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Guide: Reset Galaxy & keep your creations  XML
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well last night i decided to reset my galaxy, that went fine but i lost all my creations in my "My Creations folder" and for a good hour i was lookin for a fix so if any one else has the same prob ill post it here all in one spot

To Reset ya Galaxy
go to ya C: drive, then "Documents and settings" then the folder with your user name then "application data" (may need to show hidden files) then to the "Spore" folder inside there is alot of spore stuff, go into the folder called "Games" and remove the game0 folder and any others in there, ya can back em up if ya like.

now im proty sure when ya start back up ya have a new galaxy but your "my creations folder" will be empty but this is how i got my creations back

My Creations population
Start spore go to settings and change to "Buddy content only" and un-tick the only download subscriptions newer than x days box
exit spore ..
follow the steps above to get back to the spore folder in "application data"
once there remove the folder MVJCache and the files GraphicsCache.package Planets.package Pollination.package and RigblockInfo.package
DO NOT REMOVEEditorSaves.package
start spore
now your creations folder will be empty for a little bit but it should start downloadin all you creations again, and it does take awhile to redownload all your creations.

dont know if it works for ones ya havnt uploaded
im not sure if ya realy need to remove all those .package files but i read to do so and it worked so

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This is interesting.

I am having a sort of opposite problem. I had to backup all my files before reformatting, and now that I've got everything reinstalled, I copied all of my backed up creations and the critical game save info to the appropriate folders.

When I started GA, though, and clicked "My Creations", it only shows 29 of my creations, which were made while offline under my Windows username "Adam".

However, in looking at "Recent Downloads", I am realizing that Spore is downloading my creatures (Prometheus09) from the creations folder... and NOT How do I know? Because it is "downloading" creations from my hard drive that I have never shared.

This is fine... but the thing is, even though I am logged into while playing GA right now, GA is loading my creations, they don't show up under My Creations.

I am letting GA sit so it finishes "downloading" all the stuff from My Spore Creations folders, and then I am exiting spore and restarting it to see if they show up properly under my username.

It's just weird that I am logged into Spore in the game, and in the bottom left it even says, "Prometheus09", but the My Creations loads creatures by Adam... Weird.

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How exactly do you back up save data? becuase I need to reinstall SPORE for my assemetry and natrall animations to work in GA.Oh ya... also I cant rezize creature parts, this is becuase of the bot parts.

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How do I back up saves / How do I back up saved games?
and My Spore Creations folder in Documents.

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Is it truly necessary to delete all those package files to reset the galaxy? I don't want to lose all my custom buddy lists - I just want a fresh reset galaxy where nothing has been explored.

Thanks for the help!

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Joined: 03/18/2011 19:55:27
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It seems that you don't have to delete everything in the game0 dir.

  • all *.spo files

  • planetRecords.pkp

  • planetRecords.pkt

  • PlanetScripts.pld

  • stars.db

  • ...was enought to have my galaxy reset, without loosing my creations. Make a back-up of your game0 directory, though, it probably can break your game.


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    access to documents and settings was denied what do i do?

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    You need an administrative windows account to do most of this stuff. Sorry.

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