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Messages posted by: Gabrieletheman00
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Author Message Creations for the feature!
Can you feature the best creations of mine? I’m gtm00
eme12 wrote:
Gabrieletheman00 wrote:You can check my Spore creations! I give the link for check my creations!
I just gived a link for check my Most popular creations

do you want to join my discord server. i don't want to lose contact with you. you're my favorite creator.

You can check my Spore creations! I give the link for check my creations!
I just gived a link for check my Most popular creations
Alespill is an nice guy from Belarus... but is better leave alone his Deviantart account because maybe trying to say a simple HELLO, may cause an BLOCK leave him alone on Deviantart, just add favorites in his deviations, and never bother him! You must be a best friend of Alespill for comment his stuff maybe, it is rude to get blocked when you just said hello

Alespill’s Deviantart Account (also known as NoodleDad)

I did made some Jowwis in Spore as a gift for Rebecca1208, visit her Deviantart account and critique positive her awesome stuff! Don’t spam her, she doesn’t need to get spammed for notice everything based on her!
You have to make a new Origin account and buy Spore and all the expansions or redownload them with their Spore serial code

Or wait for Spore 2 or get more money and buy Elettronic Arts and then say to them to make Spore 2 after buying the company
You should have put the files and creatures and the other creations in an hard drive or in an USB Key, saving them there would make that when you plug the USB Key/Hard drive and transfer the creations you will save your creations
I think that if you buy a new computer or laptop and try on another computer or laptop it should work, my Spore I still bugged in my Laptop but not in my mother’s laptop
Also my Spore avatar is bugged in-game
That ploblem is bad!
I think that if you ask help to someone it can help you, maybe in-game or in another computer or laptop...
Call for help to the Elettronic Arts in they site and say about the ploblem, of possibly buy a new computer or laptop and put everything of Spore saved in an Hard drive
If you saved all your stuff and creations in an Hard Drive or done a Backup and reinstalled Spore you should then put the creations in the correct folders!
It is possible that I find you have an other Computer or Laptop you can share from it
In my mothers laptop Spore works
Due to a bug, you cannot possibly make an account inside Spore, but there’s a way for make it

1. Make an Origin or Elettronic Arts account
2. Buy Spore and if you want all the Expansions in Origin or use a serial code for it
3. Then open Spore and log with the account you created
Now you have an Spore alt for help users if you want!
I have awesome and tributes for users downrated, please help me to up rate them! Here’s some names and explanation to them

Play League of Legends - Is just an homage to League of Legends, it doesn’t force you to play it
Stop stealing from Rebecca1208! - Refere to users that stole from Rebecca1208 and it includes a Jowwi made by myself, that Jowwi isn’t a ripoff or even a Knockoff, is an tribute and an homage to Rebecca1208, she likes people making Jowwis and I made for her a Jowwi as a tribute, watch my creation Tribute Jowwi!
Robotboy - based on Robotboy, an cute Belgium cartoon, downrated possibly for being stupid or disliked or hated, I don’t know
Choose the Right Axe - Based on an Aesop fairytale about a WoodCutter

Please stop down rating to my stuff I need help! If you can make Spore alts and up rate on my Spore down rated stuff and warn to Rebecca1208 about the Jowwis and the ploblem please!
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