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The Spore Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy  XML
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Don't Panic

The Spore Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

By: Mike_Pence


This guide covers Tools, Badges, Achievements, Fleet, Archetypes, Relationships, Other Games, Spice, Planets, and Rares, in that order. Terraforming is not covered, but there is an amazing guide be Planetking, if you want more imformation on that subject. That post is also stickied in the hints and strategy section. If you notice that the tools section was in another post, I wrote that guide. So, I copied my post and added new material. Also, you may find references to the REAL Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, if you've read it.

Check out This is doyoureadthis's guide to the galaxy. It is a wonderful and comprehansive guide to all the stages.

Well, here it is. The Spore Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. So if you're looking for a super long article on Spore, or just want to learn more, this is the guide for you!


Tools, covers every tool
Badges, covers every badge
Achievements, covers every space stage achievement
Fleet, covers your fleet ships and their function
Archetypes, covers each of the archetypes
Relationships, covers what improves and decreases relationships with other empires
Other Games, covers how you can interact with your other saves
Spice, covers the colors of spice and their prices
Planets, covers types of planets and imformation on placing colonies
Rares, covers every rare item


Every so often, I'll put a poll on this topic to make improvements.


This is a list of contributers, taken from comments on this fourm. I'll add more as more and more people comment with helphul fixes. If you find an error or can help improve a section, please post! I'll add you to the contributer's list.

Me, Mike_Pence, the creator of this guide.

eme12, for inforamtion on Loyalty Booster, Monolith, Weapons, Fleet Stuff, and Mind Erases.

Young420Fresh, for information on the Loyalty Booster.

SelinaC05, for the GA glitch in the Hologram Scout Tooland the wildlife sanctuary reserving idea.

SapientSpeciesX, for information on the Auto-Blaster.

Fusion324,for information on spice storage and trading between games and Grox information, check out his guide:


Each tool has a rating from 0 to 5 , depending on how useful it is. Means a rating of 0. Means Galactic Code breaking. Means high energy drain.

Warning! This section of the guide has a serious overdose of ! If you don't like that creepy smile, please skip down to badges.

Social: These tools interact with other empires and creatures, normally without harming them.


Happy Rays: These rays improve relationships with another empire. They drain energy at an alarming rate, though, at levels greater than the lasers.

Mind Erases: When killing citizens, like in an eradication mission, use this tool on other citizens with an ! oret their heads. You have about 30 seconds to do this before they attack.

Crop Circles: This tool makes strange circles to interact with civilizations and tribes. I have never found any use for them.


Fireworks: This tool increases your relationship with another empire. This uses no energy, an advantage over happy ray, but you must buy individual ammo.

Embassy: The embassy slowly improves your relationship with another empire. It improves them extremely slowly, making it practically worthless.

Monolith: Raises a species through the stages. You can use it on creature, tribal or civ planets. The species you raise has a +50 automatically for "uplifting us". Whatever species you place it nearest is uplifted, so you can choose the race that inhabitants he planet.

Species Eradicate: Eradicates an entire species to make way for something new. I haven't found any use for it. And before you ask, it does not work on evolved species.

Supersizer: Supersizer makes a normal creature into an epic. This can be used to create an epic next to an enemy city and it might possibly attack it.

Creature Tweaker and Creature Create: These tools allow you to either edit of create a creature. Upon its use, you gain 5 copies of the creature in your cargo hold.

Wildlife Sancturary: Use this tool to designate a planet as a wildlife sanctuary. These planets can store more spice and rares than items than others, and can hold up to 30 creatures. I normally use this tool to make a planet a storage planet to put extra rares and extra spice on, to access when I need more money. Also, you can reserve a planet by placeing a wildlife sanctuary on it. You can use this to reserve a planet for one of your other games in the space stage.


Cash Infusion: Trader Superweapon. This superpower fills up your

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Joined: 01/08/2017 00:42:56
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This superpower fills up your



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Where eggs are laid.


Mike_Pence wrote:This superpower fills up your




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rip sporum 1856 - 2018


Sharples65 wrote:
Mike_Pence wrote:This superpower fills up your



it me


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