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Awesome banners made by Warboss92. Thanks a bunch!!

There's a page lag once you get to a new page. I think it lasts for about 3 posts. If that happens you have to click on the name in the Last Message column (on the right side of the Creator Corner forum). This goes to the person's forum profile. Then go to "[###] messages posted by _____". Find the post that you want which would be All About Buildings, click on "Go to message". And you're here!

I've also added this thread to EuroSpore. Which is a really good community filled with fantastic people. If anyone is interested, head on over.

Hello Sporians,

So I decided to make this thread because there aren’t very many building creators out there. A lot of people shy away from this editor and instead of making props themselves, they request them. I used to help in the DLC thread too, but there was maybe one building out of 30

This isn’t a fanclub type of thing, and you don’t have to be a member to post here. This isn’t a thread specifically for people who create buildings and props either. Hopefully you will learn a thing or two, and maybe you’ll want to make your own buildings!

**Note: all tips, tutorials etc. that doesn't have a name beside it is by me.**

Almost all of the tips and tutorials now have shortcuts.

1. What to do
2. What not to do
3. Other Threads & Links
4. Amazing Architects
5. Featured Building Creators
6. Sporecasts
7. Building Tips

.........~ Keyboard Shortcuts and Cheats
.........~ Building Editor mod by DVDMaster
.........~ Building Complexity Charts
.........~ Examples of beautiful window designs
.........~ Crane technique - how to make perfect circles, arches, etc.
.........~ Painting Tips
.........~ How to make Victorian style buildings by Andeavor
.........~ Building Sculpture Tips by cwarloe and Digi-P
.........~ Pezzalis's Building Set Basics
.........~ Misc. Tips

8. Tutorials
......... ~ Tutorial 1 ---> Fairytale House - By Sakiara
......... ~ Tutorial 2 ---> Video and GIF's: How to make perfect arches and circles - By

......... ~ Tutorial 3 ---> Video On how to create the perfect sphere - By techno605
......... ~ Tutorial 4 ---> How to make a love heart - By techno605
......... ~ Tutorial 5 ---> How to make a spiral - By Sakiara
......... ~ Tutorial 6 ---> Fake Depth - By TorgOwl
......... ~ Tutorial 7 ---> How to Draw in Spore (Moogle) - By Sakiara
......... ~ Tutorial 8 ---> How to make a Ruined Building - By Icedmask
......... ~ Tutorial 9 ---> How to Make Creature Statues - By Pezzalis
......... ~ Tutorial 10 --> On styles, symmetry and the basic building shape - By Parkaboy
......... ~ Tutorial 11 --> How to make a spiral staircase - By techno605
......... ~ Tutorial 12 --> How to make abstract art (rings, circles, etc.) - By alanw German

......... ~ Tutorial 13 --> How to make a spiral staircase - By alanw in German
......... ~ Tutorial 14 --> How to make abstract art using multiple connectors - By alanw German

......... ~ Tutorial 15 --> Spore Art and fake depth - By alanw in German
......... ~ Tutorial 16 --> How to make Spore art - By alanw in German
............ (consists of six different videos making different art)

......... ~ Tutorial 17 --> How to make art using cylinders - By tomographics

.: Chat and discuss anything building related! This is a given…
.: Post your own buildings, tips, and tutorials.
.: Enter the contests (when there are some).
.: Ask for other people's critiques, tips & opinions or vice versa*
.: Submit your request for a certain prop, building, etc. I don’t normally take requests, but if there’s something intriguing, perhaps I will make it.

.: Please don’t spam, troll, harass, etc. You know the usual forum rules stuff.
.: *If you are going to critique someone’s creation, please do not be rude and insulting. Be constructive and helpful.
.: Don’t just post something and then leave. It’s not Show Off Your Latest Thread.

  • Do you have problems making your own buildings or need some for adventures? Then go to The Ultimate Creation Request thread to request buildings there. You can also request any other type of creation.

  • If you like historic buildings then join the Historic Building Society (HBS). There will also be themes that change every two-ish weeks.

  • Other links:

  • This site may help you if you're having trouble with colors and getting a paint job you like.

  • [list]A site full of architecture that might help you get inspired or give you ideas.

  • This is a blog made by Parkaboy. There's a building class section there along with other creator tips. The authors there include Parkaboy of course, but also Andeavor, CopperLou, Rebecca1208, techno605 and myself (Sakiara)

  • Here are links to some fantastic creators who either specialize in the building editor and/or have some quality buildings (at least 10). They are all imo worth checking out and ALL have at least a few high quality building creations. If you want to suggest anyone, please provide a link and I will check them out. However it is based on my opinion if they will be included in this thread. Some of these creators are inactive too.


    Features won't be a set date. If you want to help find creators to feature then post their profile link here. They must have a minimum of 10 above average buildings. These buildings have to be different too, not just the same creation that's been slightly altered. The creator must also be active.

    Feature #1: arialiner

    Profile link

    Feature #2: DareWrek

    Profile link

    Feature #3: Icedmask

    Profile link

    Amazing Spore Architecture By: pwurman
    Andeavor's Modular Buildings By: Andeavor
    Andeavor's Space Civ Sets By: Andeavor
    Animal Based Building By: Digi-P
    Building Mechs By: Warboss92
    Building Ships By: Limestonekitten
    Cool Structures By: Kaidian
    Favorites - Building Sets 01 By: Lecalat
    Pezzalis's Building Sets By: Pezzalis
    Techno605's Art Gallery By: techno605

    Keyboard Shortcuts and cheats:

    Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Tab: Shows additional axis rings.

  • Shift: Moves parts on a horizontal plane.

  • Ctrl: Moves parts on a vertical plane.

  • Alt: Copies a part.

  • Backspace OR Delete: Deletes the part.

  • i: if you hover over a part and hold 'i', it will show you the part name.

  • Paint Mode
    In paint brush mode - the third tab

  • Alt: Eyedropper mode. Hold Alt and click on a region to set your paintbrush to the colour/texture of that region. Use the 3-5 keys to adjust the properties of the dropper (see below).

  • Ctrl: Paints multiple regions. Hold down the Ctrl when painting a region to paint all similar regions at the same time. Use the 1-2 keys to adjust (see below).

  • Press 1: To make the 'CTRL' key paint the same surface of all parts.

  • Press 2: To make the 'CTRL' key paint the same surface of all identical parts.

  • Press 3: To make the eyedropper choose colours only.

  • Press 4 To make the eyedropper choose textures only.

  • Press 5: To make the eyedropper choose both colors and textures.

  • Cheats
    To open the cheat console, hold Ctrl + Shift + C

  • *AddDNA: Adds 150 sporebucks
    ....... - To make this process faster: While the cheat console is open and you already typed in AddDNA
    ..........once, just press the up arrow and ENTER however many times you want.

  • *freedom: Turns off the complexity meter.

  • toggleeditorbackground: Makes the background black. Also works for the vehicle and spaceship editors.

  • * You can add 100 low complexity parts to a building (look at the complexity charts). After using AddDNA and/or freedom, you can add about 25 additional parts until it hits max complexity. Watch your complexity meter. You may or may not be able to share your creation if you used these cheats. The thing is that the complexity meter can't be at the max before you use it. So if you have at least one dot you should be able to upload it.

    It's kind of trial and error when you use the freedom cheat. Add a few parts and then turn freedom off to see where you are on the complexity meter. You could try uploading on an alt account to see if it's even uploadable as well. Also, when you upload a freedom and AddDNA creation, it will always have the upload symbol on it (the globe thingy with an arrow). This doesn't mean that it's actually uploaded though. You can tell if it's uploaded by looking at the comment box. Once you see that, then you have a successful uploaded creation. If you don't see that comment box, then you don't.

    You also won't be able to use these in adventures.


    Building Editor Mod by DVDMaster:

    This Building rotation mod enables you to rotate buildings and roofs without using a connector. You can rotate them in any direction.

    Demo video:

    Mod download:

    The buildings do share correctly.

    for how to install a mod. Or go here to go to DVDMaster's thread.

    Here's a video by Jomaega using the mod and a Tube Cabin to make a perfect circle:


    Building Complexity Charts:

    Click on the thumbnail to see the high resolution large image or go Here

    Examples of beautiful window designs:



    Really nice designs and very easy to do!

    Click on each image to get a bigger view.

    Crane technique - how to make perfect circles, arches, etc.

    This is a technique that uses a "crane", which is a connector, to rotate a body or base. You can make different shapes such as swirls, circles, arches etc. from simple to really complex.

    Step 1:

    Grab a body or a roof. I usually use a Tube Cabin or Building Block. Then place a connector on top of it. Use the Skywalked connector, especially if you are new to this technique. This is because it has a foot. It gives the creator a visual point of reference and tells you which direction to rotate the connector. The reason that you place the connector on a base or roof (the red part), is so you can position it where you want your creation to be instead of the connector. You'll notice that if you click on something else then back onto the connector, if it's raised in the air using Ctrl, that it will delete (you'll need a few parts for this to happen though). After you place the connector in the center, put a body or roof in the center of the connector. Detail parts won't work because they will just be deleted once clicked on.

    Step 2:

    Make sure that you properly place the connector. It should snap in place to the center. If you place it in the wrong spot the arch, circle or whatever will be all jaunty - it won't be lined up. When you press tab you will see different axis's. You can use those as guidelines for your creation. If you used the Skywalked connector, rotate the connector perpendicular to the foot. As you can see in the second image, rotating the connector the wrong way made the blocks uneven.

    Make sure that you don't make the initial block too wide or you'll automatically overlap them side by side.

    Step 3:

    To make the actual circle, arch, etc., you need to copy the block piece attached to the connector (the green part). For every segment of the curve, copy this block in place. Rotate the connector and repeat.

    --Tip by me, Andeavor, AtariMethod, and cwarloe.

    Here's a video demonstrating how:

    It's a parabolic arch by AtariMethod

    That means one that's not perfectly round. Ever see those pretty arches that come to a point at the top? That's a Gothic arch. They're very common on churches. Both are pretty much the same to build in Spore and they require a few more moves to make than a perfectly round arch.

    Here's the first three basic steps. 1) Build your crane, place it on the floor. 2)Set your first block and then turn your base exactly 180 degrees. Set your second block. 3) Rotate your connector up like you normally would for a perfect arch.

    To see more info see the tutorial by techno605

    Painting Tips:

    The paint job is just as important as the parts you used. Sometimes a building doesn’t look good until you paint it. Now that the building editor also has the vehicle paint textures, there’s even more possibilities. But don’t get discouraged.

    .: To make your buildings shiny. Make sure that your lighting quality setting is on high under settings. If that doesn't work, then it might be your graphics card. This is what I have for settings:

    .: The shiniest texture is the one on the 8th page, second one from the left.

    .: Always choose the lighter or damper shade of color to give your buildings an aged or worn look and don't be afraid of using rough texture as well. --Tip by Andeavor

    .: Tips by Digi-P

    I found this trick when I created my Phoenix building series. Some parts have a unique property when applying texture. All of the below examples use the same color and texture. PS. My Spore doesn't display part names in English, so I need to change its name into English. It may not be accurate.

    The first one is the Poritron detail part (Row 5 Column 3). The texture looks normal but if you flip it, it can display a smaller series of texture. Useful if you want to create a combination of large and small textures.

    The second one shows that the size of a part has an impact on some textures.

    The third one is a flip and un-flipped donut detail part. Some texture can give a different look by flipping parts around.

    These two show the Phidop (Row 8 column 2) and Teardrops (One of my favorite detail parts) in different state. By change the size or change the shape of it (by dragging an arrow), it can create a unique texture as well.

    Below is a set of my favorite textures aside from the shiny texture (display in green square). It can create an amazing detail and unique texture to a building. It usually will be my first choice if I want a complex looking building.

    .: How to get your textures shiny by techno605

    Many creators want to know how I get some of my textures so shiny. So I thought I'd create a video. But you will need a good graphics card with your Spore settings on high.


    How to make Victorian style buildings by Andeavor:

    I finally managed to make a victorian style roof.

    Victorian Manor

    Take a leather roof and place it slightly over the edges of the base, then use two civic roofs upside-down and place them top and bottom and you have a victorian/second empire style roof. It may take a bit of the complexity but it looks pretty realistic. Besides, I can't believe I managed to put in as much detail into this house with those base parts, windows and roof technique.

    Building Sculpture Tips by cwarloe and Digi-P:

    Tips by cwarloe are in blue. Tips by Digi-P are in green.

    1. Remember Where the Camera is:

    When looking at a building sculpture, most people will judge it by the png. Therefore, it is important to know what angle the png will be taken from. Immediately after you enter the editor, grab a "building block" body part and turn it so one side faces you. On the other hand, you can use this lovely template:

    2. Have a Picture for Reference:

    Self Explanatory-In the case that you are inventing something new, try to find a few picture that resemble parts of your sculpture. This will be useful in step 7.

    3.Have a Stand:
    You may notice that most of my sculptures have a "stand" on them. The stand is simply a tube cabin body piece. This provides a sort of floor that lets you attach pieces directly on the ground. You can also hide pieces partially inside the "stand", enabling you to create a flat bottom for the foot of you sculpture.

    4. Use a Body:
    Most of the time I use a "body" piece to create, well the body of my sculpture this create a place where you can position detail pieces before moving them to another place. (see step 5)
    Ex.(Bob's body and chest) (Odie's mouth)

    You may use a single body part and then attached it with connector parts for the rest of the body to create a more realistic body.

    5.Ctrl and Shift are you friends:
    The main type of building part i use in my sculptures is the detail part. However, you may notice that details will only attach to body part! to get around this, attach the detail part to either the "stand", or the "body" of your sculpture. You can then use the "crtl" and "shift" buttons on your key board to move the piece. (crtl: moves piece horizontally|shift: moves piece vertically)


    This can be very annoying during building. Due the the fact that detail parts are not supposed to be able to"float." Any piece that is clicked, crtl or shift+clicked, or scaled with the mouse wheel will atomatically be deleted. If you accidentally press undo, simply don not click any of your previously moved detail pieces. If you still need to edit a piece, click the detail and reattach it to a body piece, then, restart the whole ctrl/shift process.
    I think there are some allowed space between body/connector and detail part that are not affected by undo.
    You can check this by moving body part.
    - If detail part move along with body part, it will not affected by undo.
    - If detail part is too far and float like that when you move body part, it will affected by undo

    Also, If you close the editor and reopen it, the floating part will be affected similar to pressing undo. (Meaning it will automatically deleted if you click it.)

    7.Look for shortcuts:
    Try to find pieces in the picture you have that resembles spore parts. This will make the whole thing a lot easier than trying to use multiple details to recreate that one piece.

    8.Focus on the Face:

    The face of your character can either make or break your sculpture. If the face looks like the real thing, people will most likely know who it is. If you happen to run out of complexity, NEVER take away from the face.

    9.Try not to worry about complexity:
    If you use detail parts, complexity shouldn't really be a problem. Most of my sculptures end of in the green or light yellow.
    For me, I like to max out complexity, if you already satisfy with the detail on its "main character", then try to use any complexity left for the environment around it. It really boost the look in PNG and even in game.

    10. Simple Paint is Best:
    While painting your sculpture, it's best not to use anything too fancy. My favorite texture is on Pg.1, Row 1, Column 2
    Simple paint work best if you try to recreate cartoon/ anime exactly. For me, I will only use simple paint if I don't have any other choice. You may use a paint to add more detail. A paint with one color option is the best if you aim for a "feeling" (like a single color fur, skin etc.). A paint with two color option is the best if you aim for more detail (Like a cloth or pattern.).

    Pezzalis's Building Set Basics:

    I'm gonna share some of my important guidelines to building sets

    If you want to make a cool set, the best way to do it is to play around with body and roof parts.

    It is important to find a Main set piece. This is the block that you want to be present throughout the whole set.
    Grab the main set piece, move it, morph it, size it. Find an appealing shape. Then duplicate it. Rotate it to be symmetrical to the other, or size it so it creates a layer. Get creative! When you have found a non complex design that you like, begin adding details to the building. Windows, doors, different block shapes, structural support, spires etc. Remember the detail parts you used. These are your Set detail pieces.

    This way every time you make a new building in the set, select the Main set piece and form the design you have developed, BUT make it slightly unique. Maybe rotate the whole design 90 degrees or shape it slightly larger or smaller - Morph it in another direction or even multiply the design and have multiple buildings This way there is a common design throughout the set. Then grab your Set detail pieces and well... detail it
    This way there is a common sense of style and detail throughout the set without too much similarity.

    Colouring: Make sure there is a colour similarity amongst the set. Seeing as colouring can vary greatly depending on the style, this is up to you.

    This whole design thing may seem a little complex, so here's some examples by me (Of other peoples species' buildings) :

    Dracknorin's Adrenti Set

    Main set piece:: Barn Roof - They are sized up, and duplicated many times, each time they are sized down a little to give the carved wood effect. They are stacked high above each other in a Norse-like fashion.
    Set Detail Pieces:
    Thinkin' Logs - Used as a central structure piece, usually painted like stone.
    Windows: Blue coloured blocks to replicate 'glass' areas. Glazier Box, Cobbled portal window pieces.
    Party Favour - Curled to give a carved bone look to the roofs.

    Wolfin298's Wolfin Species *COMPLETE*:

    Main set piece::
    Pyramid. Stretched long and rotated vertically. Duplicated, Pieces stretched back to standard pyramid size, then duplicated furthermore, raised and lowered to create triangular windows. On lower levels they are flat on the ground and duplicated and sized and painted accordingly.
    Set Detail Pieces:
    Not a lot really... The same trees (Top cap) I guess this was one of my earlier sets - But I think the design and paint makes it one of my best, but there isn't a lot of detail. You can see totem poles in most of them, and they use the same door.

    Zaragorne's Womple Species *COMPLETE*

    Main set piece::
    Barn Roof. A LOT of barn roof (Its very non complex)
    Multiplied and rotated around an axis to give the curved roof. Rotated and stretched vertically, then multiplied and sized down (and out) to give the layered window effect.
    Set Detail Pieces:
    Dome roof - Covering over where all the bases of the Barnroofs meet and form a circular area.
    Buckyhome - Used as a rounded base
    Tube cabin - Used as a corridor to the entrance

    RubbishyUsername's Greshian Species *COMPLETE*

    Main set piece::
    Octaroost. Stretched vertically (Maybe on a slight angle too) and copied, and rotated to form a symmetrical spire. Layered to form vertical window rows.
    Set Detail Pieces:
    Tower roof - Used as spires (Stretched a lot) and as a base on some of the buildings.
    Mushroom stalk and Acicularis. Used as flora (Or fungi)

    This style is present in nearly all my sets. I have a Main set piece and sometimes a secondary block piece, and many re-occurring detail pieces. I find that this... 'Format'... Makes set building very easy and much quicker (Once you've done the first building) while still retaining unique re-occurring forms and quality to the set

    Misc. Tips:

  • To rotate a body or roof, put it on any connector part. By using tab, you can move it in any direction you want. Here's a video:

  • As soon as you load up the editor, ALWAYS turn the building towards the screen. Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea:

    Notice the angle the building is relative to the steps.

    Note: There are a few issues with this if you are making GAprops. You may not want to turn the building. For some people, if the building is turned they appear that way in the adventure. It's also a lot more difficult to position them in the adventure editor - they are on an odd angle.

    One of the issues is that when you have a cut scene with a building object, the camera rotates to face the "front" of the building (the part facing the stairs in the building editor). This is different that the camera position used to create the png. You don't get the same camera angle.

    The other issue is that when you have give goals (give object to building), the NPC (or player) moves to the "front" of the building and hands the object to the "front" of the building. This can cause problems if the "front" of the building isn't accessible because the adventure author rotated the building because it was designed to have the best view face the camera that generates the png.
    -- Tip by DVDMaster

  • I find that looking at pictures really helps.

  • The best way to learn how something is built, is to take it apart.

  • Use parts to create a sense of scale on a building. Using parts to create a sense of scale in a creation would be important as well I guess, which is how you can recreate almost anything within the limits of Spore's creators, just through using the parts that we have available.

    The small spheres at the bottom, tweaked and coloured to look like pines help make this building seem much more accurate to its true height. Adding little details always helps to create a better building. Be it terraced gardens, little windows, balconies.

    --Tip by jamesgelfand

  • Experiment with parts. There are a lot of underrated ones such as connectors, windows and doors. Finding new and unique uses for the parts, rotating them to new angles, shrinking or enlarging them, even just basic experimentation all give rise to new results. --Tip by jamesgelfand

    Connectors are an underrated piece of the building editors, and I think windows and doors are better used in the same way many people use knurls on creatures! By flipping them upside down and back to front. --Tip by Vektrix

    Here are a few examples:

    The first one is a butterfly made almost entirely of just windows. The second one is by jamesgelfand where he attached a series of connectors, enabling the recreation of the 7* Burj Al Arab Hotel of Dubai. The third one is by StarUniter and uses doors and windows.

  • When trying to build more complex structures, start with the more detailed parts and replace them with simpler parts when the complexity shoots up too early.--Tip by Andeavor

  • If you're building an entire complex or a hallway for GA, keep editing the same building and save them as new creations; i.e. build the complete hallway section and then take it apart, saving each separately.--Tip by Andeavor

  • Making Parallel Building Parts at jaunty angles.

    -First you need to make your jaunty angled part, by attaching it to a connector, rotating the connector and use ctrl/shift to get it to the location you want.

    -Then attach a connector to this part you just moved, allow it to snap into position as shown on the left example.

    -Add the building/roof part you want to run parallel with the original, you can size it now, but sizing is still available at later times.

    -Using TAB on the connector, draging the connector round until it snaps into place. You now have a perfectly parallel building part.--Tip by Vektrix

  • Heres a little Halloween hint:

    Put blocks or something that fit in the windows, then paint the block or whatever you used black. It will then look like it's dark inside of the building.

    --Tip by HyperSmash

  • I've been making many props with a nice pattern on them, like this one:

    It's quite easy to make, but it does take some time to place all of the parts. Just make a wall, and put a small block in it, which must be a little bit thicker than the wall. Copy this block and raise it with ctrl, and you'll get a pattern like this after some time. The wall should be the bright colour (I used green) and the other blocks should all be a darker colour, if you want the same effect as here. If you're good at using the shift button you can make more complex patterns. Putting many props like these in an adventure looks very strange and alien. I hope you like this, and maybe some of you might find it useful.
    --Tip by Aegonian

  • What's a way to keep scale and style consistent in a series of buildings that are in different editors - factory, house, etc.?

    The best way that i can think of is to use a base part as a guide for the height, just shrink it and remember how many times your mouse scrolling wheel clicks as you expand the base part. eg: 12 times, then do the same for each building...
    If you want to place connectors or windows in the exact same position, you could always use the checkers texture or any other texture for a guide... Hope that helps.--Tip by techno605

  • ________________________________________________________________

    To save a lot of room, I've only included in the OP: videos, a bit of text, an example, GIF's and the final version. So if you want to read the full tutorial you'll have to follow the link below each tutorial!!

    Tutorial 1 ---> Fairytale House

    Click here to read the full tutorial.

    Tutorial 2 ---> Video and GIF's: How to make perfect arches and circles - By techno605



    Tutorial 3 ---> Video On how to create the perfect sphere - By techno605

    This is a quick video i created to show you how to create a perfect sphere
    I've seen a lot of people use the round building base part without making it a perfect round sphere... Yes, i'm fussy

    Tutorial 4 ---> How to make a love heart - By techno605

    Here is another video showing how to create a love heart


    Tutorial 5 ---> How to make a spiral


    Tutorial 6 ---> Fake Depth by TorgOwl

    How to use forced perspective to make structures look REALLY tall:

    Examples by TorgOwl:

    Examples by Andeavor:

    Click here to read the full tutorial.

    Tutorial 7 ---> How to Draw in Spore (Moogle)

    Click here to read the full tutorial.

    Tutorial 8 ---> How to Make a Ruined Building by Icedmask

    Here is a tutorial of how to make a ruined building: I (Icedmask) made them in a special way, so I wanted to share this with you. As an example im going to take a building that Ive made:

    Click here to read the full tutorial.

    Tutorial 9 ---> How to Make Creature Statues by Pezzalis

    Lord Lartes:

    Click here to read the full tutorial.

    Tutorial 10 ---> On styles, symmetry and the basic building shape by Parkaboy

    Click here to read the full tutorial.

    Tutorial 11 ---> How to make a spiral staircase by techno605


    Tutorial 12 ---> How to make abstract art (rings, circles, etc.) by alanw in German


    Tutorial 13 ---> How to make a spiral staircase by alanw in German


    Tutorial 14 ---> How to make abstract art using multiple connectors by alanw in German


    Tutorial 15 ---> Spore art and fake depth by alanw in German


    Tutorial 16 ---> How to make Spore art by alanw in German (consists of five different videos)

    Click here to view the other videos.

    Tutorial 17 ---> How to make art using cylinders by tomographics

    Click here to view the other videos.

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    Amazing sigs made by G3NJI and world_piece. Thank you very much guys, I really love and appreciate both of them!!

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    4. Tutorial 1 ---> Fairytale House

    Sure this building may look daunting, but I assure you that it is easy to create. If you want to make this building, go ahead, but please give me credit. Add in your own changes too. If you do make it, you can post it here. I’ve split it into 4 steps – Building the shape, Windows & doors, Decorations, and Paint.

    Step 1 – Building The Shape:

    1. Cubicle
    2. Cubicle
    3. Tube Cabin
    4. Cubicle
    5. Pyramid
    6. Tower Roof
    7. Pyramid

    For buildings, start off with the basic blocks – which will most likely be bodies and roofs - and then add on the details and décor. Place a Cubicle (1) in the center of the platform. Make sure to turn it towards the screen like I did in the screenshot above. Use the arrow pointing up to extend the part up a bit. Grab another Cubicle (2) and place it on top of the other cubicle. Use Ctrl to move the part down a bit so there is no space in between. Then find the Tube Cabin (3). Grab the up arrow and extend it above the two cubicles. Take another cubicle (4) and extend it again using the up arrow. Make sure that this cubicle is level with the Tube Cabin (3). This building is all about proportions. Rotate it so that it is on an angle like it is in the screenshot. Then switch to the roofs tab. Find the Pyramid part (5) and plop it on the middle blocks. Use the arrows to get the desired shape. Put a Tower Roof (6) on the left tower and a Pyramid (7) on the right one.

    Step 2 – Windows & Doors:

    You can choose to paint now, or wait a bit. For this tutorial I’ll go over paint at the end. Don’t use a ton of different windows. When you use the same parts over again it makes the building flow all together. Make sure that the windows are proportionate relative to each other.

    1. Lancet Columns
    2. Spoorish Lancet (4)
    3. Spoorish Lancet (2)
    4. New Colonial (2)
    5. Spoorish Lancet w/ Charismatic
    6. Spoorish Lancet
    7. New Colonial
    8. Machicolation (2)

    Place the Lancet Columns (1) door in the center of the middle bottom Cubicle. Then place two Spoorish Lancet (2) windows on the left and right side of the door (use alt tab to copy the windows). Make sure they are all level with one another (use Ctrl). Place two Spoorish Lancet (3) windows on the center line of the Upper Cubicle. Put each of these windows near the edges. On the Tube Cabin, put two New Colonial (4) windows. For the right tower, place a Spoorish Lancet (5) near the center of the cubicle. This time make the window bigger so that it appears to look like a door. In the details tab, place the Charismatic part under this window giving it a little balcony feel. Use shift to sink the charismatic in a bit. Place a Spoorish Lancet (6) above the balcony and a New Colonial window (7) below the balcony. Then put two Machicolation ( windows on the center of the Pyramid roofs. Use Ctrl to make them level with the edge. You’ll have to use the arrows to get the windows to look how they do in the screenshot.

    Step 3 - Decorations:

    1. Dome Roof
    2. Dome Roof
    3. New Colonial (
    4. Lawn Art (3)

    Place a Dome Roof (1) in between the two cubicles along the red line. Then grab any connector and place a Dome Roof (2) on the connector. Rotate the connector 180 degrees. Place it below the other dome roof leaving room for the windows. Delete the connector. Then place around either New Colonial (3) windows. You’ll have to rotate them to get the desired bay window shape. Then place three Lawn Art (4) parts (found in the Housing tab). Make sure the red edge of the bottom of the lawn art lines up with the red part of the buildings.

    Step 4 - Paint:

    Here are the paint textures and colors I used:

    At the top of the screenshot, the left texture is on the second page, first row, fourth from the left. The middle texture is on the first page, third row down, second from the left. The right texture is on the fourth page, bottom row, fourth from the left. Light beige and black for the first texture, dark red for the middle texture, and dark blue for the right texture. I used the shingle texture for the shrubs too, except green of course….Or if you want to make it easy, just use the Paint Like option. This can be found at the bottom of the first tab, when switching to paint mode.

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    Your a stalker...


    oh wow... this is... SO helpful

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    Mootacoo wrote:


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    Ctrl is vertical, shift horizontal. Small thing, but a big difference.


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    ChiefRockinHo wrote:Ctrl is vertical, shift horizontal. Small thing, but a big difference.

    haha! Thanks for letting me know about the mess up.

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    Yay! Really helpful

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    I think the building editor is a bit underrated. I naturally feel drawn to it since it's a lot more challenging to make complex creations in; all you have to figure out is how to rotate which piece in which direction, which parts to add to make it look the way you want, and spruce it up with almost any paint combination imaginable... then you're all set!

    U-unless... that's what makes it underrated...

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    That's an impressive tutorial. Now I'm not so confident about the create-off.


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    wow thanks sakiara when i read the tutorial i open up spore and try it my self i never thought i was this good at the building editor thanks again

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    I'm glad that you guys find it helpful. If you want you can request a tutorial, prop, post anything I missed, ask me for my opinion, and a bunch of other stuff!

    EDIT: Heh, I'm sure you did fine TheGuy.

    You should post it here if you make a building Antroz!

    @sparrior: I totally agree with you. I like the building editor the best.

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    Maybe a tut for rotating parts for those who don't know how? On an axis I mean...

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    Mootacoo wrote:

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    Now that I come to think of it, I remember something I made a few weeks ago.

    Interesting? Cuz' it is a building, I can assure you of that. When I made this, I was experimenting with mammoth turret designs (this was shortly after my feature). What I did here was I made it in the factory building editor: connectors serve as the shocks, the tires are made of "Donuts," and - to top the wheels off - I added factory parts to the inside of the tires to give the building the illusion that it's moving (if you look at it in the editor). Then, of course, I rotated a few body parts and used "Ctrl" and "Shift" to move them where I liked to get a cannon-y feel with the mammoth turret; and I finished by adding a paintjob that had a somewhat uniform style.

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    Nice sparrior, I like making things in the building editor that aren't actually buildings too.

    I've added a video:

  • To rotate a body or roof, put it on any connector part. By using tab, you can move it in any direction you want.

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    Probably on the EuroSpore forum ;)


    Saki, you are a sporeon above all sporeons, great guide!

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