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Messages posted by: Krammekat
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dragonBoy2006 wrote:can I do a join if so how

Hey there

Anyone is welcome to join CRASH! We do have a set of rules for the community, which we will expect our members to follow, but there are no set pre-conditions for who can and cannot join.

If you'd like I'll sign you up for our member list right away - you can participate here on the sporum hub, but most of the CRASH community activity has it's home over on Discord! Create a user, and click this link to join our server
ilovemigz wrote:Liskomato sent me here asking I join. So, uh, how do I sign up?
What's all this about a "Discord Server?" It all sounds confusing to me.

Hey there! Excuse the late reply

Discord is the application on which we've made our home server for CRASH - it's a place where the community gathers and shares their ideas!

All you need to do is create a Discord user, and then click this link: -which is also tagged at the top of this post.

We hope you'll join us
Sharples65 wrote:Episode 2N is out. Thanks to Krammekat for voting!



I'm just gonna admit I'm at a loss on what to vote for this episode x)
So let's go with 2.Doubt. - We don't wanna accidentally accuse Cafna of anything wrong, but he didn't provide nearly as much info as Elsa.. If he's trying to remain in the background, unnoticed, it's all the more reason to keep an eye on him
nutella8888 wrote:I made a message about people with unclaimed accounts being unable to post in this Discord server, but nobody told me why only ppl with claimed accounts could post in that server... :L

Our Discord server's verification level is currently set to medium, which requires the user to have a Discord account with a verified e-mail, and the user to have been registered on Discord for more than 5 minutes. This is to promote an influx of dedicated users!
Besides these restrictions, there should be nothing hindering anyone from posting on our server
Mavor wrote:Beast Creature:
1st shunkerbelle-
2nd Place Alespill-
3rd Place tonysaur-

Best Prop
1st Place - Krammekat -
2nd Place - Starcutter -
3rd Place NathanielRD -

Most innovative

Rovam (I know i said I couldn't compete, , but in my defense I did come up with a hippo ballerina and a Ramen Shop for Elves)

Best Story

Aah! I won 1st place! =D
Thank you so much for this contest, it was great fun participating
Sharples65 wrote:Thanks! Interiors actually aren't my strong-point, there are always problems with how the walls are out of line slightly or having an ugly line through the floor.

And yeah, the evidence will keep piling up, it'll give you more to work with!

Episode 2M is out.



For episode 2M I'm gonna vote 2.doubt. The reason being I still don't think that Elsa is really hiding anything (and if she is, I don't think she's aware of it), but she did talk about Mathus and Marals relationship. What she said about them proves that Maral was lying during the interrogation, where she said she didn't know Mathus at all.
He drinks
Tends to be arrogant
Maral doesn't want us to know about her ties to him
All seems rather suspicioso if you ask me, but this could be the lead we need
We've reached 20+ members in just 2 days! Thanks to everyone who's joined so far
THANKS mcdog wrote:Join the Creator Reviewed Adventure Sharing Hub, or CRASH.

It's brand new, and here we can share our adventures with each other and try out new ones. The goal is to create a community where we can review each others' creations and become better as creators.

So, if you would like to see more feedback on your adventures, or you would like to find more adventures to play --this be the place for you.

Here's the link , and I hope to see you there.

Link to the new official CRASH hub:
Thank you to everyone who's joined so far
Sharples65 wrote:Episode 2L is out. It's a bit longer than the usual.



Awesome work on this episode! I really liked the interior
Also things seem to have worked out for now with Angelina, and hopefully Frost isn't too SPORE

For ep 2L I vote 1. Truth. There's a lot of new evidence to keep track of, and Elsa doesn't seem suspicious in the slightest to me. Ofc this might be a HUGE mistake, but we'll take that when it comes
If anything, all the evidence is pointing towards someone framing Maral, and she's probably too scared to talk about it, even to Elsa.

GAAAH this only keeps getting more exciting!
Reserved *Go ahead and post after this*
>==CRASH Features!==<

The CRASH Featured Sporecast:

As our mission focuses primarily on reviving attention to adventures, we here at CRASH will be doing our personal adventure series spotlight, featuring our favourite creations produced over at CRASH!

Newest CRASH feature:
The third CRASH feature is announced!
Congratulations to Unholypimpin for making Tribal God Trouble. This feature revolves around an organization of the CRASH canon created by Unholypimpin known as the freedom guild. Both gameplay and environment in this adventure is dynamic, constantly in motion, which turn out for a really nice adventure!
Link to the adventure:

Previous features and reviews:
The second CRASH feature has now been chosen!
Muton Madness by Liskomato contains a scenic and atmospheric desert environment, setting a very nice tone for the village - and there's a temple outfitted with entertaining puzzles and riddles, all in all making for a very satisfying adventure!
Link to the adventure:

The Tiny Planet of Sound by I_am_THEdragon
We're proud to announce our very first feature! The Tiny Planet of Sound by I_am_THEdragon, contains absolutely stunning AI, and though the limitations of puzzle adventures is often overestimated, this adventure manages to still make something absolutely enjoyable!
Link to the adventure:

>==Welcome to CRASH==<
Creator Reviewed Adventure Sharing Hub

Our Discord Server, come chat with everyone!

-The third CRASH feature has been announced
-CRASH has now launched a community-based contest!Join our Discord server, to learn more.
-The second CRASH feature has been announced!
-The first CRASH feature has been announced!
-We're now doing CRASH Features! Check the first post for more info.

>Engage CRASH_Course

CRASH Introduction:
Step inside and join CRASH! We are a group of community-dedicated Spore users, architects of worlds and creatures alike, we gather to the social engagement, to create and share with another and to receive feedback in return, so that we all might become better creators together and strengthen the Spore community along the road!
Here at CRASH our primary creative attention is focused on adventures. Adventures in particular seem to easily drown out on the Sporepedia, and as such we wish to create a responsive and constructive community to remedy this. We DO NOT exclude anyone however, and modders and creators who don’t make adventures are equally welcome to share any of their prides and joys, ideas and inspirations along with everybody else, here at CRASH!

Everybody is welcome at CRASH! Join the Discord server, or leave a message on the Sporum, or one of the moderators spore pages. We’ll add you to the member list ASAP, and you can get started engaging with the CRASH community.

CRASH Rules:
Here at CRASH, one rule is above all when it comes to sharing your own adventures.
After sharing an adventure of your own, you MUST review another creators adventure in return. We don't expect everybody to follow a 1 for 1 system, but if you share an adventure, we will expect active participation/reviews in return.
This is a simple rule, meant to keep the stream of both sharing and reviewing flowing onwards. We hope everybody will happily comply with this.
Be nice and be civil with one another. We aren’t PG at CRASH, but communication must be respectful of your fellow CRASH members.
Swearing, sarcasm etc. it’s all good with us, just be nice. If anyone starts arguing, we WILL intervene.
CRASH is meant to be a gathering of positive and constructive discussion and criticism.
Our Discord has it’s own set of rules, which we must ask you to read if you decide to join us on the server.



CRASH Captains:
Krammekat (atgod12)

CRASH Cadets:

CRASH Members:
Old Man Jenkins
Ravenous Red Raptor

Become a part of CRASH in a whole new way!

You can help build the canon of CRASH, and see your creations appear in other adventures!
We're co-operating to build a CRASH canon, a common setting for which our stories and empires will be home. We call it CRASH Shared Continuity!
We've got the space you need to share all your ideas, and the creators to expand upon them with! Captains, empires, planets and concepts, all can be discussed and intertwined in such a way that we can all have a more immersive and fun experience together!

The CRASH canon has it's home over on Discord! So if you're interested in CRASH Shared Continuity, come join us! [Link above]


We've also got a custom CRASH signature you can use!
1. Copy paste this code into your signature
[ url=][ IMG][/IMG][/url]
2. delete the space between "[" and "url"
3. delete the space between "[" and "IMG"
It will look like this:

We hope you will enjoy CRASH

>End CRASH_Course
Mushi on the GD
Sharples65 wrote:Episode 2K is out. Thanks to those who previously voted.



Bah! Ballsed up another answer - it's just like the first time I played through LiS
No matter, it only means the mess will be even more fun to untangle, and I didn't exactly expect Feathers to get through this unscathed in the first place
For ep 2K I vote 3:Whoa whoa whoa. I still wanna stay on Frosts good side (especially since we've managed to SPORE him off quite a few times now) but Angelina doesn't seem like the person to forget a grudge - and definitely not like a person to be trifled with. I agree with Frosts viewpoints but arresting Angelina seems a bit extreme.

Let's see how the next episode works out keep the great working going!
Garfielf wrote: Also, I’ll still count your entry, but I forgot to mention C&C isn’t allowed.

Thank you in several languages
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