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Master Help Directory - Check here FIRST! List of known issues and solutions  XML
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Welcome to the Master Help Directory, a list of common problems and their solutions.

If you have any questions about anything here, would like to suggest something to be added, or find a link that needs to be updated, PM a SporeMaster or post a thread.

To search this page, press Ctrl+F.

Sections within the Master Help Directory
Basic Troubleshooting
How to Get Help
Common Guides

Installing, Updating, and Uninstalling
Online Features
Changing Spore Defaults
Game Issues/Corruption/Glitches
Game Guides

Basic Troubleshooting - Read this first!
1: Make sure Spore is up-to-date. See here:

2: Make sure your computer is powerful enough to run Spore. Most modern computers should be able to run Spore without issues, though older systems may have some issues.
Minimum requirements:
  • 2.0 GHz processor or equivalent
  • 768 MB RAM
  • 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
  • At least 4 GB of hard drive space, with at least 1 GB additional space for creations

  • 3: Check that your drivers are up-to-date. Click for AMD Radeon Drivers, Nvidia GeForce Drivers, Intel Integrated Graphics Drivers. If you are not sure which you need, PM me.

    4: If you are getting a specific error message, look for it below. Press Ctrl+F to search this page.

    How to Get Help
    If you cannot find a solution to your problem below, you may post a topic.

    If and when you post a topic, make sure to include:
  • A good title - "Error 2001 during game launch" is much better than "Can't play" or "Help me"
  • Fully describe your error - Explain everything you can, including when it started, what expansions you have, and what you have tried to fix it
  • Use proper spelling/grammar - Your spelling and grammar does not have to be perfect, but it must be readable. Don't type in all caps, or type in a way that may annoy people trying to help. Also, please be patient and respectful with people trying to help.

  • If you need to contact EA Support, go here and follow the instructions to contact EA via live chat, email, or phone:

    Common Guides

    Bot Parts
    After installing Spore, you can optionally install Bot Parts which adds additional parts for creatures. Note that creatures with these parts can only be shared if you have participated in the 2010 Dr. Pepper promotion. These parts were developed by Maxis for the promotion, but were not officially released.

    Saved Data & Package File Regeneration:
    You may be asked to regenerate package files. Package files contain game data that is generated as you play (saved games, your in-game Sporepedia, preferences, and other data). If there is anything wrong with these files, they may need to be reset/regenerated.

    Spore Mods
    Spore has many player-created mods that add creation parts and modify gameplay. Mods do not come from EA/Maxis, and may cause issues with your game, use at your own risk.
    Go to the Developer Corner to learn about the latest Spore mods and find more information:
    How to install mods (slightly outdated):

    Installing, Updating, and Uninstalling
    Installing the latest version of Spore (for new and existing players)

    Checking if you have the latest version of Spore

    Launching the game
    NOTE: If Galactic Adventures is installed, always use the orange Galactic Adventures icon to launch the game, even to only play the original game. Do not use the original blue Spore icon if the expansion is installed.

    The game can be launched through the software it was downloaded through (Origin/Steam/GOG).
    Icons are usually also created automatically. If they are missing, see the following:

    Backup saved data for Spore
    Save copies of the following two folders in a safe place.
  • C:\Users\[Your Windows username]\AppData\Roaming\SPORE
    This SPORE folder contains the galaxy itself (saved games), all downloaded creations, and some other files that Spore saves. More information:
  • C:\Users\[Your Windows username]\Documents\My Spore Creations
    The My Spore Creations folder contains PNG copies of all of the creations that you have created on that computer. Note that the game only uses this folder for importing/exporting, it doesn't actually store anything here (see above link). Since all of your Shared creations can be downloaded from the Spore server, you really only need to backup un-shared creations.

  • Uninstalling
    It is recommended you backup your saved data before uninstalling.
    Windows 10/8: Right-click Start button, choose Programs and Features. Look for Spore (and expansions) in the list, and uninstall it.
    Older versions of Windows: Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program. Look for Spore (and expansions) in the list, and uninstall it.

    Manual uninstallation - if the game cannot be uninstalled from Windows Settings / Control Panel, or to make sure no traces of Spore are left behind

    How to Retrieve Your Product code/Serial number - only if you have the original version installed (the latest version does not use codes)

    I lost my Product code/Serial number
    The latest version of Spore does not require a code to install. It verifies your license through the service it was downloaded from (Origin/Steam/GOG).
    If you have a disc copy and are unable to redeem it on Origin, contact EA support and explain your situation to them. If Spore is registered to your EA account, an advisor should be able to add it to your Origin library.

    Online Features
    Unable to login to the Spore servers in-game
    Make sure your game is up-to-date:
    Look in the General Discussion forum for the latest notices from Maxis:
    What sites or ports do I need to allow for Spore to run?
    If my ISP blocks port 80, can I still use the online features of Spore?

    Changing Spore Defaults
    How can I store Spore's saved data in a different place than my user folder?
    Spore stores saved data in your user folder by default (In AppData\Roaming and Documents)
    Change the in-game screen resolution before launching Spore or force to start in Windowed Mode
    Change the language used in Spore

    Game crashes when deleting a creation from the in-game sporepedia
    Game crashes upon death at creature stage
    Game crashes at certain point in GA Adventure
    Data Execution Prevention error - read the topic through!
    DLL not Found, No Dissembly
    K9 Security Software may cause crash with Origin installed
    R6025 Runtime Error -pure virtual function call
    Help Maxis Reproduce and Resolve Top Reported Issues
    How to use DXDIAG DirectX Diagnostic Tool
    How to post an Exception Report
    How to use MSCONFIG to disable startup and non-Microsoft services
    Tribal Outfitter crash possible work around
    Work around:
    Possible Fix:
    Not Found: GL:5626 error message
    Xfire can cause conflicts with Spore launching Vista64
    Xbox emulator software can cause Spore to not load
    Tablet Software can prevent Spore from starting
    Vistablet tablet driver leads failure of game to launch, removing driver resolves issue
    Some AntiVirus programs that do active scanning or auto scanning can cause crashes
    Freezing when passing from Creature to Tribal Stage
    Startup Crash Troubleshooting: Corrupt File Isolation
    Startup Crash Vista64 can't find oleacc.dll
    Memory Testing Software
    Game Crashes at Startup
    Input Not Supported Error on Startup
    Saved game corrupted
    "Save game failed - spore will now exit"
    Game crashes regularly while in space stage
    Crash while leaving the homeworld
    Dasmx86dll.dll Not Found error message

    Game Issues/Corruption/Glitches
    Creature is buried alive in the nest/unmovable
    Grox systems still unreachable after patch 5.1
    Blackness in adventure editor
    Creatures/objects falling through floor in GA
    Possible workaround:
    Colonists Suddenly Look Like Captains
    Don't have Core Spore error message
    Alternate Solution:
    Alternate Solution:
    Fuzzy/Corrupted minimap - Usually due to outdated/unsupported hardware
    Possible fix:
    Buildings replacing/deleting themselves when editing an adventure
    How to Retrieve Missing Creations (player guide)
    "This creation cannot be saved" error for creatures, not related to Grox or mods
    "This creation cannot be saved" error for buildings
    Cute and Creepy parts not usable even after Cute and Creepy is installed
    Fix 1:
    Fix 2:
    Creature Thumbnail has Overlap / Multiple Head Images
    MySpore Page not loading within the Spore game
    Game Performance
    Creatures Freezing when passing from Creature to Tribal Stage
    CTRL-Shift-C Does not invoke the console interface
    Texture Corruption
    Invisible Creatures
    "Help Maxis track down the post-patch Audio Lag bug..."
    Player species changes after first contact mission
    Tribal Chief abducted by UFO
    In-game resolution:
    Achievements are Missing / Missing Front Page News (FPN)
    The White Screen Error
    Possible Fixes:
    Gamestop PC Download Animation / Glitch Fix
    Button clickable area/hitbox is offset/inaccurate

    Creepy and Cute or Galactic Adventures not registering - inability to upload
    Adventures Will Not Upload to Web
    How to post an image link to a creation or an adventure
    Changing avatar when page renders incorrectly (a bar covers the button)
    The Download It button does not appear for this creation.
    Sporepedia search feature is bugged (but your creations are still sharing!)
    Ratings Q&A
    Event Page dates at are in the future for some entries
    Creations Will Not Upload to Web
    Only Creatures with Cute and Creepy parts will not Upload to Web
    New Content Not Being Downloaded
    Creatures will not stay deleted
    The "My Creations" area does not have any creatures from the standalone creature creator
    "My Creations" does not have everything I created - regenerate the package files
    Content Culling on (why some of your creatures may be missing)
    Can't drag and drop from the web Sporepedia
    Recover deleted creations from sporecasts AND Sporecasts not updating/appearing
    Sporepedia Thumbnail Glitch
    Online Sporepedia Delete is bugged
    Checking what's on the server and establishing an RSS feed
    Missing Maxis / Robot Chicken Adventures

    Game Guides
    How to Make a Sporecast
    How to Play as Other Players' Creatures
    How to Buddy Someone Using the Web Interface
    ALL Spore Keyboard Shortcuts
    Reset Galaxy & keep your creations

    What is Karma? What do the stars mean? What is this strange title, ie microbe, next to my name?
    How to Post Images as Links
    How to Post Images, and other BB Code Stuff
    TIP: All about sporepedia codes and forum linking
    Making and Posting Screen Shots
    How to clear the cache and cookies of your web browser (External Link)
    Guide to Page Lag

    Related Topics
    Changing your e-mail for Spore without needing to access your previous e-mail
    All State modes and cheat codes - Shortcut parametres
    SecuROM FAQ and uninstall information
    What each package file does /directories
    Regenerating Package File
    Cheats and Achievements
    About Feeds

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