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New Customizable Glitched Filter.  XML
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Where eggs are laid.


Have been experimenting around with this and have been using Stylefilters and Adventurelook since practically forever. I've noticed that several combinations of console commands can produce a strange glitched Filter, but at the time of this I didn't record the console commands responsible for it, and even now I can only get it to work through one direct line of commands, pausing the game or going back into edit mode resets the glitch. You can probably find different combinations to make another entirely new glitched filter, but I have so far been unable to find anymore.

Dependant on where the camera is looking at, it will capture that particular set of Filter. For example, if you had a pinkish sky and the camera was looking up, your filter would look Pinkish, but if you had a Whiteish sky it would look White. Here's an example of its usage.

As you can see there is some type of filter being applied, when I did this I was looking up at the sky (with the sun in the middle as you can see a splotch of white ) which resulted in this filter. Let's try a different one.

This one had the camera positioned towards the sun on a purplish black sky with the character also positioned where the sun is. Interestingly you can get characters part of this too.

Pretty neat, right? The combinations you can make with this is basically infinite, but it's difficult to pull off unless more experimentation is done. For example, it seems to only work once, then you have to restart and it would be quite hard pressing the people who play your adventures to have to go into the console and type a set of commands in a particular part of the adventure. But otherwise, this can be fantastic for making cover art for your adventure.

Theoretically this should work in all adventures, filters applied for not. I tested two, one that was just a standard Maxis Planet, and one of my own adventures that already had Adventurelook -norainbows applied. Make sure your graphics settings are also high so you can have Filters enabled.

Here is the list of commands you have to type from top to bottom. I've tried to narrow this down with unsuccessful results.

stylefilter -none
adventurelook -none
stylefilter -nextgen
stylefilter -norainbows
adventurelook -norainbows
adventurelook -sepia
adventurelook -filmnoir (If your picture becomes frozen at this point, it means you have to restart Spore and do the list again, this is also where the Filter activates, at least for me)
stylefilter -none
adventurelook -none
freecam (If you so wish to continue playing with the Filter while having a fixed camera, leave it if you're making cover art).

If this doesn't work or if you can narrow this list down, let me know here. Have fun experimenting!

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On Dragonus


Oooh, I tried this myself on a brand new planet (soft flats) and got it on my second try!
Not sure where I'd find use for it in my adventures, but I'll definitely keep this in mind.
Took a screenshot of what the filter looked like for me on the new planet with a preset:

Overall, really nice find!



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I got to try this. I'm so glad there's still new things being discovered
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