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DML Competition  XML
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Update: Final application deadline passed!

Update: Now accepting resubmissions and new submissions!
The DML competition relaunches today, Feb 3, to take both resubmissions (revisions) and brand new applications.

Update: Public Commenting Now Open!
Post your comments about the entrants Adventure ideas at the DML site here:
Applicants: Don't forget to resubmit your ideas between Feb 3rd and Feb 15th to lock in your entry!

Update: Application round 1 (Due Jan 22)
Don't forget that this isn't the same as other Spore Challenges. You don't need to have your adventure ready by the deadline posted. For this preliminary application, the goal is to outline what you plan to do in the GA adventure(s) you'll be making.

For example, if you want to make a series of adventures that explore molecular structures (kind of like Quantamania's Nano World), you'll just explain your idea in this first application period.

How to apply:
1. Visit this page and click "New Users"

2. Enter your registration info.
If you are under 18, you should get a friend or family member who is over 18 to collaborate with you and sign up. You're allowed to enter as long as one of you is 18. You probably won't want to fudge this info, in order to be eligible for the grant money.

3. Login with the email and password and fill out the application form
Use the email you signed up with and make sure you're on the "Apply" page. (There should be a link at the top if you're not). Fill in the application info.

Basic info they're asking for here includes:
• Annual Operating Budget $
• Title (15 word maximum*)
• Brief Project Description (50 word maximum*)
• Project Description (300 word maximum*)

Challenge Details
Galactic Adventure creators, get ready! Spore is getting involved with the MacArthur Foundation to help you participate in the 2010 Digital Media and Learning Competition!

President Obama named the Digital Media and Learning Competition as part of his initiative to improve education in math and science.

$2 Million in grant prizes will be awarded to DML Competition winners!

Spore players may be able to win prizes from $5,000 to $50,000 by competing for Game Changer Awards within the DML competition!

Winners in the Game Changers category will receive awards for new, creative user-generated levels and adventures designed for either Spore Galactic Adventures or Little Big Planet. These should offer young people highly engaging game play experiences that incorporate and leverage principles of science, technology, engineering, and math for learning.

More Info contest page

Q: Are college students really ineligible?
A: No, not at all. Anyone 18 or older is eligible.

Q: Are non-US residents ineligible? Sounds like as long as the "primary researcher" is a US resident, a collaboration including a non-US resident is allowed.
A: All non-US residents 18 and older are eligible. We encourage, but do not require international collaborations (not just with US partners).

Q: Are minors allowed to collaborate with players over 18 or must all members be over 18?
A: Minors are encouraged to collaborate with those 18 and over. In fact, we encourage teams with students/youth on them.

Q: The grants for Game Changers range from $5,000-$50,000. If an applicant creates an Adventure using GA ($29.95) and Spore ($39.95), what does the grant cover? Their time spent creating the adventure? Where does the money go?
A: We have added new language (as of today) to the application, in the hopes of making this a little more clear. The general idea is that we award will go towards further development of new adventures. If they submit a new adventure that appears to be robust enough and could be developed into a whole new level (is that the right language for Spore) we would fund the further development of the level.

Submissions will be judged by a panel drawn from the Little Big Planet and Spore communities, as well as a experts recruited by the Humanities, Arts Science and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC). There will be 12 categories of awards.

Awards will be issued based on criteria that include the demonstrated potential of excellent learning content regarding STEM for a level, assessment, playability, engagement, problem-solving, aesthetics and collaborative play.

The individual or team responsible for each submission chosen will receive a $5,000 award to further develop, enhance and test the proposed level. Depending on the quality of the proposed level, an individual or team can be supported to create up to an additional 10 levels, with a total of $50,000 to support development work. If awards for multiple levels are sought, individuals and teams are encouraged to create levels that exist as a broader module of related tasks and activities.

Q: Some players want to focus on biology. Is this discouraged?
A: Biology as a focus is fine. We are not intending to discourage any STEM related topic

Q: Are entrants allowed to include Creepy & Cute parts, Mech or Exoskeleton content in their adventure submission?
A: Yes.

Q: Q: In the application, what do we put for "Institution/Organization/Company”
A: If none, put none

Q: In the application, what do we put for "electronic signature”
A: Just spell out name

Q: What's the difference between the "annual operating budget" and the "requested budget"?
A: If a company or organization then give that annual operating budget; if no institutional affiliation can put none. Requested budget is budget for the work being proposed for this project which would be covered by this grant.

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Civilized Sporeon

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This is spectacular... that is a great competition!
I'll be sure to tell my cousin about this-- it seems college students are ineligible.


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The enclosed instruction book. Check it out.


FYI, The prizes are development grants for college, that's why college students aren't eligible.

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I'm guessing this is ANOTHER contest not for anyone outside of the US...

Umm, dunno what to put here.


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Awesome! I've been thinking about doing something like this for a long time, and now I finally have an incentive! I'll make Mr. Obama proud.

Unless this contest is US-only, and people from Europe are non-eligible. Ugh... Why, Mr. Obama! Why!?

Wait... Are people from countries outside the US non-eligible?

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Have you met the inhabitants of planet Gaffe already?
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Civilized Sporeon

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It's pretty darned obvious that this is US only. Hasn't the word "Obama" meant anything to any of you?

Although if this was international, I'd be freakin' swimming in money! $2,000,000! That's even more higher in my country! Woot!

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Yes it's US only. Here is the eligibility page

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Can people outside the US still show of theior learning adventures here although they can't enter?

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SPORE, the LBP people are going to own, that engine is amazing! I have the game, it can be 100X more complex than GA, and only restricted to a 2D like environment


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BOWSERFAN wrote:FYI, The prizes are development grants for college, that's why college students aren't eligible.

That's silly. The actual college student is much poorer than the high school student not yet in college. I think we need it more.

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(edit: Disclaimer, this is what I gather from reading the eligibility requirements. You might want to double check yourself!)

College students are ineligible? Where do you get that?

People outside the US can collaborate with a US player to make an adventure, but the 'primary researcher' has to be a U.S. citizen.

The thing that puzzles me about the GA side is, what would someone use the grant money for?

edit2: Not that I'm not bouncing off the walls about this. This is great!

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SSJ3_Raditz wrote:It's pretty darned obvious that this is US only. Hasn't the word "Obama" meant anything to any of you?

On the page of the Spore Holiday Contest, they clearly stated only residents of the US were eligible. Here, I see no such statement. I am sorry not everyone is a Captain Obvious like you.

Sharpesh0t wrote:Im sure you've heard this before, but if you've got nothing constructive to say, then dont say anything at all.

Have you met the inhabitants of planet Gaffe already?
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Here's the most relevant stuff as I read it:

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age when the application is submitted; however, personnel working on the project may include students and others under
the age of 18 as long as they are working under the supervision of the primary applicant.

Primary applicants from outside the U.S. must apply as institutions or organizations, not as individuals.

Legal U.S. residents whose principal place of residence is in the U.S. are eligible to apply as individuals.

Collaboration is strongly encouraged (though not required). International collaborations are particularly welcome, provided that the primary applicant meets eligibility requirements.

Additional Eligibility Requirements
Only English-language applications will be accepted.

Primary applicants are not eligible to submit more than one application (though they may act as primary applicant on one application and as a collaborator on another application).

I'm guessing the 18+ requirement will bum a lot of you out, but as it says, collaboration is encouraged, and seems to be a way around a lot of these requirements.

Agreed with the question about what the grants are for, unless it's to develop more of the same...



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So to simplify what this is about, all we need to do is create an educational adventure involving mathematics, science, etc?
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