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Joined: 10/31/2008 21:13:49
Messages: 7

I don't know what EA did know but everything is working now properly even those things which i was not able to use since i've bought Spore. THANK YOU EA Maxis people !


Joined: 11/15/2008 00:48:18
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Here, because I can.


The Sporepedia on is VERY, VERY slow for me... Is this because I have IE6?
I can't upgrade cause I only got SP1.

Thanks Squig606! ^_^

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Joined: 02/15/2009 01:00:23
Messages: 13

For some reason,I had uploaded 29 of my creations,then recently uploaded another,and now,the most recent one is the only one.All the others have been removed from the server.I can't reupload them,so will someone please help me?

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Joined: 02/15/2009 01:10:18
Messages: 4

yes!!thank you ive had a lot of errors

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Joined: 09/26/2008 04:24:25
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I don't know if this has been mentioned or not and I am seriously behind the times on the forum but ... first off I am having the issue someone else mentioned a while back with the non-refreshing of approving new comments from within the 'Pedia main menu area, and sometimes I get duplicates and even triplicates of the same cm.

Second issue which I didn't see (didn't check all 16 some pages though) ... has the create a sporecast and all other sporecast abilities been disabled from the main menu 'Pedia area? The only things I have is the "Creations", "My Stuff", and "Buddies" tabs, and come to think on it ... I've never had the sporecast button ever, not even when I originally installed the game or new patches or with C&C. Is it just me or did they remove casts for everyone?

Also I noticed that if you try to leave a cm from inside the 'Pedia (not on website) and it's an old creation you get a "cannot connect to server" issue. I know the creation is there but from main menu it doesn't let me post anything for some reason.

Last issue I'm having is buddy DL refreshing. If I add a new buddy from the website I have to add them again on my game BL, and even though I put the settings to like 60 days back I don't get old creations. I have to remove and re-add the person before it'll DL anything, and it won't add anything but a few days back no matter how many days back I set it for. This a buggy on my end or something being worked on?

Thanks, oh and please please please tell us it won't be May before GA comes out, I'll be heartbroken, it was supposed to be my Birthday gift wahhhh!

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Joined: 09/28/2008 07:51:47
Messages: 499
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It works now 100% perfect for the last two days. Dunno why, but something gives me the feeling, it won´t stay like that. It did worked over the weekend the last two weeks and then showing up again at mondays or tuesdays.

The Sporecasts are still corrupted. I quit to use Sporecasts, so that´s no real problem...thinking about the guys with Sporecasts...



Joined: 10/18/2008 14:43:17
Messages: 13086


anyone ever had there computer crash caue you wer on tis site fo too long



Joined: 10/05/2008 16:04:03
Messages: 333

Digi-P wrote:I start to experience a very slow loading time for each page from for a while (both Profile page and Sporepedia Page). Each page take around 5 minute to load.

After experience this for a long while, I finally found a little workaround to comment someone back faster than just to wait for 10 minutes to let it load profiles page and browse user creations page. It's seems that the problem is on the "template" of each page that take too much time to load on the first time when it called.

So the workaround is simple, Just wait until the template for Sporepedia is loaded, then use a (Little broken) search systems to look for a user name that you want , wait the system to query and choose "see all that user creations". This way the page doesn't need to call its "template" and very fast to load.

I hope this workaround will help some people that experience with a very slow loading time on

I hope that someone from Maxis looking at this.

I test with different browser and found something interesting.

This is from the test on my PC
IE 7.0 doesn't have a slow down problem when browsing pages at except slow loading on thumb at first call.
However it seems that Firefox 3.0.6 take so much time to load pages at (Workaround is on the Quote.)

Testing IE 7.0 and Firefox 3.0.6 on the same computer and got a huge different loading time.
I hope this info is useful.

Edit: I need to left out Firefox 3.0.5 because firefox on my laptop update itself to 3.0.6 and not have any issue in loading Profile page and Sporepedia. So it's only happen to some computer (like my PC) or some kind of configuration.

This is what I already think and try:
PC and laptop use the same router so I think it's not about different router configuration.
IE 7.0 load the Spore pages much faster than Firefox 3.0.6 on my PC so it shouldn't be a firewall problem. (and firefox on my PC can load other site normally.)
Same firefox but on different computer and configuration give different loading time (only on Spore site.)
On my PC, I try uninstall java and reinstall it and it's still not help.

This loading problem happen to me this month (Feb.) and I didn't change any setting on Firefox.

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Joined: 02/11/2009 21:35:15
Messages: 5

I am having continues problems with the Spore Server in game, when i am trying to look for a creature or even look at one in one of my buddies list it says something similar to "Spore has lost connection to Server" it would be nice if Maxis-EA would look into this because for me at least it is making the ingame site useless, considering to download creatures i have to go there.


Joined: 02/15/2009 18:14:38
Messages: 1

I recently convinced my brother to buy/play spore. He and his wife are enjoying the game yet I can not find nor add him to my buddy list. I can however find him through the website. Oddly enough though he was able to find and add me to his buddy list. Also he does not have the ability to make and post a sporecast. We have both tried to use the email us link on but we can not seem to log in to send a message. Any suggestions are greatly appriciated.


Joined: 12/07/2008 04:31:52
Messages: 4

I've been playing Spore for a couple of months now and only once have been able to add my own creations to my sporecast. Now the sporpedia doesn't refresh and nothing shows up there except my own and some of my past buddies or sporecasts. I deleted some of them to try to get it to refresh but it doesn't happen. It sure would be nice to see this resolved. I'm wondering if the servers at Spore can not handle the load.



Joined: 02/17/2009 02:22:05
Messages: 1

how come every time i attack something it says display driver stops working.... i cnt even play the game cuz it keeps stoppn
plllzz help me


Joined: 12/24/2008 01:09:07
Messages: 15637

Things have been working really well for me since the last time I tested for you.

I just got online an hour or so ago, and can't connect to my home page via the in-game browser. I've tried this on both my fast and slow machines, and have a fast connection, so I don't think the issue is on my end.

I am sporadically having the problem of having to double-accept approved comments. The last comments did not have to double accept to clear them, but my husband (completely separate account) who is on now as well, had to reapprove several times (I've never had to more than 1 extra time).

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Joined: 02/20/2009 17:22:13
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So thats why I couldnt log in to my spore game!!

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Joined: 02/21/2009 04:25:49
Messages: 252
Does it really matter?


I have read that you can delete a screen name from the manage screen names. But every time i go there there is no delete near or around the screen name.

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