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How to protest bans  XML
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dragonBoy2006 wrote:I don't know where else to put this.

I have already asked and not got an answer. Why do mods have the power to ban people without any sort of challenge? Mobster guy could be having a bad day and ban you for no reason, and nobody would care. Added is the fact I am in a pit that I have no way out of- no matter what I do, since the mods consider me a 'troll', I am banned. While everyone else can say whatever and be fine, anything I do on this forum is called 'spam' and I am banned without debate. this is unfair and I want to know why we don't have, say, a court thread where we can discuss a user's supposed crimes before sentencing them to a 7 day suspension.

You've done suspension worthy actions and have managed to rack up 4 suspensions in less than 30 days. You deserve the ban escalation and you're getting rather close to justifying a rotation ban.

You were originally given a 7 day ban by Kyle on the 6th Dec for 7 days for 'Spamming and harassing' and then given another 7 days on the 15th Dec by Kyle for doing exactly the same thing: Spamming and harassing users.

You were then banned on a 1 day on the 24th Dec for multiple accounts of spam by me as I've already stated to you here with the evidence backing it up:

Your latest ban was done by Mob apparently because of thread derailment on the 27th. Considering your previous three bans and the evidence that you've shown no signs of improvement, the escalation is justified.

Like I've called you out on before, you're all talk since you just repeatedly do these kind of actions over and over again. It requires incredibly little effort not to do so, but you continue to do so regardless. You're on 23 suspensions on you account total now and you've shown absolutely zero evidence of actually changing that despite anything you may claim.

chantal71 wrote:I know exactly where you're coming from. Roughly the same situation happened to me twice on another site. As I said around those times to someone who coincidentally also faced a similar fate before us, there exists an oligarchy of people who wield authority, and as long as there is a connection between these people and none with those without power, this authority can easily become abused.

Answering your question more directly, there used to be a Community Thread here, but it was apparently never stickied, (I presume that moderators have no authority to do such a thing, thereby explaining that part.) and has consequently been forgotten, at least as far as I know. I do believe that anyone should get the chance to debate their ban every single time it happens, unless it is very much clear to all that the user in question has committed the act with a malicious intent carried over from a previous ban. I just hope that any trial that may result from this doesn't end up becoming a show trial, as Roger Waters so brilliantly demonstrated.

The town hall thread exists partially to stop separate complaint threads from having to become a thing. This thread doesn't actually have to exist, although I will pin the other one anyway since we have some room now to do so.

Comparing a small bunch of volunteer moderators to an actual oligarchy though is laughable. This is the most flexible and lenient moderation this forum has ever had contrary to belief and we do let a fair bit slide compared to previous years, we even have things like the town hall as an open complaining area along with privileges of multiple open threads and even a political open thread to let people discuss almost whatever they wish (within reason).

You know the old saying though: "you give an inch and they'll take a mile". It's the same thing every single time. Spam accounts and 'Troll' users pushing things too far over and over again and then taking direct advantage of current levels of leniency to whine about it when we finally step in and give them a deserving ban.

Locking things up here, this should be in the Town Hall thread instead.

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