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Civilized Sporeon

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Welcome to the Spore forums! This is the place to chat about your thoughts on anything and everything Spore.

Forum Guidelines

Our goal is to maintain a friendly forum environment and we’ve organized some guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Here’s a quick rundown on what to do and what to avoid in order to help us keep the forums running smoothly.

Guidelines - Posting etiquette
• Keep subject titles direct, descriptive and accurate
• Use caps, repeated punctuation, and BBCode (size, colours, formatting) judiciously
• Do not create multiple threads for one topic or post your thread in every category
• Do not post blank messages
• Keep signatures limited to 500 characters max, and limit signature images to 670 wide x 128 high.
• Use bbcode to clean up extremely long signature links by displaying link text rather than URLs.
• Bump threads judiciously. If a thread has no new posts since the last bump, please don't bump it again.
• Limit embedded image dimensions to 680 wide x 544 high.
• Do not post unbroken text strings longer than 60 characters (this includes links - Use BBCode).
• Do not make posts requesting the locking of another user's thread within a thread (Please PM a moderator below if you believe a thread is in violation of the forum rules)
• Use search! Avoid posting duplicate threads about questions that have already been answered (NOTE: The built-in search doesn't work as well as we'd all want it to. Thus, if you want to search the Sporum, type this into your favourite web search engine: <search text>
• Do not post 'linkbombs' (links that generate threads/posts when clicked) in your forum posts or forum signature.

Behavior – Help keep the forums a fun place to discuss Spore. Remember that the Sporum is a place for people of all ages to discuss Spore. Please restrain from using fighting words, especially since the other person may be a child.
• Keep posts relevant to the topic of Spore (Threads that do not relate to Spore will be locked. However, threads loosely related to Spore or the Sporum community are usually okay. We also have the Open Thread, for all off-topic discussion)
• Work out differences politely
• Be respectful when posting about religious, political, or otherwise controversial content
• Keep posts clean: free of vulgarity, racism, profanity, and bigotry
• No personal attacks: don't flame, troll, insult, harass, threaten, rant, taunt or flamebait
• Do not bypass the censor
• Do not impersonate others
• Do not post personal information about others
• No spamming - this includes advertising, off-topic messages, and responding to spam messages
• Do not post auto-playing videos or Flash content
• Do not send repeated PMs or encourage other players to PM bomb any forum member
• Challenge finalists - follow the guidelines for appropriate conduct here.
• Have a sense of humor!

Illegal Activities – What to avoid
• Do not post copyrighted material
• We do not support posting links to images of creatures based on copyrighted materials
• Do not discuss illegal activities
• Do not share accounts
• Do not return to the forum on a duplicate account if any of your accounts are currently suspended, unless it is to contact a moderator
• Do not ask for or give out serial numbers

Moderators and Staff – We’re here to help
• Respect the decisions of the moderators and staff
• Do not publicize private conversations between yourself and the moderators/staff without consent
• If necessary, we may have to remove posts or users who repeatedly violate our rules
Note that our forum moderators are more commonly known as SporeMasters

Thanks for abiding by our rules, we hope you enjoy the discussions on our boards.

If you notice something inappropriate posted on the boards, please PM a moderator below, so that we can address it.
The blue "Alert" button next to each post will directly notify EA Support of inappropriate posts.
NOTE: For the fastest response to highly inappropriate content, please PM a moderator below, AND use the Alert button.

Forum Administrator
MaxisBazajaytee (Contact via: PM)

Active Forum Moderators
SporeMasterDOGC_Kyle (Contact via: PM, Email,, Discord)
SporeMasterSlime (Contact via: PM, Email)
SporeMasterxDoomsoulx (Contact via: PM, Discord)
SporeMasterMobsterMania (Contact via: PM, Email, Discord)
NOTE: Email and Discord contact links are not monitored by EA/Maxis, and are provided merely for convenience.

Full List of Moderators

The ones that are currently logged in will be listed in green in the bottom of the forum index page. Click the links above to contact a moderator. PMs are usually best, but if you are unable to login, or need a faster response, you can use the other methods.

Suspension Policy
In the event that you violate forum guidelines, here is what will happen.
First Offense: Warning given by a SporeMaster (either in-thread or in PMs).
Second Offense: If it's the same as before, and is a major offense, 1-day forum suspension. If it's minor, another warning.
Third Offense: 1-day forum suspension, and a warning that it will be upped to 7-days on next offense
Any additional offenses: 7-day forum suspension, each time there is an offence. May occur without warning.
Permanent Ban: Account is permanently suspended. This is the most severe and also most rare measure. If your notoriety makes you eligible for this ban, you will be warned of this. These suspensions are only given after consideration by EA/Maxis.

This may be modified in specific incidents, at the discretion of the moderators and staff. Warnings will normally be given in the thread or via PMs, with the reason for the warning/suspension.

Appealing Suspensions
If you have questions or disagree with a forum moderator's decision, you may contact them directly using the contact methods above, to discuss the reasoning behind the decision.
You can also appeal your suspension by contacting EA's ToS Team.

If you are suspended by a forum moderator (SporeMaster), the suspension will not extend to the game, nor will it apply to any other EA games or forums.

Newcomers who want to know more about getting started are encouraged to check out this unofficial forum guide.

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