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Pickachufire wrote:This is a good idea! I'll get to work shortly! Any other rules/restrictions we should know about? Also, how do I make pictures clicky when typing a response? I want to make pics that take you directly to the Sporepedia page.

I believe this is what you're looking for
Sharples65 wrote:Episode 2J is out. Thanks to those who previously voted. Also, going to show the image for the adventure now rather than a link, makes it cleaner IMO. Just click the image to be redirected to the adventure.



Ep 2J, I vote for 4E: Size eleven shoe prints since I believe Angelina is the first character we've seen wearing shoes '-'
Alright, here are my entries

1. Puffdeer: Herbivore/Prey

The Puffdeer of planet Herii, is a nomad grazer. They travel in huge herds often 5000 strong, and it is a species which is constantly migratory in it’s never-ending quest for grass. It feeds on the dry and toughest of grasses on the savannahs of Herii, With these numbers, they quickly clear large areas of grass, and leave nothing except the roots to be reborn. In their constant migratory state, water can be an issue, yet the Puffdeer have gained it’s name from the ingenuity with which it overcame this problem. The so called “puffballs” that grow from it’s back, suck up and contain moisture from the air, and water from the rain. The Puffballs are actually a fungal growth, a mushroom with which the Puffdeer lives in symbiosis. The spores of the Puffballs purify any water and moisture contained within, and sends it directly to the Puffdeer’s bloodstream. As such it has not only overcome, but completely solved the problem of water.

A male Puffdeer is larger than the female, yet the female produce more striking deep-red colours of fur. When mating, the male will display his large antlers often in ecstatic dances around the savannahs. The male with the largest antlers, and with the most beautiful dance will appear the most attractive to the female. After breeding, the male returns to his usual guard duty of the herd, and now of his new family. The mother is enormously protective of the calf, and will teach it to properly extract every nutrient from the rich patches of grass they will clear together.

When travelling in large herds, the Puffdeer’s instincts are mostly determined by the unity of mind, in which the herd acts. Like a school of fish, if one Puffdeer panics, the rest tend to do the same. As such a large herd being chased by a pride of Tusked Helmcats can become very dangerous, as they trample down anything in their path, desperate to escape.

2. Nuru-Nuru: Omnivore/Scavenger

The Nuru-Nuru of planet Herii, is actually an amphibian that has grown used to living on land. They often need to daze in water however, to retain moisture in their skin as it quickly evaporates in the sun of the hot Savannahs. Most Nuru-Nuru are solitary, yet they are all affiliated with a clan of other Nuru-Nuru families. Should the need ever arise, they will call upon allies from near and far to come to their aid, and even though the Nuru-Nuru is fairly small, in large numbers they are certainly anything but harmless. They are scavengers by nature, and will use the one claw on their right hand, to dig in the ground for roots and vegetables for quick snacks. Hungry Nuru-Nuru will often travel with herds of Puffdeer and wait until a few have fallen victim to the vicious Tusked Helmcats. When the predators have left, they will harvest any leftovers that might be worth picking off. They also provide a cleaning service for the Puffdeer, with their pointed mouths and crooked tongues, they dig out parasites and other harmful infestations. All delicious snacks to a Nuru-Nuru. Sometimes when a Nuru-Nuru has a hard time acquiring food, they will attempt to the steal away a Tusked Helmcat cub for dinner.

The skin of a Nuru-Nuru is sticky, and since they are rather colourful, they will often attempt to hide among leaves. This causes leaves to stick to their bodies, and often they will be seen walking around clad in leaves. The male and female are hardly different, except for their necessary biology of course, and the size of their one claw. After mating the female will lay eggs by the thousands, but will not raise her young. They are left to hatch, grow and find their own way in life. Males are known often to scavenge a few eggs of other Nuru-Nuru for a light meal.

Living in solitude, the Nuru-Nuru must constantly adopt to it’s situation. It may go for years before seeing one of it’s own kind. The leaf-cloaking method is a perfect example of this adaptation. When the Nuru-Nuru must hide from potential danger, it will excrete a sticky substance from several of it’s sweat glands, allowing different kinds of cover, to come to it, instead of risking not finding a good hiding spot. It’s one claw is another example, as it’s perfect both for digging in the earth for roots, and in corpses for meat. The Nuru-Nuru is also extremely fast, so although the Tusked Helmcat would be a natural predator to it, it is only in recent years that it has found a way, to beat the speed-dash of the Nuru-Nuru.

3. Tusked Helmcat: Carnivore/Predator

The Tusked Helmcat of planet Herii, is a feline predator that lives in prides 15-20 strong. They are the largest natural predator of the Herii savannah, and have in recent years boomed in numbers, and practically established a new dominance which now seeps through the very ecosystem of the savannah. More than 30 prides were already being monitored by zoologists, and now at least 20 new prides have been marked for observation. The prides consists of mostly 2-4 small separate families, working together to bring prosperity to all. The hierarchy of these prides is firmly established, and intrinsically never disputed amongst the Tusked Helmcats. The alpha-male, basks in glory and service from the rest of the pride. He lives fairly carelessly breeding often with the females of the prides. His main task arises when the pride’s territory is invaded. He is the one who must answer to any sign of danger from the outside. Grown females are the hunters, and for this they demand massive respect. They come second in line after the alpha. The males follow, determined to raise the young in survival skills and teaching them the knowledge required to live in the Herii Savannah, patrolling the territory and, occasionally, assist with hunting. The young come last, watching their parents and older siblings from a young age, learning through play and imitation.

The recent boom in Helmcats has now been explained by zoologists of Herii. They have progressed to an entirely different behaviour, from their previous one. Where they used to indulge in hour-long sprints of Puffdeer for a single target, each pride has learnt patience. All across the Herii savannah are large and roomy caves. Many prides have now decided to settle down in these caves, and wait for the Puffdeer to come to them. There are several enormous Puffdeer herds across the savannah, so usually it isn’t long in-between massive herds passing by, right outside their doorstep. Their previous method, which was long and tiring, has been replaced with a short but powerful outburst of speed, reaching up to 140 km/h. Their retirement to the caves, have not weakened the prides, only made them engage in smarter methods. In this way, starving Nuru-Nuru will come to the remaining corpses in front of the caves, eager for easy picking. This allows the Helmcat to easily land another kill, on an animal it could otherwise not catch, and thus gaining further sustenance in case a herd of Puffdeer hasn’t passed by in a while.
Garfielf wrote:This board needs some new contests to keep people entertained. Here's an idea for a contest.
You will each make three creatures that work together in a food chain. First, a herbivore or prey animal. Next, an omnivore or scavenger creature. Third, a carnivore or predator creature. Whoever can make the best chain of creatures wins a remake of one of their sentient creatures as well as a building set for them.

Entries will be judged on:
-Attention to detail and craft on the creatures. Try to make them look detailed and well-formed.
-How well the creatures fit together in a chain. Try to make them look like they could all live on the same planet.
-Originality. Aliens and unusual creatures will be more noteworthy than Earth animals with slight modifications or shapeless blobs.
-Extra details. Descriptions, original names and additional information will make your creature more interesting.

Contest ends sometime before February, depending on how many people enter.

I really dig the idea! I'll see if I can make the time to participate
Are any editors allowed, and how about cheats?
Also, trophies?
*EDIT* Also also, is there a contest tag?
Sharples69 wrote:The next segment is out here:

Video is here:

Thanks to those who previously voted.

I vote option 5 for ep 2G. Even though it's great fun taking part in, I'm 100% dense at ascertaining the truth in criminal investigations x)
This way we might also stay on Frosts good side while we can nudge ourselves closer to the truth.
You should checkout Time Thieves by Derezzed

This adventure follows the principle, and was amazingly executed (as each of Derrezed's adventures) you could draw some inspiration from here
Sharples65 wrote:Yeah somebody voted the same thing coming to the conclusion that Feathers is thinking that Maral is telling the truth about Angelina. I'd like to say that you should use lies ([E]) if they're actually lying, not if you believe them, that's why truth is there.

It would be strange to accuse somebody of lying, and then agreeing with them on the current subject.

That's probably a fault on my part for not explaining it so well. The questions are pretty indirect, which is intentional. You can switch your vote if you want to in the 24 hour time frame.

Well the thing is, I don't think she's right about Angelina either, so far all we really know of her is what Maral has told us, and I don't think it's sufficient enough - so I can't really say I believe Marals accusations, I think someone else is involved.

I wouldn't say that the voting options weren't explained clearly enough though, deciding a course of action in investigation can just be a bit perplexing, since there's many possibilities as to what might actually have happened

But I will change my vote to truth also for the sake of easing my own creaking brain
Sharples65 wrote:Episode 2D is now out:


Bah! I can't decide whether to vote for the shoe prints or the green blood.. Whoever could be holding a grudge against Maral, could definitely also be the same person we found evidence of on the scene..
Ah bloody hell, I guess Maral wouldn't necessarily know the blood color of her accomplice
For episode 2D I will vote 4.[E] Size eleven shoe prints
Sharples65 wrote:
Krammekat wrote:
Sharples65 wrote:Episode 2C is out:


SPORE! Wrong choice from the get-go
At least I (think) I know the answer to the next one
My vote for episode 2C will be 9 [E] EFC Statement. They mentioned the VPN's which was all very suspiciouso

Thank you for voting! Interrogations are a really fun part of these segments to make, it's nice to have people get involved in this. If Feathers accuses a person of lying without the correct evidence, she will just fabricate things that she believes could be true.

It's definitely fun participating in as well! I can't help but think, Life is Strange or Telltale games like The Wolf Among Us. It's awesome
You go Feathers. You go.
Sharples65 wrote:Episode 2C is out:


SPORE! Wrong choice from the get-go
At least I (think) I know the answer to the next one
My vote for episode 2C will be 9 [E] EFC Statement. They mentioned the VPN's which was all very suspiciouso
Sharples65 wrote:Episode 2B is out, you can find it here:

The video is currently uploading. I've had to disable Adventurelook -norainbows (default for this series) because it makes looking at the person you're questioning extremely difficult. If you wish, you can re-enable it in the adventure. There will be a series of questions, good luck trying to find the right answer.

If the adventure is glitchy or anything let me know, in the video Feathers happens to stretch out near the end, pretty funny.

Edit: Video is here.

This is so impressive! 2B feels like an expansion, with the inclusion of evidence - also, with multiple choices of evidence, it's even harder to ascertain what is relevant, and what isn't.
I know I may be showering you with compliments, but this is the kinda thing that keeps Spore interesting, and explores the games potential!
As for the choice, I'm gonna go through some of the previous videos and gain some more confidence in what I'm gonna answer - it's tricky! (as it should be)
I'll return and edit this when I have my vote ready.

*EDIT* I will vote option 3 E: Ambassador's statement for episode 2B
Sharples65 wrote: *snip*

The video is now out. It took quite a while to upload (it's 27 minutes long).

Here it is:

This episode was awesome! I got really immersed in the investigation and the music was great
As for choices, I vote for option 1: Feathers good cop Frost bad cop. Ambassador did say not to be a therapist, but we dunno how Maral is gonna handle the interrogation, so it's best to have both sides covered - Feathers doesn't have to get all sentimental, buuut her past experience makes the choice easier
Excited for the next episode!
Sharples65 wrote:Episode 2A is now out. This episode will resemble a certain video game you may have played, L.A Noire. It is real fun writing this one. I've added an easter egg to hint the game and this episode.

Episode 2A:

The video is now uploading, I will update this post when it's finished.

I'll be watching out for the video, I've been keeping up with this series solely on YT
Also, haven't played L.A. Noire so I'll definitely miss the easter egg
Sharples65 wrote:
Edit 3: Picture teaser below.

I'm loving this so far, image looks awesome! Excited for episode 2
If voting is still open for 1D I vote to remain silent! Frost seems kinda nervous, Feathers seems kinda nervous - lets make this awkward
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