, I'd like some feedback on this, too. Either here or via comments. Is this just a stupid idea? Are the Archonians stupid looking? Do I need to stop drinking? Let me know!

What addition would this be? Would be interesting to see
I know it's bad manners to bump of an old thread, but this simply should be implemented. Please pass this request on to Maxis, this is a very large oversight in my opinion.

My latest, a little playing in the Space Outfitter. Thanks to G3NJI for the inspiration for the helmet.
Pic is a link.
I, too, would like to be able to just make separate empire sporecasts and then have the game populate these empires in my game according to those sporecasts. I'd like an answer on this as well.
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