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DarkMagickan wrote:
Mike_Pence wrote:You had me at sexual organs.
And I'll be using this flimsy excuse to once again share my pet theory (as yet still not disproven) regarding Spore reproduction.

As we know, there are no genders in Spore. Any Spore creature can mate with any OTHER Spore creature. But what the actual SPORE happens? We see two Spore creatures dancing as little hearts emerge, and suddenly one creature is pregnant.

That is because what we assume to be hearts are, in fact, spores. The very spores for which the game is named. They combine in the air, and one creature inhales them and becomes pregnant.

By that logic all the animals in Zoo Tycoon reproduce the same They just lay beside together and then the female's pregnant!
And when they give birth the baby just fades into existence with a heavenly glow around them.

The dance and egg laying was just a "Kid friendly" way of having your creature reproduce without parents getting mad and having kids scared/get "the talk" early.

Though when I was little I was disappointed that I couldn't at least make the males/females slightly different from each other (even if it was just colour) and that I couldn't make my creature a mammal (give live birth).

When I was little I thought that they could just do what Zoo Tycoon did and have the pair lay beside each other, fade to black and enter the creator. Then when you exit the creator and fade back in the baby would be in the nest with the mom nuzzling it.


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I think they should still keep the mating dance in Spore 2. Or something else G or PG rated.
The mating dance is pretty straightforward as to what it means. With the floating hearts and all.

They should allow for the ability to edit the differences of the sexes though. (By differences I mean like how male lions have manes and female lionesses don’t)

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It's time to make Spore great again.
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