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When Did You First Join Spore?  XML
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When did you first play Spore?
2008 54% [ 14 ]
2009 19% [ 5 ]
2010 4% [ 1 ]
2011 4% [ 1 ]
2012 8% [ 2 ]
2013 4% [ 1 ]
2014+ 8% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 26
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Spacefaring Sporeling

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Wyoming, USA


CaptnSunny wrote:
SporeMasterSlime wrote:
PotatoOfJustice wrote:Seeing as how the Sporum will be closing down soon, I thought it would be nice to see how old the players still around are, if there are any decade old veterans left over.

What year did you join? Have you been around since the beginning in 2008? Did you join later on, maybe 2009 or 2010?

And how many of us are still even creating and actively playing the game?

Who are you? Why are you posting this under an alt? Things like that I will never understand...

Anyways... I first played on February of 2009... but before that I was on another site before Spore was released (then after the summer I kinda forgot about it for a while)... it was called, don't know if anyone remembers it...

I made an alt for funsies because idk, and then when I logged on to the Sporum I didn't know that you'd have to do the :[main username] thing to use your main account. It automatically logged in to this account and I stuck with it.

To sign in to one of your different account names just do (email:Acountname) when you sign in.

Also I've been here since the beginning I believe with the creature creator.

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Civilized Sporeon

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I was here from the early days before the JForum. I remember it was removed, and this one took its place. When registration started working again I joined.

I made so many things with Creature Creator when it came out, but when they began purging things I started making collections to save them. Even then, many things... vanished.

However, my very first creature still exists. Created over 10 years ago now, I present to you Veratorius.

DOB: 6/17/2008

Strange that it says created in spore instead of creature creator now. I pre-ordered the Galactic Edition at the time.

My Sporefile
I own 4 tarantulas. I <3 Spiders. RIP Mr. Fuzzy, Beta, and Delta. May you eat crickets in Spider Heaven.


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Early 2010. Was never that great of a creator, this was probably the height of my "work".

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