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The Knights of Lusum!  XML
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Some Dumpster in Connetticut


Are you a Space Knight? Do you feel discriminated? There's a countless list of things that other archetypes like the Hippy Ecologists, Naive Zealots, or the Nerdy Scientists have that we don't! Philosiphies, voices, NPC empires, GA parts, you name it! I gather you brothers here today to bring happiness to all Spore Knights! We will be filling in stuff like tablets, GA parts and more!

1. No spamming.
2. Once we are done, we will try to get a Maxoid to look at us, (plays heroic music) and maybe some day we will be able to show the world, that knights are totally awesome.

1. You no longer need a knight save game to join! You will just be considered a Squire! It will have no effect on you KB earnings, though you must get a knight save game to raise rank
2. The Coolest Knight Contest is officially up! Enter today!
3. The Coolest Knight Contest is done! Congrats Jeffery94!
4. Medieval War Machine Contest is up!
5. Knights of Lusum Roleplay is ready! Join Today!
6. Medeival War Machine Contest is done! Congrats Jeffery94!
7. The Maxis Space Mission Contest has recieved it's first entry. I guess this means it has officially started.
8. I quit the Sporum. See Page 94 for details.
9. MSMC is over!

1. kaploy9/Leader
2. AaronMk/Trainee/0KB's
3. E25dusk/Servant/9KB's
4. Tukanon/Trainee/0KB's
5. 94Brain/Trainee/0KB's
6. jwmd2/Trainee/0KB's
7. Boggle1907/Trainee/0KB's
8. Michal04/Squire/0KB's
9. N-Gin_Creator/Trainee/0KB's
10. RegularSpode/Trainee/0KB's
11. tyranolodon/Trainee/0KB's
12. FlareFox7921/Trainee/4KB's
13. knightadder/Trainee/0KB's
14. MCKSTEALTH/Trainee/0KB's
15. Smartman21/Trainee/4KB's
16. skipp376/Trainee/0KB's
17. SpaceOddity1998/Trainee/0KB's
18. Bowdlen/Trainee/0KB's
19. Disami/Squire/0KB's
20. Jeffrey94/Warrior/20KB's
21. SeanStar25/Commander/Member-Relations/38KB's
22. Hierowick/Trainee/0KB's
23. ianmantis/Servant/8KB's
24. TiLanar/Trainee/0KB's
25. 93Eldest/Trainee/0KB's
26. ninja1361/Trainee/0KB's
27. titanoman/Soldier/17KB's
28. DragonEye4/Soldier/18KB's
29. mager56723/Learner/11KB's
30. babymip/Trainee/0KB's
31. tyrantcreator/Trainee/0KB's
32. JoJoMonkeyBall/Trainee/0KB's
33. Coupon11/Trainee/0KB's
34. Goobershmoo/Trainee/4KB's
35. Elessaar/Trainee/0KB's
36. XxnoahxX97/Squire/0KB's
37. wolfdude/Learner/10KB's
38. Lambocalzone/Trainee/0KB's
39. Jbotski/Trainee/0KB's
40. EthanAlex/Trainee/0KB's
41. Mizer8/Servant/5KB's
42. FlameJl/Trainee/0KB's
43. TheNameOfTheWind/Trainee/0KB's
44. Trickatel/Trainee/0KB's
45. Crystlewolf/Trainee/0KB's
46. MitsuUniverse/Squire/0KB's

1.Maxis Space Mission! Create a Knight themed Adventure! If we accomplish our Golden Goal, we will ask Maxis to copy it and use it as their own! Giving Credit to the winner of course!
Winner: Rodgers5's Castle Invasion
The Dark Knight
Quest for Knighthood

2. Coolest Knight! Create a Knight Creature! Only one entry per person!
Winner: Jeffery94's Golden Knight


3. Medieval War Machine! Create a Machine used by Medieval Armies! Two entries per Person!
Winner: Jeffery94's Trebuchet


Ranks: As you complete missions assigned by me, or win a contest, you earn what are called Knightbucks. Every time you get 5, 10, 15, and so on KB's you get promoted.
No Knight- Squire
0-4$- Trainee
5$- Servant
10$- Learner
15$- Soldier
20$- Warrior
25$- Gentleman
30$- Captain
35$- Commander
40$- Chief
45$- Highness
50$- Royal
How to Move Up in Rank: Missions! An easy way to make Knight Bucks! To get a mission simply PM SeanStar25 with a request of a mission and he'll get back to you with the mission and the amount of money you will earn.

Maxis Space Mission:
Castle Invasion

GA Parts:
-Speed Gauntlet: Increases your speed by 1 point. (as in you could have a captain with 6 speed)
-Bottomless Satchel: Replaces one of the attack functions, but spawns a throwable object(spear?) that does a large amount of damage to it's target. Would not work on allies.
-Attack Distributor: Increases attack power by 50%, but lowers social power by 25%.
-Social Distributor: Increases social power by 50%, but lowers attack power by 25%.

NPC Empire Text:

Trespassing Call
1. Are thou vanquishing Evil?
2. Are you trespassing on my noble territory? We must vanquish your evil!
3. Who are thou that wanders the cosmos aimlessly? Come in and we will evaluate your justice.

First Encounter
1. Who are thou, state thy buisness.
2. Present thyself before us.
3. Behold, our mighty empire! What is thy kingdom?

First Encounter (Nice Greeting)
1. Peace will be instituted between us, unless (Player's Rank) is just making a good first impression.
2. Well as long as you show kindness, we welcome you.
3. If thou are humble, then thou are welcome here.

First Encounter (Behold! Greeting)
1. If thou art so great, then prove to us thy worth in battle.
2. Pride is usually a sign of evil, but you may be an exception ...
3. Beware that thy arrogance does not lead to evil

First Encounter (Mean Greeting)
1.Ye shall be destroyed by the fires of Justice!
2. Know that for everyone of us you slay, a hundred more will take up arms in defense of justice
3. Thy insults show thy black heart.

Monolith Greeting
1.Thank you friend. Now that we are are more powerful we may finally extinguish evil from these land.
2.Although we try to live our lives expecting no reward, we humbly thank you for the assistance you have given us. But, the work of those who live by justice is never done; Onward!
3. Ah, so thou are who helped us become strong! Thank thee for thy kindness! May ye prosper forevermore!

Grox Attacked
1. The Grox have rendered the Forces of Justice busy at the moment! Come back another time!
2. The forces of evil are currently at work, please do not bother us!

Alien Attack Distress Call

Eco-disaster Distress Call

Ship Request

Orange Face Encounter (Met Before)
1. We are getting suspicious with (Players Rank)'s association with evil.
2. Thou are on the list of potential enemies. Beware, or we shall drop the potential.
3. Is thou ready to fix the evil thou has committed?

Orange Face Menu Screen
1. Do not touch anything valuable, for the stench of evil is following thee.
2. Speed thy choice of action, for we have more important matters than speaking to criminal scum such as thee.
3. Thy association with evil worries us. You do not want war...

Yellow Face+ Encounter (Met Before)
1. Greetings! While your society may appear just neutral, the only thing we shun from our homes is Evil.
2. Salutations! Are thou here for a specific reason?
3. Is thy allegiance on the side of good or evil?

Yellow Face+ Gift
1. Why, that is very generous of you! Kindness among strangers often signals good chivalry.
2. We shalt use this money to fortify our colonies.
3. Your generosity shall not go unnoticed.

Philosophy Explanation
1. We, as follower's of the Philosophy of Justice, are self-sworn protectors of the galaxy. We realize that there are threats endangering the well-being of the innocent and good, and that some have no safety. We live lives of dedication and perseverance, knowing that nothing less will exsponge the evil from the cosmos. Our goal is to protect those that need protecting from evil, and to strike down evil itself. When our willpower alone is not enough to defeat our foes, we can summon a smaller version of ourselves to encourage us and aid in our quests.
2. The universe is vast and inhabited by every manner of evil. We, the followers of Justice, provide order to the galaxy, fighting evil wherever it rears its ugly head. If thou art good, rejoice! For we shall protect thee. But evil should fear us, for we have the power of the Mini-U, to summon other good souls to aid us in the everlasting war.

Trade Route Approval
1. Yes, it is necessary for us to have the funds to keep our army in top shape.
2. Thee likes the opportunity to trade with justice.
3. We accept your trade offer, for currency is needed, to keep Good over Evil.

Trade Route Complete
1. We need funds to launch a crusade into enemy space and are willing to sell thee (star system name).
2. A purchase of (star system name) will greatly help fighting off evil.
3. Our funds are low, and (player's rank) purchasing (star system name) would double our strength.

Alliance Acceptance
1. Good, good, good. Together we shall destroy the evil of the universe.
2. Evil will cower in fear at our mighty alliance!
3. Thou will not be disappointed in the benefits of this alliance. Huzzah!

Alliance Decline
1. Our sincerest of apologies, but you have yet to prove your valor.
2. (Player's rank) has yet to show their dedication to justice.
3. Justice currently does not need any more supporters.

War Declaration
1. Evil surrounds you, so we must destroy you! But fear not, we shall destroy you with the beautiful technique of..... Laser fire!
2. Thou has mingled with evil long enough! We are at war!
3. (Player's rank)'s actions have proven to be evil! This is war!

Red Face Encounter
1. Halt, enemy of justice! Leave this region immediately or be vanquished.
2. How dare thee trespass on our lands!
3. Get out of our lands! Thy power is no match for ours!

Red Face War Bribe
1. If thou wish to atone for thy crimes, thou must pay us a suitable fine.
2. If thou does not pay thy taxes, thou shall be assimilated.
3. Hand over thy valuables or we shall lay siege to thou Empire!

Red Face Peace Decline
1. Thou dare to suggest that we would spare ye race for bribery! This is an insult to our honor, and for that we shalt slay thee!
2. We would like to make peace with you, but every word you say has such a strong taint of evil we are sure most of them are lies, and so the war must continue.
3. We shall not let money stop us from vanquishing thee!

Red Face Peace Acceptance
1. Thy money seems to have been most efficient. We are willing to give you another chance...
2. Thou have paid a suitable fine for thy crimes. We shalt accept it. For now...
3. Though bribes are evil, thy shall be spared...for now.

War Planet Surrender
1. A noble knight knows when to charge and when to retreat. (star system) is yours.
2. A fortress is nothing while the castle is destroyed. We shall leave the planet to thou.
3. A beacon of light will eventually fade if surrounded by darkness. (star system) is now your evil den.

War Surrender
1. We wish to fight no longer, for the Forces of Good are overwhelmed by your might! Will you bring peace?
2. The Squires of Justice needed training! Will there be a cease of fire?

Mission Text

Asking For a Mission
1. Thou wish to prove thy honor? Very well then, we shall consult the Knightly code to find a suitable quest.
2. If a quest is what it takes for thou to serve Honor, then a quest it shall be.

Mission Nevermind
1. Perhaps at another time you will come to your senses and serve Justice.

Eradication Mission Page 1.
1.The (species name) of planet (planet name) of system (system name) are overpopulating. Such events could lead to an Eco disaster, and disasters bring anarchy and chaos. We give thee the task of bringing the population down to normal. Upon arriving at (planet name) you have (time limit) to eradicate the proper amount of (species name). If thou succeed, we shalt give thee (reward)

Eradication Mission Page 2

Eradication Mission Complete
1.Not only have thou proven thyself noble enough to aid us in our task, but thou have also shown that thou care about nature. A true warrior must respect the world around him, and thou have done so. For the completion of this noble task we give thee (reward).

Artifact Retrieval Mission Page 1:
1. A while ago, several of our Knights entered an interplanetary tournament. Being noble warriors, they all took home trophies. However, a small group received a distress call from a nearby planet that was being attacked by pirates. Being the gallant Knights that they are, they defeated the pirates but lost the trophies. We wish for thou to retrieve the trophies, so that they can be properly remembered.

Artifact Retrieval Mission Page 2:
1. Thy main objective is to recover the trophies. They are located in the (system name), (system name), and the (system name). This is an important mission. The knights will want their trophies back so thy must meet with them in the (system name) system. Upon mission completion, we will pay thee in the usual wage.

Artifact Retrieval Completion:

Archetype Change Mission Screen:
1.Wonderful, I look forward to fighting alongside powerful beings such as thee in the future! But the powerful are often unjust and uncaring. Prove thy commitment to justice by donating 10,000,000 sporebucks to our crusade to defeat the Grox, and protect 15 of the colonies of the weak.

Archetype Change Mission (Accept)
1. Go forth, and shine the light of justice to the dark places of the cosmos!

Sentient Eradication Mission Page 1
1. A group of death row inmates on (planet name) in the (system name) system have escaped custody we request that thee eliminate them before they cause any trouble. The prison uniforms cause the to glow, so shoot only the glowing uniforms.
2. Knowst thou the vile overlord couched in [system name]? Verily, he is a bold rascal, and a lover of blood! Listen then, for this foul creature sendeth against us mannikens of steel, lacking souls, to plunder and despoil the rightful Lords of [system name]! These creatures may be marked by their purulent and unsavory essence -- spoken of as "lemon-lime deoderant". 'Tis the essence of sickness most vile, a plague carried on the humors and breath. They seek to engender the malady in the citizens of [system name], causing them to carry the pox afar. If such wizardry exists to control the plague, it is under the hand of that criminal most infamous! The plague must not spread! I'faith all will be lost, if thou dost not come with all haste and lend thine arm most strong to the aid of thy Brothers at arms! Wilt come?

Sentient Eradication Mission Page 2
2. We thank thou for your help. Unfortunatly, the law enforcement on the ground can't keep up with the machines, and when airborne units are sent in, the targets quitely slip into a building. Since you are not exactly well-known around there, we need you to pilot your craft to the cities and incapacitate the targets. Aim is a cruicial element, as we don't want innocent lives to be harmed during this operation. The "lemon-lime" deoderant is clearly visible, so you should be able to spot find them. Good luck, may Justice be with you!

Sentient Eradication Mission Completion
2. Well done! The sickness shall be of no threat now! The public has been informed, and the cure is being imported to the planet in case of a delayed-outbreak. While most of the robots were completly eradicated from our plan, some had their information nodes still intact. We are currently mining them for info on the whereabouts of the crime lord as we speak. On the behalf of the people of [planet name] and ourselves, we thank you, [captain name], for your assistance.

I'll add more later!

Scrolls of Justice:
Tell me if there is anything that you want to change.

Scroll #1:
Evil is a force in the galaxy constantly oppressing commoners and higher empires alike. The galaxy is becoming overridden with evil. These opposing forces must be stopped.

Scroll # 2 : People may try to stop the evil, but without honor, they are no worse than the enemy themselves.

Scroll #3:
At any costs, justice will prevail. We will spread our beliefs and gain allies, so that not even the strongest evil may prevail.

Scroll #4: Would thou wish to sing to enemies to avoid battle, become a bard. We Knights fight evil unto all ends, well or ill to us.

Scroll #5:
If thou will follow their beliefs more than justice, though shalt be dubbed a zealot.

Scroll #6: The Law is the highest authority in any system. Enforce it at all costs.

Scroll #7: The Grox are a barbaric evil with no honor. They are the ultimate enemy.

Scroll #8: Because the Grox blockade the Center of the Galaxy, they are selfish, which is a form of evil. The Grox must be destroyed in order for honor to be restored.

Scroll #9: Whoever destroys the Grox shall be remembered as the greatest of heros, and all should desire such an honor.

Scroll #10: Whether thou fight for religion, honor, or good itself, thou must know that the battle against evils like the Grox will turn sour, draw near to defeat. Fighting when you know there is no victory is true bravery, and is the greatest of all honors.

Advertise here! PM Rodgers5!
Please Check Out Glass Paints

Extra Things:

2.Idol/Mascot: Knightmare:
The Eye of Justice
3.Chat Room:

5.Knightly Videos:

6. Smileys:
7. Roleplay:

And may Knights one day rule.

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I am the proud owner of several space archtypes; a knight included. Although after reading a few of the Stones of Force I may not agree fully on that of the scrolls. The Scrolls of Force seem to compensate for both warriors AND knights.

Although, I would like armor parts and knight empires.

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Some Dumpster in Connetticut


I've added you. and I havn't read the stones of force in a while so can you post them here.

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Indeed, the Scrolls of Force include something about helping the weak by crushing them before someone else does; something that a true knight would never do. A knight would protect them by allying them and severely weakening the group attacking them, not by being the aggressor.

Might I join as well?

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Some Dumpster in Connetticut


Yep sure thing fellow brother...


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E25dusk wrote:Indeed, the Scrolls of Force include something about helping the weak by crushing them before someone else does; something that a true knight would never do. A knight would protect them by allying them and severely weakening the group attacking them, not by being the aggressor.

Might I join as well?

I've also read stones about not engaging in casual violence and the protection of your own species.

Historically speaking knights in the past have only been concerned primarly with protecting christians. The concept of a knight (and some of the later rules of chivalry) are some what religous.

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Civilized Sporeon

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I once had a Knight empire but I gave the Grox the silent treatment and they destroyed my Knight empire!

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My second highest Captain is a member of a Knight Empire.

My Creations are sig soon to come...hopefully.
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I join for sure! my main empire is knight! it bugs me they are going to appear as fricken' warriors in other their games, instead of the destroyers of evil they're supposed to be!

Aside from that, they have no own GA parts, they could have a space-ish knight helmet, plates, and other knight-ish stuff.

2 weapons (a sword and a bow?) and 2 pieces of armor (a helmet and a plate?)

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Haha Knights are dumb


Civilized Sporeon

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Cheesedragon117 wrote:Haha Knights are dumb


I am really sorry.

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Cheesedragon117 wrote:Haha Knights are dumb


*Presses the yin-yang button that appears inside the slot of a creature in the adventure creator*

There, now Scientists<All.

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I have a knight but the creature is really quite ugly so yea i would feel ashamed if i join with such a ugly knight XD.

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Bowdlen wrote:I have a knight but the creature is really quite ugly so yea i would feel ashamed if i join with such a ugly knight XD.

lol show us the creature.

By the way, is Typh39 joining or not?

Also check out the new Knight Banner Contest! Winner gets five Knight Bucks!

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I believe they go something like this:

Stone of Force Vol. 1
"The universe seethes with violence. It came into being in a vast explosion. Giant black holes lurk at the center of galaxies. Supernovas, gamma ray bursts, and pulsars destroy all life within reach."

Stone of Force Vol. 2
"Violence is not an unnatural thing. It is the normal state of being."

Stone of Force Vol. 3
"The physical form is weak. We can be ravaged by disease, broken in an accident, drowned in a bowl of water. Our own bodies can betray us with cancer or organ failure. If we survive a life of accidents, our own bodies break down and kill us."

Stone of Force Vol. 4
"All life betrays itself and dies. To attempt to preserve one's life is pointless. Loyalty must be given to something greater than a single life."

Stone of Force Vol. 5
"We offer total allegiance to our species, as represented by the state. We stand guard against all forms of threat. We do not value our own lives except as they are viewed as extensions of our species as a whole, and we ask nothing of ourselves other than to be able to raise the next generation in security."

Stone of Force Vol. 6
"Our game is a long game. We do not plan for the next year, or the next ten years, or the next budget cycle. We plan for eternity."

Stone of Force Vol. 7
"We do not indulge in casual violence. We do not engage in a War Against All. We fight in defense of our own security, and otherwise choose our targets with care."

Stone of Force Vol. 8
"If you are no threat to us, you have little to fear, unless you are weak- in that case, we may destroy you in order to prevent our rivals from profiting by your destruction."

Stone of Force Vol. 9
"The Grox are the greatest military challenge on our Horizon. The Grox are a race of machine warriors, armed with powerful weapons unknown to us. They have established a security zone surrounding the center of the galaxy and our intelligence has been unable to determine what goes on behind the blockade."

Stone of Force Vol. 10
"Though the Grox are formidable, machines are incapable of warrior spirit. In time, once the technology gap is narrowed, we will prove more than a match for them."

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