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Dimensional Clash IX [IC]  XML
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Rainbow Raider

Rainbow Raider then a quick 180 degree turn to look at Vault Boy. He attempted to use his powers to blind Vault Boy before turning invisible. He ran all around the guards around him, punching them to death one by one until only Vault Boy remained.

Rainbow Raider, finished with all other disruptions, created a ceiling-less light wall around Vault Boy. Rainbow Raider used his strength to jump into the air and down into the barrier around Vault Boy, hoping to crush him.

"TAKE THIS!" Rainbow Raider bellowed.


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deez nuts


Vault Boy

The cartoon was squished into a pancake, flat again. But, apparently he was still alive. "Ow, that hurt!" he complained.

"Come on, my friend! Why are you trying to kill me? I'm not tryin' to kill anyone!" Vault Boy asked.

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Rainbow Raider

"You are one of the beings who travels through dimensions! Your kind trapped me in the middle of Jupiter! Do you know how long I was in there!" Responded the Raider to Vault Boy. He did not wait for Vault Boy to respond and created a briefcase out of light. Rainbow Raider picked up pancake Vault Boy and put him in the briefcase.

"This will do for now until I find a way to properly destroy you!" Rainbow Raider proclaimed. He picked up the brief case by the handle and began to walk north. There he saw a snow covered mountain. He figured that must be the place he was told more enemies may be.


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deez nuts


Vault Boy

"..well, this sucks." muffled the cartoon from the brief case, before sighing.

"I'm gonna be in here for awhile."

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Donnel had awoken from his sleep this morning to find himself in the middle of a town that he did not recognize. There were people about. They were villagers just like he was, but this town wasn't anything like the one he had grown up in.

What a strange place...

Suddenly, it became even stranger when he noticed a large whale flying overhead.

This whale was very large of course, and very white. The crowd turned up to the sky and noticed the whale. Many began to scream and flee to their homes. Donnel wasn't sure what to think, so he grabbed his javelin and threw it at the whale. The thing was going too fast for him to hit it, unfortunately.

The whale flew over the town and away, somewhere far off into the distance.

Moby SPORE, the white whale, approached the Imperial City after flying over that town. He began to circle the city, preparing for attack.

Now was not the time, but soon...

Yes, soon.

"Isaac, it's time to wake up."

Isaac rubbed the sleep out of his eyes to see a young boy standing at his bedside. It was Ivan, of course. Isaac stood up and stretched. He grasped the Sol Blade that lay at his bedside and placed it in the sheath that was on his back.

"Something serious has happened... Alchemy has been sealed yet again!" Ivan exclaimed.

"What? How is that possible... Only someone very powerful could have done this..." Isaac mused.

"Of course, but we don't know who that someone could be. You have to help us find out. Now come on, let's go!" Ivan said.

Ivan and Isaac walked through the door to leave Isaac's room, but there was a great, blinding flash of light.

Isaac now found himself on the outskirts of a large city. He didn't recognize the area at all, but he noticed that there was, strangely, a large whale flying over it. Isaac walked towards the city. He hoped there wasn't any trouble in here yet.


That was the last thing Saturos remembered. Menardi and himself, falling, an eternity of nothing but that...

Then, the town.

Saturos now found himself in a town. It reminded him somewhat of his own hometown, Prox, except remarkably less cold. He did not recognize this town, nor could he imagine that this was what was located at the base of the Venus Lighthouse.

He looked around. There wasn't a single person he recognized here. People were starting to give him strange looks, wondering where such a man could have come from, and what he could possibly be up to in here.

Saturos noticed another stranger who seemed equally as confused as himself. A boy, wearing a cooking pot for a hat. Saturos thought this to be very abnormal and decided to avoid the kid.

He felt his pocket.

There was the Venus star.

Wait, the Venus star?

How was this possible?

Some sort of trickery, perhaps... No, this couldn't be the real elemental star...

Captain Nemo
Captain Nemo had crossed into the universe where Nirn was located. He landed the Nautilus on the outskirts of the Imperial City. He spotted that Isaac boy walking around.

No, this wasn't what he was looking for.

He was looking for the tourneymasters.

He couldn't let another tourney happen again... The damage to the Omniverse that these caused...

Fish found himself in Nirn.

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Dating Papyrus



"Lady Sakura!" called a chestnut-haired girl in pink garb. A sheathed katana dangled from her hip.

"H-hana?" Sakura asked, standing up abruptly from her koto as her retainer came into the room.

"An urgent message has arrived, addressed specifically to you," Hana reported, handing the letter with both hands to Sakura.

"Okay," Sakura said, taking the letter, and opening it up. It was written in Comic Sans MS.

"heya! if this letter reached you, then somewhere out there a walking angry sushi lady needs your help. meet me in the courtyard. yours, sans the skeleton."

"Is this a joke?" Sakura asked, not angry, but confused.

"Would you like me to dispose of it?" Hana asked.

"N-no..." Sakura replied, turning the letter over.

"P.S. bring your retainer. you will need her help as well. don't want the omniverse to explode again, right?"

"O-Omniverse?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know what it means, but I would demand an explanation if I were in your shoes," Hana suggested.

"Hmm..." Sakura read the letter over again. "You know what... I'll go. If this concerns more than one universe, then it's my responsibility as a p-princess to take care of my kingdom."

"Do you want Ryoma to go in your stead?" Hana asked.

"N-no... I need to learn to take a stand," Sakura insisted.

Hana nodded. "Then I'm coming with you."

Hana and Sakura descended the steps, the letter in Sakura's hand. They reached the courtyard of Castle Shirasagi. The cherry blossoms were in bloom, and the rivers were running with sparkling clear water. It was a beautiful courtyard, and a reminder of what needed to be protected.

Standing under the shade of a tree was a skeleton. A stout skeleton, in a blue hooded sweater and track pants. He was wearing blue sneakers, with the laces untied (for he was too lazy to tie them back up). He was audibly snoring.

Sakura approached him.

"Uh, h...hi. Are you S-Sans?" Sakura asked.

The skeleton, oddly enough, moved the radials of his eyesockets like eyelids to look up at Sakura.

"yep, that's me alright," Sans replied, yawning. "what's up?"

"You sent me this letter..." Sakura replied, holding up the envelope. "And you t-told me and Hana to meet you in the courtyard?"

Sans nodded. "yep. if you got that letter, then i've got some bad news for you. the omniverse is in danger, and it's the fault of a trio of powerful macguffins." Sans looked between Sakura and Hana. "now, i don't blame you if you wanna turn back..."

"No!" Sakura and Hana said at the same time.

"N-no. If it's something that can be prevented, and if it's something that affects Hoshido, then I have to help," Sakura said.

"And I go wherever she goes," Hana said, with equal conviction.

Sans smirked. "okay," he said. "you know, you remind me of someone i know, kid." Sans winked at Sakura. "anyways. come with me. i know a shortcut."

Sans held Sakura and Hana by the hands, and the world went black.

When they re-emerged, Sans, Sakura, and Hana were standing in the center of a medieval metropolis, filled with mighty buildings made of stones.

"whoops. shoulda made that left turn at albuquerque," Sans said, noticing that he had landed in the Imperial City rather than Helgen, where Alphys had told him to bring the heroes.

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I don't know.


Sarah Gray

"...If you would just listen to me," Sarah Gray began, decked out in her riot gear as she pleaded with her captain. Unfortunately, he was having none of this.

"Drop it! We are taking out Dean and that's final! I don't care if he's your brother, look at the damage he's caused!" Captain Miller, to emphasize his point, slammed down a pile of files on Sarah's desk, "And you are staying out of it!"

"How many times do I have to tell you that I hate him too! But he's keeping the criminals out of Staten!" she protested, "I can get out there right now and have Dean push through Robertson's lines-"

"So he can take more territory and kill more innocent people?" Miller shot back.

"Which is exactly what Greg is doing!" Sarah shouted.

The room went silent for a moment. Before Miller could speak, Sarah was whisked away to an entirely unfamiliar land of dragons and cheese wheels.

With a loud yelp and a quick curse, Sarah snapped into fighting mode, quickly looking at everything around her. Buildings, sky, sun, ow not the sun, ground, moving briefcase...


"Where the hell is this!?" Sarah yelled, her breathing quickening. What was this? She was in a heated discussion with her captain just a second ago. And now she was in... Some city. A medieval looking city with an enormous tower.

And she swore she could hear breathing coming from inside that briefcase. The officer cautiously approached the briefcase, before clicking it open and jumping back, readying her riot shield for whatever would happen.

Then the world blew up. The end.

EropsToad wrote:wups
DarkLord979 wrote:Ok... take my five stars...

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Vault Boy

Vault Boy immediately popped out of the briefcase, no longer flat. "Well, thank you, ma'am!" he thanked, waving to Sarah.

"I know you might be scared, but call me Vault Boy!"

"COWER IN FEAR" EropsToad, 2016



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Rainbow Raider

In the sky, the man of rainbows could see a flying whale. He knew for absolute certainty that he was definitely in a Clash now. Then Vault Boy popped out of his case. Rainbow Raider did an immediate 180 to face Sarah Gray.


Rainbow Raider dashed towards Sarah Gray, grabbing the top of her riot shield and launching himself over to jump on her head, as if he were Mario or something.


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The first DCIX collab, presented to you by most of your cast:

Crash Bandicoot

Wumpa Islands

"Hoooeeoeehehehhehe!!!!" Crash giggled, spinning around and around and smashing crates of Wumpa fruits to splinters. "WUMPAAAA!"

Crash picked up the juicy fruit and took a huge bite. If there was anything he loved more than pancakes, it was Wumpa fruit. Crash lazily chewed on the succulent flesh of the fruit, before reclining in the boughs of a tree.

Crash might have been a bit of a dope, but he had a heart of gold, and a curious eye. And that curious eye would get him into the biggest adventure of his life.

Out of the corner of his eye, Crash spotted a swirling wormhole, one with a bright center. Intrigued by the shiny object, Crash hopped down from the trees and landed with a thud. A little dust kicked up around his sneakers, and interestingly enough, drifted towards the vortex.

Crash, of course, knew a thing or two about vortices and Dr. Cortex. Making assumptions, Crash jumped in...

Gaster Dog

Gaster Dog stopped when he passed the alien and turned to him and looking not the least bit surprised.

"Hello, there!" Suska exclaimed, trying his best to ignore the fact that Cappy just ran past him, waving to Gaster Dog. "Who are you? Can you speak, my friend?"

He nodded and popped out of his armor, of course revealing his fluffy body with his wagging tail.

"..well, I'm Suska Leoi! Do you want an explanation for why you're here?"

Gaster Dog nodded once and barked happily.

"Well, basically, we're in this thing called a tourney, or a clash, where people are taken from their universes to meet up with each other. This clash has started because this brilliant scientist named Alphys told me that a foul being stole valuable items! We must get them back!" Suska explained enthusastically.

"..Why can't they do it?" Livaph asked, scratching his head with a knife, "If they're so brilliant, they can easily figure out a way to easily get them back."

Suska turned to Livaph, replying with, "They're more powerful than you think! Oh, and who are you?"

"I am The Jestermaster, my good sir," Livaph replied, "But aren't these people who bring us here powerful as well? Why can't they simply beat them into a pulp?"

"Of course they're powerful! But the enemies are.. stronger.. They'll be overpowered by them, and we wouldn't want them to die, would we?"

"Do send more people to die so they don't?" Livaph argued, "Their plan seems faulty to me."

Kriton sent Livaph a deadly glare. "But what would I know, I'm just a Jester!" Livaph laughed nervously at Kriton's delight.

The blue alien's digital eyes squinted at Livaph, before returning to normal. "They promised they would protect all of us with their lives!"

"Promises.. How easily they can be broken," Kriton reminisced, looking up at the sun.

"Don't lose hope!" the Tigra exclaimed happily. "The creature has hope here. Isn't that right?" Suska looked down at Gaster Dog.

Gaster Dog nodded again and then jumping around, then squeezing back into his armor.

"Help," said a feminine voice nobody heard before. The one who said this was none other than Reimu Hakurei, and by her side, Takumi, clutching his shoulder in pain. "This very rich and wealthy royalty figure is wounded, and needs immediate medical attention!"

Suska immediately turned to see the two. "Oh no!" the alien yelled out of terror, running towards Takumi and Reimu. "What happened?!"

"Long story," Takumi said. "I was shot in the shoulder by an... 'old friend' of mine. If it helps, this is a bullet wound, so if any of you can remove a bullet wound, that will be very helpful."

"Lemme see, maybe I can yank it out!" Livaph hissed, examining the wound with pupil-less eyes.

Takumi moved his hand that covered his shoulder, and everyone could see a bullet wound, and it was bleeding profusely. Those from the previous clash would maybe recognize the damage....

"I don't think ripping out a bullet is a good idea," Suska disagreed to Livaph.

"I HAVE A RIPPER!" Cappy interjected walking towards Takumi with said weapon.

The alien's digital eyes literally bugged out as he turned towards Cappy. "No! That's even WORSE!"

"Ah, I must simply disagree," Livaph said, yanking a small worm with many teeth from his rotting back, "This thing can eat it out nice and well!"

"Hey," Takumi said. "I'm all in for getting this piece of metal out of me, but before you start putting wriggling maggots in me, I think we should look to other sources first."

Alphys finally caught up, as she ran over to Takumi. "T-Takumi!! I'll save you!!" the lizard scientist exclaimed, bringing out a First-Aid-Kit as she stopped and opened it up. It was full of a lot of supplies.

The scientist used medicines, bandages, etc on Takumi in a span of 3 minutes, before applying the bandages at last. Luckily, the bullet was taken out too. Albeit painfully.

Livaph sighed, "Oh well, go on little bugger," Before flinging the worm away, where it slithered off, probably eating small animals.

"Thanks," Takumi said to Alphys. He turned back to Reimu and forked over a metric ton of money. "That's for your services."

"..okay, well-"

Alphys then explained ONCE AGAIN why they're here to Takumi, Cappy, and Reimu.

Cappy raised his hand as if he wanted to ask a question.

"Got all that through the instagram feed, but thanks," Takumi noted after the speech was done.

Reimu looked puzzled. "Well, that explains the westernized donors," she thought to herself aloud.

Alphys turned to Cappy. "What is it..?" she asked.

Cappy's eyes clicked left and right like a cuckoo clock, "May I see your tickets?"

Right as Cappy said that, a man in a brown trench coat popped into existence, his back to everyone else. He landed on the ground on his knees and slowly rose to his feet. He stretched for a second or two before turning to face the others.

As everyone looked at each other in confusion in response to Cappy, Alphys responded. "What t-tickets?"

Meanwhile, Suska turned to the man that entered, losing attention of Cappy and the others. The alien's eyes lit up excitedly, as he walked over to the man. "Hello, there! Do you need help wondering why you're here?"

"No, I'm fine. This is just standard at this point." The man, Looker, replied. Little did he know that he jumped from the seventh Dimensional Clash to the ninth.

"Oh! Well, just another explanation, basically Alphys and Undyne started this clash because there's a shadow demon on the loose."

"No, no. I think you're mistaken. This event was caused by a being known as Dester." Looker replied.

Suska had a happy expression with his digital eyes, but on the inside, he was confused. So much that he had to put on a straight face. "I don't know who Dester is! Are you from somewhere else?"

"As far as I'm aware, I'm as much as from some place else as you all are." Looker responded, a bit troubled and confused now.

"Tickets?" Cappy demanded his eyes rattling like googly eyes

"I don't have any tickets.." Alphys muttered.

"So," Takumi said, ignoring Cappy's unusual demand, "any leads to where we can find your precious things?"

"I know someone who would do that," Reimu thought. "... but she's probably not here."

"Well, right now, Undyne's busy looking for a clue. She's supposed to text me if I-"


"okay maybe I misheard her and instead she would call me"

"Well, are you going to answer it?" Livaph said, "If it's that important, hurry and answer!"

"O-of course!" Alphys stuttered, running off to behind a house and answering the phone.

"Day passes, please" Cappy said in a foreboding tone, just a hint of malice creeping into his voice.

Livaph hummed, before quickly grabbing a piece of paper and an ink pen. He tore the paper so that there was a piece for each person, before writing "Day Pass" on each and every single one very crudely. He quickly handed them out, before handing his to Cappy.

In a bright flash of light and dramatic-ness, came the ultimate veteran of Dimensional Clash. THE ONE


"Aw f*** I spilled chili all over my vest," Trashcanhead mumbled as he wiped chili off of his bulletproof vest, before finishing off his hot d- "Wait what-"

Suddenly, out of a wormhole overhead, a furry orange bandicoot landed on Trashcanhead's, well, head. "WHOA"

Crash hopped off of Trashcanhead and looked around, a crazed, not-completely-there look in his eyes. He scratched his head, confused. "Wumpa?"

"Hello!" Suska exclaimed. "I-"

"PANCAKES!" Crash yelled back, grinning at Suska while biting down on his tongue. "Heeheehee!"

"What are pancakes?" asked the alien. Obviously, since he wasn't from Earth, and neither does he know everything about Earth, he doesn't know what pancakes are.

Ignoring the whole event of Crash landing on his head, for something far more dire had arisen, Trashcanhead turned and gasped, "You've never had pancakes?" Forget the fact that he was just whisked into another Clash, this was what was really important. Though he did quickly look around and ask, "Also is Selena here? Is she.. In this one? Please?"

"I've never had pancakes! Are they a type of food? Also, I don't know who Selena is!"

"Sheeit," Trashy muttered with disappointment, still looking around before focusing on the pancakeless friend before him, "It's some real good s***. You usually have it for breakfast, but there's this one place I heard about that lets you eat it for dinner too."

Donnel walked around the town of Helgen. He notices the large gathering of people there and approached them.

"Where did all of ya come from? Don't reckon I've seen ya before... Where are we, anyways?" Donnel asked.

Suska nodded at Trashcanhead, before turning to Donnel. "Oh! We're all from different universes! But, we're in a town called Helgen. You see.."

Then Suska explained what happened and why they're here to Crash, Trashy, and Donnel. Again. At this pont it might be repetitive, but EVERYONE needs to know!

Crash, however, was not paying attention; instead, he was cleaning out the inside of his ear with his pinky. (And eating it.)

"So I've got to help ya get these things back? Sure, I can do that!" Donnel exclaimed.

"Ew nah dude don't do that," Trashy said to Crash, "I knew this one dude who tried surviving off just his ear junk, and he got super bad constipation."

Crash pulled his pinky out of his ear, stared at it, then held it out to Trashy as if offering it, a blank expression on his face.

Suska wasn't disgusted at this, since he didn't have ears. That means he didn't have ear wax. So he had no idea what it was.

"I don't want to get constipated! You're supposed to make candles and s*** with that," Trashy explained, "I saw it in a movie."

Crash shrugged and popped the rest of the earwax in his mouth.

"What's that stuff? Is it another type of food?" Suska asked. "I'm sorry if I'm asking so many questions! I'm from a different planet."

"You are a really dumb space-faring creature," Livaph laughed, "Doesn't even know how ears work! Ha!"

Suska's digital eyes lowered sadly as he slumped down.

"Hey be nice to the... The..." Trashy began, before whispering, "What are you?"

"I'm a Tigrian. An alien species. Most call us ugly or stupid." replied Suska.

"Be nice to the Tiger!" Trashy demanded, "They don't even have ears, how are they supposed to know how they work?"

"Well, they should at least of done surveys on species WITH ears! Even the dumbest Yin would do that!" Livaph laughed some more.

"Why do most have to be so rude to my species?" Suska wondered.

Crash held out his earwax to Suska, giving a goofy grin to the Tigrian. Trashcanhead shook his head to Suska, indicating to politely decline the offer.

"I would accept it, but I must decli-"

"NO OUTSIDE FOOD IN THE PARK!" Cappy said taking out a baseball bat

Trashcanhead looked around, "Oh s*** is this like.. One of those theme parks? With a theme?"

"No." Suska said.

"Do you want to know why most laugh at your people? Taking a good look at you, they'll say you're all stupid!" Livaph cackled.

Suska then slowly crawled away from Livaph, no longer wanting to stay with the group.

"Sports?" Crash asked, ripping the baseball bat out of Cappy's hands and spinning around and around.

"Steaing park merchandise, will have all interlopers cut from the park!" Cappy aid taking out a ripper

Crash ignored Cappy and bounded over to Suska, before offering the baseball bat (it was partially chewed) to the alien. Though, Suska just ignored Crash. He was afraid that they'd just insult him more. Crash drooped, and continued to follow Suska, offering the chewed-up bat each time he was rebuffed. He wriggled his bushy eyebrows.

Cappy revved up the Ripper and swung it towards Crash's midsection.

Right then, Suska turned his head and sprung up immediately, then taking the hit of the Ripper. Don't worry, it only hit his armor. But it still pierced through a bit. "I have no idea what's going on!" Suska exclaimed.

"How could you not hear him running up to you? Oh right," The Jester snickered.

Suska then threw the Ripper on the ground towards Livaph. Apparently the Ripper didn't hit him.

"Holy s***! What is your problem?" Trashy was quite peeved at Livaph.

"Just following what my role entitles, my good sir. A Jestermaster must always keep a light mood." The Jester Livaph laughed.

"You're doing the opposite of keeping a light mood. You're s***ing on someone and being an a**," Trashy said sternly.

"Might not be light to you, but my peers are always laughing up a riot by this time! And I haven't even killed a lot of people yet!" Jestermaster Livaph grinned, hundreds of small, razor sharp teeth filling his mouth.

"You will soon!" Suska exclaimed. "I know it!"

He seemed to sound enthusastic about it. He didn't say it because he wanted to be a jerk, but just to point it out.

"Well, there's that guy over there," Livaph pointed back to the dead archer, "But he wasn't that fun. All he did was scream! Where's the fun in just a few screams?"

"Why are you so rude?" asked Suska. He didn't really want to hurt the Jester, but he still wanted to confront him. Of course, he's used to being called ugly and dumb, but he hasn't been called that in a long time.

"Rude is a subjective term, sir," Livaph giggled, "I prefer to call myself jovial!"

"I don't care about your subjects or whatever you're saying. You want to keep the mood light? Do it a different way. We're not your peers and we don't laugh and calling people ugly and stupid," Trashy stated. Livaph's insults of intelligence seemed to strike a nerve with Trashcanhead.

"Alright then, lets see if you like physical comedy! Does anyone have a pet?" Livaph asked.

"Are you going to try to murder a pet? If so, I'm not giving you any pets." Suska said. He was trying his best to hold back from going all out on Livaph.

"Ah, nevermind," Livaph picked up a rat from the ground, "This will do!"

"What about... Knock knock jokes? Or fart jokes?" Trashy suggested.

"Too late!" Livaph began to juggle the rodent, as it tried to squirm out of the air. As he juggled, he yanked another of the toothy worms from his back, and began to juggle it too.

Very slowly, the worm was catching up to the rat as they were juggled, its jaws snapping. Eventually, it caught it, as the rat let out a single screech as the worm swallowed the rodent whole. Livaph caught the worm. "Tah-dah!" He said, holding the worm, which snapped at the air, the rat's tail still flailing out of its mouth.

Suska stared in terror at Livaph. "C-can we just ignore him, now? I want to introduce myself..!"

"That was f***ed up," Trashcanhead said, shaking his head and turning away from Livaph.

"Anyways! I am Suska! You?" the alien introduced, looking down at Trashcanhead.

"Trashcanhead, but everyone calls me Trashy," introduced he, "This is my second clash thing."

While they were busy arguing Cappy picked up the Ripper

He looked towards Crash, humming the Nuka-Cola theme

Crash shrugged and tossed the baseball bat over his shoulder. The bat twirled through the air and bonked Cappy on the head.

A brief fountain of regular bottle caps sprayed from Cappy's form, which Crash ran over to pick up because they were shiny.

Crash turned back towards Suska, his arms full of bottle caps. Crash held his arms out, a couple caps falling from in between his furry arms. He grinned up at the alien.

Suska looked down at Crash, before taking the bottle caps. "Thank you!" he thanked, keeping the bottecaps in his own arms as he turned back to Trashcanhead. "A veteran! That's great!"

"Huh... I guess I am a veteran. I always thought veterans were old people though," Trashy remarked.

"Crash!" Crash said, pointing proudly to himself. The fact that he could say his own name filled him with pride.

"And I'm Suska!"

Finally, after literally ages, Alphys came back. "Sorry f-for taking so long.. I had to-"

Undyne fell from the sky, accidentally squishing Alphys in the process. "NGAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaah"

"Hello!" Suska waved again. "You squished Alphys! Somehow, she's still alive."


"Oh look! An organism with ears! Maybe now you can learn about them, blue-bot," Livaph snickered

Undyne aggressively attempted to shove a spear down Livaph's throat. Literally.

"Sheeeeit. it's you!" Trashy exclaimed to Undyne, glad to see a familiar face.

The spear poked through Livaph's neck, as he painfully yanked it out, "That would've hurt if I felt anything anymore," he gurgled, as his throat slowly reformed.

"Then I don't have to feel pity for you when I slice off your head." Undyne snapped.

Alphys lifted an arm as she got up. "..Undyne, you promised you wouldn't kill anyone."


"Such a benevolent overlord," Livaph mock bowed, before Kriton smacked him on the back, hissing, "Have some respect, peon! She might just continue if you don't shut it!"

"Anyways.." Undyne groaned, turning to the others. "I didn't find any clues yet. But, I'm glad we're all together, so eventually we get out of this place and either stay together, or go in separate groups."

"Well, don't involve us. We must be off," Swarmqueen Kriton said squirming away, "A hive cannot rebuild itself, you know."

"Yeah yeah, go ahead." the fish warrior said. "Now we can just relax here for a bit if you guys want."


Meanwhile, in the Somniverse...

In the Somniverse resided a recognizable, hated dragon from the previous clash. If it weren't obvious at this point, it was Alduin.

Alduin despised what had happened last year; he didn't want it to happen again. But considering he was stuck here, he probably wouldn't be able to get his revenge.


Hello! Mind if I say hi?

Alduin turned, staring at a tree-shaped shadow, who was carrying a humongous bag of Lays chips in his armpit. "Who are you," the dragon asked.

You don't need to know. Anyways, I've been thinking, and I've decided that I could release you from here and let you free. As long as you try to hunt down every single one of the clashers for me.

The World-Eater growled. "Perhaps I could accept daar, Vokun." he mumbled.

Great! Be sure not to use your weird language in front of me, though. Don't attack immediately, though. I'll tell you when! Ta-ta, have fun resurrecting dragons.

Afterwards, the demon disappeared, as Alduin was presented with a pathway to the exit of the Somniverse.


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The World Between Worlds

Deep within the World Between Worlds, two entities are waiting outside a large blue wireframe door, waiting to be summoned into the next room. The first being was a small cat, timid looking and wide teeth. The second was a small animatronic bear, its skin the color of gold, donning a purple hat and a purple bow tie to match. This is Fredbear, of the FNAF Worlds, and Valerie, brother of the guardian of Zone 0, the Judge. Valerie was pacing back and forth, worrying what his brother called them in for. Fredbear was simply lying next to the door, chilling. After a few minutes of waiting, they were called into the room, where the Judge was taking notice of a few floating monitors. "What is the matter, dear brother?" asked Valerie, slowly walking towards his feline brother. "Yeah dude, what's the problem?" asked Fredbear, in a rather bored monotone, yet still slightly concerned manner. The Judge hesitated to bring out his words, but after much fear, he spoke. "It's Hitomi. He has absconded from the Active Worlds." spoke Pablo shakily.

The two glared at the Judge in great fear. "Oh crap." responded Fredbear. "Where is he?" asked Valerie. The Judge swiped a monitor towards him, which was white and blank. The cat tapped it with its claw, and showed a map of interdimensional wormholes and their pathways toward other dimensions. The monitor zoomed in on the Active Worlds dimension, which had a wormhole that led to Tamriel, which was continently right next to it. "Tamriel." responded the Judge. "It's no doubt he's trying to recolonize again." Fredbear groaned. "Guess we better notify the others." grumbled the golden bear. Pablo put a paw up, still facing the small floating monitor. "No need." spoke the Judge. "I have a plan. It is extremely precarious, but I believe it will work." The Judge tapped the Tamriel dimension, as it zoomed into a view of the vast world of Elder Scroll's Tamriel. The cat flicked the monitor like operating an iPad, flickering through multiple shots and areas of Tamriel, much like a security camera. One shot caught the Judge's eye. It was a floating figure in a cloak, menacingly hiding to plan his attack. "There is our solution." spoke Pablo. Fredbear and Valerie looked at each other, then back at the Judge. "Brother, are you sure? This is the new keeper?" asked Valerie. The Judge nodded. "Yes Valerie." responded the cat. "I am extremely certain."

Meanwhile, in another universe...

It was a beautiful day in Ponyville. The sun was shining, the town was lively, and everypony was in a good mood, especially Derpy Hooves. Derry was on her way to Sugarcube Corner to get her usual, Lemon Muffin Surprise. She was a little late because she had to help an apple vendor pick up her apples earlier, after clumsily knocking the cart down, but nevertheless, she continued on. However, as she approached the bakery, it got foggier. This was strange, as fog rarely ever occurred in this side of Equestria. The closer Derpy got, the more foggier it became, eventually to the point where she couldn't see anything. Derpy floated forward to the direction that SHOULD have been Sugarcube Corner, however it seemed she had been floating in the same direction for a solid minute and hadn't bumped into anything. She decided to fly back to her house, worrying about the muffins later, but as she flew away, more fog obscured her vision. Suddenly, the fog stopped, and she was in a new location.

The gray pegasus didn't know where she was, but rest assure, it was NOT Ponyville.

Reitanna Seishin

Somewhere, in the World Between Worlds, a young woman is asleep on the cold ground of the wireframe void. Reitanna Seishin awoke to the feeling of extreme grogginess. She had another one of her nightmares last night, and now she was stuck....somewhere. It didn't look like anywhere in Encephalon. At first she assumed Annatier, her other, dragged her back down to her Basement again, as it was a bit dark. However, as she regained her vision she realized it wasn't Annatier's basement at all. It was a blue wireframe void that looked like some three dimensional 1980's video game. She slowly stood up, taking a look at her surroundings. "Hello?" she called out, hoping to get an answer. Alas, she didn't. Her voice echoed out into the vastness that was the void. "Anna? If this is some kind of trick you're playing, it's not funny!" she called out again. Once again, no response. Reitanna was getting frustrated. She was about to yell out a second time, when suddenly a voice spoke from directly behind her.

"Greetings. You are Miss Reitanna Seishin, are you not?" asked the voice. Rei jumped, turning around to find a small white cat with a somewhat weird facial structure looking up at her. "Uh...yes? How do you know my name? And where am I?" asked Reitanna. "You are in the World Between Worlds, a dimension that exists between all dimensions." responded the cat. "And I am the Judge, guardian of Zone 0. I know of you, Miss Reitanna, because I have plentiful knowledge of all beings in the Multiverse." Reitanna was extremely confused. Not only was she talking to a sort of omniscient cat, but she was somewhere between dimensions. "Well, how can I get out of here and go home?" asked Reitanna. "I'm afraid you cannot leave Miss Reitanna, as the Clash has a sort of lock on interdimensional portals back to others homes." explained the Judge. Reitanna's eyes widened. "You mean I'm stuck here?" exclaimed Reitanna in shock. "But...I need to find my Other, Annatier! Can't you take me to her, or show me she's okay?"

"Fortunately, while I cannot directly escort you to her, as it seems the Inverse is on lock-down, only allowing Bookweilders, Champions, and special Omniversual Agents through, I CAN show you her." "Wait, she's here?" asked Rei worryingly. "Unfortunately no, she is in a universe directly outside this one, but we can allow you to monitor and communicate with her." The Judge began walking towards the North, the direction of the Codex. "Follow me, if you would be so kind." spoke the Judge. Skeptical, Reitanna followed the white cat, taking in the scenery of Tamriel's World Between Worlds. "So....why am I here?" asked Reitanna. "Am I in purgatory or something? Did I die?" "I cannot give you a legitimate answer on that query Miss Reitanna." spoke the Judge as the two continued to walk. "The Dimensional Clash is like a sort of...worm. Pulling out files without rhyme or reason." Reitanna raised an eyebrow. "Dimensional....Clash?" she said. The Judge turned around, smirking a bit. "Hmm. I can clearly see you're a newcomer to interdimensional travel." he remarked. Rei chuckled. "Heh, yeah. The only other time I travel through dimensions is in my dreams." she said.

Eventually, the two arrived in the Codex. The two approached a large towering French door, an appearance similar to the rest of the World Between Worlds, blue and wireframe. However it wasn't see-through. The Judge knocked on the door with his small paw. The door creaked open, a set of cyan eyes on the other side. "Password." spoke the person on the other end. "Fredbear. Do not toy with me. Open the door." spoke the Judge, rather sourly. "Pass. Word." the bear repeated. The Judge groaned in annoyance.

"I'm the legendary fart master."

"What?" laughed Reitanna. Fredbear opened the door. "Come on in, legendary fartmaster." said Fredbear, chuckling a bit. "Oh come now, that's not even original." The Judge exclaimed. "But it's still funny." spoke Fredbear. The Judge sighed, however he gave a light chuckle himself. In truth, it was pretty funny. Reitanna was still laughing. "Hey, who's this chick?" asked Fredbear, pointing to Reitanna. "Oh, Fredbear this is Reitanna Seishin. Miss Seishin, this is Fredbear, the guardian of the World Between Worlds and all its inhabitants." Reitanna actually recognized the small animatronic bear, as she had in fact played through Five Nights at Freddy's 4. " Hey, you're that bear from FNAF 4!" she exclaimed in surprise. "Kinda. I'm the Adventure version, from FNAF World." corrected Fredbear. "Oh. I haven't played that one yet." said Reitanna. "Fredbear, Miss Seishin wishes to see her Other, Annatier. If you could please be kind as to set up a station for her, I would greatly appreciate it." said the Judge. "Oh sure, come right in." responded Fredbear, gesturing towards the inside.

The two entered the large room. It seemed more decorated than anything Rei has seen in the Inverse so far. The room itself was brightly lit, candles attached to all four corners of the room, as well some wireframe pillars and four more detailed and realistic statues of previous Bookwielders. The first statue was one of the Judge himself, striking an iconic cat-like pose. The second was a draconequus, who was unmistakably the god of chaos himself, Discord. The third was of a bottlenose dolphin who had star-like markings on his forehead. The forth and final one in the room was a man who bared a similar appearance to Mario, except fatter, taller, had square buttons instead of circular ones and had a weird symbol on his hat instead of a traditional letter. In the middle of the room was a cat who looked similar to the Judge, except with a more....stranger....looking face. The cat was sitting in front of some floating monitor screens.

"This is one of the many monitor room in this omniversual structure. This very area, Miss Reitanna, is one of the many rooms within the Codex. We use this room to monitor Clashers and their every move to make sure they are safe." explained the Judge. "This is my brother, Valerie. Valerie, this is Reitanna Seishin. She is a newcomer to the Dimensional Clash." Valerie stopped what he was doing and turned around towards Reitanna, giving her a kind smile. "Greetings Miss Seishin." spoke Valerie. Reitanna's cheeks were showing a bit of pink. His "Nice to meet you." spoke Reitanna, waving at the cat. Fredbear returned from fixing up Reitanna's station. "Hey Judge, the monitor station is ready for Rei." spoke Fredbear, tapping him on the shoulder. "Ah, yes. Thank you Fredbear. Miss Reitanna, follow Fredbear to your station. He will instruct you from there." spoke the Judge. Reitanna followed the small animatronic bear. "Any luck catching....him?" asked the Judge. Valerie shook his head.

"I can understand how you pressure yourself with this dear brother...a lot of the cameras in Tamriel are deactivated. I've tried going into their internal code to find the issue, but the issue seems more complicated than I thought." confessed Valerie. The Judge frowned. "Hitomi must have disabled the cameras somehow." he spoke. "I shall contact H0pele$soul later on. Right now we must get Miss Reitanna situated here." Valerie's and expression turned more worried. "She's....staying?" asked Valerie. "Brother, we have our orders. We cannot escort Non-Champions, Bookwielders, or Omniversual Agents to the real world. ANYTHING in this Clash can be mistaken for Hitomi." responded the Judge. Valerie hung his head low. "I....understand, brother." he said meekly.

"Okay, we got you all set up." spoke Fredbear. The animatronic bear had set up a nice little wireframe table of which he coded into the room himself, a monitor floating above it, resting like a computer on top a desk. In front of the table was a wireframe chair, with a pillow on the sitting area that could be used for cushion. "Nice. You're pretty cool when....well....y'know." spoke Reitanna, thinking back to the memories of her playing FNAF 4. "Heh. You're pretty cool too." chuckled Fredbear. Reitanna sat down on the chair. " do I work this?" asked Reitanna. "It's real simple. You just flick through the cameras like you do with your pictures on an iPad." explained Fredbear. "" asked Rei, and she flicked the screen, revealing a shot of Tamriel. "Yup. Just like that." said Fredbear. Reitanna flicked across the multiple cameras, each with multiple views of the island of Tamriel. From the tundras of Skyrim to the deserts of Hammerfell.

Eventually she found something.

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Dating Papyrus


By Sissy, Leonir, Erops, and Zandoo

Vault Boy, Rainbow Raider, and Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray blinked for a moment. She had a particular method of dealing with people who harassed her while they were high. Without a single word, she swung her battering ram directly upwards, towards Rainbow Raider's crotch.

Rainbow Raider, seeing the battering ram coming straight for him, changed his trajectory into a dive, reaching out a hand to grab onto the ram and pull it down with him as he prepared to land on his hands.

However, Hana saw Rainbow Raider assaulting Sarah for no reason, and jumped in with her katana drawn to cut him down. She swung the blade from behind, aiming for his leg.

Meanwhile, Vault Boy had 0 idea what was going on, as he just sat there and watched.

Unfortunately, Rainbow Raider did not see the katana from directly behind him. The katana merely scratched his incredibly dense skin, but it felt like a really bad papercut.

"Owwwwww." Rainbow Raider lamented. He landed on the ground and rolled akwardly to his feet. He turned around to face Sarah and Hana. "More and more of you! It must be Christmas!"

Hana continued to strike Rainbow Raider with no mercy, aggressively pressing forth without waiting for his witty banter. "Don't you dare lay a hand on anyone here!"

Sarah Gray would've interjected, but... This ninja chick seemed to have things covered. "Uh, thanks for the help..." Sarah mumbled, surprised Rainbow Raider hadn't lost a limb yet. Was the katana just really dull? What was even happening?

Rainbow Raider leaped backwards from Hana. As he did so, he created a light barrier around her katana, making it rather blunt. He did not want anymore paper cuts. He then took this opportunity to charge towards Hana with his fist raised. As he ran towards her, a humanoid amphibian appeared.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The amphibian screamed as the rainbow man charged towards him. His two eye stalks stared directly at the fist in terror as he scrambled to get out of the way.

Hana, noticing the shift in weight in the katana, changed her tactic to one similar to that of the warriors of the tribes surrounding Hoshido. She first blocked Rainbow Raider's fist with an upwards guard, then swung the katana like a bat into Raider's side, before going in for a leg sweep and swinging her blade up, around, and directly into the man's crotch.

"His armor must be thicker than I thought," Hana muttered, not intent on stopping until Rainbow Raider was at least unconscious.

Rainbow Raider shuddered for a second as all of these blows landed on him. Then he got an idea. He coated himself with the light barriers as a sort of armor. Why had he never thought of this before?

Well if this guy's skin was so thick, Sarah wouldn't feel so bad shooting him. Quite done with this man's acid trip, she pulled out her revolver and fired at the Rainbow Raider's neck.

Hana didn't think much about what sort of strange weapon Sarah Gray was wielding, but it looked like a ranged weapon, so Hana jumped back to allow Sarah space to fire.


Rainbow Raider quickly reached out and grabbed the amphibian as a shield. However, the bullet never reached the creature as it seemed to somehow bend to the side slightly.

"Meesa needsa helps!" The amphibian screamed, struggling against the deadly grip.

Rainbow Raider would suddenly feel a huge bone through his gut.

Sans the Skeleton was standing behind him, his hands in his pockets, and his eyes dark.

"play time's over, crayola," Sans said, his eye glowing blue.

"What the hell," Sarah muttered, looking over at Sans the skeleton as she holstered her firearm.

"guns are loud," Sans said with a shrug. "and they usually mean one or more people are in deep spaghetti."

Sarah would notice that some of the bystanders were turning to stare at the spectacle.

"I've always wondered who all of these people are!" Vault Boy exclaimed. The entire time, he was sitting down and just watching the entire thing as if it was a movie.

Sans walked over to Sarah. "wanna tie him up?" he suggested. "the bone just knocked him out. it's magic."

"I uh... Yeah.. Uh," Sarah stuttered. Was she high right now? She looked very closely at Sans, moving her head around. This had to be some.. Robot... something.

"You're definitely not high." stated Vault Boy.

"anyways, i'm sans. sans the skeleton. you're a human, right? that's hilarious. lots of good humans around here. and i like to think i take care of the bad ones," Sans said, holding his hand out for a handshake.

"Am I a good human?" the cartoon asked. "I'm a human!"

Sarah looked at the hand of the skeleton for a moment, before shaking it, her other hand digging out some handcuffs for Rain-


Sans smirked. "the ol' whoopee cushion in the hand trick. gotta do it every time," he laughed. "anyways, let's tie up this chucklenuts and turn him in to the cops."

"..guys..?" muttered the Vault-Tec mascot.



Sans gave Vault Boy a good look.

"well, sure. why not?" Sans shrugged.

Satisfied, Vault Boy then fell through the ground.

During that brief moment of wackiness, Sarah had handcuffed the Rainbow Raider's hand behind his back while double checking to make sure he was unconscious. "So uh... Do you guys know where this is?" she asked, taking a better, more relaxed look at the Imperial City.

Hana sheathed her katana. "I think you should ask Sans about that," she said.

"yeah," Sans said. "these two are comin' with me to help my friend undyne stop some bad guys from taking over the multiverse and all that unsavory junk. we sorta took a wrong turn and spotted this bozo running around and terrorizing the locals, so i guess sword gal--"

"Hana. My name is Hana."

"--hannah here--"

Meh. Close enough, Hana thought.

"--decided she would step in and help stop him in his tracks. in either case, this would not be the little village i was supposed to take them to. rather, it seems like a capital city. anyways, this land is called tamriel, and it's infested with dragons that die from getting screamed at," Sans concluded.

Sarah Gray stared at Sans for a moment, blinking behind her goggles.

"you think i'm messing with you, huh? fair enough, but i'm dead serious. i'm also, ya know, kinda dead, given..." He gestured to his bony body.

"... And nobody slipped me some LSD when I wasn't looking?" Sarah asked.

"what's a lsd?"

"It's a hallu- Nevermind. So... Why am I here?" Sarah asked.

"i'm assuming that if you got yanked from your universe, then undyne wants your help," Sans said.

Sarah took a deep breath before nodding her head, "... Alright. I guess I'll come with you guys... To uh... Undyne."

"'kay. first we gotta lock technicolor here behind bars," Sans said.

The amphibian, who had been recovering from the events turned to face his saviors.

"Yousa saved me life!" The amphibian said with a dumb grin.

"Oh. My. God," Sarah muttered. She hadn't noticed in the heat of the moment, but she instantly recognized that shrill voice. "You're not telling me Jar Jar is real," she said to nobody in particular. She turned to look, and sure enough, there the alien was. "Jar Jar.. Dinks? From Star Wars. This has gotta be a prank."

"No- Binks, nots dinks," replied Jar Jar.

Sans narrowed his eyes at Jar Jar. Something was... off... about the Gungan.

Sarah resisted the urge to groan. Jar Jar was always her least favorite character from Star Wars.

"so, S.W.A.T. lady, you wanna, uh, drag the dude in rainbow underpants to jail now, or..."

"Oh right. I'm just not used to uh... All of this," Sarah said as she picked up the Rainbow Raider by one arm before hoisting him over her shoulder.

"you'll get used to it. c'mon, before he comes to. nice to meetcha, jar jar, but we've got places to be."

"Meesa come withs yousas. Meesas needsa protectsa in thisa weirds place." Jar Jar explained. "Wheres are wes, anyways?"

Within the confines of her mind, Sarah pleaded that Sans would reject Jar Jar's request, Please please don't say yes. Please oh God Jesus don't do it.

"how's about this. we find you a couple of suitable bodyguards and get you a lodge in this place. we've got places to be," Sans said, before leaning in towards Sarah. "it's just for like five minutes. couldja handle five minutes?"

Sarah glanced at Jar Jar for a quick moment, before giving Sans a reluctant thumbs up. "By the way, my name's Gray. Sarah Gray." She didn't bother with her title and all that jazz considering it likely meant squat in an... Alternate universe or whatever.

"cool. hana and sakura, right?" Sans asked, turning to the two Hoshidans. "you comin' with or nah?"

"We'll w-wait," Sakura said.

"you sure?"


"okay. just don't go anywhere. and remember the buddy system." Sans winked, before turning back to Sarah and Jar Jar. "alright. to the medieval cops."

"Okays." Jar Jar replied. He looked like he was about to walk to where ever the guards were until he realized he didn't know where they in fact were.

"uh, this way, jar jar."


The group would eventually reach the medieval cops.

"we found a domestic terrorist going around and screaming about murdering people," Sans explained, pointing to the limp Rainbow Raider, whom Sarah flopped down onto a nearby bench.

"Hesa trieda killa meesa." Jar Jar said, trying to confirm their story.

"yeah. this fellow was used as a meat shield; it was lucky that he didn't get shot," Sans continued.

"Especially since I thought I fired like, right at him," Sarah remarked, "Good thing I missed." As annoying as Jar Jar was, she was glad she didn't end up killing him by accident.

The guards itched their chins. "Well..." one said, "we were receiving reports of a madman running around the town square moments ago, that matched the description of the man you apprehended. We'll take care of him."

Two burly guys walked over to the bench, hoisted up the handcuffed Rainbow Raider, and carted him off to jail.

Hey, at least it wasn't a gas planet.

"also, would you mind putting this guy under witness protection?" Sans asked, pointing to Jar Jar. "he's lost and the rainbow dude might have friends that want to shank him. and lemme tell you, getting shanked is not a pleasant experience."

"It is not," the guard agreed. "We'll see what we can do. Sir, come with us." The guard turned to Jar Jar and nodded. "We will have to find you safe lodging within the city until we can confirm your safety."

Jar Jar bobbed his head in agreement, and followed the guard with a small smile on his lips.

Sans turned towards Sarah. "okay, that's all taken care of. let's round hana and sakura back up, then mosey over to undyne so we can get you up to speed."

"I seriously owe you one," Sarah remarked, as she opened the door for Sans.

"ah, think nothing of it. made a promise long ago. also thanks." Sans stepped through the door.

After a bit of walking, they reunited with Hana and Sakura, who were getting odd looks from the locals (perhaps it was their different clothing).

"Oh, you're b-back," Sakura said.

"Did you take care of that lunatic?" Hana asked.

"yep," Sans replied. "alright, let's see if my little shortcut can't get us to where we gotta go."

Sans huddled around everyone, and the world went black.

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I don't know.


Melissa Brown

The Clash was going to end soon...

Melissa could just feel it...

Was it a taste in the air? A slight change in the hum of the mall that was Casedilla?

She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but the prospect put her in an incredibly good mood. What would it be like? The end? Would she get whatever she wanted? Would she be able to just live peacefully and alone?... With Mercy of course.

She didn't know what to expect, but she was very excit-

Wait what.

"Where am..." Melissa began, looking at the snowy area around her before noticing her Nazi uniform was fully intact. Which can only mean...

She was in a new Clash.

"YOU GOTTA BE F***ING KIDDING ME!" she screamed to the sky, not noticing a particular gray pegasus flying not so far away.

Melissa angrily punched a tree, her fist embedding itself in the wood. In her attempts to pull her fist out, she ended up bleeding, thus corroding the wood. The tree fell down towards her. While she was able to dodge the tree, and even laughed at it for missing her, she was quickly buried beneath a mound of snow.

The ex-Nazi let out another, much louder, scream.

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Then the world blew up. The end.

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The Warp

The Immaterium. A place of nightmares.

A place where the smallest emotions become reality, where lust, anger, deceit, and all varieties of feelings manifest into the terrible beings known as Daemons.

Here, the Scion of Prospero drifted through the realm of unreality. Aboard it, Chaos fought Chaos.

Lucius the Eternal sliced through a cultist who dared to get in his way, licking the blood from his face as he ran down the dark hallways. This Battle Barge held cargo which would help cement his place in the legions of Chaos, and he would not let anyone take it from him.

He slammed through the plasteel door to see the leader of the group vying to steal his prize, stabbing one a Noise Marine through his tough armor, before pulling his sword out with grace, allowing the heavy Chaos Space Marine to fall to the ground.

"Abaddon the Despoiler!" Lucius declared, catching the Warmaster's attention, "What might you be doing on my newly-claimed Battle Barge?"

Abaddon growled, "We both know why I'm here, Lucius. Hand over the Thousand Sons to me," He ordered, "And I'll let you serve under me."

"You've been gone for a long time, 'Warmaster'. Tell me," Lucius paused for a moment, "Have you heard of the fall of the Dark Gods? They're all gone, Abaddon; your position is worthless."

The former Warmaster shook his head vehemently, "Impossible! I can still hear them, whispering to me their greatest praise and their darkest commands. You lie, Lucius!"

Lucius smirks, before swinging his blade at Abaddon, who barely countered it with his own great sword. "You will not attain the Sons, Abaddon! They are rightfully mine!" He yelled, as the two began to parry and strike over and over with great tenacity.

Abaddon laughed, "Nothing was ever rightfully yours, Lucius! Your gift, your sword! NOTHING!!"


Lucius halted his swordplay. He looked down to his chest, where Abaddon's sword stabbed through his armor like paper, before quickly sliding out. He fell to his knees.

"I will not kill you, Lucius; you and I both know I would take too much fun out of that," the Despoiler grinned, "But instead, I will strike up a deal with you."

Lucius looked up at Abaddon, "What kind of deal?" He spat out with a spray of blood.

"A storm is coming, Lucius, and I will guide it. I will reunite Chaos to its former glory! Yes, I will! And when I do, nothing, not even the Champions, will be able to stop us this time," Abaddon declared, "And all I ask of you, Lucius the Eternal, Champion of Slaanesh, is to join me in this conquest. I need like you at my side. Someone who can fight and win, no matter what. So, will you join the coming storm, Lucius? Or will you be on the sinking ship when it comes?" He held out his hand to Lucius.

After a minute of contemplation, Lucius sighed, and took the Warmaster's agreement, letting him help Lucius up.

Abaddon laughed, "It is good to see that you still have some form of sanity, my friend. Now, let us awake the Sons. With them behind us, I am sure the rest of the Chaos legions will fall to us."

In the dark cargo room, stood ten thousand suits of power armor, all an ornate blue and gold, sat quietly in the black.

Suddenly, their eyes all lit up with an ethereal glow, as they all turned to their new leader, Abaddon the Despoiler, Warmaster of Chaos. The Thousand Sons took a knee, all to the will of their new master.


Most wouldn't notice them.

The tiny tremors. The warnings of something terrible underneath their feet.

Most would simply blame it on the Red Mountain or fighting giants and move on with their days. But the situation was much worse than two giants smacking the ground angrily.

In reality, underneath Tamriel now lied an underground empire possibly stronger than the dwemer of olde.

The Locust Horde.

With their great war beasts, the ogre-like reptilians had begun to build miles upon miles of expansive ravines under Tamriel's surface, preparing for the time to strike.

General RAAM stood upon the back of a beast barge, as it traversed the cave ceilings, carrying an entire base underneath it. In this base, the leader of the Locust was meeting with his 'smartest' warriors, planning out the great invasion that he knew he had to do. He wouldn't let his queen down, even though she was not there.

As the meeting ended, the general hissed, "If I do not get what I want, I'll feed each and last one of you morons to the Wretches. Got it?"

The general consensus from his group was yes, though most were terrified of the Locust who stood before them.



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"Something doesn't seem right about this... Where am I?" Isaac mumbled to himself. He had entered the city and walked around. The whale was still flying above the city, although it wasn't doing anything at the present.

Someone grabbed Isaac's shoulder and turned him around.

"You must come with me. Come quickly, now!" The man exclaimed.

Isaac followed the stranger to the outskirts of the city. The man had taken Isaac to a large metallic thing. It was resting on the ground. There was another strange looking guy standing there, although he appeared to be about the same age as Isaac. He was dressed in a dark, almost black sort of armor, and held a book under his arm.

The older man, who was dressed in a dark blue, jumped into the large metallic thing. It shook loose the dirt, and began to hover a foot or so off the ground.

"What... what's happening?" Isaac asked.

"I'm not quite sure myself, but it can't be good. Surely the whale flying above the city would have hinted as much to you, right?" the younger stranger said to Isaac.

"Well, yes, but... I don't even know where I am, and I don't know what I should do. I just need to get home, something bad is happening there." Isaac responded.

"That's what I told this man. Apparently though, he knows some way to take us back to our homes. He offered to take me home if I follow him to some town nearby. I'm not sure if we should trust him, but I think we could take him on if he turns on us. What do you say?" the stranger suggested.

"It's a deal. So, what's your name, friend?" Isaac smiled.

"I'm Leo. Prince Leo, to be exact."

"A prince? From where?" Isaac asked.

"The Kingdom of Nohr."

"Nohr? I've never heard of that place before..." Isaac mused.

"That wouldn't be the strangest thing I've heard or seen today..." Leo sighed. He jumped onto the deck of the submarine. Isaac followed him.

Captain Nemo
Captain Nemo landed his submarine, the Nautilus, in the town of Helgen. He spotted a small and alien-looking yellow creature crawling besides a building nearby.

From this, he garnered that this was the correct place to be.

Nemo disembarked from the submarine.

"This is a time of great unrest. I myself do not approve of the actions of any of these people, but you two must work for them or else everything that you and I have ever known could be destroyed. Good day." Nemo informed his passengers.

Leo and Isaac jumped out of the submarine and walked into the town.

There was a strangely blue man standing nearby. He looked somewhat hassled.

"Saturos! That man is incredibly dangerous... Come on Leo, we have to avoid him. Let's get into town now!" Isaac whispered urgently to his companion.

The two rushed off before Saturos could see them.

Somewhere underneath the Earth, a man stirred. With a great rush of light, he was gone from his entombment under Mt. Aleph.

Alex awoke in the town of Helgen. There was a large gathering of people nearby. He surveyed them. Some of them looked extremely alien. One was a man wearing a large bin, a metallic vase of sorts, on his head. Another was a teenage boy wearing a pot on his head.

Alex approached these people. He could use them, perhaps.

"Well, hello. Who are all of you pleasant souls? My name is Alex... Where exactly am I right now?" he asked.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump entered the town of Helgen. He too saw the large group of people and walked up to them.

"Alright, what's going on in here? What's happening now? Is this Russia or something?" President Trump asked as he surveyed his surroundings.

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