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225.06 7295.43 - in my own reality



Although the contest is over, the awards have been presented and the Galactic Adventure has been released, you are free to continue the discussion here if you would like. We'll monitor the thread for a couple of weeks more. (10/31/10)


<---Woohoo! The GA is finally ready!

AND Here's the GA Medal -->

You can find them both here:|500200210404

The Cast List for the Ghost Town GA:

Ace-of-Shades The Pit and the Pendulum
Airedale11 Ghostly Bubbles
ALT1998 The Wicked Trickster
AnsjeDark Creepy Furniture Set
AnsjeDark Skeleton Buggy
Bites_his_Nose Vampress Lufia
Bites_his_Nose Warden of the Damned
BlackK_Fire Pig Head on a Stick
Boo2u Retici PythoBoo
Candiv The Nut House
CantaloupeFish Human-Faced Dog
CantaloupeFish Spooky Furniture Set
chrisiam50 UBD-Buthcer Blob
chrisiam50 Werewolf Cyborg
CloudyVision Haunted Building Set
CloudyVision Spaceship Wreck
Connor102 The Bloodhouse Schoolhouse
Covest Sir Derrick Jones
Covest Witch’s House
cwarloe Skull
Cyborgraptor Creature in the Box
CynderFlamer Guillotine
Dalmatious Don’t Lose Your Head
darwinken Bates Motel
darwinken Thing
darwinken Zombie Barbie
delayedreaction Mr Curtis and his Car
delayedreaction Old Rusty Wheelchair
Dirtymeat Raven Unforgiven
Dirtymeat UBD-Minion of Pain
Dirtymeat UBD_Seance Table
doloreg Armless man
ELolli Bella
Evex_ Meat Hook & Corpse
Excalibur House on the Corner
FeverFlare Skeleton Jester
Firesoul135 Infectoid
Forrest93 UBD_Rapture
Gengar114 Grindour
glasspinne RIP, DiabloDog
GrandPeep Mrs Monster
Grendo Gothic Set
gruntmold Innocent Trick or Treater (pumpkin)
Jadynna The Apparition
Jadynna UBD_Blood Fountain & Pit of Evil
Jadynna Unforgiven Spaceship Crash
JasonShadow1138 Shadow Seriph
Konkret66 Woman-in-well
krikalegos The Lady Nelson
krikalegos Vile Heart
krikalegos Viscious Raven
Malganis_Lefay Crashpoint Set
maxo12 Altar of Darkness
maxo12 Sacrificial Pit
MckConor Abandoned House
Meekota Voided House
Michael042296 Assassin
MichaelmodPerry Church & Clock
MichaelmodPerry Crashed ship Set
MichaelmodPerry Emiline
MikeSinner Graveyard Set
MikeSinner Insatiable Hunger
MikeSinner Undefined GoopSoup
MillyD13 Giant Tarantula
MillyD13 Zombie Dog
Mushroomking1 Dhead Library & Townhouse
Nachobag Man Eating Monster House
Ooglioknacktid Abandoned Carpark
Ooglioknacktid Pipe Leech
Ooglioknacktid The Dark Krypt
pelicanthor Creepy Set & Elegant Head Stone
phoenixtaloh Horror
possum95 UBD-Ghoul
possum95 UBD-Vampire
Quaizor Emptied Mausoleum
Quaizor Ghost Town Crash-Site
Quaizor Grumps McRooty
Rastaan Mystique
rogers1197 Fluffers
scott08 Archangel
scott08 Buzzcut
Sethan777 Dark Dreams
Shibby1313 Gargoyle
Shibby1313 UBD-Ghost
ThanathosNecros Darkness
The Grox-ifier Ghost Town Grave Keeper
The Grox-ifier Ghost Town Graveyard Entrance
typomazoku Destroyed Lifepod
typomazoku Old Mausoleum
Unpronouncable Coffin Doorway
Unpronouncable Shuttlewrecked
Unpronouncable The Mad Man’s Shrine
wulfe411 Barghest-posed
XanaTen Ghost in Pumpkin
zonkal UBD_A-Rod
Zozo2266 Possesed Pony Ride

If your name appears on this list then please feel free to download your award to your page and add the GA Prop badge to your signature. Congratulations!




Yes, we are going to do another contest - it will probably be in December/January. We are considering a time traveler theme. Grab your ticket and join us then.


Scroll down to see the award.


As the clock chimes twelve, we say goodbye to Ghost Town for the next few days. The contest is over but the Halloween Party has just begun! We have lots of treats in store for you, all of your creepy prizes will be awarded on Thursday. And that’s not all, we’ll also have a sneak peek video of our upcoming Ghastly Ghost Town GA, starring many of your wicked entries. The adventure will be loaded for you on All Hallows Eve next weekend. We ask for your patience while the judges are pouring over your entries.

We also promised that there would be a template creation as a gift to you and a special signature that you can use to show you survived the competition.

We actually have two marvelous templates of haunted castles that you can use in an adventure or change in any way that suits you. Here they are:

And all of you that wish to, can use the following special siggie to show you participated. Please download to your computer and upload to your accounts at PhotoBucket, ImageShack, etc. so that the bandwidth on my account isn't killed.



Welcome to our Horrifying Halloween Contest!


GHOST TOWN CONTEST (Sporecast is updated late each night. If I've missed your creation, please send me a pm with a link to your creation and I'll get things fixed.)

If you would like to see the creations in our Sporecast as of midnight October 13, 2010, please visit our thread at

Hosted by:

chidog, OldRygel, TarsTarkas, TheZevaisFiles, tuinahvuni

Assisted by:

Medowmuffin, MindsEye, secret_user29, sErgEantaEgis, Zaragorne

Show us your ghoulish, frightening, and macabre creations. The best of them will come to life in Ghost Town, our ghastly Halloween Adventure! And that’s not terrifying trophies and spooky sigs to display on your profiles.

Can you survive a night in Ghost Town????

The Legend of Ghost Town

Deadly quiet. In the town ahead, there is no sign of life.

Something doesn't feel right. Maybe there is some truth to the stories told in spaceport cantinas. But still, this place isn't on the charts and isn't supposed to exist at all.

Those old traders whispered something about the Unforgiven, and their faces were white with fear. It was something about the planet...and crashed spaceships.

In the distance there is a creaking sound like great cogs straining to turn. A malevolent chiming begins from the dead clock tower. The Unforgiven are returning...the only way to escape is to learn the dark secret from the undead child.

Macabre Monsters (creature editor) ~ Create your version of The Evil Unforgiven: werewolves, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, witches, zombies, demons, mummies, living skeletons, cybernetic monsters, mind probing aliens, dark elementals, or any type of supernatural creature you can imagine.

Avenging Angels (creature editor) ~ Create your version of the "good" beings that oppose the Evil Unforgiven: angels, innocent ghost children, good witches, benevolent spirits, kind fairies, heavenly warriors, light elementals, or any other "good" supernatural creature.

Putrid Pets (creature editor) ~ Create familiars for the Unforgiven: ravens, vultures, owls, spiders, snakes, black cats, demon dogs, menacing mech animals, or any other type of creepy pet.

Haunted Houses (building editor) ~ Create your own Ghost Town buildings: dark mansions, haunted industrial facilities, dilapidated homes, mental hospitals, funeral homes, horrific hotels, and the like.

Possessed Props (any editor) ~ Create creepy props: graveyards, spooky statues, possessed dolls, furniture for the haunted buildings, skeleton bones, blood fountains, gothic gates and fences, or anything else you think should belong in your Ghost Town.

Creepy Crashes (space editor) ~ Create your space ship that crash-landed on the Ghost Town planet.

Vicious Vehicles (vehicle editor) ~ Create freaky vehicles and other moving objects to travel the streets of your Ghost Town: hearses, possessed baby carriages, antique wheelchairs, rusted bicycles, black limousines, or anything else on wheels that creeps you out.

Writers Challenge -- For writers only - a bonus challenge for you! Our story is incomplete and it is up to you to fill in the missing pieces. Expand the Ghost Town Legend on your creation's description. Who are the Unforgiven and what are they? Why are spaceships crashing on the planet? What happened to the people that lived in the town? Who is the undead child and what is the dark secret?

You don't have to have a creation to enter a story. Just put your story in this thread and it will be entered into the competition. Don't be bashful now - give it a try.

Entries with descriptions will be considered for special writing awards. Top placers will also receive customized signatures.

You do not need a description to enter your creation
-- This is an additional challenge that is not a requirement of the contest, nor will it affect how your creation is judged. It was designed as a way for writers on Spore to be recognized and is a separate challenge from the contest.


Several of you have expressed an interest in making videos for the contest, so here’s your chance. Showcase your Ghost Town creations in a short video, give it a spooky theme and try to scare us for extra points. Time limit approximately 3 minutes, must be your own creations. If you are planning to shoot your film from inside a GA, you are welcome to add other creatures and props to your film, including old creations, as long as they belong to you. You are allowed to use Maxis props. You do not need to publish your creations to the sporepedia to enter this challenge, just publish your video to this thread and you’re entered! The winner will receive a customized “Filmmaker” siggie and a special award to display on your profile. So come on...scare us, you know you wanna!

Deadline -- Entries will be accepted from September 24th through October 23rd at midnight EST.

Maximum of four entries. -- You may enter in several categories or only one, the choice is yours. Maximum of four entries, unless you are making sets (see below).

Maximum Entry Exception -- The exception to this rule will be for sets. If you are making sets of buildings, props, or vehicles; you may enter an additional four entries for your set.

Submitting Your Entry -- You may enter by posting a link to your creation in this thread, or by informing one of the hosts on their contest announcement on the sporepedia.

Tag 'em -- All entries must include the tag ghosttown2010.

New Creations Only -- Only new creations will be accepted (dated between Sept 24 - Oct 23). If you have an old creation you want to enter, please rework and reshare as new.

Original Creations -- No templates or edits of others' creations, please. Entries must be your original work (your own templates are okay).

Complexity -- Entries made with the complexity (freedom) cheat are allowed, but be warned - due to complexity they will not be eligible for the adventure.

No Bot Parts -- No Dr Pepper bot parts.

Allowed Parts -- Creepy & Cute (C&C) parts and Galactic Adventure (GA) Captain parts are okay. All creature outfitters are okay also.

Please feel free to show off your creations in this thread. If you don't know how to go about making a picture of your creation and posting, there is a tutorial below the contest announcement.


Judging will be performed by the contest hosts. Winners will be determined by a compilation of points.

Awards and Prizes

The Grand Champion Award will go to the player receiving the most points from the judges on a maximum of four creations. The Grand Champion will also get a personalized, custom signature with a ghostly theme.

Trophies will be awarded to the top creators in each contest category.

First Place Awards will include a customized signature image featuring a ghostly theme.

The best suited creations for scenes related to the storyline will be used in a Ghost Town Galactic Adventure. If your creation is selected for use in the Galactic Adventure, you will get an award.

Everyone who participates is entitled to use the signature image below to show they are participating in the contest. (Download the image to your computer and use it from you shared image website of choice - see How To section below)

Below are four contest badges that you'll see. These are earned badges. The first is for those contestants whose props or creations were used in the Ghost Town Galactic Adventure. The second is for contest winners. The third, IGOR (Internet Gaming ORderly), is for assistants helping us with the contest and judging. The fourth is for other volunteers that are not judges.

Hosts and judges will have a similar siggie and badges.

And of course after the contest has concluded and winners have been determined, the winners can bask in glory by being listed below as one of the contest winners.

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Joined: 10/24/2008 12:49:44
Messages: 681
225.06 7295.43 - in my own reality


Grand Champion


Reserve Grand Champion


Filmmaker’s Challenge:

1st Place


2nd Place

Covest and pelicanthor (tied)

3rd Place

Beiez and KomodoCrocDragon a/k/a Reaver05 (tied)

Writer’s Challenge:

Hitchcock Award

Bites_his_Nose and darwinken

Lovecraft Award

CloudyVision and crazytigerboy

Poe Award

BlackK_Fire, Covest, Jadynna

Honorable Mention:

Ace-of-Shades, Beiez, Dalmatious, Gengar114, icebat88, JRsilverfoxx1390, krikalegos, MichaelmodPerry, Quaizor, Skyress08, typomazoku

Avenging Angels

1st Place

ELolli for Bella

2nd Place

Covest for Johnny Vampirebane

3rd Place

Jadynna for The Apparition

Honorable Mentions

Gengar114 for Autumn, typomazoku for Seshiro the Jian Shi, Covest for Vraina Zolt, Excalibur for Avenging Angel

Creepy Crashes

1st Place

Malganis_Lefay for Crashpoint Set

2nd Place

Jadynna for Unforgiven Spaceship Crash Set

3rd Place

Quaizor for Ghost Town Crash Site

Honorable Mentions

CloudyVision for Spaceship Wreck, Unpronouncable for Shuttlewrecked

Haunted Houses

1st Place

Grendo for Gothic Set

2nd Place

Mushroomking1 for Dhead Set

3rd Place

Quaizor for Cemetary Set and Rastaan for Mystique

Honorable Mentions

CloudyVision for Haunted Set , Excalibur for Creepy Set, Meekota for Voided Set, Ooglioknacktid for Abandoned Carpark

Macabre Monsters - Creature

1st Place

Shibby1313 for Headless Horseman

2nd Place

krikalegos for Vile Heart and Dirtymeat UBD-Minion of Pain

3rd Place

Quaizor for Devil-in-a-Box

Honorable Mentions

Gengar114 for Grindour and Bites_his_Nose for Warden of the Damned

Macabre Monsters - Humanoid

1st Place

Bites_his_Nose for Vampress Lufia

2nd Place

MikeSinner for Insatiable Hunger and darwinken for Mom Bates

3rd Place

FeverFlare for Skeleton Jester and Malganis_Lefay for Legion

Honorable Mentions

Michael042296 for Assassin, AnsjeDark for Sleepwalker, chrisiam50 for Werewolf Cyborg, scott08 for Buzzcut

Possessed Props

1st Place

MikeSinner for Graveyard Set

2nd Place

pelicanthor for Creepy Set

3rd Place

MichaelmodPerry for Watcher Gates, CantaloupeFish for Spooky Set, Quaizor for Grumps McRooty

Honorable Mentions

CynderFlamer for Guillotine, MikeSinner for Undefined GoopSoup, Shibby1313 for Gargoyle Set

Putrid Pets

1st Place

Ooglioknacktid for Pipe Leech and Ropes666 for Minerva’s Living Cauldron

2nd Place

CantaloupeFish for Shadow Wolf

3rd Place

CantaloupeFish for Human-Faced Dog and MillyD13 for Giant Tarantula

Honorable Mentions

Dirtymeat for Raven Unforgiven, Gengar114 for Neo Scorp, skandranon12 for Saddled Skeletal Horse, ALT1998 for The Wicked Trickster, Boo2u for Creepy OctoBoopus, purpil for Vampyre

Vicious Vehicles

1st Place

delayedreaction for Old Rusty Wheelchair

2nd Place

AnsjeDark for Skeleton Set

3rd Place

delayedreaction for Mr Curtis and His Car

Honorable Mentions

CloudyVision for Hearse, Ropes666 for Flesh Carriage

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225.06 7295.43 - in my own reality


These directions are for Firefox Browser users - similar steps can be followed for other browsers.

Go to the page in Sporepedia where your creature can be found.

Right click on your creature and select "Copy Image Location" as illustrated below.

Go back to Sporum.

Click on postrreply at the bottom of the most recent page of a thread.

Click on the Img button (red arrow)

This will produce the first image tag (blue arrow)

Paste the image location you copied earlier.

Click on the Img button again (red arrow)

This will produce the second image tag (second blue arrow)

Now you want to link to your image.

Go back to the Sporepedia page (use another browser window or tab)

Highlight and copy the address

Go back to Sporum where you have your draft posting.

Put your cursor just before your image tag and click on the URL button.

Now after the "L" and before the "]" type an equal sign and then paste the web address for your creation.

Finally move your cursor to after all your code and click URL again.

You should see code like this:

Success!!!!! Type in any description or other test and then hit submit. You are done!

When using any of the contest siggies or badges, we ask that you download the image to your computer and then upload it to one of the many free image storage services on the web. This is the friendly thing to do!! It also assure that your siggie and badge will display for you. If the artist's account reaches its bandwidth limit, the siggie or badge will quit displaying on your posts and you don't want that.

If you don't have an account at a free image storage service, you can get one for free at Then all you have to do is upload the image to Photobucket or your preferred image storage website.

Once you have moved your siggie and badges to a place like Photobucket, you can right click on the full sized image to find its full web address (URL). Or if you are using Photobucket, you can click on the IMG code box and copy the code to use in SPORUM.

In Sporum click on the "My Profile" tab at the top and then paste this code into your Signature Block.

After that you can just add a link to your siggie that goes to the contest thread here and you are all set. (Use the URL tags just like when you post a picture of your creation to Sporum and link it back to your creation to get comments)

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Spacefaring Sporeling

Joined: 10/14/2009 21:54:04
Messages: 5450


I approve, and will try to enter!

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Civilized Sporeon

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A spore is a reproductive structure that is adapted for dispersal and surviving for some time...


I approve, this is very well done...

Nicccccee Ssssssspore you have there!

Join my contest!


Joined: 01/29/2009 04:13:41
Messages: 265


Thanks for the approval folks, very kind of you! We worked hard on the OP because we wanted to bring you the best contest possible. We truly hope you enjoy our Ghost Town.

Now let's rock this bad boy



Spacefaring Sporeling

Joined: 10/14/2009 21:54:04
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I re-sized the sig to fit my sig, if anyone wants to use it:



Joined: 10/05/2008 16:04:03
Messages: 333

I may try to enter if I have time.



Joined: 11/19/2008 02:43:08
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Great White North


Trophy Guy checking in OP looks great !Nice job Old Rygel-Tuinahvuni.Alright now bring on those scary,creepy creations and have fun folks thats what its all about(Muahahaha) !!


Civilized Sporeon

Joined: 02/23/2010 13:59:24
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Nice job with OP, lots of information.



Joined: 07/25/2010 13:05:21
Messages: 91


Really very nice contest! I would like to enter my first creation for it: sleepwalker

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Civilized Sporeon

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And now I am fearing for my life on where the third eye came from.

((Imagines some man, who now has TWO eye patches, a cane, a raspy voice, and is telling people to buy his motor oil.))

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@ Zaragorne: it is really too bad you cannot hear me laugh right now



Joined: 02/13/2010 12:46:46
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Western Australia


Wonderful setup! Congratulations to the creators of this contest; it's already awesome.

On that note, here's a bit of a scene-setting creation.

Good luck to everyone!


Civilized Sporeon

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why would you wanna know this


I must enter this! Will make an entry right away!

-glass bash
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