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Civilized Sporeon

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dragonBoy2006 wrote:
EropsToad wrote:
dragonBoy2006 wrote:
Jawlord wrote:
dragonBoy2006 wrote:Username:dragonBoy2006
Name:Turbo Teen

Sex :Male

Height (you can approximate):5.9

Weight (you can approximate): 300


Universe:Turbo Teen

Abilities: Turbo Teen is a shapeshifter who can change into a car at will! He can use this power for helping others, and escaping danger.

Bio:A teenager named Brett Matthews, who swerved off a road during a thunderstorm and crashed into a secret government laboratory, is exposed to a molecular beam along with his red sports car. The boy and his car are fused together. Brett can morph into the car when exposed to extreme heat and will turn back into a humanwhen exposed to extreme cold.

Alignment:Lawful Good


You're not erops.

Jawlord is an admin and has the authority to say no.

That being said...


Why are you rejecting me? That got approved on the last DC thread



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Username: AetheticMonkey

Name: The Dude

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6'2

Weight (you can approximate): 180ibs


Universe: Postal

Abilities: The dude is capable of holding a small arsenal of weapons and ammo seemingly within a single coat. Not only that, he has the strength to throw a sledgehammer far and cartwheeling. He can take multiple bullets without being impared, and can heal by simply consuming food or smoking crack. He also apparently has a bottomless bladder.

He is also shown to have exceptional marsksman talent. Able to accurately hold and fire fully automatic weapons while running, jumping and holding at the hip.

Bio: In POSTAL 2, he has moved out from his original home to the town of Paradise after accepting a job at the Running With Scissors video game developer company. He lives in a shabby trailer in a small neighborhood with his pet Champ the dog and his unnamed, bitchy wife, who continuously gives him orders and forces him to do various annoying errands. When the Postal Dude goes to the RWS headquarters on Monday, he is informed by Vince Desi that he is fired. This and a video game-protest mob by the Parents for Decency began his second reign of terror. After getting his check, the Dude then proceeds to go to cash the check in the Fee of America bank. Just as the Postal Dude is cashing his check, a group of bank robbers arrives to commit a stick-up. However, if the Dude breaks into the money bin to get the money from there, an alarm will sound and he will have his first clash against the Police. After cashing the check, the Postal Dude goes to Lucky Ganesh to get some milk. Once he returns home, he informs his wife the SPORE that he is "on some kind of vacation", so she decides to get him do more things for her for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, the Postal Dude decides it is time to confess his sins, so he goes to the Church to be forgiven by a priest. However, a group of Taliban terrorists arrive and commit their attack, breaking into the Church, so the Dude must face a large group of them in order to get out of there. After that, the Postal Dude must get eight signatures for a petition to "make whiny congressmen play violent video games", which makes him deal with lots of rude civilians and prompts him to threaten them if they refuse to sign. The Postal Dude must then go to the Library to return a book his wife has been reading. However, once he has returned it, a group of book protestors break into the library, burning the building down and attacking everyone within it, including the Dude. He must find himself a way out of the library and fight many book protestors. Finally, he has to go to the Paradise Mall, where Gary Coleman has arrived to give autographed copies of his book. Once there, the Postal Dude gets his copy, but suddenly the Police arrives to arrest Gary, initiating a fight against him and his crew.

On Wednesday, the Postal Dude decides to go to the Cemetery and SPORE on his father's tombstone. When he does so, he is knocked unconscious by a group of rednecks who take him to the Brewery. When the Postal Dude wakes up in the Brewery, he realizes the rednecks have removed his own clothes and made him wear a Gimp Suit, so the Postal Dude adds one more errand that is going to Money Shot Laundromat to pick up his laundry. After fighting a large group of rednecks and getting out of the Brewery, people everywhere make fun of him until he gets his clothes back. Wednesday is also Election Day, and SPORE Asian is hosting the elections. Also during Wednesday, the Dude goes to the Forest to get a Xmas Tree. Given that it is July, the trees are much cheaper. After looking at several trees, the Postal Dude finally chooses the right one, but summons rednecks to attack him.

On Thursday, the Postal Dude notes that the weeds in his garden are getting too tall, so he needs something extra strong and decides to buy a Napalm Launcher at the Napalm Factory. Once he manages to get the launcher, a factory worker vomits on the machines, causing a major disruption in the production process, resulting in a major explosion that destroys part of the factory. The Dude must find a way to get out of the factory via alternative ways. Also on Thursday, Krotchy has arrived at Paradise Mall, so the Dude must get a Krotchy Doll. When he arrives at Toyz 'n tha Hood, Krotchy tells him there are no more Krotchy dolls left, but the Postal Dude breaks into the store's back room anyway, and manages to get a doll from the storage. This calls the Police into the store in attempt to arrest him. After defeating the police and getting out of the back room, the Postal Dude has to confront Krotchy himself. During that same day, the Postal Dude wants to get some steaks for the Psychotic Friends Network BBQ his is planning to attend, so he goes to Meat World. However, there is no one attending in the butchery, so he goes to the back room, where he discovers some Butchers triturating people alive in a grinder. The butchers attack the Postal Dude for discovering them and entering into the back room. Once the Dude gets the steaks, the police enters the place and tries to arrest the Dude again for breaking into Meat World and stealing steaks. Finally, the Postal Dude must go to the Police Station to pay a Traffic Citation.

On Friday, the Postal Dude goes to the Junkyard to get an alternator to fix his broken car. Once he gets the alternator, a tower crushes over a fence containing some dogs, blocking the exit and letting the dogs out and attack the Dude until he gets out of the junkyard. On the same day, he gets a note that says there is a package for him, so he goes to the Parcel Center. However, when a Carrier gets it for the Dude, it explodes, making the carriers attack the Dude in retaliation. Friday is also Uncle Dave's birthday, and the Postal Dude wants to give him a Birthday Gift, so he proceeds to go to the Compound, where Uncle Dave's "party" is taking place. The "party" is revealed to be the siege of the compound by the ATF. The Postal Dude manages to enter the compound and give Uncle Dave his gift, and in that very same moment the ATF finally manages to break into the compound, starting a massive gun battle against the Dude and Uncle Dave's religious cult. Since the beginning of Friday, the Postal Dude wants to desperately SPORE, and when he does so, it hurts, so he decides to go to the Clinic. Once there, the nurses tell him he has gonorrhea, and tell him to go and see Vend-A-Cure, a machine that after receiving a SPORE sample from the Dude, gives him some Gonorrhea Medicine to cure him.

After completing all the errands of Friday, the Paradise Times releases a special edition that announces the beginning of Apocalypse. During the Apocalypse, there is a sudden outbreak of violence and all people in Paradise are armed, fighting each other, and will immediately attack the Dude even if he isn't carrying a weapon. After the Dude manages to go back to his trailer, the SPORE asks him if he remembered her Rocky Road, an item she requested him to get for her since Monday, but that was never included as an errand. The Postal Dude then proceeds to shoot himself in the head so he can stop listening to his wife.

On Saturday, the Postal Dude wakes up in the Hospital, where he receives a note from the SPORE telling him she has decided to leave him. He also receives notes saying that his trailer has been taken away, and that Champ is in the Dog Pound. Without any money, the Postal Dude proceeds to sell a sample of his semen, but as he does that, an experiment with cats goes out of control, with scientists obtaining dervish cats. The dervish cats kill the scientists and escape from their laboratory. The head shot also gave the Postal Dude hallucinations, in which he sees distorted versions of the places he is in, and with Gary Coleman-esque creatures attacking him, some of them having diseased cow heads instead of their own. These hallucinations will appear for the rest of the weekend from time to time.

The Postal Dude eventually leaves the hospital, and feels really hungry, so he proceeds to go to the Greasy Panda restaurant in Lower Paradise. Once there, a group of zombies appear and begin to attack everyone including the Dude, who has to destroy twenty of them. After doing so, a police officer arrives and tells him he likes his style, and hires him to kill twenty-one cows infected with mad cow disease. After completing his mission, however, he is attacked by a group of vegetarians. After killing the cows and defeating the vegetarians, the policeman reappears and assigns the Postal Dude the Super-fun Pigeon Hunter Mission, which is never shown. The Postal Dude then appears in Lower Paradise again, where he is contacted by Vince Desi, who rehires him and asks him to enter the headquarters of Bullfish Interactive, a rival company to RWS and to retrieve a Gold Master. The Dude enters the publisher office complex and battles the Bullfish Interactive security staff, until he arrives to CEO Phraud Hogslop's office. Hogslop refuses to give him the gold master, so the Postal Dude fights him in a boss battle. After defeating Hogslop, the Postal Dude is invited by Vince to go to his house to a party with the Postal Babes.

On Sunday, the Postal Dude wakes up after hearing some shots, and he discovers a horde of zombies attacking Vince's house. The Postal Dude must destroy eighty of them, and after leaving Vince's house, he is addressed by Rosco, a Mexican running an elephant business. Rosco tells the Postal Dude that if he helps him to kill twenty-one elephants at the Elephant Preserve to get their legs to make waste baskets for children, he will give him some money and a ride to Lower Paradise. However, after killing the elephants, the Postal Dude receives a new phone call from Vince, who needs some help with the marketing and asks him to do something that can make the media say the "competition's toasted". The Postal Dude decides to enter the Terrorist Training Camp to get something to create a nice explosion, and after fighting a whole army of terrorists, he discovers that the terrorists have no massive weapons at all. In that very same time, the National Guard arrives and attacks the camp and arrests everyone in there, including the Postal Dude. The Dude is taken to the Military Base, where he is forced to battle a large group of soldiers until he finds a thermo-nuclear warhead and escapes the place.

The Postal Dude returns to Lower Paradise, where a terrorist is leading a meeting attended by other terrorists, vegetarians, zombies and even Gary Coleman himself. The terrorist claims they are being oppressed, so they start a fight against civilians, the National Guard and the Postal Dude. The Dude enters Bullfish Interactive's publisher office complex, only to discover it is invaded by zombies. The Postal Dude places the warhead in Hogslop's office. The wall behind Hogslop's desk has been destroyed and reveals the Dog Pound. The Postal Dude goes to the pound to rescue Champ, but discovers that the place has been taken over by rednecks, who are using trained cats and dogs in gimp suits to kill people. The Postal Dude confronts a large group of rednecks, dogs and dervish cats, only to discover Champ is missing. A final group of dogs have cornered the Postal Dude, but suddenly Champ breaks into the room from a glass ceiling, and single-handedly kills all the dogs.

The Postal Dude and Champ then proceed to leave Paradise before the warhead explodes, but they must cross the Bridge and find the trailer first. The bridge is also invaded by zombies, and the National Guard also arrives to confront the Postal Dude, with some jets even bombing the bridge. After crossing the bridge, the Postal Dude sees his trailer in the distance, but Mike J the "Kosher Mad Cow Zombie" appears and in a final boss battle with the Postal Dude. After defeating Mike J, the Dude and Champ get into his car, and are seen driving away from Paradise just as the warhead explodes, detonating the entire Paradise in the process. The Postal Dude is last heard saying "I regret nothing" as he drives away from Paradise together with Champ.

However, during the Postal Dude's escape, Champ sees a stray cat and gives chase. Thus, the Postal Dude turns his car around, heading back toward Paradise despite the Nuclear Fallout. Unfortunately, his head wound starts acting up causing him to crash his car and fall in the a radiation induced coma where he dreams of a "future gone wrong".

He awakens eleven years later from a radiation induced coma.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



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Username: Frogies

Name: Blue Heavy

Sex: Male

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 263 lbs


Universe: Team Fortress 2/Moments with Heavy

Abilities: Heavy seems to be very hard to destroy, considering his many antics he gets himself into. However, he is still susceptible to death by falling, explosions,illness, fires, and severe burns, as evidenced in his numerous near-death experiences from falling, when he ate raw cookie dough, touched the fire of a stove, and burned himself by touching the frying pan that was cooking French toast.

He also appears to have a considerable amount of luck, when taking into account his various, and often outrageous adventures. In addition, he seems to be knowledgeable in music, as he guesses which song Scout is listening to correctly the day he takes his Diver’s Permit test. He is also very talented in bowling.

Bio: Blue Heavy (Heavy short for Heavy Weapons Guy) is the main character of Moments with Heavy. He debuted in the first episode in late April 2009, Jack Johnson Says Hi! He has a craving for Sandviches and currently owns a driving license and an Xbox 360. He is the most prone to get into surreal adventures, compared to the rest of the recurring character classes.

Blue Heavy is a towering hulk of a man obsessed with guns to the point of giving them human names. He is a very skilled bowler able to get a spare from a split, as depicted in Heavy Goes Bowling. Although he is very ferocious and tough on the battlefield, he is not completely emotionless, as he shed a tear upon receiving a teddy bear in Heavy's Retarded Holiday. He also may not like it when things don't go his way, as he "unsuccessfully" tried to steal pancake mix from Jim Carrey in Heavy Has his Christmas Feast. Blue Heavy has an alarm clock, but he threw it out the window upon its ringing (it is unknown what has happened since).

Alignment: True Neutral


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Civilized Sporeon

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I don't even know and even if I did I wouldn't tell you



Name:Kylie Koopa

Sex (if any):Female

Height (you can approximate):Koopa Sized

Weight (you can approximate):Koopa Sized



Abilities:Teniacious and headstrong, Kylie does whatever she sets out to do,however this attitude has gotten her in trouble(I.E getting swallowed by the Yoob, when she went up close to take pictures) She’s been shown to be a valuable ally saving the Mario Bros when all hope seemed lost(By disguising herself as a Shroob no less!)and giving intel to the bro’s and some direction.

As a Koopa she can retract her head and limbs into her shell for protection, and can be spun and shot at targets(“Hey Pally, I don’t hop on your back and ricochet you into the great beyond, I’d appreciate ya not doing the same to me!”)
Armed with a camera,and the attitude of a trail-blazing Bullet Bill she’s quite the force to be reckoned with.

Bio:Kylie Koopa is a female pink-shelled Koopa Troopa who debuts in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. She works as a journalist for the Koopa Kronicle, which is most likely a news organization in the Mushroom Kingdom of the past. As a reporter that is always on the lookout for "The Big Scoop", she has a ritzy personality, uses slang when she talks, and likes to take lots of pictures with her camera. Unlike most Koopas, she is one of the protagonistic side.

Alignment:Lawful Good(If not a bit chaotic when need be )


I choose to choose my version of reality,whether or not It makes sense is of no consequence.

Spacefaring Sporeling

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Not playing Rayman legends


1. Username: TheDippster
My brain blanked out halfway through

1. Name: Ryle Geoffrey
3. Sex (if any):  Male
5. Height (you can approximate):  6’
7. Weight (you can approximate):  ~250lbs
9. Description/Picture:  adding later sorry I just wanted to get this up allready
11. Universe:  Laviturn
13. Abilities:  So Ryle has abilities very similar to Dipin except he lacks the flexibility Dipin has and in place has superior strength and also has better defenses, his speed is a bit lower however. Magically speaking Ryle’s abilities are heavily focused in the fields of fire, electricity, magnetism and metals, his other elemental abilities are lower than Dipin’s due to a lack of attention given to those skills. Ryle is able manipulate his sword’s shape and cause it to split into two blades with the smaller secondary blade floating off to the side, and fire metal objects from the blades like a rail gun, he is also able to us magnetic Magic to recall his sword from medium length. Ryle possesses a smartphone, it likes to use it to gauge stats. He also knows two runes, one for magnetizing objects and another for regulating temperature.
14. Ryle has picked up some blacksmith skills since dimension hopping. Similar to Dipin he has some combat experience, with his weapon of choice being an oversized sword. Ryle occasionally rearranges the armor on his arm into a shield but he typically prefers to just block with his armored arm. He also knows how to use a Samoan fire knife, he seems better at using it to look cool than in combat.
16. Bio:Ryle is a 19 year old Laviturnian with an adopted sibling named Fennel, she is a fox. Ryle’s bio is similar to Dipin’s in terms of recent events, Ryle met Dipin several years ago through his sister, when the two of them shared a class. During dimension hopping adventures, Ryle began forging weapons, Magic proved to be helpful in fixing crafting errors, going on to design his sword. It seems that thanks to his hula dancing skills Ryle was considered popular amongst dairy maids... He tries to avoid large farms as a result.
17. I did forget all dehtales tankz
19. Alignment: neutral good
21. Link:  

My life's goal is to have something mention me on tvtropes Let's Play

Deviantart Sleep, enjoy it? I do indeed.

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deez nuts


jawlord, frog, and dippster, accepted!

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"COWER IN FEAR" EropsToad, 2016



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Dating Papyrus


Username: EropsToad

Name: Lyn

Sex (if any): Female

Height (you can approximate): 5'6"

Weight (you can approximate): 121.3 lbs


Universe: Fire Emblem

Abilities: Lyn is a master of swordplay, and wields the Mani Katti, which is effective against armor and mounted enemies. Her abilities mainly lie in her agility, as she can dodge and double most foes in the game due to her high Speed and Skill. Lyn is not one to be underestimated despite her frailty, for she is a peerless warrior.

When promoted, Lyn also has the ability to wield bows.

Bio: Lyn, also known as Lyndis, is one of the three main characters of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, although she is not mentioned in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Lyn was born in the Sacean Plains. Her parents, Hassar, chieftain of the Lorca tribe, and Madelyn, daughter of Lord Hausen of Caelin, were killed by bandits before the beginning of the game. Most of the Lorca tribe shared their fate. Those who survived split up instead of following Lyn because they were old-fashioned; they wouldn't follow a woman. She was named after her maternal grandmother. She lives alone until she finds a tactician lying on the ground. Upon meeting the Tactician, she decides to follow him or her in the interest of training her sword skills and avenge her tribe, who were all killed by bandits.

Lyn decides to stop by a nearby town to resupply. She is confronted there by a horde of mercenaries led by the brigand Zugu, but they are disposed of by Lyn with the aid of Sain and Kent, knights of Caelin. They tell her that she is the granddaughter of Lord Hausen, the Marquess of Caelin, who wants to welcome her into his home (something he had refused to do when his daughter Madelyn eloped with a Sacaean “savage”).

She agrees to return to her grandfather and joins them. Along the way, she saves an old priest of a shrine that was attacked by local ruffians, led by the arrogant Mercenary Glass. In gratitude, the priest allows Lyndis to lay her hands upon the Mani Katti, a sacred weapon (that resembles a katana) within the shrine. As it turns out, she is the only person who can draw the legendary sword, and the priest tells her to take it with her.

They encounter various allies that would later assist her on her journey with Eliwood and Hector, those being the optimistic archer, Wil; Lyn's shy friend and trainee Pegasus Knight, Florina; silent and devoted husband and fighter, Dorcas; high-maintenance and verbiage-plagued cleric, Serra, and her less than cheery escort and Mage, Erk; enigmatic and resourceful thief, Matthew; solemn and focused nomad, Rath; and hearty, retired knight, Wallace.

On their quest to retake Caelin, they encounter the two mysterious children, Ninian and Nils, who are being pursued by the renowned Black Fang. They also meet a young Monk named Lucius.

While their origins are unknown at the time, they assist the girl, Ninian, on retrieving her lost keepsake, then allow them to tag along as their mysterious powers could lend aid to their journey.

On the way to Caelin, she eventually finds out that her grandfather is being poisoned by her granduncle, the power hungry Lundgren, who desires to succeed his brother by any means necessary.

Upon reaching Castle Caelin, Lyndis and her allies defeat Lundgren's forces and the greedy general in a final battle. It is after this that Lyn and her grandfather meet for the first time. Though in a considerably weakened state, Lyn convinces her grandfather to keep fighting so that the two may live together and learn more about each other. Lyndis then stays with him at Castle Caelin, noted to watch endlessly toward the plains she left behind.

From her humble origins in the plains, Lyn has been noted as a deep, caring, and kind-hearted soul. She rarely thinks ill of others and, despite the circumstances, always believes on the best of things. However, due to the slaughtering of the Lorca tribe due to the bloodthirsty Taliver Bandits, she has a great hatred toward all bandits and pirates and refuses to be associated with them unless needed to. In fact, the motivation for her travels was to become stronger and kill each and every Taliver Bandit in the mountains in order to avenge her parents. However, she does show mercy to any brigand or pirate that is not a Taliver Bandit, though does not hesitate to defend her friends from them nevertheless, nor is she quick to trust them. Her serene nature (and the fact that the Saceans "never lie") has earned her the friendship and trust of many of her friends, and the affection of others, including fellow lords Eliwood and Hector, her knight Kent, or a fellow nomad, Rath. Though she seems innocent enough, she will kill anyone that attempts to kill or have any of her friends killed, showing her bravery and devotion toward revenge. Lyn is shown to be particularly egalitarian in her C Support with Hector, where she quickly angers after assuming that he is underestimating her physical ability on the grounds that she is a woman. This egalitarianism is the result of, or at least accentuated by, the fact that the Lorca survivors split up because they refused to follow her because she is a woman.

Alignment: Lawful Good



Username: EropsToad

Name: Valter

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6'1"

Weight (you can approximate): 194.3 lbs


Universe: Fire Emblem

Abilities: Valter wields lances, and has a Silver Lance and a Spear (the latter which can be thrown from a distance). He also carries the Fili Shield, which protects him from fliers' normal weaknesses such as high winds or anti-air artillery (i.e. bows). His skill, Pierce, allows him to bypass enemy defense and deal devastating damage. He flies on a wyvern, which leaves him open to anti-dragon weapons, however.

Bio: Valter is a sadistic Wyvern Knight who wields his Lance with unsurpassed skill and strength. He was part of the Imperial Three alongside Duessel and Glen; however, he was eventually fired by the Emperor for the mistreatment of innocents and slaughtering of surrendered opponents. When Vigarde was revived by the Dark Stone, Lyon reinstated him as a general alongside Caellach and Riev.

The support conversations with Duessel and Cormag reveal that Valter was a more "modest" man (as Duessel puts it), still arrogant, but not as psychotic as he came to be. However, in an unspecified battle, Valter broke his lance, and somehow managed to acquire Duessel's cursed lance. As it was used inappropriately (Duessel states that it can only be used when madness rules the world), Valter became corrupted by the lance, with his desire for violence greatly increasing. This would eventually cause his firing from the Imperial Three.

Valter is present during the siege of Castle Renais, in which he and 4 Wyvern Rider sentries patrolled the area. He spots Eirika and Seth escaping from the castle. He then proceeds to attack Seth, giving him a serious wound in his arm. Seth and Eirika then run to the Renais-Frelia border area, where Valter tells his sentries to let them go, so that he can savour the hunt.

In Chapter 5x, Valter is seen speaking with his adjutant Tirado. Tirado has a plan to capture Ephraim; leave the castle lightly guarded with a few soldiers, and surround them when he and his band seize the castle. Valter allows Tirado to carry this plan out, and when the rebels seize the castle, the trap has already been sprung. Valter confronts Ephraim and demands him to "grovel" like a dog to be spared. Much to his surprise and anger, Ephraim and his men break out of the trap.

In Ephraim's route Valter is seen at Bethroen, where he has Selena return to the capital after relaying news that the Emperor suspects her of treason. Mildly annoyed that they haven't started the battle yet, he leaves the Ranger Beran to finish Duessel and his group off before heading towards Carcino, where he kills Glen.

In Eirika's route Valter confronts Glen, accusing him of being a traitor after the latter lets Eirika and Innes pass to Caer Pelyn. Valter states that he opposes peace and wants an endless war, dueling and killing Glen. He later has his two accompanying soldiers chase after Glen's wyvern. Valter brings Glen's mangled corpse to Cormag and states that Eirika killed him. An enraged Cormag heads to Hamill Canyon to avenge his brother. However, upon seeing that Eirika is not who Valter portrayed her as, Cormag defects and joins her group so that he may kill Valter.

Valter is later seen in the Jehanna plains where he and Caellach attempt to kill the Renais siblings.

On Eirika's route, should Cormag confront Valter, Valter taunts him, believing him to be just as weak as his brother. On Ephraim's route, Valter does not mention killing Glen, instead simply accusing Cormag of being a traitor. Regardless, he falls in the ensuing battle.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


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