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Inside the help section of the forums a topic regarding this issue was locked by a mod. Is this how things are going to work? Are we trying to bury the issue now?

It's a simple matter that could have been resolved with a few keystrokes. I guess it's time to spark things back up.
I have to say, you Maxis have taken a step in the right direction. You have opened up the opportunity for many families and young peps to enjoy this experience. Thank you. And we all know that your organization is working full force to continue proper customer support. This is a good move, lets see how it works.

And I'm very sorry Will is associated with EA... Sucks.
maxislucky wrote:We've been listening. Here's a response:


Ok... I thought this was a repeat of the last response... Sorry. Big EDIT here.

Good job Maxis... Good job.
The BBB may help. But at this point nothing has been accomplished on EA's part (Maxis) to fix this matter.

They cowardly remain silent with no announcement as to when this will be resolved.

How much like EA. Do they really think people are going to buy multiple copies of Spore? Then we the consumers try to install multiple copies on one hard drive, only to find out a single account can be active.

Come on EA.

People have purchased multiple copies of Spore, installed, only to have one account per household.

I guess this is not the first forum of EA's work that's exploded with consumer complaints. EA must have strong experience dealing with pissed off customers. And they must enjoy remaining silent, waiting to throw out the next ***** game.
And another thing EA. I am a gamer! And you are a crap gaming publisher!

I've been around since the beginning. I kicked my brothers butt in the first Madden, the second Madden, and every other since.

I learned to read playing Enchanted Scepters on the first ever Mac. I went on to play Airborne, Blackjack, and whatever else. I've been playing games longer than your company has been alive. When I was young my dad would have Nibbles contests on Fridays. Do you know that MShell game? Hmmm? I do.

So you have taken simple game programing and turned many a products into ****. We will not stand for this. It's time for you to die, or pay us back. It seems you set the standard for horrible games.

I owned the Atari, Mac, PC, NES, Sega, SNES, Genesis, Playstation, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, 360... I've received or bought hundreds of games. And I'll say EA games have always been the biggest disappointment... Except for NBA Live 97... Madden 04... and the early Maddens were great (really great). Other than that, pretty horrible.

Wherever you seek guidance, it's not a good place to venture anymore. Heints has the answers. And the answer is to release great games that are user friendly for any household to enjoy.

Now it's over EA. There's only one direction to move! And that direction is simple... Help us gamers live our little fantasy worlds without having to spend god **** days on YOUR ******* forum support page. Then we are told ignorant corporate BS, followed by SILENCE.

We are the people who keep you in business. And we can keep you out of business!

Laugh now if you must... Or save this.

EDIT: Did anyone else play Nibbles back in the early 90's? It was the snake game, where you tried to gobble up 1-9 without running into your tail. Anyway, it was good.
locals wrote:Not sure if this has been posted, but it seems EA plans to address the 3 computer install limit in the "near" future with a patch. That's good to know. HOWEVER, they still have the same stance in regards to this 1 person account business.

The news article can be found here:

All in good time people, all in good time...

**** it's not in good time. Screw this stupid decision by EA. Apparently nobody wants to even play this game anymore - I don't. This is about the entire picture that this corporate slumhole portrays.

Start anew by cleaning portable crappers EA. Screw this, and hell with your crappy product, upon more crappy products.

My daughter loves Sims. She entitled herself to save money and buy Sims Pets for Wii, Sims Castaways for Wii, and My Sims for Wii. They are horrible games! Buzz off EA. You suck.
Where is the recall on this product? Where do I send my copy of Spore to get my money back? Obviously there is a misprint in my manual, and there is misguided information within the game --- (Click to switch user).

This is not a smooth operation EA. Where's the recall???? You are running out of time.
It's funny and sickening at the same time - if you are a gamer.

EA has to protect its brand name from who? Not the government, not yet at least. They are trying to protect themselves from their own consumer base. Only in gaming would you find such a travesty within corporate endeavors.

Yes - many of us have to get our thumbs stuck to console controllers. We have to build an empire by mouse clicking through hours of gameplay on a great PC game. We love to game, it's who we are.

And EA... They sit silent, ignore us, and hope we'll shut up and buy many expansion packs. No patch update yet! Not a single consistent remark to all of the consumers having problems. They are at war with their customers! How pathetic!

I'm done, my household is done... We are finished with EA, Spore, Sims, Madden, Mercenaries 2 - whatever, and every other game EA has a big money grabbing hands in.

How did your hostile takeover of Take Two end up EA??? Everyone is fed up with this crap. We love our games, but we hate you. And you fight against us, the last few who actually bought your crap product.
jjwalters3 wrote:
doorway wrote:btw, just so you guys know, is not the only one that deleted negative reviews about spore. Same thing happened on and also on

All of the net is swarming with angry people, though, so maybe it will really make a difference this time.

I have submitted two reviews about the game to, both were clean, non-angry sound (if that makes sense) and did not mention the DRM problem. However I did give it 1 star, and described the single profile issue, and mentioned that I bought the game.

But Amazon didn't post either review. I wonder how many other reviews they aren't posting...

That is just freaking crazy. Why on earth would they delete reviews... In an attempt to raise the Spore rating. LOL good luck with that. My guess is EA might be giving Amazon something under the table, or just strait paying them to stop the negative reviews all together. Sounds like something EA would do - pay large humps of money to Amazon, and a huge line of lawyers, instead of using the money to make quality, profitable software.
madjack wrote:Sorry to tell you this Heints, but the game is so shallow, it's embarrassing. Since you've just hit the space game it feels alright, but you'll see...

On the other hand, you might be happy with what's being offered to you. In that case, good for you. I mean it.

Ah yea it's shallow. And I'm still in the beginning phase of the space stage so I'm actually having some fun. But I wish there was more to do in the creature, tribal, civ, stages. The game feels real fresh when you first start playing, but after running around in the creature stage making friends or eating every other creature in sight, the boredom kicks in pretty fast.

To be honest this feels like Maxis left a lot out of the game so they will have reasonable content for the long line of expansions that are soon to come out. I hate expansion packs, and I REALLY HATE how EA/Maxis release 10 freaking expansion packs for the Sims - at what $30 a pop. They're simply taking advantage of their customers expecting them to pay $300+ for the entire experience... It's just cheap, and it's a shame the same thing will happen to Spore.

It's a growing trend within the gaming business I guess. Look at GTA IV. its a great game but they left a lot out because Microsoft paid Rockstar/Take Two $50 million dollars for two exclusive expansion packs to be released via Xbox Live. GTA IV is great, but clearly very light on features. Spore seems very light on features IMO, therefor they are going the same rout - milking the consumer base dry.
I'm just now starting to dabble in the Space Level in Spore... On my daughters account. I don't feel too bad because she only likes the Cell and Creature stages of the game. She's just now starting to understand the real-time strategy that's involved with the Tribe stage (3rd grader). Still it's kinda ridiculous that I'm forced to play her game, unlock her achievements. When this is resolved we'll have to make her a new account when she's ready to take on Spore's full depth.

Anyway I'd like to state for the record that this is a good game. I had my doubts at first and everything seemed pretty shallow through the first stages, but overall the scope and playability are very interesting to partake. Once again Maxis has delivered something fun, something new, something for everyone to enjoy. So I take back a comment I made a while back, about the game being extremely shallow.

And we have been running Spore without a hitch. Unlike most PC games that ship all bugged out, Spore runs great. I've read the many thread lines about problems other people are having, but on my rig everything is smooth sailing (with all graphics options maxed, 5.1 surround). Good job Maxis.

Now can someone over there at EA pull down those corporate blinders and give Maxis the go ahead to fix the multiple accounts per PC problem. What's our other option? I've read how someone bought two copies for one PC, still only one account would work. Clearly this thread would go away and be quickly buried beneath the flood if EA would satisfy us customers with NORMAL PC GAMING FUNCTIONALITY. Clearly you can't claim Spore to be a new genre? What do you call it - Massive Multiplayer Single Player Game??? Come on... Yes Spore is unique, but it is nothing new. It's just another single player game, with a creative twist where people can choose to share custom created content. People have been sharing mods and other content in gaming for a long, long time. Just like Sim City 4 - We shared custom land regions, custom cities, custom buildings... And we did that without a hitch, no probs.

EA if you want to make more money, try making better games. Don't try ripping off your consumers and expect us to keep coming back. People can live without the Sims if they have to. Just stop digging this hole and open up to the people who are buying your products. Something called customer relations, in which are not going well for you right now EA. Fixing this might be a good start, don't ya think?
This has become a very sad display of support from Maxis - EA. We know they read this thread but they still remain silent except for the stupid 'misprint' and 'only one account per PC, just because' - statements.

Every time they come up with an excuse the issue grows even greater because there's not a logical reason why two or more people can't access their free Spore accounts on a single PC. Every time EA - Maxis makes a comment they're portraying undying corporate greed, and ignorance, with no positive regards for their entire customer base.

Like many others on this topic I purchase a lot of games, and have been doing so for MANY years. I have my gaming PC, a 360, a Wii, and I'm quick to purchase games that my household anticipate will be good. Never have I had a problem like this. I've bought every single Sim City title (I still play Sim City 4), all of the Sims (the first game) and the endless line of overpriced expansion packs. The reason I didn't buy any Sims 2 is because my household grew tired of the expansion pack hassle. We knew EA would release and franchise Sims 2 the exact same way. They lost my money for any future Sims 3 or beyond.

I've bought Madden, NBA Live, Tiger Woods, and many other titles embraced with the EA logo. I stopped buying all of their sports games over the past year or two. Madden simply blows IMHO and is overpriced for simple roster updates, bland graphics, and stupid features. And I now play the MUCH better NBA 2K series and gave up Tiger Woods all together after buying the buggy Wii version.

I had looked forward to Mercenaries 2... Now I find another one of my favorite games to be worthless for the most part. The bugs and various glitches are horrendous meaning the game should not have been released. But the big time publisher EA cares not about the buggy games they release. EA has one plan - a simple plan. Release games, quick and in rapid succession, regardless of minor flaws or bugs. "Here's a deadline - release the game no matter what!"

This type of corporate maneuvering works for them. People are still going to buy Madden every year no matter what - they need their NFL fix. EA will continue their attempt to monopolize this market, buying and pursuing hostile takeovers of game publishers and developers. This works for EA, but not for me. I find myself, and others around me, buying fewer and fewer EA game titles.

And here is EA at its best with Spore. They must really think their entire consumer base is clueless. Who ELSE would pull these scandalous tactics with a highly anticipated game? No gaming publisher I know of, except EA. They are simply attempting to milk their customers with some last minute EXECUTIVE decision. I feel sorry for Maxis having to look these EA executives in they eye as the giant publisher commences to destroy everything that is good about gaming.

So I feel our concerns about Spore, this issue about family members or friends sharing a single installation, will go unresolved by the greedy EA. They may soon tell us to buy multiple computers and multiple copies of Spore before actually fixing this. They simply do not care about our concerns. It's obvious from the few responses we've had on this thread, and the total silent treatment their tech support. This is how it is, they don't care what their customers want, they just expect our money to keep rolling into their pockets.

More than 194 hrs. - Still no response from EA tech support.
EA tried to limit piracy... It failed miserably. Anyone can DL this game and DL any user content they want - per user.

This is a failure on EA's part. If they cared, or were half @$$ clued in, they would realize that their entire piracy protection failed.

Now they sit, dumbfounded, as if we the paying customers did not exist.
EDIT - Sorry, found it.

Edit again - Some weird server $tuff.
Ok I started this thread with all intentions of being played down to the bottom of the pool. Not the case, we are 29 pages long at this point, 29109 VIEWS last I checked, and numerous GREAT responses. Everyone has been very logical showing their concerns to this affair. So many gaming consumers showing valid points that I REALLY enjoy reading.

Hear this EA. I'm sorry for any crazy or negative remarks I've made during this thread... Do you understand - APOLOGIZE. It's not hard. And in this HUGE business structure, it appears you are unaware. You don't realize that many, many gamers dislike your products and your worthless customer support structure (none).

I've still had not a single response from tech support - over 170hrs... Others have been given a second account upon their machines. I get nothing.

But that's OK... I'm not mad. I'm simply disappointed buy an extremely huge company. Where do I stand anyway amongst a stronghold like yours?

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