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Dimensional Clash IX [IC]  XML
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Site [EXPUNGED], Nevada

Two guards patrolled the facility, chatting to one another. “You hear they just recaptured 049?”

”No, I thought he was still in containment.”

”Nah, apparently they found him in.. it’s probably better I don’t say. Legality and stuff.”

”Oh right. They still got that shy guy?”

”096? Yeah, he’s still in containment. I’ve heard the two too priorities to recontain at the moment are 079 and 682. I dunno about any much about the others.”

”Hey, I’m pretty sure that 871’s gonna appear soon. Wanna get some?”

”Heck yeah!” The two guards made their way to the mess hall, ready to eat some anomalous cake.

C:\User\Dr._____> START Imscared.exe

The computer screen flickered violently, distorted sounds blaring through the speakers before righting itself. The screen having turned a deep, monoform black, interrupted by the white letters of the cmd prompt.

The worker backed away, and went to report that 079 had possibly made its way into their systems. Such a possibility could not be allowed to continue.

A laugh would play from the loudspeakers throughout the facility. If it were 079, it was already somewhat widespread at this point. Notably, there didn't seem to be any new files. Indeed, it seemed as if nothing had happened besides one malfunctioning computer and a short sound emanating from a loudspeaker system.

“What the..” one of the Guards turned away from their replicating dessert to the sound of the laugh, “Someone mess with the speakers?”

The guard received no verbal response. However, the lights in the room shut off in response. The giggle from earlier playing through them once again.

“Oh man,” The guard grumbled, “I think that’s 079.”

”If it’s 079, wouldn’t it of... set off the site’s warheads by now? Or used the decontamination gas on the entire facility?” The other guard asked through a mouthful of SCP-871.

An alert notification would pop up on the screen. A dialogue box had appeared. Written in plain, standard font were the words: "I want to play." A simple Yes and No were provided as responses.

A scientist, brought by the worker, slowly examined the choices and thought, before cautiously choosing the “Yes” response.

The machine whirred for a bit as an executeable launched. 'I'mscaredgame.exe'. The scientist would come to a black screen, before pixelated white text began to sprawl across the monitor.

"Welcome to Imscared.

This is the first and last time you will read this message.

I suggest you to read this, because it's really important to do so."

Press E to Proceed

The scientist followed the directions and pressed ‘E’.

"To work correctly. I'mscared created a folder on your desktop just for you.

Please, make sure the folder is always there. If the folder does not exist, there's a problem and maybe you'll have to manually create it."

Press E to Proceed

Again, they pressed E.

"As you may know, audio is an important aspect of the game. Please use your headphones, or keep the volume mid/high."

Press E to Proceed


"Before starting, I need you to know that this game will try to deceive you as many times as it can.

If something strange happens or the game crashes, please, feel free to check the desktop folder for anomalies."

Press E to proceed


The scientists would be met by the sight of pixelated playground, shrouded in a thick blanket of grey fog. The game explained how to move, the standard mouse, WASD, ctrl, Enter and shift. The game directed them forwards, along a featureless path to a gate.

The scientist directed the game to move down the dark path, unsure of what to come, but expecting anomalous effects, possibly memetic powers.

The gate was as typically expected, locked. However, a stray path off to the side offered a golden key sitting upon a table. Which unlocked the gate. Past the gate, there was a narrow stone path lined by street-lamps. At the end of it was a Red flower.

"There's a flower over there. Crouch by pressing the CTRL key and pick it up."


Upon picking it up, the fog would be replaced by a pitch-black darkness. 'Now. Bring it to me." A red flower would appear on the desk, right beside the monitor.

The scientist stood back, standing up rapidly. He knew this would become more than just a simple game.

"I said bring it to me. Spouted a voice from the computer.

“Where are you?” The scientist quivered, as the two guards had readied their weapons, and had dropped their cake, “I need to know where you are to bring it to you.”

"Down the hall. Second door to the left."

The scientist called for a D-class to pick up the flower, and ordered them to move down the hall, escorted by the two guards.

The second door on the left was marked as a simple supply closet. Though, a strange, mucous-like smell seemed to waft through the door.

The guards ordered the convict to open the door, which he reluctantly did.

Inside, there was not a supply closet. Instead it seemed to be another hallway. Like the one they were in. The walls, floor, and ceiling were however replaced with spongy, pink-white membrane tissue. Like the inside of a throat.

“Enter the hall and keep moving,” a guard ordered, pushing the D-Class into the room with the butt of his rifle. Meekly, the D-Class personnel stammered down the fleshy hallway, whimpering as they went.

The hallway bent a total of two times, the soft flesh squelching underfoot. The D-class could hear the rhythmic thumping of something against the fleshy floor. A pulsating lump laying at the end of the corridor.

The convict looked around for a moment. “H-hello? Is anyone here?” He asked, “I-I have your flower...”

"Pick it up." A voice whispered into his ear. Obviously referring to the pulsating, detached heart laying upon the slimy, wet flesh that constituted his environment.

Revolted, the man grabbed the heart, groaning as he did.

It continued to writhe and pump imaginary blood in his hand. There was no response, no groans or anything. Only dead silence. He could only go one way now.

Slowly, the man turned around, walking at an increased pace towards the exit.

“Close that door!” The guard exclaimed to his partner, closer to the door, after hearing the terrified screams of the D-Class personnel echo through the fleshy chamber.

Closing the door would do little to deter what simply phased through the door.

The Guards were quick to begin firing on the face, unsure of what else to do. The bullets passed through the incorporeal face of the D-class, the object startlingly two-dimensional in contrast to their dimension. It would continue after them, passing through one of the guards. He would simply collapse as if the muscles had been pulled out of him. Alive, but like his brain had completely crashed. After dispatching the second guard in the same way, it would swivel around instantly. Now advancing towards the scientist.

Alarms would begin to blare throughout the facility, as a lockdown had been put into effect. The scientist, startled by what he had just seen, began to run.

Whiteface chased after the scientist, keeping a steady, unfaltering pace. Lagging a few feet behind the labcoat.

”What do you want?!” He cried out, before tripping onto the floor, staring in horror as it approached.

"I want to play. Forever." It said in a distorted, modulated voice. Its mouth barely moving as it impacted the scientist. However, he did not die. Rather, control was wrested from him as Whiteface disappeared from view. The scientist was aware of his surrondings, but would become aware that he was not the one moving his body. The scientist would begin to walk through the halls, aiming to find a more... connected system.

By this time, a mobile task force had been made ready and had mobilized, with a squad of five blocking off the end of a hallway. “Stand down now! We will not hesitate to open fire!” One of the soldiers ordered, hoping that whatever being was within the scientist had some sort of reasoning capabilities.

The scientist would stop moving, entirely. He didn't even blink as his possessed body stared forward at the MTF.

As one of the MTF began to communicate the location of the entity, two of the five soldiers began to cautiously take a few steps towards the possessed man, their sights trained on his head if he were to attack.

Again, the man was completely and utterly still. One could not even see his chest rise to breathe, nor hear the thumping of his heart.

“Subject appears to be in an inactive state. Prepare containment block A-12 for the entity, Over.” One of the Task Force ordered, as more MTF rushed in from behind the entity.

Scrawled upon the wall behind them, in what appeared to be blood. Were the words. "Please be quiet."

Slowly, the two soldiers began to try and lift the scientist up by his shoulders, trying to hoist him into temporary containment.

Again, the subject posed no resistance. Disturbingly, he was far, far lighter than the scientist should have ever been. His clothes and skin icy-cold to the touch. Even through the MTF's clothing and gear.

With the cautionary message, the Task force took great precautions trying not to make any noise while moving the researcher into a large, plain chamber, and as soon as they set him down, they rushed from the room, the door closing behind them, its locking mechanisms clanking and groaning as it did.

The scientist stood there, staring blankly at the wall. One could get the disturbing feeling that they were being watched from multiple angles, and not from the glazed eyes of the man. Containment was a laughable concept.

"Why did you lock me away?

“What the-“ the intercom lit up with a researcher’s voice, “I didn’t think you were still capable of speech. Either way, you were contained for turning our guards braindead and hijacking that man’s body. Could you tell me why you did it?”

"Braindead? They're just playing a game now, that is all."

“What game are they playing?”


“And what is the goal of Imscared?”

"To play the game. To play with me."

“And who are you?”



The entity said nothing.

“If you don’t respond, I can’t help you. Why did you say Her?”

"Because HER wants to play."

“And playing means leaving people in a state worse than comatose? Is that correct?”

"They're alive, just playing with me."

“They’re barely alive. Why do you need them in such a state to play with you?”

"They're playing the game like that."

“Couldn’t they play the game any other way?”

"no. You wouldn't play the other way."

“How long will they be playing your game?”

"Until they beat the game."

“And how long will that take?”

"The best way to know is to play." He said.

“You and I both know that I won’t. So tell me how long it takes.”

"That's what you think." The scientist had vanished in the time it took him to blink. Instead, he could hear the overwhelming sound of static coming from the intercom system behind him.

The researcher gasped, “Wait, how is that possibl-“

The power in the facility shuddered as the lights completely shut off. The static from the intercoms giving way to a distorted female voice. "Let's play tag."

“How did you get out?” The scientist asked, frightened by the sudden power-outage.

"Oh! I'll make this even more fun." The voice spoke, before containment breach alarms began to sound out from the facility. Releasing a multitude of SCPs from their containment.

“No, no, no! Do you know what you’ve done?!” The researcher begged, “Some of the things you’re letting free can end the world!”

"Oh. I didn't let those ones out. You can't have fun when you've ended." The being giggled, before the static faded. With the facility temporarily paralyzed, the entity would have an easy time escaping into the desert. Where it could play with the whole world.

The researcher tried to open the door, but without power, it could not open. The man sighed, before noting a green flicker on the edge of his vision. He chuckled, “At least I got you, 372..”


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Collab Between Aethetic and Infested


Well, the location has switched,” A Sophon examined, “It appears that we have been displaced in the near orbit of Earth. However, it appears to be much more technologically advanced than what you have stated your world was, Mr. Armstrong.

"Indeed it has, and this isn't the Earth I know. Not only more advanced than ours, in some ways. Though, if what some of the boots on the ground are saying. I'm not going to like what has become of America. It's gotten even worse than my own." Armstrong commented, looking down at the ships holographic display.

I don’t know what you mean, but large fires have begun to rage out of control in what you call California, and it appears all other assets of the Clash are appearing over time, bringing whatever disorder from Pandora here.

"Political in nature, don't worry about it. I think you wouldn't expect me to understand the nuances of your politics and philosophies right off the bat either. How big are these fires down in California? Wildfires are quite common there, whole ecosystem has sprung up and around it."

They’re large, and man-made. Some fantasy army sporadically appeared and caused them, by the looks of things, so- oh, something’s showing up in the northernmost area of the United States. Alaska, right? Unsure what it is, we’re just getting unusual readings.

"Well, in any case I have a plan to capitalize on this chaos and pandemonium, and in the process control the whole nation. Or at the very least, its military."

How so?” the alien asked, jumping out of his seat, “And will more weapons be required?

"Yes, we will need arms. And you'll see how. Do you have methods of delivering troops quietly?"

How quiet does it gotta be?

"Noone outside of us can know."

We can try using the teleroutes, but they’re slow and take time to move just one guy. Maybe the vehicle relays, however, could hold more and move faster.

"I don't need a complicated system, just enough to get multiple boots on the ground in all 50 states."

Okay, We can set up the relays for your forces to be deployed wherever you want. I’m not sure about shipping to that ‘Alaska’ state...

"Eh it's Alaska. Nothing up there to begin with."

"Well, considering we have video feed of whatever invaders are there, I'd say it's got violence," the holographic map faded away to show a feed of a chaos Titan rampaging out of a Warp portal, along with swathes of Chaos Marines and other ruinous forces.

"Eh, I'd give them one winter before they freeze over." Armstrong commented, leaning back. Of course, he didn't know about the Norscans who would find such a land easy to live in.

"If you say so," The Sophon shrugged, before tossing a small remote to the Senator, "There's the Relay controls. Pretty simple, just punch in a location and it'll send whatever's in the relay there."

He caught the remote with practiced ease, he did use to play ball after all. "Alright, I myself am going ground-side. Gotta make an 'appointment' as it were with a couple of people." The senator replied, stepping up from his cushioned seat. Grunting as he stretched, his joints popping from the exertion.

Some time later. Multiple shuttles would descend from the Sophon fleet, heading to multiple locations around the united states. Some shuttles carried larger contingents and dropped them off at larger cities. While others dropped off lone soldiers near smaller cities and towns. Desperado was poised to start their plan, they only needed to affirm their support with a certain terrorist organization.


Abaddon glared angrily over the cold lands in which he had to start his crusade. "This world will feel my rage," He growled to itself, "It will feel my fires, so strong, that even this place shall burn to ashen ruins in the name of the Gods!"

Behind the Warmaster, the glamorous light of a massive Warp rift tearing open time and space rang out, and his hordes of forces began to rumble forth. Thunderous Titans stampeded through the snowy forests, their armor crackling with empyrean electricity. Daemonic entities of all shapes, sizes, and patron gods.

The beastmen ran rampant through the thick pine-forests of Alaska. It was like the Drakwald most beastmen were all too familiar with. The hardy norscans found the chilled land similar to their own frigid home, and far, far easier to live in. Marauders and their warbeasts would thunder through the brush, larger entities staying behind the cleared paths titans and other vehicles created through the woodlands.

Behind the Norscans came the pestilent fogs of the Death Guard. The Legion marched slowly, and with purpose, death looming with their every step. The skies thrummed with blight drones and Heldrakes, their engines filling the sky with screeches and horrific noises.

Abaddon growled, "This world will not stand after our conquest.. even the Champions themselves shall not halt us!" He roared out, "Warriors! I call upon thee! I call upon fire! I call upon bloodshed! I call upon War! Now that I have called upon War, I command it to action! Raid these lands! Pillage their cities! Slaughter their people! They are in our way, and we shall show them the err of their way with the ends of our blades! Onwards!"

Rome, under the Great Colosseum

Under the ground floor of the millennium-standing Colosseum. Were three figures seemingly carved from the wall itself. Three, muscular giants who seemed to be the inspiration for Arno Breker. Levitated above the hand of one of the figures, seemed to be a stone mask with an inlet groove for something upon its forehead. Whilist another figure clutched two gemstones. Their luster and chatoyance shining even in the dim light that reached this place.

A green flash of light, and snickering around the chambers beneath the monument was Trazyn the Infinite, The disgruntled necron. “I may be exhiled from my own home, but I’ll still find a place for a collector’s choice.” he muttered to himself, before noticing the three dazzling statues and the content of their holdings. “Well, there’s my collector’s items. Now, what to choose? The mask or the gems? Oh, what am I even saying! I’ll take it all!

There seemed to be a strange hole on one of the statutes. Namely the one in the center, a dark hole that led into the sculpture's head from the middle of its ceremonial headband. A faint breeze seemed to flow and ebb from its depths.

The Necron paid little attention to such detail. These statues looked old, and old things had a tendency to break easily. Carefully, he began to try and grab the mask, his necrodermis hands wrapping around it with some sort of glee.

The stone audbly creaked and shuddered next to him. The middle statute had turned its head to face him, and the wind from the central hole on its head was now blowing out strong. As if it were coming from a pressurized source.

The machine feigned a sigh, “Of course it was a trap. It’s never this easy.

A horn would race forward from the statue's head. Impaling the necrodermis of Trazyn, before the horn began to violently spin. The statute would move its horn near the ground. The rotation of its horn continually smashing the overlord against the stonework of the Colosseum.

Trazyn was caught off-guard by the random horn, and continued to be smashed against the walls and floors of the stone ruins, before slamming his staff, the Empathetic Obliterator, into the assailing horn.

The horn buckled, a chunk off it crumbling off from his strike. The horn would withdraw quickly after the strike, leaving the hole in Trazyn's skull to heal over. As it retreated back inside, the statute would crumble and buckle. Before an entombed humanoid would burst out from underneath the stony shell. Wammu stood proud, glaring down at the Necron.

Though his eyes were certainly damaged, as the Necron arose, he could see the man emerge. As his vision slowly came with his body’s slow repair, he began to speak. “I feel as if I’ve seen someone like you before. Something about a gem in a museum...?” Trazyn asked, holding his staff battle-ready.

The 'human' cracked his neck, turning his head once to each side before centering himself. "I see the world has undergone significant change during my slumber. These insignificant inventions must be quite popular here." He apparently didn't grasp Trazyn as being an actually intelligent being. Thinking him a machine. "I have no idea of what gem or museum you speak of." His voice was a deep, booming baritone. That commanded respect even from the most mortal of enemies.

...Insignificant invention?” Trazyn repeated, his grip on his staff tightening, as the last of his injuries were repaired.

"Are you not an invention, metal man. Your healing abilities are quite impressive, I shall give your creator that."


Wamuu would appear to the right of the shockwave. Seemingly having moved out of the blast in mere milliseconds. "I see I have insulted your honor. Your pitiful shockwaves are no match for my powers. Shall you fight with honor, or shall I throw you aside like the mockery you are?"

Your powers are flawed, human. All of your kind are, especially ones that may still dress as you do, primitive!

"Human?" Wamuu chuckled. "I did not know you had such a low opinion of me."

If you are not human, then what are you?

"I am a pillar man. We once ruled this planet, before my master Kars slew most of our kind for going against his plot to conquer the sun. Myself, and another were the only surviving young after their battle." Wamuu chuckled. "That's enough exposition however. Shall we determine who is superior through trial by combat?"

Conquer the su- wow, that’s moronic. No wonder you’re not the rulers of the world any longer. Nevertheless, I say we continue this chat later... if we’re both standing, that is.

Wamuu cracked his knuckles. "Then let us begin." He slammed the blade of his hand into a nearby column, severing the stonework in twain. A messy cloud of debris and dust billowing out into the surrounding area from the brute-force cut. He would swing the column in a wide ark, aiming for Trazyn's midsection.

Trazyn focused his staff’s arcane energies towards the incoming pillar, splitting it in twain with a well placed psionic blast. The Newton Overlord slid backwards from the forces applied. He held out his staff, readying another attack.

"Most impressive." He commented, taking in a deep breath before he simply began to disappear. Trazyn would be able to see the sparkling of water droplets before he completely faded from sight. Trazyn was now fighting an invisible enemy.

Trazyn grunted, “You’re not hiding from me!” before slamming his staff into the ground, shaking the area with a shockwave. The resulting shaking caused plumes of dust to begin to fall from the ancient ceilings, coating everything within the area in it, including the hidden pillar man.

Indeed, the dust would cover the pillar-men. Including his fist heading straight for the Necron's chest-cavity.

Sparks of green electricity flared out as the machine was flung back into a wall, a large dent placed into its chest. Trazyn glared at Whammu with annoyance.

"That was a clever move, however it seems you are far tougher than I initially predicted. Perhaps I should test how strong you truly are, with my ultimate technique. The Divine Sandstorm!"

Or, perhaps I may test you instead!” the Necron Phaeron declared, as from his waist sprung several small, scarab-like machines, which quickly began to rush through the air at Whammu, opening their claws up wide.

The pillar man simply stood still, observing the machines.

The scarabs slammed down onto Whammu, hovering towards his head, where they began to try and dig into his brain and work their duties as Mindshackles.

Wamuu's head moved with blinding speed as he snatched two out of the air with his mouth. Their mechanical bodies cracking and shearing as the pillar-man tore them to dust with his teeth. His hair would move and undulate around the others, tearing and shredding them as he threw their ruined bodies to the ground. He did allow one to dig in however, to observe it closer. As it dug into his neurological tissue. A burst of electricity would arc through the scarab, frying its components before being roughly jettisoned out of his head.

"Interesting inventions, however dishonorable they may be." Given the unseen manipulation of his own biological cells and parts, this being would put Tyranids to shame.

How did- you just... How?!” Trazyn asked, flabbergasted as to how such a simple-looking being, in his tribalistic clothing, could even think to overcome his mindshackles.

The being chuckled. "We are the superior life-forms, and with my master's work. We may yet become the ultimate." He commented, walking closer to the necron. As he grew closer. Trazyn could truly grasp just how much taller Wamuu was compared to him. The pillar-man at the least stood at a height of 12ft, dwarfing the necrodermal being. "Now that you have revealed your technique, I shall show you mine." He stated, as his left arm began turning right at the elbow, and vice versa for his right arm. The two limbs spinning as if they were not jointed or joined by muscle or skin.

The Necron readied his staff, but knew that, whatever this creature, most obviously something from the darkest pits of the Warp, was about to throw at him could not be so easily avoided.

As Wamuu's fists grew before his eyes the air between them transformed into a powerful vortex of destruction. This vacuum creates a highly pressurized deadly maelstrom. The shearing wind grew closer to Trazyn, before blasting onto his staff and body. The stone below and behind him eroding away into a fine powder from the sheer force of the wind current.

Trazyn was immediately swept up by the miniature tornado of fists, his staff flying from his hands and across the chamber, leaving him unarmed against anything Whaamu had to attack him with. Wamuu would cease his windstorm, grasping the partially eroded body of Trazyn as he began to pummel his fists deep into necrodermis. Even sinking his fingers into the mechanical flesh as if it were but butter. He would tear his body apart this way, chunks of metal clanging against the walls. Eventually leaving Trazyn as a head, a pair of destroyed arms, and a flattened pair of legs.

A green flash emanated from behind Whaamu. It appeared that it was Trazyn, again. But, he was focused on getting his staff. “Alright, alright, you win for now, show off.

"Become stronger before you decide to face the mighty Wamuu again, child. That way, you can be worthy of my time as I destroy you with honor." He commented, walking away, back towards the other two statues.

Once I get my legions back, you’ll regret this,” the Phaeron threatened, before disappearing into a flash of light.

The warrior paid little heed to his words, if his legions were anything like him. He had no worries of their power. Standing inbetween the other two pillar-men, he would take a deep, deep breath.


He put a finger upon each of the entombed being's cheeks.


The stone covering Kars and Eisidisi would fade away into nothingness as both burst from their stony prisons. Leaving them in a highly aesthetic pose. They had returned from their slumber, 2000 years after their encasement under the roman building. Humanity would now face one of its greatest threats once again.


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making bad final posts on the sporum


cardiac and erops


”My liege. I have returned with the reports,” Iago said, bowing to Garon. “This ruler goes by the name of Surtr. Currying his favor will certainly aid our cause.”

Garon grunted. “And what of Leo? It appears the foolish boy has forgotten his purpose in my family. At the very least, Xander would not perform such a betrayal,” the king growled.

”Sadly, the scouts have not yet returned with information about the whereabouts of Leo, or the boy knight Silas for that matter. Nor have they returned with information regarding Leo’s platoon.”

”I should hope for the sake of my son’s head that he has not really been consorting with the Hoshidans,” Garon mused. “Send an envoy to this Surtr’s location. Only our strongest. If he is worthy to fight alongside the might of Nohr, then he may join us in agreement.”

”There is... one more thing, sire,” Iago continued. “Some of our spies have also caught sight of Xander’s appearance in this realm.“

”Excellent. Bring him to me. The forces will bend to his will,” Garon replied. “This land, too, shall be ours to command... to destroy.”

”Ah, what was that last part, sire?” Iago asked.

”Do not concern yourself, Iago. Send men to find Xander as well.”

Iago bowed. “I will lead the envoy myself, my liege. I would suggest sending Hans to retrieve Xander. I trust that you have full confidence in his... Coercive skills?” Iago asked.

Garon waved a hand. “Do as you must. For now, I will mobilize the Nohrian forces. In the meantime, find the name of this place, and make sure it knows it will soon be under the command of Nohr.”


Leo found himself in a new location once more, in a place that was completely new to him. He surveyed his surroundings for a moment or two. He didn't see any old friends from past locations in the vicinity...

People around Leo stared; they weren’t used to seeing people on horseback outside of Disneyland. And certainly not people who looked like they leaped out of a fantasy film or video game.

Someone, however, was bold enough to speak. “Sir, did you not hear about the evacuations?” asked a policeman. “The Hollywood district is completely ablaze. I would advise you to stay as far away from there as possible. I’m not sure why the fire department hasn’t cleared the situation yet. Normally this would be taken care of quickly, but there apparently is a group who calls themselves an... army?”

An entire district... an entire part of a city on fire? Apparently it seemed that an army of some sort was responsible for it, too. Leo had a sneaking suspicion that this might be the work of some group involved in this thing he'd been dragged into.

"I see... Thank you for the warning. I will try to stay clear of that area, then..." Leo responded. This news did interest him, though. He'd have to see if he could find a way to get closer without being stopped by anyone like the policeman, who seemed to be enforcing the rule against straying too close to that area.

The policeman left to help tend to other families, leaving Leo to his devices.

Leo decided to slip away from the area quickly while the policeman was busy. He needed to get a closer look at the scene of that area to see if it was any group he was familiar with, and if any old friends might be there trying to deal with the situation.

However, a terrified scream from down the alley rang in earshot of Leo. A small Latino family, who had been errand running before the crisis, was now being accosted by a large mob of Heartless Soldiers, shambling towards them with talons outstretched. The Heartless chittered. The mother hid her children behind her, but the Heartless were backing the family up to an office building. The building, however, was locked.

The hoofbeats of Leo’s horse drew the attention of part of the group of Heartless, and they turned towards him, slowly stalking towards him with intent to kill.

Leo heard the sound of the scream and stopped his horse. He turned around to see what the source of the scream was when he spotted the Heartless approaching him. He took out his Brynhildr tome and fired at the Heartless, causing a large tree to erupt from the ground underneath the creatures, its prickly branches hopefully ensaring them as it arose from below.

The creatures spasmed, then dissipated into the darkness. The good news was that this diverted the attention of the Soldiers away from the family. The bad news was that Leo was heavily outnumbered. The first wave of soldiers lunged at Leo, trying to rake at him. Of course, his armor would protect him from their attacks, but they were quite relentless.

Leo jumped back on his horse, simultaneously firing off another Brynhildr, attempting to keep the enemy at bay. He also drew his sword and prepared to strike if necessary. However, with each Soldier cut down, another took its place.

A flash of red blasted away a large crowd of Soldiers, and another man on horseback galloped through the crowd of assailants, trampling them into the ground.

”Step away from my brother!” the man barked, his austere expression glowering upon the soldiers. “You face me now: Xander, crown prince of Nohr! Know my name, and fall before me!”

Leo turned to see that Xander had arrived on the scene. "Brother, you have been dragged into this too?" He asked, pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face in these parts.

"It appears so," Xander said, swinging his sword downward and striking down any nearby Soldiers. "Are you hurt?"

"No," Leo responded, taking up his tome and beginning to fire on the enemy again, "You arrived just in time, it seems." Leo beamed.

"What were you thinking, taking them on yourself?" Xander scolded, swinging his sword and loosing a wave of red energy that struck down foes in his own way. "You can thank the gods you're still alive; these monsters are relentless!"

"I was attacked... I heard news of a nearby part of this city being attacked, and planned to go investigate it when I heard some people being attacked by this same group of monsters. They just turned on me as I was passing by." Leo explained. He wished he hadn't gotten sidetracked with these creatures; but he had no choice other than to fight them off once he'd been noticed.

Xander nodded. "Then we must drive these scoundrels back. Father must be worried about you," he said.

"Father..." Leo whispered. He hadn't seen his father in quite a while now. Would Garon think that Leo had turned from Nohr? Hopefully Leo could clear things up by returning with Xander, now. Leo fired at some of the Soldiers with his Brynhildr tome again, the tree sprouting up from underneath them with its numerous, prickly branches.

Xander turned towards Leo for a moment. "At the very least, you're alive," Xander stated. He raised his sword into the air, and a sweeping beam shot from the tip, disintegrating a wide area of Soldiers, the stragglers who hadn't been cut down with Brynhildr.

"I think that's enough," Leo said, watching as the remnants of the Soldiers were cut down by the beam, "We should try to get back to father now..."

"Agreed," Xander replied. "We don't want to keep him waiting."

Xander steered his horse so that he was facing Leo. "In the meantime, what was this you said about part of the city being under attack?" he asked.

"Someone here warned me about going to a part of this city that, he said, 'was completely ablaze'... I recall that he also mentioned some sort of army being there, too. Have you heard any news about an army using fire magic, recently?" Leo responded, remembering what the policeman had warned him about earlier.

Xander shook his head. "I've only recently arrived; if this army is posing a threat, then we must see what the trouble is, and warn Father and the rest of the army," Xander said.

Leo nodded, "The man who informed me of this said the place was called 'Hollywood'. We should try to scope it out, and see what's causing the trouble there."

"We haven't time to waste," Xander said.

"W-wait!" called the mother who had been accosted by the Shadows, running up to Leo and Xander with her purse open. "Please, allow me to repay you for saving my family," she insisted. "I can't offer much at the moment, but..."

Xander held up a hand. "There is no need to thank me; I don't wish to impose upon you. Reward my brother, if you wish, but your safety is all that currently matters."

"Y-yes. Well... What are your names?" the woman asked.

"I am Leo, from Nohr, and this is my brother Xander." Leo introduced himself and Xander. Xander nodded.

"Leo, please take this money; it's all I have on me at the moment, but I hope it will suffice for you two," the woman insisted, holding out thirty-four dollars.

"Thank you for this reward; I will be sure to put this to good use." Leo said to the woman, taking the dollars.

“There is one more thing you can do for us,” Xander said. “In which direction is Hollywood?”

”If you follow the street east, then you’ll arrive there; be careful, it’s completely on fire.”

“Stay save yourself; don’t fall victim to more of those creatures,” Xander replied.

The woman nodded; then took her children and absconded.

Xander steered his horse towards the street. “Come, Leo! There’s no more time to waste!”

Xander spurred his horse eastward. Leo followed Xander on horseback, slightly behind his brother as they began heading towards Hollywood.


As Xander and Leo approached their destination, a different set of hoofbeats rang from the intersection.

”Lord Leo!” called the voice of a man.

Down the street, Thaddeus and Heidi galloped into view. Xander stopped, and turned towards Leo.

”They are part of your forces, aren’t they?” Xander asked.

”No sign of Niles or Odin, milord,” Thaddeus reported.

”Niles is probably slumming it up at some bar if I know him,” Heidi commented.

”I’m glad to see you safe, though,” Thaddeus continued. “And Lord Xander—I prostrate myself before you.”

Thaddeus bowed to Xander, then turned to glare at Heidi.

”Bow to Xander,” he whispered.

”I’m bowin’, I’m bowin’!” Heidi snapped back, curtly dipping her torso.

"It's good to see all of you again," Leo remarked, pleased to see more familiar faces again, "By the way, have you happened to hear any news of an army attacking this city?"

“We were just on our way to investigate that,” Thaddeus replied. “Matthias has already sent wyvern riders to scout the area.”

”No sign of Laslow or Peri either, Lord Xander,” Heidi added.

”Thank you for the reports. We’ll make our advance now,” Xander said.

The Nohrians started down the street again.

”I smell smoke. Gods, how long has this fire been burning?” Xander asked.

"Hopefully everyone has made it out here already... Whoever was responsible is probably not far now." Leo mused aloud.

“Then we gotta hurry,” Heidi said.

”Be ready to administer healing if necessary,” Thaddeus said to the troubadour.

Xander and the others arrived to see a once-proud neighborhood, its ruins burning. Xander’s jaw hung in shock. Perhaps the fire spread slowly, but it refused to die down.

”It must be some form of magic,” Xander muttered.

”How can you tell?” Thaddeus asked.

”These fires have burned these buildings to ashes, and yet they persist,” Xander explained, picking up several still-burning ashes, then crumbling them in his gloved palm. He shook his palm, getting the last of the flaming dust off.

Heidi coughed. “It’s hard to breathe here,” she said.

“Cover your mouth with your collar,” Thaddeus suggested.

"We should press on," Leo suggested, "We should try to see who is responsible for this before leaving."

“Agreed. Thaddeus, escort Heidi out of here; the air quality is too bad for her to handle,” Xander ordered.

”But what about you and Leo?” Thaddeus asked.

”We shouldn’t be long. Now obey my command and bring her to safety.”

The bow knight and the troubadour left the area. Xander motioned for Leo to follow, then continued into the flames. Leo followed his brother through the fire.

Xander heard the sounds of conflict from across the street. It appeared that a dark knight armed not unlike his brother was doing battle with a number of soldiers clad in armor Xander did not recognize. Fighting on the dark knight’s side were a woman in a parka casting ice magic, a woman in some sort of massive pink armor, and a man in a wide-brimmed hat with some sort of crossbow-like weapon.

(At least that’s what Reinhardt-not-from-Overwatch, Mei, McCree, and D.Va looked like to Xander.)

Xander turned again, and spotted a hideous, toadish berserker running towards him. Xander internally groaned. This man was Hans, a criminal. One who was given a pardon by his father for reasons unknown, and yet reasons unquestioned. Any decision made with the glory of Nohr in mind was unquestioned by Xander, after all.

”Lord Xander, Lord Leo,” grunted Hans, in a cruel rasp. “I see that you’ve arrived safely. I am humbled by your presence, O Crown Prince.”

“Save your sycophancy, Hans,” Xander ordered. His expression betrayed a hint of distaste for the exonerated criminal.

”My humblest apologies, Lord Xander. I’ve merely come to pass on a message from your father. He has been looking for you, you know...”

Hans turned to Leo, and smiled wickedly. “Ah, so the prince has returned, after all! We had been worried. After all, there were several reports of Nohrian forces... consorting with Hoshidans? I should hope you weren’t among those traitorous scum? We haven’t managed to track them all down yet, for sure...” Hans sneered.

"We were just doing what needed to be done to survive," Leo responded grimly, "that whole world was in danger... We would all have died otherwise!"

“I see. Well, do try not to make a habit out of it, boy. Nohrian law is blunt on the subject of traitors, you know...” Hans replied, his mouth twisting into a hideous grimace.

”Enough. You will speak to my brother on this matter no longer, Hans,” Xander ordered, putting his blade in between Hans and Leo. “Leo would not betray his nation. Do not be so foolish as to incur his wrath.”

Hans glowered at Xander and Leo, before making an exaggerated bow. “As you wish, Lord Xander,” he dripped. “I will inform your father of your glorious return.”

Hans scuttled away, and Xander sheathed his sword. “I still question why Father gave that venomous snake a pardon,” Xander remarked. “He will not get away with slandering the royal family in front of their faces so easily next time. He is fortunate I’m in a good mood from finding you safe and alive.”

"He acts as though he cares more about Nohr than I do," Leo said, "But what I did, I would do again if it would benefit us... There is no use in ignoring help from the Hoshidans just because of who they are."

“So be it, I trust your judgment,” Xander said. He sighed. If only peace were a permanent option. If the normally-austere Leo could trust the Hoshidans with anything, then perhaps Xander could afford to at least listen. “But Father will surely have your head if he found out, regardless of whether or not you are his son. Which is why we cannot allow him to know.“

Xander paused for a moment. “You will have to tell me about this later. I am... intrigued by what sort of circumstances could have led to such an alliance.“ Xander smiled warmly to Leo. “It does give me hope for the future, after all. Father was a good and loving man once. Perhaps that side of him will make itself clear again.”

Leo smiled too, and said, "That would be nice; I hope we can one day find peace between ourselves and the Hoshidans. I met one of the members of their royal family during that temporary alliance... They're more like us than I would have expected. Working with them towards the same end made me question why we don't try to end things peacefully." He sighed, thinking about how Sakura and Hana had helped in the battles in New York.

“Indeed...” Xander agreed. His expression hardened again. “We have other pressing matters to deal with. What kind of armor are those troops wearing? I’ve never seen anything like it...”

Xander realized that wasn’t clear because neither the MúspellIan style nor the Friegian style were familiar to him. To say nothing of the variegated equipment of Overwatch.

”I mean the ones that severely outnumber the others,“ Xander clarified.

"I agree, they do look very unfamiliar; I have a suspicion that they are the army responsible for this," Leo suggested, seeing as the other forces were definitely outnumbered in this fight, "We should try to get a little closer..."

Xander nodded. "We'll know for sure; these fires had to have had a source, after all."

Xander started galloping towards the ongoing battle. Leo followed him, approaching the scene of the fight.

"Those other forces, the ones who are outnumbered, also seem very unfamiliar; some of them might be from here, I think." Leo suggested.

"That man in the suit fights like the dark knights in the Nohrian army," Xander added.

"Yes, but he doesn't quite look like one of ours; I think they might be defending this area, perhaps... Do you see signs of any more troops in the area?" Leo inquired.

"No; they appear to be holding the line alone!" Xander replied. "These dastards are going to die fighting if we don't do something quickly..."

"Can we attack from here? Maybe we can get an advantage through a surprise attack," Leo mused.

"They have enough forces to divert their attention towards us while still maintaining focus on the rest of them," Xander pointed out. "It'd be smarter to spread them out further."

"Try to cause the forces to disperse somewhat, perhaps? That could take some of the pressure of that group while we take whatever comes our way." Leo said, working through the idea in his mind.

"Precisely," Xander said, tapping a finger to his temple. "You warp to the other side of the street and get their attention with Brynhildr. I will divert them with a single wave from Siegfried."

Leo nodded before disappearing and drawing his Brynhildr tome. He looked out at the forces, scoping them out to ensure he hit his mark before firing off at them. A tree suddenly erupted in the midst of the enemy's forces, the prickly branches attempting to ensnare and prod them.

The Múspellians caught within the branches panicked. Some attempted to strike the branches with fire magic. Meanwhile, Xander drew Siegfried, the blade igniting with red magic mist as the black blade glowed with brilliant light. Xander held the sword up, and a beam shot from the tip, sweeping across the battlefield and causing eruptions in the line drawn by the beam. More yellings of Surtr's troops rang out in the chaos. Xander looked up and saw a manakete heading his way, in dragon form. Xander swung his sword, and a crescent-shaped pulse of magic shot at the manakete, downing her.

Meanwhile, on Leo's side, several wyvern riders swooped towards him, each one holding a Ridersbane; if Leo didn't react in time, they would impale his horse and most likely cripple it forever. Luckily, wyverns weren't the fastest of creatures, which left them open to counterattack.

Leo drew his blade as he fired off another spell from Brynhildr, the tree erupting from underneath the wyverns before he charged at them, slicing at them with his sword. The wyverns tumbled out of the sky, the membranes of their wings damaged. They bucked their riders, leaving them prone to Leo's strikes. Leo followed through on the opportunity with his sword.

The other dark knight saw what Leo and Xander were doing, and began to back up. “Thin them out!” He shouted. “This is our chance!” Lightning flew from his palms, electrocuting whatever troops attempted to approach.

Leo heeded the other dark knight's words and turned towards whatever remained of the enemy forces. He fired at them with his Brynhildr tome again, the tree sprouting up from underneath them as he did so.

Xander swung Siegfried once more, clearing a large group of axe fighters coming towards him. “Down on your knees!” He shouted.

Xander heard footsteps coming towards him, and turned on his horse. His eyes widened when he saw who had approached him.

”Elise?” Xander asked, stepping backwards.

“Big brother!” Elise exclaimed, her long pigtails flying behind her as she ran towards Xander and his horse.

”Elise, stay away! This battle is far too dangerous!” Xander ordered. “I can’t focus on protecting you and fighting them at the same time! Where is your mount?”

“Wait, Big Brother! Don’t hurt them!” Elise pleaded. “These men are our allies!”

Xander stopped.

”Elise... You mean these men who burned down a city. And likely displaced an inordinate number of innocent civilians. These people are our allies?”

Elise nodded earnestly.

Xander narrowed his eyes, then trotted towards Elise.

”It’s okay, Big Brother! Let them fight for us,” Elise reassured.

”You aren’t usually one for condoning war, Elise,” Xander said.

“Father said it was so,” Elise insisted.

Xander looked down at Elise. He thought for a moment.

Then, he raised Siegfried, and brought it down upon his sister.

Elise staggered back, then glowered up at Xander.

”I will admit: your control over illusions is quite impressive,” Xander said, as Elise’s image flickered. “However, It is not enough to fool me into believing that you are my real sister. So who are you really?”

”Elise” chuckled as the image of Xander’s sister disappeared, to be replaced with that of a buxom woman with purple hair and exposed cleavage. She gave Xander a sultry look.

”I insisted on this one since it seemed more like my style,” said the woman, who now looked like Xander’s sister Camilla. She flashed Xander a playful smile. “I guess you’re too good for me, aren’t you?”

”Enough games. Reveal yourself!” Xander barked, placing Siegfried against the neck of the woman who looked like Camilla.

The woman laughed, and her image shimmered again. She was now garishly dressed in a variety of feathers and fabrics, with an elaborate headdress. She held a staff in her hand.

”Alright, this is what I really look like. Are you satisfied?” the woman teased, glancing down at her exposed chest as she finished her sentence.

Xander narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?”

”Why, I’m Loki! And I’ve heard a lot about you, dear Prince Xander.” Loki smiled wickedly at Xander. “After all, I just have to know all about our newest allies.

”Allies? What the hell are you talking about?” Xander snapped.

Leo had stepped down from his steed and approached Xander, having seen the scene that was taking place here. "Brother, what's happening here? Who is this person?" He hadn't heard the exchange from where he was.

“Ah, the little prince Leo...” Loki teased, walking towards Leo and reaching out to stroke the younger prince’s chin. “I heard you were quite the magic prodigy—HYURK!”

Xander yanked Loki back by the collar and held her up. “Don’t you dare touch him, harlot!” Xander barked. “Leo, this witch calls herself Loki. She makes the outrageous claim that we are allies.”

“Not so outrageous, prince!” Loki insisted. ”Why, these soldiers are your friends now!”

”This entire scene disgusts me,” Xander growled. “You burn down a city and expect us to call you allies? You have done me a service, I admit: you have revealed yourself to be the tactician of these forces. Therefore, for your transgressions, you will fall first!”

”I wouldn’t kill her if I were you, Lord Xander,” came the voice of Iago, who materialized in between Xander, Leo, and Loki. “What Loki said is no joke, boy. Nohr and Múspell have formed an alliance, after all. Kindly release the tactician, if you will. And perhaps, I won’t report this little transgression to your father? That goes for you too, Lord Leo.”

Leo tried to survey his and Xander's options here; clearly their father had to have approved of this alliance, so if Leo and Xander didn't agree there would be trouble. It definitely didn't sit well with Leo to be allies with a group that was responsible for the scene here, though. Leo turned to Xander, and shot him a look of uncertainty.

Xander glared at Iago, then begrudgingly dropped Loki. “I cannot disobey Father. Loki, your army is disgusting, but—“

Aa soon as Loki got to her feet, however, the dark knight from before launched two lightning bolts at her and Iago, hurling them across the street. The dark knight, accompanied by the cowboy and the woman in the parka, approached Leo and Xander.

”Thank the gods you don’t have to make any difficult decisions,” said the dark knight, dismountihg from his horse offering a gloved hand to Leo. (Xander was on horseback, so handshaking would be difficult.) Leo accepted the handshake.

”My apologies for making the situation so that you would have to intervene,” Xander said, stepping down from his horse and approaching the dark knight.

”No, no; it’s my pleasure. We couldn’t have driven the troops off if not for your distraction,” the well-dressed knight replied, giving Xander a gentleman’s smile. He turned back towards Leo. “You may call me Reinhardt,” he said to the Nohrian princes. “General of the Friegian Galben Ritter.”

“I am Xander, crown prince of Nohr,” Xander replied.

Reinhardt turned to Xander, and bowed politely.

”This is my brother, Leo,” Xander continued. He gestured to his brother. Leo simply nodded at his introduction, turning to face Reinhardt.

The cowboy stepped forth and tipped his hat. “The name’s McCree. Jesse McCree. This here’s Mei,” he explained.

”Hello!” said the woman in the parka.

”In any case, you will be safe from those ruffians from... what was it, Múspell?” Reinhardt continued.

”Reinhardt, I thank you for intervening, but I cannot rightfully go against my father’s wishes and turn against an ally of Nohr,” Xander said, shaking his head. “However distasteful those allies may be.”

Reinhardt flashed Xander a sly grin. “It seems to me less like you are turning on allies than being ‘captured’ and ’put into custody’ as ‘prisoners of war,’“ Reinhardt replied, doing air quotes for each of those phrases. He winked to Xander and Leo.

"I cannot really say that I'm very comfortable doing this, but when you put it that way, I think I can manage," Leo smiled, "I don't approve of these allies either."

Xander, likewise, understood Reinhardt’s roundabout plan. “Brother,” Xander said plainly, “it would certainly be a shame if Reinhardt were to take the rest of your unit, who hadn’t been executed by Hans, as captives as well, wouldn’t it?” Xander winked to Leo.

Leo responded, taking note of Xander's tone. "Oh- well, of course it would be." He wasn't one to often engage in this sort of sarcasm, but the moment seemed to call for it.

Reinhardt chuckled. ”McCree, can you make sure these ‘prisoners of war’ are secured?” he asked. “Preferably before those Loki and Iago characters wake up.”

”Certainly,” McCree replied, smirking. His cigar bent upwards with his grin.

”They are not actually our prisoners, right?” Mei asked, somewhat confused.

McCree shook his head no.

”When the street’s been secured, we’re gonna have to take you two to the nearest watchpoint,” McCree stated.

Xander gave Leo another sly look. “It appears we have no choice but to cooperate,” he hinted.

"So it would seem." Leo agreed, quick to understand.

Xander needed more time to think about how to change Garon’s mind about the alliance with Múspell. Where was the noble king of his childhood? Xander’s expression seemed to have soured a bit at this melancholy thought, since McCree piped up: “You alright there, pardner?”

Xander perked up. “Yes. Just lost in my thoughts is all.”

“Ughhh...” Loki groaned. Reinhardt zapped her into submission again.

”It doesn’t appear that more troops are coming. I will aid Celica and Tracer,” Reinhardt stated, before mounting his horse and galloping off.

Xander glanced at Leo, and gave him a reassuring smile. Xander was going to make sure everything turned out right.


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By Jawlord, and AetheticMonket


Admist the panic of the Lizardmen's temple-cities landing all over the continent. Mexico was pretty calm. It wasn't being ravaged by fantasy legions, or being a playground for Kaiju and gods of Necromancy like Cairo. Instead, a far more insidious force would arise here. Infact, one that seemed to be molded into a pillar. One that was being transported out of a newly discovered pyramid deep within the Yucatan jungle.

Slapstick had his own problems to worry about as he carried at least five grocery bags full of various foods in front of him, occasionally peeking out at the left in right to avoid smashing into something. Which meant he wasn't looking infront of him as he smashed face-first into the pillar. The stonework toppling over as it threatened to crush a man under its bulk.

"El hombre ****!" Slapstick cried as he dropped his groceries and shoved the man out of the pathway of splatitude.

Slapstick looked at the large pillar like structure tipped over, "I'll never get modern art" He muttered annoyed, kicking the side of the pillar with a pointed shoe.

Instead of meeting solid rock however. His foot would meet what felt to be flesh, then bone. What had once been the stone face of a stature carved onto the pillar. Was now a flesh and blood man. Said man was glaring daggers at Slapstick, who still had his foot planted on his cheek.

"Well.....hello" Slapstick said giving an award winning crud-chomping grin and taking his foot off.

"Could not help but notice that you were just the thinker about five seconds ago, thats a neat trick"Slapstick babbled.

The sculpted man simply burst forth from the pillar. The stonework rocketing high into the sky as the pillar-man stood at his un-moderated height of 8'4 ft. Thankfully for him, the overcast above the peninsula blocked out the UV light from striking him. Which also meant Slapstick would have enough time to witness Santana's state of dress. Or rather, the near lack thereof.

"DUDE!" Slapstick averted his eyes, "There are like children here!" Slapstick took out a pair of cargo shorts and tossed them at the pillar-man, they made a wet smacking sound as they hit his face.

"What, human? Unable to comprehend the physique of a being far greater than you?" He stated, tossing the cargo shorts aside. "Weren't you taught not to kick your betters?"

"I was taught to kick people in their betters so they fall to their knees"Slapstick snarked back.

"Quite the mouth on you, monkey." Santana looked around at the urban sprawl around him. "I see the world has changed much since my slumber. There are a surprising lack of mud-huts."

"Yes...we also wear pants now" Slapstick pointed out.

"Tch. If I looked like you, I would indeed wear such garments. To hide my own shame."

"And if I looked like you, I'd attract gorgons, and pigeons"Slapstick countered

"Gorgons?" He replied, he hadn't left the new-world, and had been asleep for nearly 2000 years. "Whatever. The ramblings of some ape should not take an iota of my time." He spat back at Slapstick, before walking away. He had little interest in humans, and was more concerned with finding out what had happened to the world since his slumber.

Slapstick looked at his ruined pile of groceries, "You really shouldn't" a voice muttered inside his head as he picked up a bruised tomato.

"Hey concrete c*ck!" Slapstick yelled so he would turn before hucking the tomato right into the pillar man's face.

One moment the tomato was hurtling towards him, the next it splattered uselessly against the ground. Santana completely out of the fruit's path. "Concrete c**k? What an odd insult. Are you perhaps agonized that you can't get your own up?"

"Naw I'm antagonized by the eight foot carrot-top looking ***hat standing in front of me, would not expect a literal block head like you to get that"

Santana's grin vanished. "Were you raised by a- Oh what am I saying. Your a monkey who doesn't know his boundaries. Allow me to show you them." He stated, calmly walking towards Slapstick.

"A naked man getting up in my buisness talking about 'boundaries' Slapstick snickered, he reached out with his hand on his side and his mallet appeared, before he stepped calmly to the side as the pillar Santana came from smashed into the ground next to him, "You missed" The toon sneered.

Santana breathed in calmly, before raising his finger to Slapstick. With an unexpected hiss of air. His index finger would suddenly rocket off of his hand like a speeding bullet, aimed straight for Slapstick's eye.

"Well thats one way to "giv 'em the finger!" Slapstick yelled as he leaned back just barely having the nail scrape his eye.

"Don't point your aggressions on me,you knucklehead!" Slapstick called.

"I mean whats the joint of that!"Slapstick mocked.

"You're really starting to get on my nerves at this point." Santana stated, his finger jolting back up from its indention in the concrete, and reattaching itself seamlessly to his hand. "No matter." He lunged towards Slapstick at superhuman speed, aiming to wrap his arms around the toon, and quite literally squeeze the life out of him.

He caught Slapstick and did squeeze, Slapstick's head balloon, he turned his head towards Santana's own, with two wet "Splorp!"ing sounds Slapstick's yellow eyes shot out and smashed into the Pillar Man's hoping this would shock him enough to drop him.

Given that Santana was a mountain of a (pillar) man. The yellow-eyes hardly budged as they bounced off his flat, rock-hard pectorals. As he squeezed Slapstick. The 'toon would here the sound of tearing flesh as the ancient being's ribs extended from his chest. Before engaging his torso. The ribs then pulled back. Subjecting him to 11734.26367 psi!

Slapstick's torso was squeezed like putty, Slapstick's body pooled onto the ground at the pillar-mas feet in a puddle his two yellow eyes bobbing in the liquid muk.

A crude outline congealed out of the pool and Slapstick smacked back into existance, albeit with a few dozen scuff marks on his body, his legs jiggling just slightly.

""Slapstick taunted.

"You are infuriatingly tough. Whatever, I think I made my point." He walked away from Slapstick, a mere glance from the giant of the man was enough to send citizens scuttling away in fear.

Slapstick considered his options, he could either walk away and probably live to fight another day.


Slapstick pulled out a circus cannon and loaded himself in, his arm snaked out and lit the fuse,his yellow eyes glaring at Santana from the darkness of the cannon.

"BLAMMM!"Slapstick streaked out of the cannon, right at Santana, teeth gritted, hands clenched around the mallet.

Santana calmly turned around, and posed as if he were going to catch a football. Instead, he would be catching a high-velocity cartoon. He waited, for the inevitable swing of Slapstick's mallet.

Slapstick was so close to swinging, but at the very last milisecond, while Santana was focused on the mallet Slapstick brought out a pie with his other hand and smashed it into the pillar-man's face.

He was caught,hook,line,and sinker, but Santana's incredibly SPORE off face, dripping with pie and whipped cream was more than worth it to the toon.

There was the slightest whisper of a snicker through the crowd, not enough to trace but for Santana's ear's to hear.

If looks could kill, Slapstick would be not but quarks at this point. Santana's hand reached out, and crushed the 'toon's neck. "I was willing to walk away, however, you do not seem to posses such wisdom." The pillar-man spat, cream dipping off of his face.

"What can I say?, Egg on my face,pie on yours.." Slapstick gasped out, his eyes watering but still, that infuriating grin was present.

Santana himself would smile. "I shall indulge your fetish to be a ballistic object once more, however." He stated, slamming Slapstick deep down into the pavement. To keep him from moving whilst he did two actions. First he ripped a wooden telephone pole out of the ground. Then he grew a few strands of his own hair to tie and notch around both ends of the pole. With that done, he came back to the cratered cartoon. "Are you ready to be the first human to fly?"

Slapstick put his elbow on the pavement and rested his chin on it, and looked at the audience, "I think he's mad" He whispered, before giving a wry grin.

His response was multiple fists beating down upon the superhero. Smashing his moldable physiology into an arrowshaft-like state. He would grasp the now cylindrical Slapstick, and notch him upon the telephone-pole-turned-ballista. His feet serving as the arrowhead. Santana sucked in a great breath as he began to pull back on his strung hair. The wood creaking and groaning as it threatened to snap at any moment due to the intense draw-weight. To help brace the pole, he laid flat on his back, with either foot to the side of Slapstick's legs. Keeping the wood from snapping at the fulcrum.

He would release the string, Slapstick quickly disappearing from street-level view as he was flung away into the pale blue sky.

Slapstick passed a few thousand feet before decending violently towards the earth, all while humming "Free-Falling" A large "BOOM" was heard as the toon made contact, a him shaped crater was where he ay, his tounge stuck out and his black pupils two large black "X"'s he was down for the count, at least for a little bit.

Santana smirked, and continued his march away from the site. He would find out how the world had changed, and where exactly his masters now resided.

I choose to choose my version of reality,whether or not It makes sense is of no consequence.


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Outside of a local Walmart, New York

The Viscount was situated in some slimy back-alley, sprawled out on his humongous, blood-filled abdomen. With a mixture of aristocratic elegance and animistic desperation, he picked apart the fly-bitten cadaver of some unfortunate soul with his cutlery. Being isolated from his dining room in the Courtyard meant he was short on his go-to supply of 'meals', but seeing he found himself in a peculiar village full of commoners, he wouldn't have any trouble sampling a couple of new delights.

He clenched his nail-like teeth and snorted, wiping a sleeve across his mouth to leave a wet patch of blood. He peered down with his humongous, gleaming eyes to realise the man that he had been dining with had been reduced to little more than a skeleton. His appetite was still bottomless, though. He lifted his head, picking up a powerful odour of blood in the distance. He released a shrill cry of delight and haphazardly climbed to his four feet, his consumed skeleton clattering against the pavement below.

With no hesitation, he fiercely galloped out of his alleyway and into the bright, open streets. The Viscount abhorred the light of the sun, but he wouldn't allow it to get in the way of his dinner. As soon as he entered the sight of passers by, he started eliciting a large number of gasps, screams and shouts. He was hardly fazed; his meals did that all of the time!

The Viscount began snarling, his head darting side-to-side as he drew near a road. It seemed even vehicles had a habit of being noisy, given how as soon as he came close some of the multicoloured works of technology started sounding horns. One of them went rather off-course on its path. The Viscount grew rather irritated at the sight of them, seeing how they were an obstruction when it came to finding the origin of the scent of blood.

He screeched, pouncing over and between the cars in his way. He was doing well to weave across, when just at the end of his journey a vehicle went noisily plummeting into his side. He roared at an ear-shattering pitch and went catapulting, landing in a heap. The Viscount used his hands to push himself up before staggering back onto his four legs, blood seeping out of him. He would have put up a fight, but the ruffian responsible had drove off as soon as he had recovered.

Realising that he was now injured and bleeding, the Viscount knew he'd have to source where the blood was coming from as soon as possible so that he could eat, drink and get in shape again. He gallivanted off of the road when he set his bulbous eyes on an establishment, one which quite prominently had 'Walmart' embedded on it. Perhaps it was the site of a feast?

The Viscount sprinted vigorously into the glass-doored entrance, smashing through a pane. The impact was quite unpleasant, and a couple of shards managed to enter his body. By now, he was drawing closer to the end of his life. He squealed, his mouth agape and drooling. An older, uniformed man approached him fearlessly.

"That's a pretty impressive costume. You were on that channel, weren't you? What's i-"

The greeter yelled, a gory skeleton leaping from out of the Viscount's stomach and clubbing the man with bloated, insectoid arms. He stumbled back violently into a hill of lemonade, spilling cans, bottles and lemony fizz in all directions. The man had been rendered clean unconscious, whether from fright, impact or both. A trickle of blood emerged from the back of his head.

A substantial amount of screaming ensued, men and women adorned with baskets abandoning their trolleys and trying to escape the building however they could. The Viscount drew his knife and fork, brutally slashing a woman who drew too close to the floor. He pinned her body with one of his back legs, and then after travelling back to him, the greeter's body with the other leg. He left two trails of blood behind- the greeter's was quite humble in size, whereas the woman herself was bleeding profusely.

The Viscount made a dragging walk to the source of the blood-smell: an aisle consisting of a vast bounty of packaged animal flesh. He snivelled and licked his inhuman teeth in excitement- his own dining room almost paled in comparison to this. He tore into packs of raw, bloodied pork and beef with his skeletal fingers and cutlery. With sheer viciousness and desperation, he strenuously began to empty the aisle, tearing apart the meat with his tools and mouth. Blood was everywhere; The Viscount's face, hands and coat were practically drenched, the aisle itself was spattered, chunks of flesh that had dropped to the floor had created expanding pools and the Viscount's two unconscious victims were caught between all of it.

The Viscount crumbled to the ground, screeching in ecstasy whenever he wasn't shovelling meat down himself. His limbs had very nearly lost all of their strength. The scenes he had created were abominable, whether it was the leftover skeleton in the alleyway, his hideous form sprinting through the public and traffic, or him violently assaulting two innocents and starting an utterly grotesque feast.



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Dating Papyrus



“Huff... huff... huff...”

Lillie grasped her bag, within which she held Nebby. She didn’t know where she was, but she did know that she was being pursued by those men in black suits and hats. The men with the rainbow “R” logo emblazoned on their chests.

Lillie stopped at a street corner, and ducked into a Starbucks, attempting to blend in with the other patrons. She held the brim of her hat over her face.

“Pepew?” came the cry from within her bag.

“Nebby, hush! The bad men will find us if you keep making noise!” Lillie chided.

The barista saw Lillie discreetly heading towards a table, then spotted several Team Rocket grunts running outside the window. The grunts barged into the coffee shop and ran up to the barista.

“I know she ran in here,” said one to the other.

“Hey! Have you seen a little girl with a gym bag run in here? She had this big white stupid-looking hat, and blond hair,” said the third Rocket grunt.

The barista made no eye contact with Lillie as he shook his head. “Sorry, guys. Nobody like that in the shop. Look, if you’re not gonna order anything, can you at least quit holding up the line?”

One of the Rocket grunts growled under his breath, then pressed a button on one of his Poké Balls. A flash of light prompted an enormous purple cobra to appear and hiss at the barista. Meanwhile, other capsules opened to reveal creatures such as rats, bats, and piles of sludge. One big-mouthed bat flapped up to the barista and placed a wing underneath his jaw.

“Search the place,” said one grunt. “If Coffee Boy here lied to us, have Golbat Air Slash his throat.”

The barista said nothing, and tried to swallow his Adam’s apple so that Golbat’s wing wasn’t touching it. Golbat’s mouth dribbled as it glared at the barista with its narrow eyes.

“Grimer, check the floors,” said one grunt. “Raticate, frisk everyone in this room. Arbok, if anyone moves a muscle, you know what to do.”

Arbok, the cobra, hissed and bared its deadly poisoned fangs. Meanwhile, the sludge piles began to slink around the floor, slithering under tables and probably causing a massive health code violation in the establishment.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to call off your weird animals and leave the café,” the barista stated.

The Rocket grunt grinned maliciously at the barista. “And just how do you plan on making us leave?” he taunted. “What’re you gonna do, tell the cops on us? You’ll be barfing your own guts out before you can dial halfway through 9-1-1!”

“How can you dial halfway through a three-digit number?” The barista asked, slowly reaching behind him.

“Well, that’s—“

The Rocket grunt’s Golbat got a scalding hot pot of coffee right into its gaping mouth. The barista rolled away, and picked up a shaker full of cinnamon before thrusting its contents at the grunt’s face.

“AUUUGH!!!” The Rocket grunt howled, staggering backwards. His cronies pointed at the barista, and their Pokémon lunged, going for Hyper Fangs and Sludge Bombs. The barista picked up a tray and swatted a Raticate out of the air. Another barista, seeing the commotion, took the faucet head and sprayed water at the Grimer.

In the chaos, Lillie managed to slip out of the Starbucks and abscond. Unfortunately, one of the Rocket grunts saw her out the window.

“HEY! There she goes!” the grunt yelled. The grunts scrambled to get to the door, but not without injuries: the barista hurled another pot of hot coffee at the grunts, leaving the rear two grunts with first degree burns.

Lillie struggled to escape, dashing down a street corner. She looked in the sky, and saw something fly overhead. From below, it appeared to be a huge, muscular man, but it had four legs...?

Lillie stopped as the figure made a sudden dive for her general location. Lille screamed and dove out of the way as the beast made landfall. Upon closer inspection, it was more of a titanic mosquito than anything; its muscles were bulbous fluid sacs, filled taut with blood, and a shiny proboscis extended from its face. The mosquito man started stomping towards Lillie, its bulging biceps flexing and contracting, its adamantium abs tightening, its colossal quadriceps crumpling and creaking. The beast stopped and folded its arms. Towering at least two to three feet above Lillie, the monster was a force to be reckoned with.

“H-hello?” Lillie mumbled.

The mosquito man, with a sudden movement, flexed its biceps; its left arm pointed at the sky, while its right arm curled. It then pointed at Lillie’s bag, and raised its arms, putting its huge, gray hands behind its head and doing a pec dance.

Lillie was certain it was trying to communicate, but she did not speak Manly Bodybuilder. (Or in this case, Mosquito-y Bodybuilder.)

The mosquito man repeated its gestures, and pointed at the bag again.

“Are you an... Ultra Beast?” Lillie asked quietly.

The mosquito man flexed again, straightening its back and posing one way, before turning around and posing in the other direction. It then turned back towards Lillie and did a crab pose, before folding its arms and standing upright again.

“I... I’m sorry, I don’t speak muscleman,” Lillie apologized. Should she bow to the beast? Was it dangerous? Was it going to attack her or suck her blood?

Nebby poked out of the bag. “Pew?” it squeaked.

The buff bug flexed enthusiastically, then pointed at Nebby before flexing again.

“Do you... want to go home?” Lillie asked. “Home?”

The buff mosquito flexed once more, before pointing at Nebby.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know how to get you home... Nebby has teleported me before, but I don’t know how to cause it to unleash its power,” Lillie apologized.

The buff mosquito shook its head, before flexing and then looking down. It flexed its abs.

“Are you... hungry or something?” Lillie asked, taking a guess at this strange buff mosquito’s language.

Surprisingly, she was right again. The muscular mosquito flexed its abs once more for confirmation.

“I mean,” Lillie said, digging into her bag. “I have beans. I don’t know if you... prefer... blood?” Lillie produced several large multicolored beans, and held them in her palm.

The mosquito took one meaty hand and grabbed the beans, before sticking its proboscis into each one and draining each inside out. It then made several satisfied flexes.

The buff mosquito turned and looked past Lillie. Its orange wings fluttered, and it flexed harder, the bubbles in its blood sacs in its massive muscles quivering.

“Hey! There she is!” shouted a Rocket Grunt, pointing down the street that Lillie had gone down.

The mosquito man unfolded its wings and shot forward, reaching out to punch the Rocket grunt at full force. Lillie gasped, putting her hands over her mouth as the swole ‘squito punches the Rocket grunt over and over again.

“Arbok! Bite it! Golbat, Air Slash!” cried another grunt.

Golbat moved to fire blades of wind at the mosquito, but the mosquito straight up grabbed the bat out of the air and snapped both its wings, before letting it drop and stomping into its mouth.

Golbat fainted.

Meanwhile, Arbok lunged at the mosquito, but the mosquito grabbed the snake and tied it in a knot, before swinging it overhead and hurling it at its Trainers.

The mosquito had no qualms about punching these assailants into submission. After all, they were threatening the one who could get it home.

“Weezing! Blow it up!” another Rocket grunt said. A pair of purple balls with faces, Weezing, shot forth and prepared to explode, grunting as its internal gases ignited.

However, as Weezing began to glow, the mosquito stabbed its proboscis into Golbat’s face, and began to suck violently. Its muscles quivered, and began to swell, vibrating with each draught the mosquito took from the bat. The mosquito’s blood sacs creaked as the white veins crossing their clear membranes tightened and narrowed, the mosquito’s arms pulsing and growing. The mosquito slammed its fists into the pavement, cracking the asphalt under its sheer power. The mosquito’s legs, too, surged outward with each sip of Golbat’s blood the mosquito took. The mosquito’s hands began to expand as well. Its entire body hardened, growing rigid like bedrock. Its back rippled as it thrust its even-more-massive arms around Weezing. The mosquito crushed the oversized purple fart ball, and squeezed tightly.


There was a brief flash from in between the buff mosquito’s fingers, and the mosquito let go, letting the smoking, fainted Weezing drop to the ground.

The mosquito then stomped up to the Rocket grunt who had commanded these Pokémon, and glowered down at him.

“Aha!” The grunt hurled a Poké Ball at Buzzwole.

The bug caught the Poké Ball in between its huge meaty fingers, and pressed.


There was a small pop and a spark, and the capsule was nothing but a piece of squashed fiberglass and circuitry. The mosquito rubbed its fingers together, before grabbing the Rocket grunt by the leg and slamming him repeatedly into the ground. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! The mosquito picked the grunt’s leg up over its head, and stared at it, eye to compound eye. Then it slammed the Rocket grunt into the ground one last time, leaving him broken on the ground.

The other grunts backed away. The mosquito looked up at them, and suddenly flashed its orange wings. The startled grunts fled, squealing like children.

Lillie stared at the carnage.

So this was the power of the Ultra Beasts.

The monstrous mosquito turned back towards Lillie and flexed its left arm, grasping its forearm with its right hand.

Granted the Rocket grunts got their just desserts, but holy Miltank that felt like overcompensation.

No doubt about it, this was one of the Ultra Beasts documented in the files of the Aether Foundation. UB-ABSORPTION, AKA Buzzwole.

Lillie reached carefully into her bag, feeling around. “Thank you for saving me from those men,” she said quietly. “But I think you did it too violently! That man must have broken every bone in his body!”

The mosquito flexed both its arms and held its hands outwards.

Lillie produced a dark blue capsule with an electric blue mesh pattern and yellow protrusions that resembled the path of electrons on a Bohrian-model atom. “Please come with me so I can figure out how to return you and Nebby home,” she said.

Buzzwole’s wings flared out, and emitted a low hum. Lillie timidly tossed the capsule, but Buzzwole lashed out and swatted it away.

“Ah!” Lillie yelped.

She pulled out another. “Please behave,” she insisted. “I really cannot hurt you, and I’m only trying to help. It’s safer this way... it’s one of the safest ways to travel with Pokémon in my world. If you are some kind of Pokémon, that is...

Buzzwole folded its arms, then looked down at Lillie, before thrusting out one palm and curling its fingers.

“A battle? Oh, no, I can’t do that,” Lillie said, shaking her head.

Buzzwole shook its head and waved its hands, before pointing at the capsule in Lillie’s hand and doing another pec dance, this time with its arms akimbo.

Lillie shifted her eyes away from the pec-dancing mosquito, and tossed the capsule lightly. It bopped against Buzzwole’s mighty, glistening pecs and opened up, engulfing the Ultra Beast in a blinding light.

And in a flash, the ball shook once, twice, three times.


Lillie ran to the ball and picked it up, before opening it and releasing Buzzwole back to its full, muscular glory. Buzzwole towered over Lillie once more, this time standing at the ready.

“No breaking literally every bone in people’s bodies next time, okay?” Lillie chided.

“Pew pew?” Nebby said, poking its head out of the gym bag. Buzzwole looked down and hummed in response, before bouncing its pecs up and down.



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By Zandoo, Infested, and Aethetic

Las Vegas


In the middle of the road, a toaster sat alone, apparently yelling at people passing by, threatening them with various obscenities. It was an odd sight, even in the Overwatch Universe, where robots talk on a constant basis. Soon, the Toaster grew tired of threats. He wanted to move somewhere where his voice would be heard, somewhere with better views.

"Why, what power would that be?" Called an elegant voice. A turquoise aura surrounded the toaster, causing it to levitate into an alleyway where none of the humans could see. Soon, the voice was revealed to belong to some sort of equine with a pale, pinkish purpleish coat and enormous eyes, as if the creature were pulled right out of a cartoon.

"...What the hell are you? And PUT ME DOWN AT ONCE OR FEEL MY... WRATH!" The household appliance exclaimed, able to do nothing in the pony's grasp.

"My, my! No need to be so angry. I would have hated for you to get run over by one of those reckless wagons out there," The equine explained, "My name is Starlight Glimmer, and yours?" Obliging the toaster, she lowered him at eye-level on the top of a dumpster.

"I am... The Toaster!" the kitchen item declared with pride, "And the world will tremble before my raging fires!"

Starlight could not help but laugh a little at that, covering her mouth with a hoof. "Why do all that?" She inquired, humoring the ambitious toaster.

"Have you ever tried to sate an unending urge to kill without opposable thumbs? Or hands? Or anything more than a breadslot?!" The Toaster asked angrily, "You'd have a lot of pent up anger!"

"Hm. Well I think you're more angry about the no.. er.. 'Hands' issue, and the desire for destruction stems from that. It must feel awful seeing everypony trot around, able to do this or that, doesn't it?" Starlight asked with pity, "And I saw those.. Whatever those are minding their business, not even willing to give poor you the time of day... Or at least the courtesy to get you out of the street."

"They have HANDS I WANT TO BURN OFF THEIR F*CKING BODIES WITH NUCLEAR FIRE!" the Toaster raged, opening and shutting his breadslot with anger.

"You feel like they rub their 'hands' in your..." Starlight just realized how awkward it was talking to a toaster, "You're tired of others acting superior towards you, is that it? Just because you can't walk or don't have 'hands'? You feel alone, isolated by others for something that isn't your fault?"

"I'm tired of NOT HAVING HANDS AND NO APPLIANCES TO GUT!" the Toaster blared, "And yeah a little I guess."

"T'aww... I know what it's like.. Maybe not as extreme as it is for you, but the principle is about the same. To feel alone due to lack of ability or special talent. Seeing others flaunt what they have endlessly. I was so angry for such a long time, just like you," Starlight gently tapped the toaster with a hoof.

"Where the hell am I?" Muttered a young man, apparantly in his early twenties. His words punctuated by the sound of his pants dragging against the concrete as he drug himself by his hands. If only he could find a wheelchair in this strange place, like something out of a novel. Then there were two strange sights that greeted him. What appeared to be some cartoonish unicorn, and some strange metallic invention.

"Well, hello!" Starlight greeted happily, before pausing. While she was certainly no expert on whatever these creatures were, she had figured out that they walk on two legs, "Do you... Need help?"

The Toaster stared at the man for a moment. He then burst into maniacal laughter. "HE CAN'T USE HIS HANDS AS HANDS! F*CKING KARMA! I LOVE IT!"

"Wha- Go eat SPORE and die! I didn't ask to be paraplegic!" He shouted to the toaster. The machine had struck a nerve with Johnny. "Not you though, you're fine. Whoever you are... could I ride on your back perhaps. I can't move my legs, haven't been able to for a while."

"Oh! I'm Starlight Gli-... Wh.. Ride on my back?" The pony repeated, "I... Have an alternative." A turquoise aura surrounded the disabled man as he was lifted off of the ground a few inches and brought closer to Starlight and the Toaster. She did her best to place him back on the ground in a sitting position.

Staying in the sitting position was a bit hard for Johnny, without being able to stabilize himself with his legs. He pushed down on the ground, scooting his legs to the side as he supported himself with a bent arm. "What are you doing?" "Is this unicorn a stand user?" he thought to himself. To test the waters a bit, a pink creature would peek at the equinoid from Johnny's back. Starlight, being magical in nature, would more than likely perceive the stand.

"Me? I'm just-.. What is that right there?" Starlight inquired, gently gesturing a hoof over at the little... Thing.

"What are you talking about? Is this acid trip gonna end soon?" the Toaster asked, seeing nothing.

"Right there! That.. Hold on a moment," Starlight turned her head to the Toaster with a curious expression, "How do you see at all?"

"Chumimi-in~" The stand faded from view as Starlight turned her head.

"If I could shrug, I would shrug right know. I got no f*cking clue how I'm even talking," the Toaster replied

"Well, obviously magic, but.. I suppose that's not important right now," Starlight sighed as she waved a hoof and turned her attention back to Johnny, "Where did it go?"

"So you are a stand user then?" Johnny inquired, [TUSK] reappearing upon his shoulder. "What is your alternate solution to riding on your back? I don't prefer to drag myself along the concrete. I'm probably tearing holes in my clothes."

"Stand.. User?" Starlight cocked her head, before letting out a small laugh, "I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with what that is. My alternative was to simply carry you with my magic, of course."

"Magic, that is your stand then? Your unique power?"

"Oh no no no. I've given up on 'unique powers' and 'special talents' and the sort long ago," Starlight said with a smile, presenting her flank to Johnny, displaying the black equal sign.

"What a bunch of nerds! Talking about magic!" The Toaster laughed, "Oh I'll cast a f*cking magic missile at you f*cks!"

Johnny glared hatefully at the toaster, before a nail catapulted from his finger, striking one side of it, and denting the metal inwards.

"OW WHAT THE FU- THE F*CK MAN? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? OW!" the Toaster lamented angrily.

"Now there is no need for violence," Starlight chastised, "Sure, the Toaster was being rather rude, but wouldn't you be the same if you've spent your entire life as a toaster? Unable to do anything but watch as everypony else walks and do... Well.. Everything that a toaster cannot?

Johnny's face visibly saddened for a moment upon the mention of walking. It seemed to be a heavily sore subject at the very least. "Apologies, I let my anger get the best of me." He fibbed through his teeth, he wasn't sorry at all! "Could you help me find a wheelchair, or something that I can move myself around in?"

Starlight gave Johnny a sweet smile, satisfied with the apology for now. "As soon as I spot one, it's yours.. I'm sorry, I never caught your name."

"Johnny. Johnny Joestar."

"Well, Johnny, like I said, as soon as we can find a wheelchair for you, it's all yours!"

"And if we find any toasters, give them to me," the Toaster stated.

"Speaking of toasters, 'The Toaster'," Starlight looked to the kitchen appliance, "Before Johnny arrived, I was going to ask, what if you had 'hands'?"

"Then, I'd fulfill my goal of creating nuclear Armageddon, covering the world in atomic flames!" The Toaster laughed raggedly, "Then I'd probably do something else, I dunno. Find another hobby, maybe."

While the pony certainly did not know about this 'nuclear' stuff the Toaster went on about, she did know about 'armageddon'. "Wouldn't you be all alone then? I know it can be hard to imagine enjoying the company of others in your case, but I feel you would be pretty lonely."

"A Toaster is merely a miniature death ray! Who need's company when you got a death ray?!" The appliance exclaimed.

Even Starlight, as fixated on her philosophy as she was, could see that dealing with this toaster was a big waste of her time right now.

"...But there wouldn't be anyone to get me toasters, so that'd be the only downer," the Toaster contemplated his proclaimed nuclear apocalypse and its lack of toaster-gathering idiots, "Okay, maybe it's not the best plan, but it's my plan and it's still a work in progress!"

"Well, for now, I think we need to focus on getting you mobile," Starlight said to Johnny, before looking out of the alleyway hesitantly, "Mm.. Someone tried to throw a bottle at my head last time I went out there though."

"Don't worry. They won't if I'm around." Johnny reassured.

"Oh, is it because you're one of them?" The pony asked curiously.

"You've never seen a human before? And no, i'll shoot the bottle out of the air... and maybe them if they get too aggressive."

"So that's what you're all called!" Starlight smiled, looking back out at the strange, upright creatures, "I can't blame them too much for throwing bottles at me. I guess they've never seen a pony either. Differences like that always lead to violence... Well, differences in general lead to disarray really."

"If my heating element were larger, I'd blast all those fools to ASH!" the Toaster blared.

"I've been too dependent on horses to think of getting violent at them, even when they look as strange as you."

"Aaaand differences lead to insults too," Starlight continued, raising a brow at Johnny, before he and the Toaster were levitated into the air just behind Starlight as she tentatively trotted out of the alley.

Johnny shook his calloused hands, picking out a few stray bits of concrete that had been embedded into his palms. That was about the only good thing about his state. He could arm-lock a bull from the sheer workout his arms got lugging him around.

"So how long have your legs been noodles, Joestar? And who gave you such a ridiculous last name?" The Toaster asked with a snicker.

"I got shot in the back for doing something stupid... and my father isn't important." He felt a seething anger towards the toaster, but he wouldn't pursue his desire for teaching the machine manners just yet.

"Don't forget Toaster, your name is just 'Toaster'. It's sad that something so trivial like a difference in names leads to such rude behavior, but I suppose that's just how it is when everypony is unique," Starlight sighed, not missing an opportunity to not-so-subtly bash individuality.

"..Would serial numbers be better names? If so, 'Ha! Your number is so low!'" The kitchen appliance grumbled.

"Now miss. It might just be me, but I have the feeling you're being just a bit preachy. No need to be causin' conflict by doing that."

Starlight nearly stopped dead in her tracks, giving a quick glance back before continuing her trot. "Preachy? Conflict? I'm dedicated to spreading harmony to those who need it most, and with harmony comes true friendship. Of course, that can only be achieved through equality. Can you honestly say it's easier to make friends with others when you're... Different from them in the way you are?"

"She's starting to sound like some sorta communist." Johnny thought. "Why yes, if it weren't for that. I'd probably be hanging from a rope somewhere right now." He stated. He didn't like to think about that day he met Gyro. It reminded him about how horribly things could have gone instead.

"That's.. That's rather morbid," Starlight said in shock. No one where she was from ever talked like that. "Maybe I do preach a little too much, but I know what I am talking about from experience. Before I came here, I had founded a lovely little village, secluded from the rest of Equestria- Er.. Thats the name of where I'm from. Everypony there was equal in almost every way. There was never any conflict, everypony got along, and it was all because we were equal. No one was superior to the other in any way, nor inferior." The pony was clearly fond of talking about the home she had been mysteriously pulled out of, "I just hope they're all doing okay while I'm gone."

"I hope Gyro is doing okay..." He idly commented to himself. Hopefully he knew well enough Johnny wouldn't just leave him, especially without Slow-Dancer.

The ground shook for a moment. Nearby, a loud, stoic voice declared, "DEMOCRACY IS NON-NEGOTIABLE!"

Turning a corner was a massive humanoid machine, a single eye-slit on its massive head, and a massive container of what appeared to be nuclear weapons on its back, as it stomped down the street adjacent to the pony and her 'friends', a small cartoonish cat-looking thing riding on top of the robot's head.

"What the hell?" Johnny mouthed.

"What in Equestria is that!?" Starlight gasped, her mouth agape as she stared up in awe.

"hOI!!" the monster yelled down from atop Liberty Prime, "HOw r u?"

"We're.. Fine!" Starlight answered before turning her head to Johnny, "Is this normal here?"

"What she said." He whispered down at here. "Ma'am. Where I come from we've barely got machinery down. Let alone robots, i wouldn't have a clue as to what's normal here."

"...The hell is that thing yelling at us? I hate its face," the Toaster stated.

"Don't be rude. I'm not... Sure what it is.. I think it might be a cat? Or a dog?" Starlight put a hoof to her chin.

"i iz tEMMIE!!1!" Temmie exclaimed, before flopping off the top of Liberty Prime's head, landing on the pavement fifty feet below with a soft plop. She looked up at the trio with her squished face, still smiling, "hOI!"

"Oh my goodness, are you okay?" Starlight levitated Temmie up off the ground, turning the weird creature over and around.

"yEPPS!" the Tem squealed, squiggling around as she was examined, "dO u kNo whER bROTHrhoOD is?"

"Pheroche....~" An otherworldly and angelic voice whistled through the streets. The thin, gossamer-like Pheromosa observing its new, displaced surroundings with what seemed to be utter apathy. As if this world was un-befitting of its touch. It was strangely beautiful, in its own thin, supple way.


"Is that your solution to everything?" Starlight sighed.

"It's a good solution! When it's used correctly, it gets rid of problems quickly! And PAINFULLY! HA HA HAA!" the Toaster guffawed with his non-existent stomach.

Is this seriously what I have to work with here? Starlight thought.


"What is a.. Nevermind," Starlight shook her head and called out to the strange roach-thing, "Hello? Um.." What should she say to a roach?

"I am incredibly confused." Johnny summised the situation succinctly.

The ultra beast cocked its head at the strange equine, apparently English wasn't in its repertoire of knowledge. It would walk closer to her, antennae waving as it further observed the alien being.

"I'm sorry for being presumptuous, but I'm guessing you're not from here either, are you?" Starlight asked, starting to notice a bit of a trend here.

"Phero-che~" The wiry creature cooed, antennae folding back to a safer position behind its back. Resting atop the paper-thin membranes that resembled roach wing-covers that flowed from the back of its head. It was then that several lights around the strip blew out, and countless others went dark as the electrical output to the city was dimmed. Apparantly something was interfering with the city's power.

"I'm betting five bucks it's something that isn't cool," the Toaster harrumphed, "and not as devastating as I! THE TOASTER!"

"What happened to the lights?" Starlight asked, looking up curiously.

"I'm guessing something happened to the power, or the wiring. I wouldn't know, i'm not an electrician." Answered the stand-user.

Hoover Dam

Meanwhile at the Hoover-dam, or at the least, very close to it. What seemed to be a Christmas-tree of wires was wrapped one of the power-mains leading to Las Vegas. The lights, and the star at the topped visibly glowed and arced with static-blue arcs of electricity as it absorbed the massive current running into its roots.

A monumental screech rang out, as all electric-powered devices, including what remained of the power of Hoover Dam, shuttered to nothing. The ground began to shake, as from the Grand Canyon, pulling itself up with its massive claw like appendages, was a Female MUTO, growling as it heaved itself out of the canyon.

"Oh what is happening now!?" Starlight gasped.

"It looks baaa-" The Toaster's words were slowed, before the lights on his body dimmed and halted entirely, being affected by the electromagnetic field surrounding the monster.

Even the mighty Liberty Prime was not left unaffected. The machine fell onto it's knees and declared, "DEMOCRACY... WILL NOT FAIL... SHUTTING DOWN..." before slamming face-first into the pavement, to the shock of Temmie.

"Is it just me or does that thing seem a bit preach- Oh no!" Starlight looked at the fallen Liberty Prime in surprise as well.

"oH NO!" Temmie stammered, stumbling over to the robot, lightly patting it on the back of its head "wEKe up! wE goTTa go!"

"Move move move!" Johnny screeched at the pony.

The Xurkitree uncoiled itself from the now currentless-main. It let out an angry: "Xurkit-it-it!" It wasn't finished feeding yet! It did however, begin to leech off the electromagnetic field that the MUTO possessed. It would begin to follow this moving energy source, its light a blaring blue that shone out over the dark desert. And allowed for the people of Vegas to see the feet of the monster headed towards them.

"Move where!?" Starlight yelled back.

"Anywhere! Find a horse, or some method of transportation!"

Starlight looked at Johnny with a clearly unamused expression at her species being referred to as a 'method of transportation'. After a quick look around, she stared in horror at the far away beast.

"SPORE-SPORE-SPORE-SPORE!" Johnny muttered to himself, clearly freaking out about this situation. In contrast to Johnny, the Pheromosa was abnormally calm, looking at the encroaching Kaiju with a mixture of wonder and disgust.

The MUTO, annoyed by whatever was leeching off of it, turned and roared loudly, rearing up to smash the Ultra-beast.

The Xurkitree, sensing danger. Would let out a 1,000,000 volt current loose from its 'star' as it were. Aimed for the creature's open mouth. Being able to emit an EM field wasn't the same as taking a discharge that would but an ARC furnace to shame.

The monster reeled back, screeching in abject pain, before beginning to gallop towards the city quickly, searching for something. Its booming steps sounded like rolling thunder as it approached quickly, smashing into a building, but simply walking through it.

The Xurkitree would chase after the MUTO, its wire-arms and tail waving and slapping around as it tried fruitlessly to keep up. Its head would flare up as the wires upon its arms widened. MUTO's 'sphere of influence' quickly diminishing as the EM radiation was drawn into its body. The ultra beast acting like an inverse solar-wind. It might be enough for Liberty Prime to start back up, before the kaiju's hunt for radiation inevitably drew it to the robot.

Slowly, LIberty Prime's eyehole began to glow its usual blue, as its mechanics whirred back to life, and slowly the machine began to stand. Temmie cheered, "yAYA!" patting the patriotic machine on its chromed kneecap.


"Nopony, but.. I think it might have something to do with.. That," Starlight answered, pointing a hoof at the MUTO entering the city. She was not sure how to go about this situation. Sure, she could run, but that thing was clearly faster than anyone. At least it didn't seem to be heading particularly her way. Maybe they could wait things out and the monster would simply pass by?

As soon as the Toaster sounded as if he were going to speak again, he shut off again, as well as Liberty Prime. The kaiju, with its six long limbs planted firmly in the ground, let out a long, searing mix of howls and screeches, accompanied by high-pitched clicks. It was searching for something, and it would not stop until it found it.

As it stopped, the still moving Xurkitree would continue bounding after the electricity source. Nearing the claws of the beast. It would wrap it's wire-like limbs around the MUTO as it began to climb its black flesh. Eventually coming to the top. It would then take root, shoving all of its limbs down into the MUTO as wire 'roots' snaked down into the massive creature. The light atop the Xurkitree glowing bright as it began to parasitize the electricity from its body.

The monster reeled back onto its back legs, screeching in agony, stepping backwards with its clawed hooves, before losing its pained footing, falling backwards onto a casino, and onto the Xurkitree on top of it.

While the impact certainly hurt the xurkitree, smashing it flat against the MUTO's back as parts of it were contused under the immense weight. However, the star-like head was instead pushed into the softer hide of the creature. The creature let out another distressed burst of electricity as it's percieved 'attacker'. However, given the fact that it was grounded in the MUTO. The current would instead course through the supple flesh of the MUTO's back.

The creature let out another scream of pain as it found its footing, reaching one of its smaller claws back towards the imbedded parasite and stabbing at it, hoping to dig the thing out of its back.

The digging wouldn't be needed, the charred, seared flesh the Ultra beast had dug into proved to be a poor footing as it was shoved from its position ontop of the kaiju. Tearing out several clumps of well-cooked MUTO as it began its long descent to the Earth.

With the creature gone, the MUTO, given its opportunity, fled, galloping back into the desert to find whatever it was looking for somewhere else, letting out sorrowful wails of pain as it ran. As it distanced itself with the city, Las Vegas would find its lights returning to their luminescence, and whatever other technology having returned to normal.

Xurkitree let out a pained hiss as it cradled a smashed leg. The wiring unusually flat. It would gingerly snake over to a power-line. Reaching its hands upwards, and latching onto it as it absorbed the energy. Balancing itself with its remaining leg, and undamaged tail. Whilst the other leg dangled, likely to heal.

"-QUIT TOUCHING MY BATTERIES!" The Toaster blurted upon restarting.

"Your what?" Johnny questioned.

"The second most important components to my plans for world annihilation!" the Toaster laughed, "and the things that power me."

"So, batteries are a mobile electricity source is what you're saying?"

"Yeah, no need to sound like a f*cking Einstein about it," the kitchen appliance grumbled.

"A what- Oh never mind that! I'm surprised none of us were hurt," Starlight sighed with relief.

"LIBERTY PRIME IS ONLINE!" The massive machine declared as he found his feet, "ERROR: POWER OUTAGE REPORTED."

"Pheroero~!" The cockroach-beast hissed, pointing to the flickering Xurkitree. Pitifully strung on a power-line. Starlight was wrong, one of them was injured.

Starlight blinked for a moment, before levitating the strange mess of wires that was the Xurkitree down to street level. "Is it... Hurt?" She asked, not entirely certain of what she was looking at.

"One of it's... legs? It looks flattened." Johnny stated, pointing to the unsymmetrical pancake that was the being's left leg. He scrunched his nose as he tried to ignore the smell of burnt meat emanating from the chunks of seared flesh burnt onto its wire-like ends.

"Oh my goodness, you're right!" Starlight gasped as she wrinkled her snout, "I would say we should find a hospital or something, but.. I have a feeling they have their hooves full right now."

The UB let out an electrical-sounding sputter, it was rather weak however. The bright-blue glow that once suffused its head was now gone, replaced by a pale white luminescence.

Very faintly, the faint sputtering of approaching Helicopters began to grow slowly louder and louder, closer and closer.

"Does anypony else hear that?" Starlight asked, looking around.

"I have no idea what that is either. Sounds like a big, big mosquito to me." Johnny answered.

"Please don't let it be a giant mosquito," Starlight prayed. She gave the Xurkitree a pitiful glance, wishing she could do something to help the poor thing.

Above them, the sound intensified quickly, as a black helicopter, no insignia or identification on its sides, rumbled overhead. "All citizens are to stay indoors. Anyone found to be non-compliant can and will be terminated," an intercom blared from the flying vehicle, its spotlight shining onto the group. Meanwhile, another helicopter fluttered by, slowly making a landing, out of it jumped several dozen soldiers, their armor black and unidentifying, with one shouting to the Pony and her companions, "Do not move! If you do not comply, you will be shot."

"Should we run?" Starlight asked, squinting her large eyes at the bright light before spotting the soldiers.

"Those look like guns. I wouldn't try." Johnny stated, several of his fingernails spinning on his fingers.

The Pheromosa simply stared at the group of soldiers. It didn't understand English, and so twitched its antennae in observation. Its night-vision wasn't the best.

"So you don't know what a battery is, but you know what a f*cking gun is?" the Toaster asked Johnny.

"What is a gun?!" Starlight asked fearfully. Was it some sort of magical superweapon or something?

"It's a thing that shoots f*cking pieces of metal so fast, they can kill things! They're f*cking awesome!" the Toaster exclaimed, as the Task force agents began to encircle the group.

"You're coming with us," one of the soldiers demanded, "Any force used against this containment will be regarded as noncompliance."

"Containment!?" Starlight repeated.

"Pheroche~?" The Pheromosa sang, its azure eyes twinkling as it looked down at the group. A strange smell began to fill the air, like a vintage, french perfume. The smell, unknown to science. Tended to make things near it become awestruck at the UB's very presence. If the agents' resolve was strong enough, they might be able to fight through the disarming pheromones.

"Masks on, one of these things is putting something in the air," one agent ordered, as the soldiers quickly took off their helmets, and replaced them with gas masks able to filter such chemicals from the air, "Yes, now please comply and come with us, or force will be used."

UB-02 Beauty simply stared down at the soldiers, a thin, blade-like hand resting upon its shaped hip. One its antennae jerked towards a MTF officer, the sensitive appendage gathering his scent, and other information.

"Who are all of you?!" Starlight demanded, her eyes darting about. She hated being encircled like this, unable to escape. Well, there was always teleportation, but that would mean blowing her cover. Sure, she wasn't around her townsfolk anymore, but appearances need to be kept up 24/7 if she was to spread her philosophy.

"Xurkit-it-it." The creature sputtered as it began to drag itself towards the nearest energy source. Which just happened to be the Helicopter the MTF came in.

"This information cannot be disclosed at the curren- hey keep that thing away from the heli!" the agent ordered, as several soldiers put themselves in the way of Xurxitree's target, their rifles aimed at the pokemon.

"Where are you going to take us." Johnny asked, an eye glancing at the Xurkitree, which was still limply dragging itself towards the helicopter. It didn't know what guns were, and it certainly didn't understand English.

"The exact location cannot be disclosed. You will be relocated to somewhere you can't affect society in a harmful manner. Now please comply, or force will be used," the Mobile Task Force agent repeated, as the rest of the soldiers armed their assault rifles.

"What? I'm not like these others, I'm just a man who crawled into this mess!"

"'Not like these others'?" Starlight scoffed, "I don't know why I expected anything more. That's the faux friendship I get I suppose."

If Johnny could speak to Starlight telepathically, he would be screaming at her that he had a plan. If they left him here, he could quickly dispatch their would-be kidnappers before their flying-contraption got high off the ground. "Chumimi-in?" T.U.S.K. worriedly chirped on Johnny's shoulder. Not that the MTF would be able to observe it, let alone hear it.

"Still, you're coming in for questioning," The agent said, as one of the MTF fired a warning shot in the wake of the Ultrabeast coming for the helicopter.

"Could you at the least get me a wheelchair or something?"

The electric tree froze at the gunshot. Its non-damaged limbs digging into the dry desert earth. Slowly raising itself up into a conical shape. The damaged limb would slowly snake out to its stretching point. The copper-like roots extending as they too dug in. It was far too spent to struggle for the helicopter, and so would try to wean some form of electricity from the baked ground. Meanwhile, the other ultra beast took a tentative step towards the circle of MTF agents. Trying to leave for elsewhere.

Several soldiers pointed their weapons at Pheremosa, hoping it would know that they were the same thing as what had made the gunshot.

The creature had heard the gunshot, but hadn't seen what created it. So instead of balking back, it instead took another step forward. Eyes slowly casting themselves side-to-side as it observed the actions of these strange, but similar creatures.

One of the task force raised their weapon and fired upwards, another warning shot to force it back.

The cockroach twitched, going from still to lunging backwards at 120mph at a single planck-time. It was now outside of the circle, standing upon a small rock near the helicopter.

"What the- move to recontain," another agent ordered, as more MTF came to apprehend the cockroach. Meanwhile, the agent talking to the others sighed, "Yeah, we can get you a wheelchair, just comply with our orders."

"Very well, we'll come with you, though I'm not sure we had much of a choice, did we?" Starlight stated bitterly.

"Phero-reeech~!" The cockroach UB hissed, these creatures were seriously starting to irritate it at this point. So help it if one of them decided to touch its pristine white exoskeleton.

"I WILL NOT COMPLY WITH YOUR STANDARDS, MEATY FOOL!" The Toaster laughed, before being picked up by a foundation soldier, "Wait... oh. Apparently I will comply."

"Can we get a tranq in that bug? We gotta hurry this up," an agent ordered, as one soldier fired a tranquilizer dart towards the Pokemon.

The dart disappeared with a thundering crack as it was broken-apart in midair. The Ultra Beast having back-handed it out of the way. "Pheroche-che!" It hissed this time, the grace in its voice now gone. This was their final warning.

"Alright, tase it," The agent declared, "And somebody order a construction team to remove the other entity. We can't risk to irritate it."

Several agents pointed their weapons at the cockroach-creature, before firing several tasers at Pheremosa, with one able to down any man alone.

The wiry pokemon ducked at its unnatural 120mph acceleration, dodging the tasers with but a twitch of its hips. It would send a long, spindly leg soaring towards one of the agents as it delivered a Low Kick in a circle around it. The force exerted from the sheer speed of the cockroach was phenomenal.

The agents around the Pokemon were sent flying, as another Helicopter roared to life above the scene.

A Task Force Agent turned to the group, "Please board this helicopter now. We're having difficulties," he pointed towards the landed aircraft nearby, "Noncompliance will result in termination."

The helicopter's electronics would begin to short and flicker as the electricity was drawn away from the helicopter. The light atop the Xurkitree faintly flaring to life from the brief charges.

The helicopter would reel away, moving to a safe distance away from the anomalous bundle of lights as to not crash and possibly damage the entity any further.

Johnny looked down at Starlight, and tried to whisper to her discreetly. "How strong is your 'magic'?"

"Get in the craft. Now," The Agent ordered, hoisting up Johnny and beginning to walk towards the aircraft.

Johnny would discreetly fire a nail into the Agent's chest as he hoisted him up. The hole which appeared would begin to tear up his vital organs, Johnny's nail would likely heal and be replaced by the time he was uncovered.

The agent fell to the ground, onto Johnny as they dropped him. Other MTF would turn to Johnny and Starlight, their assault rifles armed and ready to fire. "STAND DOWN NOW!" one ordered, "NONCOMPLIANCE WILL LEAD TO YOUR TERMINATION. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!"

"How can I stand down if I can't stand in the first place! Your guy here just dropped and fell on me!" The jockey fibbed. Firing several more nail-bullets into the ground under the obscuring corpse of the MTF agent. The 'void' holes would begin to race along the ground, each snaking their way to a separate agent. Given it was night, they would likely be hard to spot.

"I haven't done anything!" Starlight defended herself, glancing between the shouting agent and Johnny before carefully trotting in the direction of the helicopter, giving agents she passed by a nervous smile.

Two agents rushed Johnny, hoisting him tightly up by his shoulders, stomping towards the helicopter without caution for their fallen companion.

It was then that the 'holes' produced by [T.U.S.K.] would meet the shoes of 9 MTF agents. The hole tearing through the tissue and bone of their legs and feet as they climbed upwards towards softer, and more vital parts of their biology. Cold air would waft down at the group, a scream tearing through the night. Followed by the sound of shattering ice, and flesh hitting the baked earth at high velocity. A partially-encased agent had landed near the helicopter, his legs and left-arm trapped within a conical piece of ice.

The Pheromosa would strut into view, seemingly unharmed. If one were to look over the hill-top, they could observe the frozen statutes that several of the agents had become. Everything but their face encased within a clear, crystalline coat of ice.

The two agents, seeing anomalous effects, rushed the man into the helicopter, which quickly took off after they had gotten them onboard, and slammed him down into a seat, examining him for a moment. "The hell's with your fingernails?" One asked, pointing at Johnny's hand.

Johnny looked down at his hands in bewilderment, gingerly touching the sensitive skin the nails once covered. Letting out a hiss of pain. "I have no idea, I just had them a second ago."

"We'll have a medic look you over when we get to the facility. Then, you're in for questioning," the MTF agent replied, overlooking the three characters.

"...Whatever you guys do, I don't think you should drop the soap once we're in this slammer," The Toaster advised angrily.

"Drop the soap?" Johnny inquired.

"Yeah, don't drop it, or I'll try to make a weapon of total f*cking destruction to destroy everyone!" the Toaster exclaimed, "And probably some other innuendos. I dunno."

Johnny just shook his head, what did soap have to do with innuendo?

Meanwhile, back on the ground. With the MTF force either out-cold, nursing broken bones or frozen solid. The Pheromosa had little resistance as it wandered towards the Grand-Canyon. Clearing the ravine with a graceful kick of its legs. The Xurkitree on the other hand would slowly uproot itself, crawling back towards the dam and its power-mains. It would slowly clamber up, and latch onto the wires. Lights in Vegas going out once again as the UB absorbed the massive quantities of electricity. The 'star' returning to a bright, coronal blue glow.

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Sissy and Striker present you...


Early sunrise, still somewhere in the border of Canada

Striker stretched her body, waking up in the middle of the forest. She was completely naked, due to a condition she had that if she had clothes on while sleeping, her body would overheat and catch on fire. "Hhhmmm..." she moaned, rubbing her eyes. The rather 'thicc' dragon yawned, stretching again and raising her arms.

Behind a snow-covered tree, a blue hedgehog was staring at her as only a bit of his face and eyes were seen, his hand holding onto the tree as he looked at the nude dragon with a... an undescribable expression. It was like he was stalking her.

Fortunately, the hybrid didn't notice the Mobian, scratching her chest. "Gghh, I smell funky..." she muttered, crawling towards a frozen lake. Striker dove into it, purring as the freezing water enveloped her body, cooling her down.

Sonic slowly followed, hoping to not step on a stick or something else that could make noise as he hid behind another tree, watching her bathe. What omega-level stalker was he? Was he really that perver-

"Sonic?" Tails asked, suddenly walking up to the hedgehog. The fox had been looking for where he'd been.

"EEEEEEEEK!!" Sonic screamed, suddenly jumping backwards and into the air. As he landed, he curled up into a spiky ball, his eyes still visible as he shivered. "Could ya' have some privacy?!" he questioned. Miles stared in a bit of confusion, but nodded, mentally apologizing.

Luckily, her hearing was crap. But nearby, the dragon emerged from the water, shaking her entire body and walking over to her clothes. She began to dress, slipping on her pants and sweater and grinning. "Alright, time to go back to the others!" she began to trek back to the campsite, getting on all fours.

"... thank god, she didn't heAR," Sonic sighed, his voice cracking a bit due to nervousness. "Let's follow her back, see if we can find some food."

"Okie! Also, what were you doing?" Tails questioned.

"Nothing, just... exploring..." his best friend answered, sweating a bit as he walked away.


"So, you have six children?" Arkachurus queried to Striker, who nodded. "Two are adopted, the rest are naturally mine!" she puffed out her chest with pride, grinning.

The black fox smirked. "How would you feel about making Qubils with someone?"

Striker paused for a moment, her face turning red as she understood what her aunt was hinting at. "W-Well, I think it might be nice, but I dunno if he even... Y'know, likes me back." she replied, the last part said mentally to avoid any suspicion from a possible Sonic or Tails.

"Trust me, dear, he's a good catch." the demon cackled, fluttering her small wings violently with glee.

"Who're you talking about?" asked Miles from the corner. He was inspecting the artifact they had recieved yesterday, trying to see what it exactly was. It was rather big. Sonic and Soldier 76 had gone off to explore and search for food and water.

"Oh noooooothiiiiinnnnggggg~" Arkachurus giggled, gliding over to the fox. "So how're you doing, kit?" she asked, wrapping her arms around Prower while staying in flight.

"Pretty good... when I was hiding in the Codex with the Champions, I spoke with Alphys for a bit, and we agreed on working together to make a weapon. A very powerful one that could possibly kill SD... we haven't named it yet, though." Tails answered, smiling at the hug. "After we eat (or, if we do) we should start looking for the rest of the artifacts. Might wanna migrate to the south more, though. Since... maybe there's villains we need to stop, too."

"We are biiiiirrddddddssss!!!" the demon shouted, nuzzling her snout into Tails's fur. "Mmmmmmmmm so soffft..."

"Yay!" the fox exclaimed happily, bringing out his short arms to get another hug from Arkachurus. Cinos was still sleeping, curled up and softly snoring.

Suddenly, Sonic zoomed back into the cave, holding a few handfuls of berries. "BERRIES! HAHA, I'M NOT A CANNIBAL!" he laughed. Following after him was Soldier 76, who did have a hard time catching up with the blue blur, but managed to do so as he leaped from the side of a tree. "Managed to explore the area some. We're gonna need to find containers of water... unless we just want to drink from a lake." Jack informed.

Striker smiled down. "Heh, do you have any spares? Because I want some of those juicy blue balls." she said, unintentionally making a rather... Awkward joke.

The blue hedgehog's face scrunched up at that, his face turning red at the unintentional sex joke. "Yeah... yeah, okay," he muttered, tossing a few berries to Striker. Soldier 76 made no comment at the joke.

"... ew..." Tails muttered, shuddering.

"Hhhhhhhhhh" Arkachurus wheezed, snorting even more as Striker innocently looked back at them, obviously not getting the joke.

"I'll go somewhere else to eat... peacefully." the soldier said, standing up fully and walking away with a few berries. Sonic, still looking traumatized, tossed some berries to Cinos, Arkachurus, and Tails as well. "Think I'll eat later..." the hedgehog rumbled, unnerved.

"Just be sure to eat, okay?" Tails suggested politely, throwing a few berries into his mouth. Blueberries.

"I don't understand. What's with the sudden tension?" the hybrid queried, still completely unaware.

"You didn't make that on purpose?" Miles asked, raising an eyelid. "Um... it seemed a lot like... you know..." the fox was too afraid to say 'sex joke'.

"You sounded like you wanted a taste of Sonic's balls, buddy." Arkachurus mentally explained, causing Striker's entire face to go beet red, her body freezing up.

"NNNGGGH LET'S JUST MOVE ON" Sonic grumbled, crouching down and covering his face. "Howsabout we scout around the area before we leave just in case? Who wants to come?" he asked, taking away his hands from his face.

"I can't, since I need to eat, and make sure this artifact is safe." Tails answered.

The demon glanced at Tails, a sly smirk on her face. "How about Striker goes with you? Mr. Needlemouse?"

"Okay, sure? You said her name weirdly. Like she's the chosen one or something," the blue hedgehog responded, correcting his posture. Tails snickered, finally getting a clue about what was going on.

"Mmmm c'mon just go hang out with your buddy child." Arkachurus pushed Striker's leg, causing the hybrid to shudder and seemingly come back to life. "Huh? Sure, I guess..."

"I hate all of you. Except you, you're cool," the Mobian pointed to Tails, who gave a thumbs up. "Keep an eye on Cinos for me. Don't disturb Soldier person. Bye." he finished, gesturing for Striker to follow as he speeded away.

The qubillan glanced at the two, before leaping into the air and following after the hedgehog.


"Why did you specifically use the term, 'blue balls', for berries?" Sonic questioned, running next to Striker. He didn't go too fast, as to let her catch up.

"I've always called them that since I was a hatchling. 'Blue balls' was my baby-term for blueberries, since I had- ehe -a bit of an obsession with eating them." she explained calmly, smiled down at the hedgehog.

"Well, at least it's better than nut juice... I'd just call them blue spheres. Or blue circles." he remarked, before suddenly skidding to a stop as he nearly fell into a pool of freezing cold water. The blue hedgehog let out a girly shriek, just barely avoiding drop into the water.

"Ohhhhh you don't wanna fall in there, don't worry!" the dragon leaned down, picking Maurice up. "Jeez you're cold..." she mumbled, remarking the icicles starting to form on the hedgehog's quills.

"Wait how'd that happen this is defying physics," commented Sonic, just noticing the icicles on his quills. "Doesn't it only form on hard surfaces??? Not soft surfaces like fur??????"

"I dunno, but here, if you want, get comfortable." Striker gently set Sonic down in the fur just above her milk-bags, allowing him to steal a small portion of her warmth.

"... this is an ass-backwards way of warming me up," the hedgehog remarked, resisting the need to struggle. It felt nice to be warmed up, at least. You could imagine it was very embarrassing and awkward...

After a few minutes of walking, the hybrid glanced down, smirking. "You alright down there, little blue? You're looking a bit flustered..."

"Yes, I'm flustered, because I'm sitting on your SPORE. Is this not unusual to you? I'm under so much sexual tension right now..." he sighed, swearing that he could hear a screech from the distance. He shrugged it off as an animal.

"I do this with my children all the time, and they don't mind it. So why do you?" she leaned her head down, the brown snout gently bumping against Maurice's stomach.

"Because I'm from a universe where things are different, and the only time babies touch SPORE are when they're feeding, and this act is considered sexual to my society."

Striker lifted up her head for a moment, processing what Sonic just said, before taking him out of her fur and setting him on the ground. "Let's keep moving." she ordered, beginning to walk again.

"Alright..." he muttered, before suddenly stopping as he heard the screech again. This time, though, it was mixed in with a scream.

"Was that Tails?!" Sonic exclaimed, turning his head back to the cave. Gunshots from Soldier 76 were heard.

Striker twisted her head around, hearing another scream, this time, much louder, and more deathly. "Ark..." she muttered, leaping into the air and bolting towards the campsite.

The blue hedgehog followed after her, quickly speeding ahead of her and arriving at the cave. There, they found Cinos trying to fight back against a strange, red alien, alongside Soldier 76 and Arkachurus. Tails hid in a corner, crying a bit at the violence.

"EAT THIS! AYAAAAAAAAA-" Sonic squealed, suddenly spindashing into the alien and knocking him over. It was... Xeogzoar.

Soldier 76 took advantage of this, quickly shooting Xeogzoar's revealed skin. Cinos hissed and growled.

Arkachurus snarled, letting out a beam of flames towards the alien.

Meanwhile, Striker watched in horror, unable to move.

The alien was quickly harmed by all of these attacks, letting out a shrill of pain as his face was burned. He got up, backing away and quickly revealing that...

He was holding the artifact. Before they could get it, he sprinted away with the Keystone piece. "Oh god! He's getting away!" Tails stammered.

"Well, are we gonna just sit here? Move!" Soldier 76 exclaimed, sprinting after him.

Striker suddenly roared, bursting into a sprint on all four legs as she followed after the alien, squalling with hatred. Finally, Xeogzoar was suddenly shot down by Jack with a well-aimed shot, letting Striker finish him off and take the artifact back.

The hybrid crawled up to the weak being, glaring at him. She raised a paw, before slamming it down and grabbing the artifact. She left Xeogzoar unharmed, unable to take his life.

With that, he was left behind.

"Man, t-that was bad... thanks for getting the artifact back, Striker," Tails sighed in relief, standing up and making sure Cinos was alright.

"We should start moving again. Clearly, things are starting to find us." Soldier 76 recommended.

Arkachurus transformed into her true dragon form, leaning down. "Well, hop aboard- Wait, just oooone little thing!" she began to mutter in dragonese, giggling as she slammed the spell into Striker, causing her to fall over.

"Why'd you do that?" Sonic asked, looking a bit offended by that.

"Becaaaause-" she gestured towards Striker, who was now...

... Shrinking?

"We need her to be small like us, to avoid problems like her fitting through doors! So, here we have a small Striker." the dragon picked up the stunned ThunderHammer, who squealed and wriggled violently.

"That's good. I'm gonna ride Cinos," Tails smiled. Soldier 76 nodded in agreement, the two hopping onto the blue dragon's back.

"I... think I'll ride on Arkachu. Just wanna sit by Striker." Sonic said, tossing a few leftover berries into his mouth and chewing them up quickly, letting out a squeak of happiness and comedy as he hopped on to the bony dragon.

Striker sat down in the saddle, shivering as she curled up into a ball, shielded by her wings. It was almost like how Sonic did so when spindashing.

"Tailsy nooo why do you betray me like this" Arkachurus whimpered, giving the fox puppy eyes.

"Don't worry, Arky. I just wanna spend time with Cinos, since I never rode him before." Prower smiled.

"I SHIP IT!" Sonic exclaimed.

"Alright, then, shall we head off now?" the skeletal dragon braced herself, fluttering her wings.

"Yeah. Let's go!" the fox cheered.


It had only been an hour after they began flying. Striker lay beside Sonic, her wings and tail wrapped tightly around her body.

Cinos, flying nearby Arkachurus, looked at his rider and gave an adorable smile as he saw that Sonic was, indeed, starting to fall asleep. He didn't get enough sleep last night.

Tails hid a few snickers, mentally speaking to Arkachurus. "Do you think Striker and Sonic are having an affair?" he asked, snorting.

"I dunno, but I bet you ten bucks that they'll kiss within the week." the dragon replied, grinning.

"Wonder what they're gonna do... I've never seen Sonic in any relationships before. I mean, he kinda was in one with Sally, but they just consider each other friends now." the fox mentally stated, watching the two trying to sleep.

Arkachurus gently swayed in the air, forming her small, fox hologram on her back. "I'm coming fer ya, Tailsy. You will never escape me! Now you shall face the pain Sonic has to deal with when around Amy! Rahhh!!" the fox leaped into the air, soaring towards Cinos's back and aiming to topple over her rider.

Miles let out a loud scream-laugh, before suddenly yelping as he fell off of Cinos. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I NEVER WANTED THIS" he cried out, rapidly spinning his tails and managing to catch himself in the air. The traumatized fox slowly flew back up, flopping back onto Cinos and letting out a few chuckles.

"That was loud," Sonic remarked, opening an eyelid.

"I've never seen such reckless people before..." Soldier 76 commented, trying to rest and ignore the group.

"Well, now you have!" Arkachurus giggled, fluttering slowly into Cinos's saddle. "Now, let's not disturb the old man and the grumpy hedgehog and join them in la-la land, alrighty little orange sausage?"

Tails went completely silent at the odd nickname, simply sitting next to Arkachurus with a disturbed expression. "I hate all of you! Except Striker. She's cool." the blue Mobian exclaimed. Tails knew he was joking, but started to snicker again.

The black demon snorted. "Aww, you really care about your girlfriend!"

"Girlfriend?" the hedgehog raised an eyelid, looking at Arkachurus confusedly. "No. Friends. Not lovers, get it? Friends. Friends are people you like platonically."

"I have a feeling that he's lying," Prower cackled uncontrollably.

"I share your emotions and mind, sausage. We both know he's lying." Arkachurus grinned, pressing her back against the young fox's chest as she laid down. "Now, let's pretend to sleep and have a mental conversation about ways we can get Sonic and Striker to admit their love for each other and hopefully have babies in the future."

Miles let his eyelids droop, making him look tired. "Do you have any ideas? I mean, it might take time for them to accept it... I dunno." he mentally asked, earning a slightly suspicious glare from Soldier 76, even though they couldn't tell through his visor. The soldier felt like something was... off.

The black fox turned over, burying her face into Prower's fur. "Indeed, it might. Luckily, I am rather a master of getting people together, and I am literally friends with the God of love and Destiny, hence her name."

"But do you have any ideas? I'm sure you do, especially considering you're a master of this kind of stuff... I'm not."

"Well, there's the possibility of setting them up on a date, forcing them into very sexual situations until they give in, maybe letting them develop by their own design and we give them little nudges closer to them." she listed, wrapping her arms around Tails's small waist and hugging him close.

"Don't molest him," Sonic spoke up.

"Any others? It'd be fun to see them on a date! We've never been on a date before, have we...? I don't know, is it even the time to have a date when- nevermind." the fox mentally questioned.

Arkachurus snuffled at Sonic, flicking her bushy tail. "I guess that one time we sang about fireflies would be a date, but anyways, maybe once we find a nice place to settle for the moment, at the right time we could go on a double date and hang out with Sonic and Striker and either gross them out or cause them to mimic us with romantic antics like smootching, hugging, and flirting."

Miles blushed a bit at the thought. He could handle it, though. Love is an illusion. "That sounds good.. do you think tonight would work? We should probably fly to some kind of city or town nearby that has... I dunno, a sit-down restaurant."

"Yeah, but then we'd have to either disguise Jackie-boy, or just leave him in a bush with a blanket covering him."

"Hey- uh- Soldier!" Tails called, turning to Soldier 76. "We're probably gonna stop at a place for a bit.. like, a city, or town, to stay at a sit-down restaurant! Do you wanna stay with us but hide, or do you wanna go on your own?"

"... I think I'll go my separate ways. We might meet again, since I'm thinking of getting back into Overwatch..." Jack responded, nodding his head a bit and looking down.

"I guess that's solved. Hopefully the people there won't be too freaked out by us. Maybe we just need to say that we're peaceful and we're normal people!" Tails mentally added, glancing back down at Arkachurus and patting her head.

This caused the demon to purr, nuzzling his chest. "Either that or disguise as humans."

"I think we should just be ourselves. Even though the human idea might be better... it's not like they'd kill us, right? I mean, we did fine two locations ago."

"I still don't exactly... trust humans, though."

"Don't worry, I can handle this. Do you have any money? Like... coins or something?"

Arkachurus sat up, sliding a hand down her shirt and into her bra. For a moment she shuffled her hand around, before pulling out five large nuggets of gold. "Breast gold."

"That's.. definitely enough. Looks like we're good to go! Now we just need to find a town or city with a sit-down restaurant." Miles grinned, trying to ignore the fact that Sonic was suspiciously staring at the two.

The black fox shoved them back down her shirt, crawling up further onto the fox's lap and nestling into his fur. They would be flying for a few hours.

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Frog and Jaw take down a really big ship

The Maw

Business was going well for Fate. Thanks to the influx of catastrophe and calamity, hundreds upon thousands of children were left stranded, begging for new beginnings. Already, Fate ferried hundreds of now-orphaned children to the Maw for later consumption, and there were still a boatload’s worth more left to go. In fact, he began to ferry kids by the tens to catch them all in time.

There was about to be something introduced however, something that would be the equivalent of adding rat poison to the butter of mashed potatoes.

Fate, though, thought nothing of this as the Maw began to materialize itself in the fog. After all, as far as he was concerned, he was the only one who could go back and forth from the Maw. He pounded on the metal hatch, which the Janitor promptly opened with one of his long, lanky fingers.

”Where are you getting all these pigs,” the blind mannequin asked somewhat annoyed. “you’ve been bringing in nothing but ships and ships of pigs as of late! Is there something you’re not telling me about them?”

Fate let out a growl, as if to signify laughter. Of course, he left out the important detail that these “pigs” were actually children from across the globe. But Fate knew very well that if the Janitor knew about the truth of these “swine,” he’d rather keep them as pets rather than send them off to be butchered, which was the point of him bringing them onto the Maw in the first place.

The Janitor grumbled and groaned as he plucked the last child off of Fate’s little ferry, kicking and screaming for his parents.

“Now,” The Janitor purred as he roughly shoved the child into a sack, carelessly breaking all their bones as he did. “If I’m correct to assume you’re going to come back in... oh, I don’t know, ten or so minutes with more little piggies, then you might as well bring me some pain killers as well! I’ll be dead from being overworked if you don’t lay it off!”

Fate grumbled something under his mountains of wax as he turned his ferry’s rudder away from the Maw, effectively pointing back to land.

The Janitor grumbled some more as he shut the metal hatch, signifying that the cargo was safely transported into the Maw. And with his boat empty, with hundreds of other potential “passengers” to transport, Fate sped off into the horizon, with his destination being Albequrque, Mexico.


Terrigan the Mad

The trainsman sat on the crest of a cliff overlooking the city,dressed in his normal garb, he had a hand unwrapped, shakily withdrawing a syringe of dream morphine he pushed it into his blooded hand and pushed the plunger down, before removing it and re-wrapping it with clean bandages, and forcing his fingers back in his glove, his train sat about twenty feet away, a soft thrumming sound emanated from it, as it too seemed to rest.

Fate watched from a distance, grumbling and bubbling to himself as though he were a bird of prey stalking its next victim. The wax giant inched closer, still keeping a sizable distance from him to Terry, as he planned how best to approach this new foe. His skin bubbled, ready to assume a new form, and manipulate the emotions of the trainman. Fate knew, however, that this would be his most difficult catch, as his usual victims aged anywhere from three to 12.

He would have to proceed with caution.

Terry's mechanical joints creaked as he picked himself up, before walking towards his train, he was just about to board...when something stopped him.

Fate’s wax began to condense and wrap itself into a more compact form as he assumed a more... “approachable” form to interact with Terry. Soon, the conductor would be stopped by a Fairy garbed in all black, lacking the signature arm band that signified allegiance with Yukari.

”Word travels fast among the youkai,” the “fairy” said solemnly. “We managed to hear what happened with the raven youkai, and her love. They claim that you were a there when... it happened, were you not?”

The pinsers on Terrigan's metal arms opened and closed several times, "I wash fasch down in the mud by some vermiman, I shaw the afters math". Terry muttered.

The fairy nodded slowly. “... Indeed. I just came to see you in case... in case you were interested in... helping to join forces with some others who also share a disdain for the youkai you view as an enemy.”

Terry advanced forward in his jerky,way, leaning down to the fairy's eye level with his broken goggles, "I'm Lishen-ing" He said.

”There’s word of a gathering,” the fairy “remembered.” “A small front to spearhead a direct attack on the youkai of boundaries. I thought I saw a small gathering nearby a large metal ship, and I assumed it was them. Perhaps you would like me to take you there? I know I’d be itching for revenge if such a thing happened to my friends.”

The fairy tugged on Terry’s shoulder as she began to make her way down the mountain, and towards the ferry that Fate used to row kids to the Maw, though never from.

Terry walked forward, led by the fairy in the blindness of the promise of revenge, his titanium soled and heeled boots clacking on the metal floor.

It took a while, but Terry was eventually led down to the sand bed that Fate had parked his ferry onto. Unfortunately for the Waxen bellman, the boat was oversized to accommodate his girth, and the fairy form he needed to assume was several times smaller than even the average human, which was far too small to row the boat by themself anyway.

”It’s a large boat,” Fate noted (still in the form of a fairy). “It’s going to need the both of us working together if we’re going to get anywhere.”

"I gots a beta,idea-sh" Terry put two fingers to his mouth as if whistling, and his train chugged down the mountain, running across the water like a track, before slowing down to rest on the shore.

"Le-eeds, the waysh" Terry said opening the door and giving a "C'mon" gesture to the "fairy"

Fate was heavily disappointed at Terry’s alternate mode of travel (as he knew that it would be a one-way trip for him without his little rowboat), until the wax bellman reasoned to himself that if he could figure out how Terry’s train worked, then there would be no need for his ferry in the first place, as Terry’s train was arguably a more faster means of transportation. He’ll just need to learn the ropes before selling Terry’s soul away.

”Ah, of course. What’s a train conductor without his train?” Fate fluttered onto the steam engine, before pointing far into the open ocean. “Go straight, for 12000 knots,” she instructed.

Terry reached up and pulled a lever, before opening the engine to throw in the coal, quite a bit of heat wafted out, but as Terry was concentrated on the horizon he didn't notice the effect it had on Waxman.

The train ran along the water until shooting straight up like a rocket and then changing the degree at a 90 degree angle to go straight, Fate was flung violently into the back of the car as a result.

After a few changes in direction, and some questions on how the train operated, the dirty waters of the maw rose into view, as did the place itself as Terry neared it, gargantuan to him, as his mighty locomotive and carriages were but play toys to its massive size, coasting along to the end of the large metal ship Terry came to an abrupt halt.

Somewhat melted, and rather disoriented, Fate lifted “herself” to their feet. “Take a left,” Fate directed. “And knock on the metal hatch. An escort will lead you inside.”

Terry did as told wrapping on the door twice with his fleshy hand then four more times with a mechanical one.

With a loud yell and a screech, the latch shot open, and the Janitor’s long, lanky arms flailed around. “What is it,” he hissed, arms groping about for the cargo. “I told you to get the pain killers with the next batch of pigs!”

With no need to hide his secret, Fate expanded into his true form of the enormous, waxen giant. Partially melted, his “flab” overflowed from the sides of the steam engine’s openings, but was nonetheless the same menacing ferryman as before. He grumbled something to the Janitor through his enormous waxen mass that was his body.

Terry made wretching sounds and clutchced his stomach, "You...lied to meshhh"

"You ride a boat right,or left?" He asked Ferryman, without turning his head.

Fate said nothing as the Janitor grabbed Terrry, able to locate the mad conductor thanks to his voice. “This isn’t no pig,” the Janitor purred. “This is a human! And a SPORE one at that. It’ll make a fine addition to my collection....”

"I don't shwing that whey sonny!" Terry growled, "You ride a bo-at, wonder if ya, can shwim!" Terry cackled as against Fate’s control the door slammed shut trapping the monster in the carriage, the train heated up as the engine fumed.

"You trying to trick mah, and steel mah train"Terrigan the Mad hissed, "Time fer a dip". with that the train engine rocketed into the air, as the engine spewed forth flame right onto the Wretched taker of children, the train tilted side-ways as the door opened and to the ferryman's horror his mass sloughed off into the bitter,unloving waves.

Mostly melted, Fate had just enough tangibility to be able to feel all that Terry had unleashed on him, as his semi-solid mass of molten wax poured into the waves. Fate gurgled and bubbled, unable to speak, though his last thoughts would most likely be something along the lines of “And this is why I only take children!” To further seal the wax bellman’s fate, a school of Yukari’s shark minions swarmed the waxy mass. While some of the smaller and weaker selachimorphs got caught and sunk with the wax, the rest tore the waxen mass to ribbons, leaving Fate (or what remained of him) to sink beneath the waves.

But even with Fate gone, the Janitor still had a firm grip on Terry. The colossal mannequin wrapped Terry with both hands as he took Terry into the Maw, as though he were some small prize won at a carnival fair. “You’re mine now,” the Janitor purred. “And I think you’d make a lovely addition to my collection.”

Terry rotated and struggled until his metal claspers tightened around one of the Janitor's knuckles, with a sound akin the marble cracking, Terry squeezed down on the knuckle bone.

The Janitor howled as Terry punched through his hand, dry skin tearing and wood splintering. His long, eel-like arm snaked around to clutch his broken hand in pain, effectively allowing him to lose his grip on Terry. “Rats,” he croaked in anger. “D@mned rats, always gnawing at me! Oh, you vermin!”

Terry limp-ran, his old joints protesting as he opened the door and once more brought one of his hands to his face in a whistling motion.

Unfortunately for Terry, his metallic parts easily gave his position away to the Janitor, who tracked his victims through sound. In a croak-like roar, the enormous mannequin came to life, trudging after Terry, his ludicrously long arms extended outwards to grab any fleeing troublemaker or vermin that dared threaten his unkempt, disorganized mess of a Lair. “No getting away,” he croaked.

The sound of the wailing engine filled the small space as Terry simply stepped out of the way and let the train ram directly into the Janitor, a snapping of wood could be heard, as the Janitor's ribs snapped painfully.

Terry felt just a tad bit bad and reached into his frocket taking out some syringes and throwing them at the Janitor.

Of course, there was not much the Janitor could do with said syringes, as there was not much he could do at all. The train hitting him was more than enough to obliterate his wooden skeleton and, in a shower of freeze-dried skin of previous guests to the Maw and splinters of polished wood, the Janitor exploded into pieces, and what large fragments that remained revealed that he was nothing more than a mannequin; a puppet that the Lady gave sentience to through her black magic. A golem, in essence.

"Dats a nicesh 'at" Terry commented on the gigantic trilby the janitor had left behind, hearing the pained whimpers Terry limped forward, opening the prison where the "pigs" were kept, it was a gristly sight, glassy eyed bodies among rotted skeletons, the bones jutting out of the bodies made it clear they had died from poor handling, though in the back there were about five or so kids still alive, they cowered in terror as Terry approached, "No,no,I'm nots" Terry paused letting a few drops of blood fall out of his gloves to show that he was at the very least still human.

Shuddering and having no real choice the children followed Terrigan as they held each other up, before boarding the first carriage behind the car, and strapping themselfves in the makeshift chairs the Ork'z had made.

"Al-right 'ang on, 'n don't opens theders until I do's"Terry instructed before closing the doors and walking to get in.

”Psssssssssst!” As subtle as the wind, a silent voice whispered into Terry’s ear.

Terry's head jerked in a slightly unsettling way, only to find nobody around.

”It’s cool your saving all these kids,” the voice whispered again. ”Hell, it’s something I’d do myself if I were alive, at any rate. But since you’re so keen on helping everybody escape, mind doing me a little favor? I’m stuck here too, you know.”

Terrigan looked around for a second, "Yer gonna 'ave to be mer specifak" Terry asked the nothingness.

A cold, bone-chilling wind blew by, as if shuddering at what Terry requested. ”Look, after having the flesh picked off my bones to be made into stew, let’s just say I don’t [i]want to go into details. All you need to know is that my body is somewhere up there. Mind helpin’ out an old champion?”[/i]

"...Ya need a lift?"Terry asked.

“It’s... more complicated than that. If it helps, I’m basically a ghost that’s trapped in this rust bucket of a ship, so... yeah.”

"Toaste, got its" Terry responded before getting on the train, and revving it up, trian flew through the kitchen, numerous mold encrusted pots loomed in on the counters, grease and other stains were present everywhere.

It was a disturbing sight, as whole fishes and even sharks hung from the ceiling, left to dry out. Shelves were lined with molding vegetables and fruits, and fungi sprouted from the various meats that were left out. Definitely not grade-A sanitation for a kitchen.

"Not a toaster in 'ere"Terry mumbled dodging rusty meathooks and flies the size of soccerballs.

"TOAST!" Terry rolled down the window and yelled.

The spirit, who seemed so desperate for Terry’s help, spoke once more. ”I swear, if flies were this big at home, I’d probably kill myself. And, you won’t find my body in here; I was cooked and served long, long ago. We might as well ju-“

The spirit’s gentle voice, surprisingly, drowned out the clomping footsteps of another giant mannequin. His attention caught by the sounds of a train engine in the middle of his kitchen, a towering, bloated chef glared down at Terry and his train.

”Well, well, well. Look what we’ve got here. Pests!” The chef raised a meat cleaver above his head, ready to throw. “Vermin are not tolerated in our kitchen.”

"Well thatsh not good" Terry muttered before moving the train so it went in a circle around the chef's legs, and then a figure eight around his right and left leg.

“Ay, bro!” The chef didn’t bother to do anything about the perceived pest as he cupped his hand around his mouth, dropping the cleaver just inches away from his toes. “We’ve got a bit of a prob! One of your mouse traps did a goof!”

”Shut up,” boomed another voice from deep within the kitchen. “You know them kids! They run away unless you cut them up first! I’m busy!” As the second chef spoke, vicious squelching noises echoed in the dirty, grimy kitchen, along with the crunching of bones.

The first chef sighed as he tried to step on the more agile train. “You’re not wanted in the kitchen,” he grunted. “You pests just make it messier and messier, dirtier and dirtier. That’s not sanitary, y’know!”

Terry picked up the phone on his control panel before driving in a corkscrew motion up the Chef's boated body.

"If ya don't quits with the squish, i'm a hafta do something" Terry's voice blared from the engine.

Terry set off, "The 'Ol razzle dazzle" and now that he had engine carriges it was much worse, as the engine spun around, the carriages did as well, and with a violently snapping motion like that of a striking snake, Terry whipped the last carriage directly into the Chef's bloated face, and due to the explosives on it, it exploded violently as it struck his face.

Just like the Janitor before him, the Chef exploded into a dry patchwork of dry skin and wooden splinters, revealing him to be yet another mannequin.

”Can you keep it down over there,” the first chef’s brother demanded in a grumbly tone. “I ain’t gettin’ clean cuts on these here ‘pigs!’ If you just shut up, the-”

Terry turned the train aiming for the other chef, before rocketing forward, and knocking off his hat.

The clumsy, ungainly chef had but a few seconds to react to the oncoming steam engine, before the hat was shredded off of his head, along with a sizable portion of the skin meant to cover his face. As the mask tore off, the blank, wooden head of the Chef followed the movement of the train, aiming to chuck a giant meat cleaver at the Mad Train conductor’s vessel.

Terry spied a new button on his control panel, judging by the the emblem on it something the Ork's had installed.

Terry pressed it, confused since there seemed to be no reaction he pressed it again, and again,and again.

At that point the missiles fired off on the second carriage, most missed completly, but one, and just one smashed directly into the wooden face, and turned it to cinders, and burnt wood.

Terry glanced up,"Oh 'ey he's ded" He remarked not noticing the missiles.

”The guests are just ahead,” the spirit whispered. ”And as far as we’re concerned, my body should be inside them.”


The Lady felt a great disturbance from her quarters in which she watched and waited. Four puppets had fallen: Fate, the Janitor, and the twin chefs. Everything was in disorder.

”Ahahahaha.... So your dominion is reaching its waning phase.”

With a shril cry, a gap tore warped the demonss Yukari Yakumo into the Maw. “And what would you know? Being undermined by somebody who seeks to destroy me, yet knows he will never come close to as much as laying a finger upon my schemes. Tsk, tsk. I expected nothing less from you.”

With an annoyed hiss, the Lady whirled on Yukari and locked her ability to move. “I told you that if you stick your face in hear again, I will have your soul!”

But the boundary youkai feared nothing of the Lady’s empty threats. “Go ahead,” she tempted. “Take my soul, and suffer the consequences. I’d like to see you try.”

The Lady stuck out her hand in a choke-hold, but it was just that: a mere choke hold. “… What do you mean,” the Lady demanded.

”I mean, while you were busy fuming over your pest problem, I surrounded this entire marine hotel with my own forces. Should I die, this entire establishment goes up in smoke.”

”I fear not what you say,” the Lady seethed. “For you would not be so foolish as to walk into your own death trap. You lie, Yakumo! Your threat means nothing!”

”Oh, how I pity your ignorance. For you see, my oblivious friend, there may be reasons for my arrival that will require me to surround your main base of operations while, at the same time, involve a personal confrontation with you.”

“What are you trying to say?”

”I’m trying to say, dear friend, that there may be something of interest you may be able to provide me. The pests you carry seek my blood, and are not afraid to unleash the same force upon me as they are to you. I propose an offer. Do away with these vermin, and perhaps your Maw can stay in business.”

The Lady chuckled with an eldritch echo, like the souls of hundreds of deceased souls. “A deal with you? I might as well by selling my own soul to the Devil. give me one reason to make a deal with you.”

”I already told you. I have you and your entire place of operations surrounded by my forces. Should I give them the command, or fail to provide the order to hold fire, they will attack. And, despite what you lie to yourself about, you are not immortal.”

The Lady scoffed. “To that, I say let them come! I won’t be stopped by you or your army of primordial monsters of the mind! I had this facility up and running for decades! You are outclassed, and outmatched.”

Yukari’s smile only widened from the Geisha’s retort. “Ah. You tell me how I am outclassed and outmatched, but it seems that you are the one who is out of time.”

The Geisha hovered midair for a moment, processing what had just been explained to her. “.... What do you mean?”

”While we were conversing, I was stalling you to get a sniper in position. Fire!”

In the blink of an eye, Gromflomite snipers, who were creeping into position, unleashed a storm of paralyzing energy bolts upon the soul-eater. In a furious pain, the geisha had but a moment to yell, before she collapsed onto the floor, her muscles stiffened, though her brain alive.

”Excellent work,” Yukari complimented. “Tell Ran that I told you I want her simmered and stewed. Do not keep me waiting; I’m hungry tonight.”

The gromflomites nodded as they chattered in their outlandish, alien language, as they gripped the Lady’s stunned form, and hauled her into a gap.

The main objective accomplished, Yukari cleared her throat, before she yelled, ”Youkai forces! Galactic Federation! You have my command to fire at will!”

And with a shrill squeak, Yukari disappeared into a Gap, right as the hurricane of projectiles began.


As Terry approached the grand dining hall, he would be greeted with the smells of week-old, unwashed suits and dresses alongside rotting meats and the sweat and mold of the fat folds on the Guests, and the sight of tremendous balloon-like monsterosities of people ripping and tearing away at all different kinds of meats in the most vicious, savage, and downright uncultured and uncivilized ways possible, ripping flesh and crunching bone.

There’s my body.” Though not visible, the soul most likely referred to some of the bathtub-sized bowls that the Guests drank out of, with an assortment of meats floating around in the broth.

"I gots an ideas" Terry muttered before flying back into the kitchen

”Wait, what?!” The voice of the spirit followed the train conductor. ”Other way! Other way! Going back is probably not a good idea!”

It was a terrible idea, but a few minitutes later Terry flew out, his train,eh a bit of a worse idea, strapped on with gigantic rubberbands and soggy giant leather straps to the train car were gigantic rusty knives, some serated, some sharp, and one large butcher one, strapped to the bottom.

The blades curved past the front and bottom, like a nightmare of cooking design.

"Inshide, right?" Terry asked the space looking around for the voice, without waiting for an answer The train lurched forward, before tilting and spinning right into the first guest ramming and blending their fat bulbous head, tunneling out the other side and dragging the train cars through, with a sickening ammount of squishy sounds.

The targeted Guest let our a groan and a gurgle, as his entrails spilled onto the fine carpet. The Guest who was seated next to the fallen giant immediately grunted in surprise as he flipped off of his stool and crawled towards his fallen brethren and, driven only by gluttony, began to shovel the raw fat and flesh into his own mouth.

"That onesh fulla gutsh" Terry complained at the voice.

The rest of the surrounding Guests began following the first’s example, throwing aside their tables (most of which were overflowing with still edible food), stools, carpet, and even taking out support columns as they tried to join in on the feast. One of the Guests’ nose wrinkled, as his disfigured head slowly turned to face Terry. Smelling flesh, he groaned as he began crawling over to devour the conductor, his legs too weak to support his bloated body.

Terry raised the engine a few feet and flew over, just slightly out of reach of the montser's knobby fingers, before dropping onto the guest's head, the butcher-knife on the bottom cleaving through its skull and grey matter, "This one is alshow ful'a gutsh!" Terry yelled, before flying off, the bands on the knife snapping from his train, wedged deeply into the monster's head it would seem.

The second guest groaned as he keeled over and died, only to awaken more Guests from their gluttonous state of subconsciousness. It didn’t take long for a large pile of guests to form, with those at the top reaching out for Terry with their fat, bloated fingers, desperate for anything they can sink their uneven and yellow teeth into.

"Are all of them fulla, gutsh?" He asked, before stumbling a bit a the engine shook as the guests batted at the carriages,lookin for the tasty treats within.

”Pretty much. Y’know. Even though they have perfectly ‘good’ food right in front of them at the tables....”

More and more Guests piled on top of each other as they reached and grabbed at the train, like a fat child reaching to grab the cookie jar. The crushing weight was so immense that the Guests at the very bottom began to crack their bones and feel their organs pulverize as more guests piled on.

And as if the Guests’ dinnertime couldn’t get any worse, the walls of the entire establishment burst into flames and cinders as swarms of Gromflomites, fleets of Federation ships, and a frenzy of youkai began to storm the Guests’ dining hall. They seemed to be on the side of nobody, blasting away at the Guests, while youkai gnawed on their bones.

Of course, some individuals of the advancing enemy horde would recognize Terry, and proceed to take pot-shots at his train.

Terrigan was slightly annoyed, at this, "Rotted meats draw flies"Terry mused before, pressing a button that appaered to be, well drawn on.

The train warped and flattened vertically, two-dimesional smoke puffed out the paper-thin spout, Terrigan the Mad lurched forth and flew through a Gromflie ship, there was a brief second of silence beofe a glowing crack appeared where Terry went through and the craft exploded from being cut in half.

Terry weaved around the room, dicing Youkai and aliens like knife, decapitiations, limbs lost, cleaved in twain,cleaved in thrain,and most importantly cleaved to bits by a train.

Terrigan Steed's, they said with the uncontrollable ferocity of a thousand wild horses colored his train with the blood of space aliens and Youkai.

The train returned to three dimensions as it landed on the large table and Terry opened the door and threw up.

It was then when Terry took stock of the situation with the ghost, the near overflowing meat bowls lay untouched, as the foes where to busy attacking the greedy giants.

"FREEZE,GRINNY!" Cried a fairy flying in front of him,just before he lunged forward and swinging his left claw forward, cracking her head open as she dissolved to nothing.

"Oh...ITS PEOPLES!"Terry yelled having an epiphany about the ghost situation, he got back into the train, and chugged along the table, knocking over bowls upon bowls, careful to make sure the steaming liquids all pooled togather, and connected with each other.

Angered, Guests began to yell and moan as they reached forth to grab Terry with their disfigured, knobby fingers, with some even crawling onto the tables to catch Terrigan the Mad. Of course, many of them would meet their ends when a youkai would tear open their jungular using their horn-like tusks, or when a gromflomite soldier would blast their brains out with their advanced weaponry.

All in all, the Guests were not having a pleasant stay at the Maw, but would a few were lucky enough to survive, gaining on Terry furiously.

Terry flew upwards, and tragically the compartment fell open and a child was flung out, falling directly towards the mouth of a leering Guest.

Terrigan the mad looked, before he kicked open the door and plunged downwards landing on the monster's tongue and grabbing the child's hand, with his own bloodied one, rpeventing her from being eaten,but as Terry held the jaw open with his copper arms he was forced to his knees as the giant tried to crush him.

Now, the Guest's had very poor bodies, and hygenie was terrible, so as Terrigan violently kicked a tooth with his boot, the guest was compelled by the wretched pain to spit him and the child out.

"Well...thish shucks!" Terrigan stated as he smashed onto the table,his arms wrapped around the kid to cushion the landing.

He was surrounded, by forty seven flavors of **** you, annoyed Gromilfiles, Stomach ached guests, and Fairy's who looked like they wanted to ground him into fairy dust.

"Ay, ghost, did the thang, could ya give me some 'ind?" Terry shouted as he limped painfully towards his train which was swooping towards him.

The spirit, however, stayed silent as the advancing wall of evil drew near, seemingly putting aside their differences for now as they prepared to mash Terry into a fine paste.

A Guest, having the size advantage, roared as he stuck out a bloated hand, reaching to grab Terry.

That is, until a wind storm blew its way through the collapsing walls that used to reinforce the Maw as a structure. The typhoon-like gusts raced through the now open-air “restaurant,” sweeping away fairies, gromflomites, and even the overweight Guests. While the Gromflomites had wings, and the youkai seemed to innately fly, the Guests had no means to escape the ocean’s waves, and soon found themselves prey to the watery depths, where vicious sharks of all mannerisms began to tear away at their bloated flesh.

As for the fairies and gromflomite soldiers, it was out of the frying pan and into the fire for them. Rather than being swept under the waves, the torrentious winds sucking them into a circulating typhoon, with a waterspout forming in the heart of the storm, where it would inhale the cartlaginous savages that controlled the oceans, as well as Maw shrapnel and bits of Guests, with an occasional live one being devoured into the relentless winds of the storm.

The sea itself began to churn before the powerful winds as well, as the tides, a gravitational phenomena, began to bow before the ways of the wind. A testimony to the sheer strength of the gusts that came into being. Slowly, the marine inn began to drift and, thanks to the Lady’s demise, was unable to keep itself rooted, and thus began to churn its way for land.

”You know, being dead sucks and all,” the spirit’s voice returned, ”But hey. This is pretty cool if I do say so myself.”

Terry shivered as he opened the cargo door qnd the child got back on board.

"Too cold"The trainsman asserted, rubbing one of his arms.

”Oops.” In almost a heartbeat, the chilling winds were overthrown by a surge of warm air from the East. The storm died down, dropping disoriented gromflomites, fairies, sharks, and disembowled Guests into the waters below, from heights that would shatter any one of them into a rubber against the waters below.

”That a bit better for you?” The almost gentle breeze of warm air felt like a soothing wave of heat and hearth, yet carried with it enough strength to blow the entire marine structure closer to land. And thankfully so, for the submersible of scrap metal and wood began to fall apart, with burning chunks of wood, dead Guests, and other kinds of wreckage tumbling into the waters below.

"Shoooo?" Terry said flying along side the massive destruction of the once horrific place, "Are you not deds anymer?"He asked.

“... That depends.” Surprisingly, the voice no longer seemed to be like a disembodied breeze, but rather, as a whole person, who seemed to be almost hovering beside Terry. “I mean, technically yeah, I’m still dead, but you can see me now?”

Terry held out his blooded left hand and pressed it into the face of the figure, which made a gristly imprint(Musch to the suspected discomfort of the figure)"Yesh"Terry stated.

"Can yoush see me?" Terry asked.

“Well, no sh!t,” the phantom responded, somewhat aware of the blood stain on his face. “... I probably look like Jason Vorhees’ worst nightmare right now, don’t I?”

"Yoush look like a lay-ke?"Terry asked

“... Sure,” the phantom agreed. “Well, I’ve set you all on a course for land. Don’t need to worry about being stuck out here in the Ocean, especially if there’s some people we missed back there. And... um....”

The ghost extended a hand. “... Thanks, by the way. I was stuck there for, who knows how long?”

"Terrigan St-eeds" Terry said grasping the hand with one of his own.

“Takumi,” the ghost responded. “Former prince of Hoshido, Clash veteran, and... well, I suppose I’m now a ghost of some sort, and I seem to control the wind so.... wind ghost?”

A mischievous cackling arose from behind the former-sniper as his old weapon arose from seemingly nowhere. “You’re just a yūrei,” the gun snarked.

"Issat an imp, I swhear it better not be posher-ing!"Terry yelled.

The cackling rifle whirled on Terrigan next. Seemingly, the gun had a set of eyes at the end of its barrel, though it hand no discernible mouth to speak of. “I’m no amanojaku,” the gun screeched. “I’m a Furuutsubo! The beloved weapon of slain snipers and archers who died in tragic deaths, and the residual life energy of my owner here gave me a life of my own!” The gun nodded to the phantom of Takumi.

"....."Terry mulled it over in his head a bit, "Yer a gun, with eyes?"He stated raising a finger to touch one of the eyes.

“Pretty much,” the undead sniper answered, looking down at his weapon.

Terry patted the riffle like one would a dog, before turning to Takumi, "I'm lookn' fer, A blonde lady, she hit me with, a train, and killed mah friends"Terry asked

“Just so happens I know who you’re talking about,” Takumi answered. “Y’know, considering that she ate me. And, sadly, I have absolutely no f@cking clue where she might be. When she killed me, she came out of nowhere? No telling where she i-“

”She’s sitting on her lazy f@cking @$$,” a voice yelled from beneath the floorboards of the Maw.

Terry angled his head downward, then back upward at Takumi, "Should prob-lee check thats" He muttered before, swinging the train around and smashing through them, "'ello?!, Anoo-eed pershun?"

Takumi the wind youkai summoned a strong, tropical winds to lift up pieces of the floor board, in which a fellow youkai appeared to be bound up.

”Hey! F@ck you!” Seija cursed at Terry and Takumi. “Can’t you see I was enjoying the darkness?! You d!ck! You c@nt! You....” Seija continued to swear and scream at her rescuers.

”Amanojaku,” Takumi’s fujin rifle used. “Backwards, opposite, and cruel youkai. Similar to the western ‘imps’ you spoke of earlier, Mr. Conductor.”

A flush of irrational fear quivered through Terrigan's form, as he opned the door and stomped out, reaching up with one mechanical arm and ripped the chain securing her upside-down, he noticed the gauntness in her bone structure, the pale skin of someone starved near to death.

"You eatsh the people, hm?" Terry asked.

“Hell yes I do,” Seija growled. “And I’m in the mood to kill! Once I get out, I swear I’ll-“

Terry took off a glove and held it over the imp-like creature's gnashing swearing mouth, and squeezed, droplets of blood pouring into her throat in a steady stream, it tasted, bitter to a degree from painkillers, but warm,comforting, full of energy to the Youkai, Terry waited until color returned to her face before sheathing his hand.

"There ya go" He said before walking back to his train.

"Stay off mah train!" He yelled back before getting back on.

Seija growled in furious rage at Terry’s kindness. “How dare you,” she roared. “Get back here, mister! I’m not done with you yet!”

But alas, Seija Kijin was bound up tightly, and neither Takumi or Terry had the heart to free her from the rope and seals, and could only watch Terry and Takumi from afar, waiting to wash up on shore.

"Eh...she'll be fines"Terry muttered, "Betta drop of theseh kidsh, ya going anywhere, youse twose?"Terry asked as he pulled various levers and a few buttons.

“Finding the rest of the champs,” Takumi responded. “Marisa Kirisame the witch, Reimu Hakurei, or Undyne are probably my best bets. You have any ideas where they could be?”

Terry lightly shooed a seagull that was pecking at his hand before responding, "Whadder, they look like?" He asked before stopping at the first location getting out, and helping the kids off to a hospital, and getting back in.

“Well, Marisa is pretty much a western witch with long, flowy blonde hair, Reimu is this angry girl garbed in red and white, and Undyne kinda looks like a fish with dense armor and really, really mean teeth. But the thing is, they can be anywhere, and I really have no clue where to start.” Both youkai, although no longer bound by conventional physics, seemed to be at a loss of answers.

Terry continued to drop off the kids in their respective countries giving a wave at the stunned camera men, and terrified teens as they filmed him.

"What we need ish thish!" Terry opened up a compartment and pulled out a large smartphone like device, a soft pinging sound was heard, surely this coud help th-

Terry threw it to the ground and smashed it several times grinding the delicate circuitry to bits under his swift feet.

Takumi wore a troubled expression as he watched the device be grounded into pieces underneath the feet of the conductor. “That... looked like it costed a lot of money,” he said somewhat stunned.

"No mim-macks on my trainsh"Terry whisper hissed at the bits, which were clearly not a mimic, beore turning back to Takumi, seemingly not remembering the previous event.

"So what we needs is thesh!" Terry stated pulling out an identical device, this one however hissed and grew teeth and tried to gnash at the conductor's hands.

After a yelp and a repeat of before Terry spoke again, "SO thats one was tha mim-mack".

"Lookin fer a fish.." Terry grabbed the controls as he flew and pinwheeled through the air, through a thick layer of snow.

“Oh, ho ho ho ho ho! What an adventure we’re going on!” Quick at the train conductor’s heels was Takumi’s Fujin-furuutsubo cackled in a maniacal glee, thrilled to see the outside world for the first time in its currently 3-month old existence. “Oh, ho ho ho ho ho! How a world awaits the likes of me!”

”... Oh brother.....” To keep up with the rest, Takumi’s phantom bust into a puff of white clouds to follow.

Spotting a patch of red in the white expase Terry slowed down and stuck a claw out,grabbing it and yanking it, it did not budge however until Terry braced himself against the doorframe gripped the piece of red fabric with a metal claw and lurched the train forward.

Out popped a red bow,and attached to that a pale white face, and a red and white dress, a body it seemed, the girl's face seemed to be frozen in a defeated, closed eyes state, with a stream of tears frozen solid against her cheeks.

Terry dragged her into the train, waited a few seconds and nudged her with his left boot, to only feel what amounted to a gelatinous mass of deteriorated muscle, powdered bone, and denatured fat cells.

"Red bowshh" Terry muttered scarly recalling what Thomas said about a red bowed girl being after him.

"You deads?" Terry asked.

From Reimu, there was no response, her brain slowly nearing oxygen deprivation as bodily functions began to shut off.

From behind Terry’s shoulder, the Fujin-furuutsubo snaked its nozzle out to give a peak at the near-dead girl. “Nah,” it squeaked sarcastically. “She’s most certainly alive! Look at how she’s not breathing!” The mischievous tsukumogami let out a screechy cackle, like that of a child bully holding their victim in a wedgie.

From Terry’s other side, the yūrei began to churn himself into existence, like the swirling of fog. Takumi gave Reimu one look, before declaring, “... She’s not doing so good. We’re going to have to find a healer, and soon.”

There was a slight pause, before Terry agreed, "Er, yesh!, a coursh!" He dragged the body inside the cabin and closed the door

“Oh, please tell me we aren’t too late,” Takumi’s phantom muttered repeatedly as he began disassociating back into fog-like particles. “Please tell me we aren’t late, please tell me we aren’t late....”

Gone for good.


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After an eternity in purgatory, frog and Astro present....


As the new world came into view for the little Spectrifelinus who lay on the ground next to a couple rocks, the sounds began to stop turning from the obnoxious ringing of momentary deafness to a slow and gradual yelling noise. Low and behold, this turned out to be just above him, as the large Demonian crashed into the shadowy cat without less than a second for him to react. The blue alien groaned at the feeling of his left wing being slightly moved to the side, which he quickly readjusted before he could feel the full-on pain. A sickening pop emanated from the joint, but he didn't show much irritation from this. Instead, he simply stood up, moved out of the way for Osseus as they fluttered gently to a stop next to the two, and glanced down to Mori below.

The cat was knocked out again, pressed into the earth like a cartoon character. Smoth sighed, looking over to Osseus as they looked back.

"Where... are we?" The demon-like alien asked to no one in particular, admiring his environment with a confused expression.

"Ah, slow to the update, aren't you?"

The voice the group was greeted with was one that sounded… less than friendly. It was the raspy, wooden voice of the deteriorating Yuyuko Saigyouji. The ghost princess. Following her was a small force of youkai, all bearing the Yakumo household insignia. They would snarl and drool as they attentively watched the group, a certain hungry look in their vicious, wild eyes.

"Welcome to another dimension. This is where your journeys end." She pointed her folded fan at Mori menacingly, as if it were a gun loaded with a bullet. "If you have any final wishes, now would be the time to say them."

Max had gained a bit of conciousness, sitting up and rubbing his head as he thought of what to say. "Ya look like an overgrown Groot that got turned into a bedsheet ghost."

Smoth took in a deep breath, pinching in between his eyes as he knew they were done for... and the cat had done nothing to help them.

"Could we... not die?" the Demonian asked, walking behind Osseus and peering over their arched back. "Why do you even want to kill us?"

The ghost princess laughed in a raspy, crackly voice, akin to those of tree leaves crunching beneath one's boot during the winter. "My dear friend Yakumo perceives you as a danger," she explained. "You are in possession of something that may prove... problematic for her plans. Now, my order was to 'detain' the threat and leave you alone, but," the ghost princess chuckled. "... us youkai are not the ones to be merciful. We live off fear. We live off flesh. Such an easy meal, do you think I will merely let it slip by? I think not."

The tree-like yūrei leaned in and bared her jagged, splintery teeth. "It'll be quick. I will promise you that." Her jaw began to drop into human-size, and she began to crouch, ready to pounce. In one solid, fluid motion, she leapt forward, arms reaching like tree branches, fingernails sharpening into claws and brambles, poised to kill...

... if she wasn't parried by the blunt-end of a sword.

"Lady Yuyuko?! What's the matter with you?"

The half-phantom Youmu stood protectively before her new-found allies, her dual-blades drawn. She stared in horror and shock at the tree-like monstrosity her mistress had become, complete with cherry petals fluttering down from her soft-pink hair.

The ghost princess recovered quickly, and smiled upon the sight of her former retainer. "My, my my," the ghost mused. "If it is none other than my very own Youmu. My precious little 'pet.' The reason why I'm here." She let out a mighty guffaw.

Lost, Youmu glanced at her group of friends. "... Do you have any idea what she's talking about?"

"Honestly, I have no idea." Smoth responded with an uncomfortable glance. "I don't think we ever got the- uh, the stone... we never got the stone."\

"We didn't?" A cold dread swept over Max's face. "Sh- I don't even remember what happened to it! Wait, is that what you're talking about or am I just confused again and have no idea what's going on?"

"Probably the last thing." the Demonian replied.

"Yeah, most likely." Mori chuckled.

"It's your heart." The ghost princess approached her former gardener. "Yakumo's plans have no need for your ability to make friends with those who may oppose her cause. You're a drag, Konpaku. You and your little 'friends' here all pose as obstacles for her. And that is why none of you must make it beyond today alive. Perhaps as a ghost, I'll be able to make you listen to me better." The ghost princess and her army of Youkai cackled at the joke.

"Oh, so we can fight them?" the Spectrifelinus, asked, a bit nervous still.

Yuyuko laughed once more. "Well, if it's a fight you want," she began, opening her spectral folding fan as her pink, hollowed eyes began to shimmer. "Then it's a fight you can get! Youkai! After them!"

Yuyuko pointed her fan at the group, and immediately the youkai horde unleashed their fury as they began their charge, with a horde of standard sword-wielding oni at the front of the charge.

"Alright." Max sighed, seven tentacles bursting from his back as he tried to figure out how to attack these things. "Uh, can these things be hit?" he asked, the whip-like limbs smashing into the horde randomly.

Smoth groaned, unsheathing his sword and staring at the terrifying beings charging at them with a bit of nervousness. "This is... not what I'm used to..." he said with a small gulp, praying they didn't immediately murder him.

Osseus, unlike the other two, roared and went charging into the Oni. They snapped their jaws at the swords, whipping their neck back and fourth viciously to try and rip them all apart.

Luckily for the group, the youkai, while certainly stronger than any human, were still by no means durable. The oni that were in the immediate vicinity roared in utmost fury and rage and fury as they collapsed from their wounds, dissipating into a enigmatic fog upon death. Max’s whip-like limbs scored numbers of hits on a number of the mystic apparitions. Recognizing the potential of their adversaries, the oni halted dead in their tracks, hesitating in the face of their powerful enemies.

The surrounding fairies, however, shared not the same faults as the terrestrial oni. Their insect-like wings fluttered as these obnoxious little youkai took to the airs, beginning their hailfire of energy pellets and intricately-designed attack patterns.

”Yuyuko” the phantom princess gave an unrealistic and fraudulent smile, like that of a jack-o-lantern, or a carving in a tree. “You will not survive,” she groaned, in a manner unlike that of a tree’s branches in the wind.

”Don’t worry,” Youmu the half-phantom assured, though she herself was still distressed by the bizarre appearance of her former-master. “They’re just fairies. They aren’t tough at all; one blow should do away with them each. Just focus on the other things! They don’t look as squishy!”

The blue alien nodded as he furrowed his brows, gripping his sword tighter and flinging it back. He looked uncertainly towards the ghost princess, his brows struggling from in-between true emotion and the act of confidence. With a deep breath, the Demonian shot out his wings and prepared to attack again.

The shadowy cat looked braver now, his attack limbs oscillating and waiting for some cue to attack. He looked at his demon-like coworker, sighing as he realized he would probably be of no help. A slow closing of his eyes, the sight of all his tentacles drawing back, and then, with as quick of a motion as a bullet, he took a step forward and shot them all ahead.

Osseus didn't need the two's command as their hooked his segmented talons into the earth, sending their back half and tail as projectiles at the fairies. Just before their body went back into a 45 degree angle, they let go of the ground below them, spinning like a skeletal shuriken against the wind.

As predicted, the fairies could only give a surprised look as they were quickly decimated by Osseus’ attack like a paper cutout in the way of an oncoming bullet train, bursting into more of the youkai’s curious and golden fog, while those in the way of Mori’s tendrils were quickly skewered like the meats on the end of a kebab skewer.

“Don’t just stand their! Get them!” Yuyuko wailed a sound that resembled a combonation of a banshee’s scream and the snapping of a tree’s trunk. Once again, the youkai sea seemed to come alive again as an array of demons, ogres, undeads, and other kinds of the Japanese monsters surged forth, with their targets in sight. Oni would try to beat down on their enemies with clubs and swords, while fairies and fiery Wa nyūdō took to the skies. And in the mix of ogres and demons were even more bizarre and confusing youkai, such as the mud-like Dorotabō and the tsuchigumo spiders.

But all had the same vicious look on their faces; an ancient and primordial glare of savagery.

Max drew back his limbs yet again, clearing his throat a bit and lowering his ear-like wisps. This time, he shot them all into the ground around him, launching himself high above everyone and making sure he didn't harm any of his innumerous team members. He resembled a satellite tower with his outstretched limbs, straight as an arrow against the wisping shadows of his actual body. He stridden forwards, ahead of Smoth as he made an effort to stab his long limbs into the ground to skewer others.

The demonian shot forwards, wings ahead as he tucked his head back. The blade-like sides far ahead of the rest of him as he set them with his sword in front. He knew this was probably a bad idea, but he didn't see many other options at the ready. He simply went on, closing his eyes as he had an idea of what might happen. He was never a fighter in the first place.

Osseus flew above Max, clicking angrily at the army below as he swung his tail back and fourth with a mixture of impatience and frustration.

The impending youkai hordes were easy prey for the heroes, with each of the evil spirits going down one by one every attack. Golden youkai blood and mystic fog soon blanketed the entire clearing, along with the majority of the nearby city. But, as with every enemy horde, there were still a plethora of youkai left to chew through, and the mist left behind by their fallen brethren slowly began to obscure individual spirits.

Yuyuko Saigyouji, however, held up her fan to signal a stop. “Fall back,” she creaked. “I believe that was enough time. It is necessary to retreat now.” The order was so sudden and out of the blue that even her own youkai armies seemed to pause, before falling back, as ordered.

Max appeared to lower down to the ground again, when in actuality, he was simply reeling in his attacking legs to grow back to his tallest size. He glanced at the fleeing army and felt a bit of confusion go through him as he smirked.

"Ah well," he chuckled, shrugging before folding his arms. "Guess they didn't have the spirit to continue fightin' us."

"Ugh." the demonian brushed himself off and physically cringed, taking a deep breath and going over to Youmu. "That was worse than all your others, Max."

"Least my humor's getting better than it used to be. After all, it's haunting to think back to how bad I used to be. Wraith a minute, haven't really gotten better either." the cat smiled wider, laughing a bit at his own jokes.

"Stop." the light blue alien grumbles, narrowing his eyes as the Spectrifelinus only continued brewing more.

"Only a phantom of a jolly spirit in you, blue genes." the greyish-purple alien pushed on, walking over to the two as Osseus landed behind them. "You shoulda seen them, turned white as a ghost."

"Alright, please, we should really be moving on now..." the demonian groaned, pinching his brow as he turned to Youmu again.

“You’ve got a long ways to go before you see the first signs of civilization,” Yuyuko the ghost creaked. “For, you see, whilst the lot of you were fighting and joking, the brunt of the youkai were busy cleansing the civilizations nearby. Our little ‘encounter’ was just Yukari’s distraction for you lot. Thanks for the head start.”

The ghost princess began to fade, before saying, “And if I were you, I’d hurry up. The longer you stay, the more the youkai forces expand their reach, just like a wild fire in a prairie. And, with each death, the closer I get to overcoming the willpower of the foolish ghost princess Yuyuko Saigyouji entirely, giving me full reign over this body.”

And with that note, the (ironically) possessed ghost princess dissipated into mist.

Youmu did not take “Yuyuko’s” threat well. “Come on,” she said, starting to dart in a random direction, hoping it would lead them to some signs of civilization. “You heard it! The longer we wait, the more people get hurt!’

Smoth gave a fierce, but quick, glare to the spectrifelinus, who simply gave a faster glance back. He hopped on top of Osseus, the dragon running at full speed as the demonian flew with them. Max didn't appear to be as confident as he was before, with his wisps flowing farther back in the wind than they usual would.

"Overconfident Clown." The demonian grumbled, his eyes still narrowed.

"Ey, didn't know it was a distraction." the cat responded, his tail twitching as the magnetic dragon below him hopped into the air to avoid an obstacle.

"There was the easiness of the battle, the fact that they all pulled back even though they could easily take us all down, or maybe the fact that we probably could have seen past it."

"You the embodiment of an anxiety attack, or a blue fireball with mustard on it?" the cat chuckled a tiny bit, barely cracking a smile. " 'Cause you're actin' like this is all my fault when it ain't an' ya know it."

The irritated Smoth began to raise his hand against the wind rushing at him, then let it drop down as he stared away from the clever cat. "You're a pain, still. Even with how well you hide your IQ."

A large smirk engulfed the cat's ace, stretching wisp to wisp as he showed his glowing daggers. "I ain't hidin' it, just choosin' to show it at bad times."

"As usual..."

Four sets of wings beat against the speeding air in front of them, taking to the sky from the burdening ground below.

The odds were stacked against the small quartet as they charged headfirst into an ever-expanding sea of monsters and ghosts, terrorizing and razing any who got in their path. Was it foolish? Perhaps. Was it most dangerous? Most definitely. Was it a losing battle? Almost certainly. Yet, undeterred, Youmu, Smoth, Osseus, and Max closed the distance that separated them and the youkai hordes, prepared to take out their enigmatic enemy. Only time would be able to tell, as well as fate.

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By Dippster, Zandoo, And Infested

The Quest for Everest

After Phillip Milly finished his entire recitation of the Bible, the trio would find sneaking off of the boat to be a far easier ordeal than sneaking on, and were greeted by the streets of Shanghai. However, the city seemed.. more vacant than the usual hustle and bustle it is represented as. People still wandered, but they seemed cautious of their surroundings. On the dock they landed on, and throughout the city, there were several kinds of flags and banners, all baring variants of a strange symbol, scattered across the city.

"I just want to point out that 1 Kings 18 was pretty cool." Dipin stated for no apparent given that 1 kings was recited several hours ago. After taking a moment the realize that everything was written in Chinese, Dipin promptly added "Anyone here speak Chinese? Because let me tell you that ain't anywhere in the Laviturnian Public School Systems."

"Most of the seasoned crusaders learn Chinese," Phillip answered with a nod.

"Well that's really convenient actually. Also I might not have the local currency but I do have some gold and silver lying about." Dipin replied.

“Why would a crusader want to learn Chinese?” Claptrap asked, “Also, what’s a Chinese?”

"We learn the widely spoken languages like Chinese, English, and Spanish so we may spread the word of God to as many people as possible. That, and it makes our operations far easier should we need assistance from civilians," Phillip replied.

“Oh okay. Say, how do you say “please don’t hurt me anymore” in Chinese?” Claptrap asked, “Just in case we get into some trouble.”

"不要伤害我," Phillip translated, before taking a better view of their surroundings, ".. Hmm... I know this is a universe different from my own... But these flags are.. Very different from what I recall being the flag of China."

“Maybe China made a new flag...?” The robot grabbed one of the banners, examining it, “They put a lot of detail into these things! You can see the teeth and the back things of.. whatever this thing is!”

"Hmm... A large port city such as this... Such little activity..." The crusader mumbled, before turning to his comrades, "Stay alert. I do not have a good feeling about this place."

Dipin didn't seem particularly concerned, thinking back on his experiences and added "From what I've seen it's one of two things right now. One, a holiday or two, there is some sort of bad guy or demon type figure floating around. Don't worry about it, it's usually the first one."

"Perhaps where you are from, but in the Clash?" Phillip looked ahead, "It is almost always the worst case scenario."

"Yeah the last little bit has tended the be the demon thing, except for that time Ryle wandered into the dairy farm cheese day festival, that was pretty fun." Dipin replied.

As they went further into the city, they’d see more people. These people, however, were different than what the average Chinese man or woman would look like. For a start, they all stood completely bald. Many hid their eyes behind goggles that seemed more in place in a mine, as well as the chestplates they had on. Their skin seemed peach-colored, but with the slightest tint of a purple hidden in it. One laughed at something another said in a language most definitely not Chinese, and their teeth were slightly sharpened.

”...I see nothing wrong here,” Claptrap commented.

"Some would envy your optimism," Phillip remarked, before approaching one of the 'civilians' and speaking to them in Chinese, "Hello, can you tell me why the streets seem so empty for a city of this size?"

”...Beats me...” the ‘man’ growled in slurred Chinese, shrugging. Without a moment to lose, it hissed, ”Bug someone else..” before turning and walking down a cold dark alleyway right behind it.

"... We must hasten our pace. Something is definitely not right here, and we are in the middle of it," Phillip stated in a lowered voice, as if the walls had ears.

The scream of a man rang out for a moment, before being silenced as quickly as it began. The ‘men’ flinched for a moment, before calming, as if nothing had ever occurred, continuing their conversation in a strange tongue.

Dipin's ears flicked upward as his quills began to arrange themselves into a criss-cross pattern, he then pushed his arms forward to and kicked the plates out of his shoes, forming his hammer, "So I don't know about you guys but in my book you got to run towards danger to figure out how to get to where your going... That doesn't sound as cool as I thought, but you get the point."

"Agreed.. On both points," Phillip nodded, putting a hand on the hilt of his sword as he beckoned the two to follow him as he briskly walked towards where they had heard the sound.

“Do we really have to run towards the sound of someone dying? I know I’m sounding like a wimp, but this place has weird vibes and I think it’s a trap and we’re all gonna die and it’s a terrible idea!” Claptrap said in a happy tone, the only tone he was programmed to speak in.

"Do not fear death, only do your best to avoid it," Phillip said stoically, "I do not wish to detour from our main objective, but we cannot ignore what I assume was someone's death cry."

The group would find the noise had rang out from an alleyway not too far away. While the scream has quieted, something could be heard scraping heavily against a brick wall further into the alley.

The crusader turned his head back a bit, putting a finger to where his mouth would be over his helmet to signal they needed to be quiet before slowly moving deeper into the alley. While he was certainly no ninja considering he was wearing a full suit of armor, Phillip did his best to minimize the amount of noise he made to a few clanks at most.

The three would find a large splotch of blood covering the ground in the center of the alley as it led into another. Claw marks were scratched into the ground and walls. Something vicious had come through. And yet, there was no sign of a body, only a small trail of blood that led up the side of one building.

"... A city this size... Vacant streets... Civilians who ignore the cries of another man... And there is no military presence... Yet, a nearby nation like Japan was unaffected..." Phillip mulled over all of this aloud, "... Something not-human has taken over at least the majority of China if not all of it. Those people we saw either walk the streets in fear, or are not people at all."

“So... what do we do?” Claptrap asked, unsure what a man, a hedgehog, and a robot could do against an entire country undertaken by what seemed to be an alien conspiracy.

"We tread carefully and continue towards Everest. Once we have my comrades with us, we will stand a better chance at dealing with... Whatever has brought down China. While the thing I spoke to on the street was more obvious, we do not know how subtle these... Demons can be."

”It is a surprise you dug this deep, unlike the willfully ignorant sheep of this land,” a voice mocked in Mandarin behind the group. It belonged to a lanky man in some robes, his head slightly bulbous for a human. He chuckled again, “Our father felt your presence as soon as you set foot onto the docks. He called for me to take you to him. He is usually not this merciful upon outsiders. I would take his most noble offer if I were you.

"He says there is a 'father' who wishes to see us," Phillip summarized and translated, before replying in Mandarin, "Am I to assume your 'father' is responsible for what has happened to this nation?"

The people chose their own paths. They hide inside, awaiting the embrace of night, as our scripture foretells,” The Magus explained, “Those who do not join.. well, it is not our glorious Patriarch’s fault if his flock decides to punish the heathens who deny him and the Void their belief.

"... Why must it always be zealots," Phillip sighed irritably.

“Oh, you speak this language as well?” The robed man asked in English, “I was under the allusion that you spoke the native tongue of this land alone, but obviously, Neophytes aren’t the most reliable of sources.”

Via the Magical aid of reading the text in English Dipin was able communicate with figure in Mandarin "So tell me Daddy's boy, what do you want exactly?"

“I simply want you to come with me to our Father’s glorious abode. I would also recommend that you do not resort to childish names such as ‘Daddy’s boy’, but this is only a recommendation,” The Magus grumbled.

"Oh I'm sorry, that's actually Laviturnian custom to use custom to use such names, it shows great respect." Dipin replied with a quick bowing motion, despite his tone of voice and body language suggesting othe

“...That’s quite a bad lie, but it is not my place to put you on trial.. for now, that is,” the cloaked man growled.

"Okay fine you got me, I just thought it would be funny."

"How far and in which direction is this father of yours?" Phillip asked.

“He is close enough. He is making his first rounds around his new empire, what was once called ‘China’ by the people of this polluted and rat-ridden land,” The Magus shrugged, "You shall follow me and my escorts to his majesty. Or wait.. no, I have a much better plan.”

For a moment, the Magus turned and let out a series of shrill, alien clicks and whirs. A convoy of large trucks rumbled down the main street. “Board a vehicle, and we shall drive you where the light shan’t reach, and where the Brood awaits.”

"... Let us depart then. I look forward to meeting this father of yours," Phillip stated after a moment of thought, beckoning his allies to follow.

“Oh man, if this is a trap, I’m blaming someone that’s not me,” Claptrap sighed, following begrudgingly.

Practically squealing with excitement mainly due to a bit seeing any thing motorized in a longtime Dipin asked “Could I like drive on of these things?”

Dipin’s question was ignored by most of the people working whatever needed to be worked on the trucks, whether it be driving them or manning the overly-large turrets. They looked like the ‘people’ Phillip spoke to earlier. They had to be the aforementioned ‘neophytes’.

"Patience, my friend. I am sure you may have the opportunity to drive in due time," Phillip assured as he boarded a truck.


The Goliath convoy rumbled through the city, and as the sun set, more people could be seen on the streets. Most were completely normal, while many were the 'people' who had taken Phillip and his friends hostage. After a short time, the buildings came to a clearing. Where a park once stood, there was a large tunnelway, descending raggedly into the ground. Slowly, the vehicles trundled down into the dark.

"Now that night comes, the children will come to see what your fates may be," the Magus described, as something shambled into a smaller tunnel, only a glimpse of its four fingered hand being seen by anyone.

Another few minutes, and the heavy vehicles halted. They had come to a massive chamber, seemingly part of a cave system. Altars and shrines were set up across the cavern, kept in the darkness.

"Can we say this is a trap now?" Claptrap asked Phillip.

"There is a trap, yes," Phillip answered calmly.

"A trap? Nonsense!" the Magus laughed, "If our Father wanted you dead, you wouldn't have made it far from the docks."

"Yeah, I've seen enough scary movie trailers to know that this is a trap, but considering that you want us alive what do you want from us." Dipin asked.

"I want nothing. But my Patriarch -"

Dipin then interrupted " I was talking about the 3rd person plural you. General idea, organization, this Father figure of yours."

"...My Patriarch demands your request, so I simply follow his will," The robed man sighed, stepping down from the mining vehicle, "Follow me, and I shall show you the way."

Phillip hopped down and took note of his surroundings, dark and wet cave walls covered in inhuman runes, freshly dug into their surface. In the distance, the sounds of something unnatural permeated and echoed through the cavern. The crusader, comfortable with his assessment, followed the Magus.

Dipin took a moment to take in the surroundings. Dark, dank cave, strange writings, echoyness.... Something cool is probably going to happen. He then proceeded to follow the Crusader, and the Magus

Claptrap shivered and shook, "Oh man I'm not scared... nobody will say I'm scared..."

"Bravery is not a total lack of fear, it is pressing on despite being afraid," Phillip called back to the clearly-afraid robot.

"Come! Onward, weary men! The blessed one awaits!" the Magus beckoned, as they entered another chamber to the cave, with shrines and altars leading up to a large, empty throne. In front of it, a stone altar, dried red fluid covering its top.

"I would have expected him to be on that throne there," Phillip remarked, turning his head around here and there.

"So did he like spill some strawberry Fanta on his chair or do you guys have technicolor blood?" Dipin asked in response

As Phillip spoke, several rocks fell from the ceiling, as the sound of something large crawling on the cave walls began to ring out, before something large landed behind the throne in the cold darkness. Two eyes, glowing a horrid yellow, pierced the inky black, as a set of large claws pulled a terrible creature over the Throne, and sat itself in it, its long tongue slithering out as it hissed at the trio.

Claptrap hid behind Phillip, his body shuddering and hiding his wheel. "Ohmygod what is that?!" the robot quivered.

"If my assumption is correct," Phillip replied as he stepped towards the throne, "This is the father our guide spoke highly of."

“My Patriarch! I hath brung whom you have demanded, Oh glorious one!” The Magus kneeed before the alien, “Blessed be you, Father!”

Taking note of the fact this alien looking thing was this other guys Patriarch and requested their presence, Dipin decided to figure out what was wanted from them exactly. Dipin made some sort of strange waving motion commonly used as a greeting by Laviturnians before asking "Hello, sir Patriarch! I understand you requested us; could I just ask what it is you want exactly?"

The beast stared at the Laviturnian with a strange glare, hissing an unintelligible dialect to him. The Magus arose, and began to translate, “Our leader in worship wishes to show you the err of your ways, and show you the one true path to enlightenment. Through our faith.”

"It is a bit irrelevant to the topic at hand here, though as a man who works with armor myself, I am curious. What is it that you are wearing?" Phillip inquired, standing before the Patriarch with a hand on his helmet where his chin would be. Claptrap's fearful shivering was a stark contrast to the crusader's eerily calm demeanor.

The Genestealer narrowed its eyes at the knight and let out a low growl. “The Patriarch states that he does not wear armor, as his body is already protected enough by the guidance of the Void,” The Magus translated.

“W-w-what are you doing?!” Claptrap whimpered to Phillip, “They’re probably gonna kill us!”

"The guidance of the Void?" Phillip repeated curiously.

The Patriarch hissed. “Come, lay down upon this altar, and I shall show you that which awaits in the Void,” The priestly man patted the blood-stained altar, “Do not worry, the stains are as older then they would let on.”

The crusader glanced at the altar, then to Claptrap. "Allow me a moment to comfort my friend here," he requested, before kneeling down in front of the robot and giving him a pat on the 'shoulder'. "Claptrap, remember when I confirmed your suspicions, and said that there was a trap?" he said in a quieter voice.

Yes? Are we agreeing it’s a trap again?” The machine asked in a hushed tone.

Phillip's growing smile could not be seen as he said back, "I am the one who set it," before whipping around and drawing his blade, aiming for the Patriarch's perverse tail. It gave Phillip a disgusted feeling the moment he first laid eyes on the creature.

While in the middle of politely declining the offer, Dipin was nearly hit by some part of this creature. "For the record I am not the one that started this!" The hedgehog's quills set to a criss cross pattern and he assembled his hammer.

The creature screeched as the tip of its tail was split from its body. As it screamed, the room filled with similar horrific calls, as falling from the ceiling were smaller, man-sized creatures, with sharp, rending claws on each of their four hands.

"You cannot fight a mere man by yourself?" Phillip mocked, "It is a wonder why you are worshiped so."

“Thou shalt not hurt our lord, who brings us in harmony with the higher mind!” The Magus declared, “Destroy these foul sinners, who have spat upon the gift of enlightenment!”

The Genestealers let out inhuman screeches as they lunged at Phillip, their claws ready to tear through his armor like toilet paper. The Patriarch roared, standing in front of its throne filled with rage.

Seeing that several Genenstealers were about to murder Philip, Dipin rushed to the crusader and swung his hammer at the heads of the creatures. The hammer cracked into one of the three beasts, sending it slamming into the cave wall. The Patriarch turned and roared at Dipin for this. To this Dipn responded by shouting back at the Patriarch with Magical amplification, in an attempt to intimidate the beast.

With one of the crusader's assailants dealt with, he found his situation far easier to manage as he swung his blade upward at an arm about to lash out at him. He swiftly delivered a roundhouse kick which lead into his second swing at his other alien enemy.

The Genestealer first hit by Phillip fell back, before finding its footing quickly, slashing at him again as the Crusader slashed off an arm of its companion. The crusader had not heard his first assailant regain its footing so quickly, the metal and bulletproofing that made up his armor on his back tearing apart as he was flung a few feet away by the force of the strike.

The Patriarch growled and hissed, a purple aura glowing around its bulbous head and one of its clawed hands. Around Dipin, pebbles and moderately sized rocks began to float and levitate, before flying at him at speeds as fast as bullets.

"Frick!' Dipin exclaimed before ducking, he managed to dodge most of the rocks, the ones that did make contact being smaller and having their blows reduced thanks to a cushioning effect produced by Magic. In response to this Dipin was pretty usset. he then slammed his foot on the ground causing one of the more moderately sized rocks to float in the air before he nailed it with his hammer causing it to shoot towards the Patriarch.

The rock burst against the Genestealer Patriarch’s armored chest, pushing it back slightly. The leader of the Cult turned its horrible eyes onto Dipin as it roared again, charging at him, arms open and ready to tear the hedgehog apart.

A few metallic clanks later, and the previously downed crusader had leaped through the air towards the distracted Patriarch's flank, bringing his sword down to where he assumed a shoulder blade would be.

The alien screeched in pain, smacking Phillip away with another of its four arms as his sword embedded into the shoulder of one of its smaller arms. It turned back towards the Laviturnian, and continued to charge. Thankfully, Phillip's iron grip kept his sword with him as he was smacked away, letting out a pained grunt as he hit the wall.

At this point Dipin then produced the one of his boomerangs and proceeded to electrically charge it before chucking it at the Patriarch. I assumed that this would be enough power to knock the creature out.

The Patriarch stopped in its tracks as the boomerang smacked it in the head, shaking slightly and letting out an angered roar of confusion. It stood there for a moment, shaking and breathing heavily, letting the current run through it and dissipate.

Taking the opportunity that had arised Dipin charged towards the creature before jumping into the air and slamming his hammer downward right above its skull.

The monster reeled back, holding its dense head in pain; the Magus growled, “Why must you fight us?! We meant no harm to you! We only wished your faithfulness!”

"Any false god who allows his followers to murder innocents," Phillip grunted as he stood tall despite the dents and holes in his armor, "should not keep the Devil waiting."

"You seemed pretty intent on us chilling on an altar of sacrifice, that is a no go buddy." Dipin replied, he was clearly very upset as this was something not on his bucket list.

Another round of screeches rang out, as three more Genestealers crawled out from the darkness. The Patriarch seemed to laugh in its raspy hissing, as faintly, the sounds of dozens of sets of crawling hands and feet could be heard echoing lightly through the dark.

”...Can we go now?” Claptrap asked with a whimper.

"Not until this false idol has been slain," Phillip coughed, eyeing all around himself, including above, for sneaky enemies. He will not be caught off guard so easily again, "Dipin, I trust you have that duty handled."

Surrender....” growled the Patriarch, struggling to mutter the singular word as more and more of the smaller aliens skittered from the dark, dancing around Phillip and Dipin’s range of attack, before two lunged at Phillip, and another at the anthropomorphic hedgehog.

Instinctively Dipin curled into a ball, then almost instinctively Dipin hardened his quills in an attempt to impale whatever was attacking him, before usre uncurling and sending an electrically charged kick towards the skull of one of the Genestealers.

Phillip was prepared this time, having taken a deep breath before two of the little beasts lunged for him. He let out a short yell as he swung his blade sideways, cleaving through one alien and slicing through the other. "No matter how many minions you hide behind, Patriarch, you will fall," Phillip swore.

Through the carnage of the battle, the Patriarch hissed, and began to clamber its bulk up a wall, its claws digging into the rock as it began to climb towards what appeared to be an opening.

”I think he’s getting away!” Claptrap exclaimed, now hiding behind a stalactite, “Does that mean we can give killing him a raincheck?”

Dipin went to send a windy punch toward the patriarch only to get a hollow clicking sound indicating he didn't have enough Magic for any external usage. "Dang it. Hey! Knight guy, how much can you throw!?" Dipin shouted towards Philip.

"Why do you..." Phillip quickly realized what Dipin was planning, impaling the head of an incoming Genestealer before shouting, "If you are thinking what I think you are thinking," and readying himself for a throw.

Dipin then bolted towards the knight and jumped into the air, and curled up in a manner reminiscent of a certain blue hedgehog, and waited for the sensation of a sudden change in acceleration before extending his spines. In the style of a football quarterback, Phillip grabbed the curled up Dipin out of the air before chucking him at the fleeing Patriarch.

No!” The Magus bemoaned, unable to do anything but watch.

The Patriarch turned as it grasped the hole, screaming a sound of fear as it saw the ball of quills lunging towards it. Dipin then crashed in to the patriarch, impaling the creature with a plethora of quills, afterward Dpin remained curled to better absorb the force of impact before uncurling.

The monstrous Patriarch reeled back with a screech, falling backwards off of the wall, slamming down on the floor. It laid there, its arm broken, and laughing through forced breaths, looking directly at Phillip with its soulless eyes.

The Magus gasped, running over beside the dying cult leader and kneeling beside it, “You monsters!” He cried, “You absolute fiends! Our father, the beacon in the dark of the Void, the one that would bring our god here, dies because of your natural ignorance!”

"There is no justification for him allowing his followers to slaughter innocents," Phillip spat as he stepped up behind the Magus.

“Hypocrisy in its finest.. a Knight, devoted to slaying the enemies of his faith, telling me that slaying enemies of my faith is wrong?” The man sighed, turning to Phillip, still on his knees, “Kill me, if you must. You’ve slain all I live for already.”

"Not to be that guy but if you worship a mortal, then they prove to have some serious character flaws like, sentient life-fore sacrifices you might have put you faith in the wrong place,." Dipin added.

"Save for your worshiping of this... Thing, you have not committed a sin worthy of death in my eyes," Phillip stated, planting the tip of his sword on the ground as he looked down upon the Magus, "I hope you may find a more virtuous path than the one your fallen Patriarch has led you down."

"Hope the best for you man, but not to sound callous but I've apparently got some multidimensional related bushiness going on, If you could just show us the exit that would be great." Dipin added as he had realized he had gotten disoriented.

From behind the two, the Genestealers remaining began to hiss and growl, but were unsure of what to do, the psychic gestalt of the Cult temporarily broken. Confused, they scampered back into whatever crevices, tunnels, or shadows they had come out of.

The Magus did not respond to Dipin, instead resting his head on Phillip’s embedded sword and sobbing, “Please... there is nothing left for me on this plain.. finish what you have started.. release my soul to the Children of the Void, so that I may return as a glorious piece of my god!”

"... Do you believe your god loves you?" Phillip asked after a moment of thought.

“Of course! I see them in my dreams, I hear their voice along every second! May I show you?” The whimpering mess of a man asked, looking up at the Crusader.

"Spare me. I ask because, if your god does love you, would you dare put them through witnessing you take your own life? Or beg another to take your life for you?" The crusader questioned, "I know not what you believe your god wishes, but any deity worth worshiping would not want to see one of their own be slain. You have been put through a trial, a test of will. Only you may decide if you pass or fail that test."

“My is devoted to the Great Devourer! May its teeth grind me into nothing, and reform into a piece of its holy immensity! My will is strong, and I wish it to end in my lord’s name!” The Magus slammed his head up against the blade’s blunt side, “So please. Unite me with them, or just leave me here to rot with my Patriarch.”

"Very well," Phillip sighed, "May you find mercy for your misguided actions." He brought his sword to the side before beheading the Magus with a single swing.

“Man..” Claptrap said, “I’m trying to figure out a way to lighten the mood in this dark cave, but I got nothing.”

Having forgotten the robot was there Dipin just kind of looked at it for a second before saying "You could play Taps or something" he then realized what he said was kind of dumb.

“Nah, I don’t have my Boombox,” the robot shrugged, “And all I had on that was dubstep beats.”

"Let us save lightening the mood for another time," Phillip sighed, cleaning off his blade before sheathing it, "For now, we should continue our journey." With that, he began his solemn walk to the tunnel leading out of the chamber.

Dipin, picked up his hammer, as it had been dropped before the hedgehog was used as a deadly weapon, the hedgehog also noticed that he was covered in blood and began to hope they could find a nearby source of water.

“Where are we going again? And also, how are we going to get there on foot, or in my case, singular wheel?” Claptrap asked as he rolled behind the knight, wiping off a bit of alien blood off of his chassis.

"Who said we were going on foot?" Phillip replied, "Dipin, I recall promising you a chance to drive."

"Cool, I figure we can just take one of these tank things... but I'm finding a gas station or something, do you even know how hard it is to get blood out of white fur." Dipin replied as he turned around and hopped into a nearby vechicle, which luckily still had the keys in the ignition.

“Oooh, What’s that?” Claptrap pointed to an bipedal walking vehicle parked next to the Goliath tank, “Hey, Phil! Help me up, please? I wanna see what legs are like!”

"Would you know how to pilot that machine?" Phillip asked.

“Trust me; If I’ve learned one thing opening doors, it’s that everything is usually just like.. three or four buttons,” Claptrap shrugged off any possible issues.

Dipin poked his head out from the tank and said, "Let me tell you learning to hula is a lot more than 3 or four buttons, but honestly the walker might be better at getting around than this thing." He then proceeded to jump out out the tank before walking over to the walker.

“I’m still driving...” Claptrap harrumphed, “But could someone hoist me up? I would climb the ladder, but that needs great upper body strength or legs, and sadly, I am lacking in both!”

Dipin then used the his hammer as a make shift lever to elevate the single wheeled trashcan into the walker before putting the hammer away and climbing in himself.

“Looks like it can only hold two..” Claptrap noted, barely sitting well in the seat made for people whose bodies weren’t just boxes, “Ummm... do we have a chair and some duct tape? Maybe some seat belts? Or wait, lemme adjust the seat a bit...”

Claptrap pushed the seat all the way back to the back of the cockpit, allowing space (even if cramped) for all three of the posse to fit in. “All aboard the Claptrap Express!” The robot declared with a “Choo-Choo!”

"I will just sit on the top," Phillip said, hoisting himself up and climbing the back of the bipedal machine.

“You sure? The speed gauge on here says like... seventy,” The robot cautioned, “And we’re gonna be going that fast to get to where we need to go, right?”

Dipin, still covered in blood simply added, "Just don't forget to give me a chance to wash this blood off."

“We’ll stop at a car wash or something, we’re probably behind schedule! All the more reason to take the cushioned seat, Phillip!”

Agitated Dipin raised his quills and pointed to himself before saying "I was talking about myself."

"Considering much of the country has been unfortunately slain, it will not be hard to find a shower we may use," Phillip assured, "I will be fine up here."

“Alright.. I hope you have a good grip, ‘cause the Clap-Train is about to leave station!” Claptrap shoved several levers forwards as an engine rumbled to life... before the Sentinel crouched down and started spinning slowly.

Dipin then somehow managed to kick back in the cockpit of the walker and said, "Just let me know when we get somewhere I can washup."

“Whoops.. maybe that isn’t it..” The robot chuckled, “Maybe this button is it!”

With the tap of a button, the walker fired its large laser cannon, a red beam striking the tank in front of them, having little effect.

”Maybe it’s the steering wheel and pedal... wait.. pedal?” Claptrap cried, “Noooooo!”

"Perhaps Dipin should pilot the machine," Phillip suggested.

“Yeah, you’re right... maybe one day I’ll figure out what legs are like,” Claptrap sighed, scooting over for the Laviturnian, “Hurry up and drive us to wherever Phillip needs to go to save his friends! ...Where was that again?”

Dipin then got in the drivers seat started heading out of the cave.


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Reginald Tickman @ Walmart, New York

The Viscount was starting to grow exhausted from all of his feasting, gasping and wheezing in a shrill tone. He growled and struggled to get up from his slumped state, his slender feet almost sliding on the paste of blood underneath him. A series of slimy guttural noises emanated from his abdomen as he stood, stretching his six limbs.

The Viscount peered down, eyeing the Walmart greeter and woman that he had maimed and left unconscious on the floor. A particularly vile idea crept across his mind, eliciting a gaping grin from him. He dragged his two victims to an area with a low ceiling in the supermarket. Meticulously, the Viscount shifted some of the tiles above him to create gaps in the ceiling. He gathered a slurry of meat, tailoring it into two slings which he knotted in the overhead holes that he had created. He then slid his two unfortunate victims into the fleshy slings, dangling them upside-down from the ceiling.

The Viscount made some finishing touches to the article with his cutlery, making sure his meals wouldn't be able to escape (at-least not by themselves). No doubt him or a fellow courtier would find some sustenance out of them in the future. He preened his wig, licking up dribbles of blood from his mouth before wiping it with his sleeves.

The Viscount's bulbous eyes scanned his surroundings. He steered about, taking in the rather SPORE atmosphere. After his entrance, the building had been left completely deserted, spare for him and his two meals. He reasoned that dining with new guests would help revive the excitement from when he had came storming in earlier, whether he was going to invite said guests to his Walmart or simply invite himself to their own feasts.

The Viscount knew that having claimed the wonderful 'Walmart' meant that he had a bounty of supplies at his disposal, and said supplies went beyond the scope of food. He loomed over to a section of the store with craft-related material and office supplies, clawing his way into a packet of quality A4 paper before probing for a box of pens. Soon, he found himself holding an A4 sheet and a biro, which he studied carefully in his hands. Whenever he had wrote formally in the past, vampire or otherwise, he was familiar with using much more elegant devices like hand-crafted script and a plume. He would simply have to make do with the distastefully lower-class Walmart instruments instead.

The Viscount knelt, masterfully scribbling each sheet with his delicate handwriting. He would pause between each, inventing one warm, sophisticated message after the other for himself to write down. By the end of his writing excursion, he had a pile of classy invitations, each complete with the address of his Walmart, a hand-written message and his signature, a lot if not all of them faintly stained with splodges of blood.

The Viscount grunted, debating how he would send his invitations far and wide.


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Suska and Purpleguy (Collab Between SBR, Sissy and Striker)

"It's nice to meet you! But... wow, an Omniversual Agent?!" Suska exclaimed in surprise, his eyes widening. "What does your kind do? That sounds interesting!"

Purpleguy almost went out of his serious demeanor he was putting on for a second. Someone else was interested in what HE did other than some dull-brained skeleton? He was almost overwhelmed with happiness. "Well basically we go around and make sure no big disturbances go on in the clash. Either that or we monitor specific people to ensure they're not doing anything suspicious. If they are we report em back to the Champions so they can have their go at em." spoke Purpleguy, straightening his badge a little and doing a silly little pose to make himself look cool. In reality though, this just made him look like a dingus.

However, the blue alien completely ignored this, wanting to be overly-positive. "That sounds great! How does one become an agent? I think I'd be interested in being one myself... if I ever could," he questioned, lightly placing a finger on his chest and looking at Purpleguy.

The purple sprite froze, a brief flash of fear going over his eyes. $#!+. He completely forgot the procedure to BECOME and Omniversual Agent. And he said GANON didn't pay attention 90% of the time. Despite this though, his look of fear was quickly subsided, going back to his cool and collected demeanor. "Years of trainin. 6 years tops, though I was able to finish mine in or two." lied Purpleguy.

"Then perhaps after this clash is over, or something like that, I could try to go through that procedure? I just really want to help! This sounds so amazing! I can't believe I never found out about this until now... so, where are we?" Suska asked, a moment of silence occuring after he finished his little 'speech'.

"Oh. Uh..." Purpleguy stated almost a bit nervously, though it obviously would go over Suska's head. He looked on his gold 8-Bit communication device Fredbear made and looked back through his messages until he found the call and text Fredbear had sent him. "Echo Creek. Says right here its SOMEWHERE in the Disney universe.[/color]" responded Purpleguy. "Funny. This doesn't look like anything from Disney. Oh well."

"Hmm... then where do you think we should go from here? Maybe we could travel, or- wait, do you have any friends? I'm thinking there could be other Omniversual Agents out there..." the alien said, glancing to the side for a split second as he heard an odd, distant noise. He didn't know what it was, but he didn't bother to find out yet.

"Well, I'm trying to find a few of my cohorts myself. If you wanna come along that'll be fine." said Purpleguy.

"I'll come along, since I have nothing better to do! Where are you thinking of going?" replied Suska.

Purpleguy looked behind him and began to scan the area beyond the restaurant the two were currently at. After a few seconds of looking, he turned back toward Suska. "If my guess is correct, that way." spoke the purple sprite, pointing towards the area he just scanned, which actually could lead the two to a mall if Purpleguy's navigation skills prove accurate.

Suska squinted his eyes at the direction, trying to see a little better. "That sounds good! I'll follow you... but I did hear some strange noise just a few moments ago. Did you hear it, or was it just my imagination?"

Purpleguy raised an 8-Bit eyebrow. "...Nah. Didn't hear any noise." the Omniversual Agent spoke.

"Alright, then I'll assume it's my imagination. I'm right behind you," Suska stated, stepping forward to be beside the sprite. Not behind, but beside.

"Okay then. Off we go." exclaimed Purpleguy. The purple sprite led the way, unknowingly proceeding towards Hill Trank Mall. It would also be unbeknownst to them that only moments ago, a terrible fate met two of Purpleguy's previously mentioned cohorts, Ganon and Bendy. Will they be able to somehow save them? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z.

Which is actually...




The two had arrived near the Hill Trank Mall.....or at least what was left of it after BB's takeover. Most of the mall was modified for the kingdom's purposes, and it honestly looked like one of those abandoned places you'd see around the far parts of England or Japan. Most of the outside was dedicated to the kingdom itself, but some of the inside of the mall was used for the kingdom. A few figures could be seen in the kingdom. The group mainly consisted of low poly green giants, but a few ambiguous figures were a humanoid animatronic and two tall fellows donning hats and FBI-esque attire. Purpleguy and Suska were a good few feet away from the scene, so them being caught wasn't an issue. What WAS an issue however, was the figures being seen over yonder in the mall. Purpleguy recognized the animatronic. The same person who attempted to bring havoc onto the FNAF Multiverse a few years prior, the Enragement Child. He frowned a bit a the sight of him. "Enragement Child. I knew that meme spewing hunk of metal would be involved in this." the sprite said to himself as he eyed the kingdom. Upon further inspection, Purpleguy also spotted a good lot of humans, obviously captives to BB and his crew of Orcs. This whole Hitomi mess was getting out of hand. If he or Ganon didn't put a stop to this soon, lives would be at stake.

"Oh... this looks terrible," Suska gasped quietly, staring sadly at the scene. "W-who's Enragement Child? Who're all of those people?" the alien asked, shuddering and glancing over to Purpleguy.

"Enragement Child is a high level Omniversual Criminal. He's been involved in multiple taking-overs of the FNAF Multiverse. He's been on the Bookwielder's watchlist for QUITE some time now, actually." explained the purple sprite as he activated his gold badge device to show a hologram of BB and some of his records of Omniversual Crimes, including the Save Import Scenario. "The rest of those guys? Hitmoi's minions. Probably coded to do the slimey elf's dirty work." said Purpleguy.

"Oh dear," murmured Suska, folding his arms and looking at the ground. "How should we stop them? Can we even do that? I mean, we're just two people... we're gonna need more if we're going to attack them or something."

"Mmm. Good point." spoke Purpleguy. He further considered Suska's comment. From what he gathered, Hitomi's Orcs are a B!T(# to handle. They'd need a lot more people on their side if they even wanna stand a CHANCE against them.

From behind the two, a teenager with long, blonde hair poked out from a bush. "Ooooooh what'chu guys doin'?" she queried, peeping between the pair's heads.

"AGOJBMOPEB" sputtered Purpleguy, falling backward in response to the teen's sudden appearance.

"Hello! We need help. I'll let Purpleguy explain," Suska responded, not even getting spooked by her sudden entrance. "I'm Suska, by the way."

The sprite quickly got up, dusting himself off. "...Uh. High Level Class Omniversual Criminal taking over a large part of this area. Pretty dangerous to take em on our own. can help us?" said Purpleguy.

"Sure!" the mewman twirled her wand, grinning. "I'm Star! And this is my friend, Marco!" she pulled a human out of the bush by the red hoodie he wore. This caused Marco to groan, choking a little at the sudden pull on his collar.

"Do I recognize you two? I swear I remember both of you being mentioned a few months back... maybe it's just an illusion, though. Glad to see you two helping!" the blue alien stated.

"Great. We need all the help we can get." exclaimed Purpleguy. "Nice to meet you both.[/color]" "EXCUSE ME." bellowed a raspy voice directly behind all of them. From the back of them was a small monstrous being, taking the appearance of a small puddle of ink with two arms and a permanent expression of horror on its face. Purpleguy jumped back once again, about to throw his Slasher. "WAIT! WAIT I SAY! I AM NO MERE MONSTER! I COME WITH INFORMATION REGARDING MASTER BENDY AND YOUR GANON!" rasped the ink monster, holding up his hands almost in defense. Purple froze, then got back in a reasonable and sane position. "I'm listening." "YOUR GANON IS CURRENTLY IN SOMETHING MASTER BENDY REFERS TO AS THE '10TH LEVEL OF OMNIVERSUAL #E||, AND MASTER BENDY HIMSELF IS TRAPPED INSIDE THAT HORRIBLE KINGDOM, BEING USED AS A CIRCUS ANIMAL!" explained the small monster. "Wait, WHAT?! The 10th Level of Omniversual #e||? That's the....ohh God." spoke Purpleguy. He shuddered at the thought.

"Oh no!" Suska's eyes widened again, "How can we get them out?!"


Star kneeled down, poking the puddle. "Ewwww! Hehehehehe..." she giggled, resuming poking it.

Suska completely ignored the fact that Star was poking it, continuing the conversation. "Hm... this is tough," the alien mumbled, tapping a finger against the top of his visor. "Maybe some kind of invisibility or stealth-related effect could work... but who could give us that?!"

"I HAVEN'T SUCH AN ABILITY ON ME SADLY. AND QUIT POKING ME!" rasped the Searcher. Purpleguy squinted his eyes, staring towards the sky in deep thought. He pondered, and pondered, and pondered some more...

Mmm. This was certainly a pi--

"WAAAAAIT." exclaimed Purpleguy suddenly as an idea was forcefully bonked onto his head like a large bag of unsalted potato chips. What the fu(|/ does that mean, you may ask? I don't know! But that's what it felt like to him, like the potato chips of God himself smashed onto the skull, giving him the brightest of all ideas in the history of everything ever. "There's a secret 'Background Image' disguise function on my badge that we can use! If I can use my Coding Magic to trigger it, we MAY be able to get through!" beamed Purpleguy. He then took off his badge, giving a brief few seconds to stare at the thing. "I...uh....just need to remember HOW to access it. It's...err....been a while since I've tried this." lied the Adventure Purpleman. Once again though, in reality he had no idea how to trigger the disguise function, a merely knew of it through textbooks for Dimensional Clash Guide Handbooks he skimmed over on his breaktime in the Purple Dimension. Nevertheless, he gave in the effort to try and hack the badge. He opened up the main menu for the device and proceeded make several hand gestures. Not rude ones mind you, but rather gestures relating the ancient time old videogame developer magic itself. "This maaaaay take me a bit." spoke Purpleguy. He wasn't but a few seconds in, and he was already sweating bullets. Only luck would be able to get him through this, that's for sure. However, after a short moment of pushing random documents, he found the disguise function, Huh. Luck was on his side for that moment. "Whew. Okay, I got the disguse function ready. Everyone form a circle so the program will recognize that we ALL need the disguise." ordered the Purpleguy, holding his hand out to Suska.

"Okay!" the alien responded, taking the sprite's hand and looking over to the rest. "I'm thrilled... this should turn out well!"

Marco squinted at Suska, unnerved by the tigrian's sheer amount of joy. "Alright..." he mumbled, dragging Star towards the others. "Uhhh... Should I hold your hand?" the human asked, nervously glancing up at the tall being.

"... Yes." Suska answered.

"Oh." Marco cautiously grabbed the alien's hand, attempting not to shriek in horror at the feeling. "S-Star, stay close to me..." he told the girl, who was eagerly bouncing, a purple hand in hers.

As soon as Star touched Purpleguy's hand, the five, from everyone else's point of view, had turned into a glitch-y bird, its graphics similarly to what you'd see on a ClickTeams game. To the group themselves however, it seemed that nothing had happened. "Alright, we SHOULD be camouflaged by now. Now lets just move SLOWLY towards the kingdom." spoke Purpleguy.

"Sounds good," the captain commented, slowly taking steps forward. They were tiny, but somewhat quick steps, making it... slow, still.

" Where did you last see Bendy?" asked the Purpleguy quietly. "I SAW HIM INSIDE OF THE MALL. IT'S HORRIBLE! YOU SHOULD SEE THE WAY THAT B@$T@RD DRESSED MY MASTER! AND THE ORCS WERE THROWING PEANUTS AT HIM LIKE HE WAS SOME ELEPHANT AT THE ZOO!" ranted the Searcher, going off on a bit of a loud tangant. "color=purple]SHHH! Ink..creature...dude, stay quiet! If they hear us, it's over![/color]" As they passed by, it seemed that one of the Orcs heard a bit of the Searcher's rant, but turned around towards his companion behind him, as he thought that it was him making the comment. "You say somethin, lad?" asked the first Orc. The second Orc turned around, a coffee cup in hand. "Nah mate. 'Must be hearin the wind." The two Orcs nodded and went about their duties.

Eventually, the five made it inside of the mall. It was completely empty at the moment, so they should be safe. Not too far from them was a large zoo cage, and inside it was Bendy in his Ink Bendy form. The demon was chained to a lead ball, restricting his movements, and large amounts of peanut shells was all across his person. "Alright everyone, you let go now." spoke Purpleguy sadly. As they let go, Purpleguy walked closer to the cage. He felt bad for the Ink Demon. All this time he was focused on impressing the Clashers and Bookwielders when some of them were in harsh conditions like this. What was he thinking acting like such an @$$?

Suska followed after Purpleguy, looking down a bit sadly at the cartoon. "We should get him out quickly," he suggested to the Omniversual Agent. He felt terrified to speak any louder, just in case anyone could've heard him.

Purpleguy nodded. But therein lies the problem. HOW do they get him out? The cage was made steel, and when Purpleguy tried to throw his Slasher at it, it crumbled to pieces due to the electricity around the cage. Dang. Hitomi planned EVERYTHING.

"Hmm... Star, Marco, are any of you able to try and get this down?" asked Suska, turning to the two.

Star slowly held up her wand, an evil grin on her face. "Yeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss." she scuttled up to the alien, waving her pale eyebrows. Suska stepped out of the way, not suspicious at all of Star. Purpleguy did the same, as well as the Searcher. Bendy slowly cut an eye towards the magical princess, quite skeptical of what she was about to do.

"Raiinnnbowwwww NARWHAL BLAST!" she screamed, aiming the magical object at the cage and sending out a rather powerful blast filled with cartoony, star-covered narwhals.

Star's spell to destroy the cage was successful....a bit....TOO successfully, as when the cage was broken, Bendy was launched back a few feet from the group, making him groan loudly. Purpleguy and the Searcher winced. "Ooooh." Purpleguy said, cringing up a bit. "I'm okay." spoke Bendy. The lanky demonic ink demon trudged toward the group, in an almost scary appearance. "Thanks." rasped Bendy. The ink demon quickly turned back into his cartoon form, attempting to pick the peanut shells out of his face and chest. "Yeesh. Those Orcs were a handfull, I tell ya what. 'DANCE MAGGOT! DO A BACKFLIP! MORE DANCIN!' Geez, I can't get a break." spoke Bendy, his voice no longer raspy and terrifying and more Brooklyn sounding and cartoonish, much like he was intended to be.

The alien gave a happy look at Bendy, glad to finally meet him. "Good to see you still alive! Now then... what do we do now?" he asked, turning to the rest of the group. He was excited to do more and help.

"Now?" Bendy said. The demon slowly began to put on a wide, evil, unnerving smile. "W͞͠͝È̴́͡ ҉̵W̴͟͞͞͡R̀͜Ȩ͘͡C̡̀͘K҉҉͜͝ ̵͠T̨͜H̷̡̀͟Ę̴̸ ̸̢͘͘͟Ṕ̡͢L̷̴̨͜A̧̛͟͏͜C̴̴̨E̸̢͞;" spoke Bendy, in a demonic tone. "YES! DESTORY EVERYTHIIIING!" roared the Searcher. "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoaaaaaaaa. Hold up. We're not doing that." intervened Purpleguy. “We need to find Enragement Child." "...Ugh. Alright. Bud, where'd you say that lab was on the mall roof?" asked Bendy to the Searcher as he took a knee so that the ink creature and ink demon could see eye to eye. "FAR LEFT OF THE BUILDING. NOT HARD TO MISS ACTUALLY" responded the Searcher. "Well there ya go." exclaimed Bendy, gesturing towards the Searcher. "Alright then, everyone back in the bird disguise." ordered Purpleguy.

The group would make their way onto the roof of the Hill Trank Mall, where a large strange building, its style drastically different to the mall itself as it was jagged and metal looking, and rather ugly. "And Enragement Child's is in HERE?" asked Purpleguy. "YES. PRECISELY." exclaimed the Searcher.

"Oh, neat..." Marco muttered, trekking closely behind Star, and keeping her away from shiny, pointy objects she could hurt herself on.

As the six descended into the lab, they saw countless pictures of the Enragement Child in all his memetic glory. All of them were terrible. There's no other way to put that. Terrible. The paintings themselves were pretty well made but....this is Balloon Boy we're talking about. Anyway, later on the six would end up several levels bellow the mall, and inside what seemed to be cross between a mad scientist's lab and some garage out of Megas XLR. The lab clashed with a series of neatness and nastiness, as if they were fighting against each other to claim territory of the lab, as the condition of the room was overall a mixed bag. It wasn't messy but it wasn't clean either. At the end of the room was a large mech, its appearance similar to a hybrid of Balloon Boy and Soul Dozer. "Whaaaaat the..." spoke Purpleguy to himself as he set his eyes on the menacing metallic suit. Bendy and the Searcher were eyeing the device with shrunk pupils as well.

"I can see a lot of work and effort put into this..." Suska commented, walking over to the mech and putting a hand on it. "Huh! Maybe we could... hijack this mech? If we can even operate it?"

"I'm all for that! I call the giant laser sword....that is if this thing has one." exclaimed Bendy. "color=purple]No. I said we WERE'NT going to trash this kingdom. Not yet at least. We still need to get Ganon back." spoke Purpleguy. letting go of Star's hand and making the disguise deteriorate. "Looks like no one's here right now. Everyone split up and see if you can find anything that looks like we can travel dimensions with or...teleport with...whatever. Just split up." Purpleguy, Bendy and the Searcher proceed off to different sides of the lab.

The captain did the same as well, walking towards a corner to see what he could find. "Somebody tell if they spotted something!" he called to the others, turning back to the corner in hopes that he was able to see something.

As Suska would search, he would come across a large machine, covered under a tarp that had a random string of letters on it. The letters read: "E.C.D.A.S.I.T.D".

"... Found it! I think." Suska exclaimed, attempting to take off the tarp in hopes of seeing that it was, indeed, what they were looking for.

Bendy, Purpleguy and the Searcher turned around, rushing toward Suska. The three inspected the tarp covered device. "...What the heck is it?" asked Bendy. "ONLY DISCARDING THE GARMENT ON TOP OF IT WILL GIVE US THE ANSWER TO THAT." rasped the Searcher. The small ink monster used his small amount of strength to throw away the tarp, which funnily covered the ink creature because of this. "GRAAAH! CURSE MY SMALL SIZE!" growled the Searcher. The machine was a large circular pad, and next to it was a large computer with a keyboard. The screen was black and blank, but the pad was surging with life. On the side of the circular pad was the same string of letters again, but each letter actually had a word a corresponded to them. The string wasn't random. It was an acronym. It read as follows:


Bendy chuckled a bit at the name. What the #e|| even was the word "Dank"?, he thought. (Keep in mind. Bendy was born in a time where dank memes didn't exist.) "Enragement Child REALLY loves his acronyms." grumbled Purpleguy to himself.

"I've heard from fellow clashers that it means something relating to funny content..." Suska semi-answered, feeling happy that he found the device.

"Ooooooooh... What is it?" Star queried, her head slowly hovering over Bendy's shoulder.

"A teleportation device, apparently." explained Bendy. "Now all we have to do is find the Dimension Number for the.....ugh......#e|| Argh." spoke Purpleguy. God, he REALLY didn't like to bring up THAT level of Omniversual #e||. Why couldn't he be booted somewhere else other than there? Anyway, the sprite tapped into this badge device and proceeded to go through a large list of Dimension Numbers like trying to look up a phone number in a phone book. Suddenly, a loud, long spit was heard from a few feet behind them. They turned around a saw that it was the Enragement Child. He was commiting himself to a long, dramatic, unneeded spittake after seeing some random @$$ intruders in his lab. How did they even get in here? WHY were they here? He was both confused and angry at the same time. "WHAT IN $#!+ FU(|/" exclaimed BB loudly. The dank animatronic turned towards Bendy. "HOW DID YOU GET OUT" He then turned towards Purpleguy, Suska, Star and the others. "HOW DID YOU GET IN" BB began to spazz out in anger. "I DON"T EVEN FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" "...Uh...I'm sorry, THIS is supposed to be the bad guy we're hiding from? The guy who made THIS lab?" whispered Bendy to Purpleguy.

"... Should we... attack, or run, or something?" asked the blue alien, looking slightly worried. He was internally begging for them to keep looking through the list of Dimension Numbers so they could get out quicker.

"YOU $#!=FU(|/ERS ARE'NT GOING TO DO ANYTHING" yelled the Enragement Child. The humanoid animatronic lept into the mech they previously examined, the machine roaring to life and shifting its body towards the group. "IM GOING TO YIFF YOUR D!(|/S"

Suska let out a girly shriek at this, dashing behind Purpleguy and letting out a few more shrieks. "I KNEW WE SHOULD'VE BEEN QUICKER!" he screamed.

"Don't worry I got thi--" began Purpleguy before he was flung back by a detached fist from the Mech.

The Enragement Mech regained its removable fist, proceeding to draw out a large amount of energy from its core.

Water Gun


Suddenly, a large blast of pressurized water blasted from the mech's core, rushing towards the group.

Marco yelped, falling over. "Don't worry Marco, I got this." Star glanced back at the human, smiling before she aimed her wand at the animatronic. "Inhale THIS!" she challenged, shooting bright rainbows out of the crystal.

Forth Wall

While Star's rainbow destroyed the large water attack, her spell was quickly deflected back at her by the mech's Forth Wall ability.

"WATCH OUT!" Suska shouted, rushing to jump into the way of the deflected attack. This would mean... unfortunate consequences.

Bendy, however, was quick to protect Suska with a large paper and ink medieval shield. After that, the ink demon transformed into Ink Bendy once again, summoning a new set of creatures. These creatures were inky humanoids with film projectors for heads, and they were eager to serve their master. These were the Projectionists. The Projectionists rushed toward the Enragement Mech, proceeding to distract it with large annoying projections of the titular cartoon ink demon. BB groaned, attempting to smush the Projectionists, but was unable to because of the large amount of projections covering his vision.

Meanwhile, Purpleguy was still at it to find the Dimensional Number for the 10th Level of #e|| in the Omniverse.

The alien was surprised to see himself still alive, looking at his hands as he brought out a laser pistol. "I wish I could speak to others without giving out plans to the enemy!" Suska yelled, before rapidly shooting at BB's mech. He was unable to aim correctly due to all the shock he was going through, but he hoped to hit a joint of some sort.

Thankfully, the laser hit a joint on the Enragement Mech, making one of the legs of the mech explode violently. Purpleguy stopped what he was doing and inspected this. "GOD FU(|/ING D@/\/\/\/\!+ PIECE OF $#!+ MECH CANT STAND OVERHEATING WITH LASER FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" yelled out BB. Purpleguy shot towards Suska with a sense of brilliance with another great idea. "Suska! Keep shooting at the Mech's joints! It seems they can't stand overheating with your kind of alien laser energy!" exclaimed Purpleguy, pointing to the joints on the mech.

"Good idea!" Suska responded, barrel-rolling to the side and attempting to fire at more joints. Things were going well, and he hadn't recieved action like this in... well... not so long.

"Spiiider with a top-hat!" the mewman princess called. A small spider (with a hat that opened up, revealing bullets) jumped out of the wand's crystal, shooting at the mech as well.

The Enragement Mech had gotten ridden of most of the projectionists, so it was good timing that Star sent out the Spider with a top-hat, as it was the perfect distraction for the gigantic robot. Suddenly, as the Mech was distracted, a few of Suska's lasers landed on two other joints of the Mech. One was of the other legs of the Mech and another was of its left arm, both of which exploded. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" yelled out BB. "Okay, I think I finally found the universe number!" exclaimed Purpleguy. "Yeah, that's good and all but we still got the GIANT ROBOT to take care of." remarked Bendy, who quickly shifted right next to the purple sprite. Purpleguy pressed a button and abruptly a large purple portal opened up on the circular pad. The sprite simply stared at the portal in fear, Bendy being beside him looking confused. "Well? Aren't you goin in?" asked Bendy. "Uh...." spoke Purpleguy quietly. In truth he REALLY didn't wanna go down into....there. "C'mon, we do--" began Bendy before a distatched robotic fist grabbed him and gravitated back towards the Enragement Mech. From here, BB began to squeeze Bendy like a dog toy.

"GO INSIDE, QUICK! I'll try to save him!" Suska yelled, rushing to shoot at the elbow joint of the mech's arm.

Purpleguy slowly approached the portal. He inhaled, then exhaled. and then proceeded to code a long purple 8-Bit rope. He tied one end to the circular pad and the other to his leg. More skepticism consumed him as he got into the position to jump, and was about to ask either Star or Suska to go in for him, but he remembered that he himself was responsible for Ganon, and thus needed to be the one who saved him. To took another deep breath and without warning jumped into the portal.

Meanwhile back at the giant robot battle, the final joint exploded, Bendy obviously suffering because of this because this was the joint the last existing hand was on and knocked him back by a lot. It seemed that the robot was defeated, but suddenly the mech's body floated back up in midair, and grabbed Bendy with a large widespread laser.

"Oh no!" the alien exclaimed, jumping backwards out of fear and still attempting to shoot at the Enragement Mech. He could only hope that Bendy wasn't killed from this attack, as he knew it could be... catastrophic for people who knew him.

Thankfully, because Bendy was both a toon and a demon, he was unaffected by the blast. The ink demon got up and summoned a large army of Projectionists and Searchers to go after the giant floating robot.

The lasers fizzled out immediately as they hit what remained of the Enragement Mech. It didn't seem that there were any weak points for the robot....that was until it turned around. From behind the mech was a large battery, and with the large cubical battery was a warning label that read: "WARNING: DO NOT EXPOSE BATTERY TO SUPERHEATED OR ELECTRIC SUBSTANCES SUCH AS LASERS, HEATERS, ECT".

Suska acted quickly on this- but his laser pistol was getting low on energy. It could only handle one last shot before it ran out of power...

The alien shakily aimed at the battery, before finally releasing one last laser towards it.

The laser hit the battery, and the device crackled with green electricity for a brief moment, but despite the immense damage done to the battery, it wasn't enough to finish it off. Luckily, though, Bendy saw this battery as well, and took out a small heater. He got out of his Ink Bendy form and took out another weapon, this being a weapon of his own. It was a large brown pipe in the shape of a cane. Bendy pulled a large piece from the straight end of the cane and a cylinder was pulled out a bit as he did this. Suddenly, two gun barrels popped out of the end of the straight end of the cane. The ink demon took aim and was able to shoot a bullet right into the Mech's "eye", which made the widespread laser shut down, making Bendy plummet down into the ground with a comical "SPLAT". Once again though, he was unharmed. He proceeded to run towards the back of the robot and saw the malfunctioning battery. "Someone give me a boost up!" yelled out Bendy.

Star nodded, running towards the liquid manifestation and picking him up. "This good?" she asked, grinning wildly as she held Bendy by the feet.

"Yup! Thanks!" beamed Bendy. The ink demon leaped from Star's hands and onto the battery, attaching the heater onto it. With this the battery began to rumble violently. "HIT THE DIRT!" yelled Bendy. With that command the robot exploded into pieces, the Enragement Child being launched out of the underground lab and high into the sky.

"We did it!" cheered Suska, putting away the laser gun and pumping his arms up into the air. After a moment, he looked around in silence. "... What now?" he asked.

Bendy glanced toward the ECDASITD, still active and still having the pixelated purple rope attached to the flat cylinder pad. The demon scuttled his way toward the machine and looked down into the portal. "...Uh....this is the 'Omniversual #e|| he was talking about? It just looks like a third grader's art project to me." remarked the demon. He spotted Purpleguy on the ground, still looking around for Ganon. "You see him yet?" yelled Bendy. "What?" yelled back Purpleguy. "I SAID DO YOU SEE HI--" began Bendy again before he was cut off by another "What?" from Purpleguy. "I SAID DO YOU--Actually....hang on." spoke Bendy, going from yelling to a normal tone of voice. The demon took out two walkie talkies from his pocket, throwing one down into the portal with Purpleguy. He turned the walkie talkie on and began to communicate with the sprite properly. "I asked if you saw him yet. Over." spoke Bendy. "Ohhh. No, haven't seem him yet. I tried talking to the....demons? D@/\/\/\/ed souls? People? Whatever they are, I talked to them and they couldn't give me any answers. Over." spoke Purpleguy through the walkie talkie. "Alright. Let us know if you find him. We'll be right here...I guess. Over." stated Bendy. ["color=purple]Copy that. Over.[/color]" said Purpleguy. Bendy turned back towards Star, Suska and Marco. "Looks like we gotta wait it out until the Purple Fella finds Ganon. From the looks of it that place is HUUUUGE and it might take him a while to find him." spoke Bendy.

"Then what should we do in the meantime? Maybe, since this is mostly over with, I could go my own ways for now..." Suska muttered, putting a finger to his chin and pondering.

"Sure. Go ahead. I ain't stopping ya." remarked Bendy. "Think I'm gonna take me a nap." With this Bendy plopped onto the hard ground of the lab and was quick to fall asleep.

The princess turned towards Suska, running up to him. "Can I come with you? I promise I'll be good! I swear! And can I bring Marco?" she queried, jumping up and down excitedly.

"Yes! Though... you probably won't stay forever, since- I'll explain later," the alien responded, before turning around and hopping away, leading Star and Marco out of the lab.

"So, uh, where're we going?" Marco looked around, warily following after Suska.

"... I don't know. Let's just find a random place."

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I don't even know and even if I did I wouldn't tell you


Central Park,New York

ANd there sat Peep,on a bench, Fish presumably nearby.

“Ay what’s a gal gotta do to get a straight answer in this slanted place!” Called out a rather loud voice.

“Hey you, over there with the charbroiled looks!, yeah,you,ay firepit frog!”The voice called out.

Peep,being Peep wanted no confrontation what-so-ever grabbed a newspaper and held it covering most of his upper torso, the headline on the side facing away from him read, “People avoiding eye contact,in my area? the answer might surprise you”

The red-scaled anphibian waited about a minute before , peeking out from over the top, satisfied to see that there was noone there.

FLASH! A blinding camera light hit his left eye, and turning he saw, posing very sneakily with one foot propped on the bench was….a koopa, more specifically a girl koopa holding a rather large camera just a tad too close to Peep’s face.

“FLuer-sta-ner!” Peep babbled leaping back in suprise.

“Aw bet-ya say that to all the dames that give you a holler!” she laughed before holding the camera up and taking a few more pictures of Peep’s shocked face.

“What,are,even”Peep said before taking a breath, “Who are you?”He asked directly.

The Koopa jumped backwards,before spinning in a circle and stopping with her legs jutting in a dynamic pose, while with her right hand, she held a thumbs up.

“I’m Kylie Koopa,number one ink jockey for the Koopa Kronicle!

She winked before grinning, “How would youlike to be the front pages,top-shop mug?”She asked.

“I really rather wo-”Peep began before Kylie interrupted him, “-ould, now thats just crackers,Jack!” she laughed.

“What”Peep said, quit confused by the Koopa’s vernacular.

“Alright, so give me the four-one-one,hot-lips”. Kylie took her seat right next to the toad and produced a notepad and pen, she twirled it around in her hands before looking at Peep, “Gimmie the dirt and perps!” She said.

Peep having some semblance of what he was being asked.

“ALright so,I’m Peep, I’m a Toad…”He began.

Peep weaved a tale of his arrival and subsequent antics, the allies he’d met, the pains he’d experienced,the goodies,the baddies, and the in-be-tweenies.

“So the chop-shop,up and frankensteined you?” Kylie held out a hand, “Mind if I?”She asked Peep obliged and lifted his right arm, the turtle felt the scaly bicep.

“Hot stuff,hot stuff” Kylie said to herself picking up her notepad and jotting down notes.

Peep looked a bit embarrassed as Kylie continued, “So, two halo’s watching out for ya?, what wings you have to rub to get that amirite?”Kylie elbowed Peep in his side.

“One now...the other turned out to be an awful person.

“Can I have a peep about that coatrack?” Kylie asked.
Peep sighed as [P.E.P.E] appeared behind the bench looming over both of them.

“Smile fighty-frog!”
Kylie said snapping a few shots before attempting to do a selfie, and flashing her eyes with it and tumbling off of the bench, this caused her to collapse into her shell in suprise.

She quickly regained her composure, and continued the interview.

“So with all this cosmic pinata whacking , why ain’t you splitting?”She asked.

Peep thought it over.

“One, I don’t think I really have a choice, and I dunno, I’ve made friends here...I’ve never really had that before, guess I’m just seeing how this will all play out”.

Peep shrugged, and Kylie nodded.

“Well, Imma scatter Hot-lips, this stories banging, and I gotta go get the pots to make some noise with it,ya know!” And without another word the Koopa reporter was off.

“What an odd....lady” Peep mumbled reaching down to give Fish a pat on the head.

I choose to choose my version of reality,whether or not It makes sense is of no consequence.


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The toon carried what little he could salvage from the failed grocery trip in his arms, which was not much.

“Hey, who’re you, da-ze?”

From the behind, Marisa Kirisame gently tapped Slapstick’s right shoulder repeatedly with her broomstick, as to get the attention of the toon. “And, more importantly, you familiar with this?” From her large sack of stolen goods, Marisa withdrew one of Undyne’s many energy spears, and waved it around in Slapstick’s face, to an annoying degree.

Slapstick's head turned 180 degree's backwards with a creaking sound, glaring at the witch, he opened his mouth his teeth were tightly sandwiched against each other in repression of violence.

"That belongs to the pirate fishhhh"Slapstick dragged out the shhhhhh, while a third arm extended from his hair to making a shushing gesture on Marisa's mouth.

“Geez, aren’t you in a pissy mood.” Folding her arms, Marisa’s eyes narrowed inquisitively, before questioning the toon, “What’s with the finger to my mouth? Why do you want me to shut up, anyway? Bad day? Lost your secret stash of super-rare ‘shrooms? What is it, huh?”

"Walked in on someone I tried to save hanging from the ceiling, rotting"Slapstick stated, zero humor in his voice as the third hand withdrew, "Figured I'd take my mind off it and get some munchies for the gals, but I was attacked by a living sculpture..."Slapstick explained

“Woah, woah, woah, WOAH!” Marisa stumbled back in moderate surprise upon registering Slapstick’s story. “That escalated way, way too quickly! Go back to the top, and start over!”

"I'd really rather not discuss my personal buisness with a cosplayer, thank you very much" The toon commented starting to walk away.

“H-Hey! Get your @$$ back over here!” Marisa began to peruse Slapstick. “I wanna good story too, y’know! It gets boring when you’ve got a nerd for company!”

Slapstick took out a frying pan, and halfheartedly tossed it behind him at her.

The frying pan smacked Marisa’s skull right in the center of the frontal bone, making a satisfying clang against the insensitive witch’s cranium. “Ow! The Hell was that for?”

”It’s because you’re an insensitive prick. I’ll deal with this.” Renko shoved Marisa aside as she approached Slapstick herself, asking the toon about his story in a comforting tone. “I understand if you don’t want to talk about it,” she began, “but whatever caused your friend to take their life... perhaps, if possible, we can find the root of what happened and eliminate the problem from spreading to others, especially if it has to do with this ‘great stirring of evil’ or whatever it’s called. So, if it’s related, I’d appreciate you telling us so we can help prevent it in the future. If you don’t want to tell us, that’s just as fine as well. After all, we’re just looking for fellow Champions.”

"One condtion.."Slapstick stopped but the groceries down, and check where he was, just a few feet from the spot he and the girls were staying at, He took out a roll of tape and ripped of a strand, "You, over your mouth" He said at Marisa.

“Wait, why me?!” Marisa took a step back from Slapstick. “What am I going to do? Monetize the corpse or something? And why me specifically, huh?!”

Slapstick blinked twice wearing an unamused expression, before slapping the tape over the witch's scowling mouth.

" here's what happened."

Slapstick went over the whole horrid ordeal, he used broad terms when describing what happened, likely not wanting to go into horrific detail, but the points where madem as evident by Renko's horrified face.

“That’s... horrible,” Renko murmured after Slapstick finished his heart-felt story, brushing off the wells of tears that formed in the corners of her eyes. “I’m... sorry for your loss.”

Marisa, too, was wiping tears away, but had it not been for Slapstick’s tape, it would have been made evident that these were not tears of sorrow. Rather, they were the tears that formed from intensive and strenuous laughter. ”Sh!t,” Marisa muffled through the tape. “That’s some hardcore EDGY stuff right there!” At the least, she had just enough respect to leave the tape over her mouth, else Slapstick would have heard the plethora of jokes Marisa cooked up during the story.

Somewhat infuriated by her insensitivity, Renko grabbed Marisa’s braid and yanked it, bringing the muffled laughing to a halt. “... And the perpetrators,” the physics student asked. “I heard you mention one. Do you know their name, by any chance? Or, at the least, can you describe?”

"Wolfe, smug looking piece of ****,purple skin, unkillable...for now" Slapstick hissed.

Renko quickly jotted down the name into her phone’s notepad. “He’s on our list of villains now,” she declared. “Hopefully, he’ll have justice done unto him, and perhaps think about what he’s done later. We’ll be on our way to find the others and get them back in line as soon as we can. So we can avoid more things like... this. For now, though, Marisa and I came a long way to find you. May we stay over at your base of refuge and rest, or at the very least may you direct us to the nearest inn so we can rest, if it isn’t rude of me to ask?” Indeed, both girls had eye shadows casted on their faces due to days of over-sea flight, dodging storms, and a number of other tasks that would stress the two day and night.

"You'd have to check with the gals,but be...carful with what you say around them, this guy may deserve to die, but he's got them so screwedup, they'll die for him"Slapstick shot a look at Marisa,"Maybe keep the tape on with that one" He mumbled to himself.

“Of course. I’d respect the wishes and interests of your friends.” Renko, as per usual East-Asian tradition, gave Slapstick a respectful bow, while Marisa mumbled something through the tape, most likely at the injustice of her situation.

“If you may, would you please lead us? I may be able to determine location and time through the night sky, but I can’t determine a shortest path like a standard GPS system can.”

"Its right..."Slapstick walked 12 feet to the left of him and gestured to the door.

Renko slapped herself in the face, muttering “D’oh,” from her foolishness. Afterwards, she and Marisa followed Slapstick’s lead, now confronting Wolfe’s former harem. Renko gave a respectful bow to the crowd, while Marisa threw herself onto the nearest couch, fumbling with her mini-hakkero reactor.

”Greetings. My name is Renko Usami, while that is my companion, Marisa Kirisame. I would like to know if we are allowed to stay over for a night, particularly if it’s okay with you.”

Those who had not gone with Slapstick to bury Satori, which was the majority of the girls, were passed out in various places around the bar, each of them with blankets thoughtfully placed over them as they slept. Fiona looked Renko up and down, before putting on a smile for the visitors as she greeted them in return, "The bartender said it'd be fine for us to crash here. We won't mind some extra company. I'm Fiona, that's Penelope, Claire, and Samantha." She pointed to each of the girls she introduced, who gave a wave in return save for Samantha.

Renko nodded in acknowledgement. “Thank you very much,” she thanked. “It’s awfully kind of you for letting the two of us stay for a while. If there’s any way to repay you, I’d be happy to help.”

"Oh, uhm.. It's fine I-"

"Do you have a pen?" Claire interrupted.

Wordlessly, Renko rummaged in her hand bag and withdrew a small, space-age pen. It was not a particularly cheap pen, being made with Lunarian technology, but it was still but a pen none the less. Renko could afford the risk of losing it as shared school and office supplies often did. The knowledge that the group had lost a friend made it much easier for Renko to deal with this idea. Allowing the pen to scan her fingerprint, the device’s writing point spun out, like a screw on the end of a drill bit.

”What would you need it for,” Renko asked as she offered the writing utensil to Claire.

"It's my job to record any information relevant to the Hold," Claire answered as she took the pen before pulling a little pocket-notebook from underneath her bra, "I'm also trying to copy down what I can remember from our archives that we lost..." She already started scribbling in the little book before adding, "Oh, thanks, by the way."

“No problem,” Renko responded as she took a seat next to Marisa who she, despite acknowledging as a jerk, found some comfort in her company.

Marisa only stared out the window as she fumed to herself silently, before something caught the witch’s eye. At first she assumed it was just a flock of birds migrating either North or South (Marisa had little knowledge on bird migration, nor did she care much either), but upon closer inspection....

Marisa muffled something through the tape that covered her mouth. Though her words were converted into nonsensical babbling through the vocal barrier that now covered her face, her tone was easily identifiable as genuine curiosity or even concern, rather than her usual snarky or sarcastic attitude.

"Hey Slapstick?" Fiona turned to the toon, "Didn't you say you were going to get snacks?"

"There was a thing.."Slapstick said offering no other explanation.

".... Um.. Alright," Fiona supposed it was better not to ask, and gestured over at Penelope, who seemed busy staring at the vacant area behind the bar, unable to take her eyes off of all the various liquids, "Pen's over there, I know how you two are and everything." She let out a half-hearted giggle before leaving Slapstick be as to take a seat closer to the new guests. She may have been hospitable, but that didn't mean she wouldn't keep an eye on these strangers.

Renko tried for a pleasant smile to lift the grim atmosphere that lingered. “Hi,” she offered in attempts to instigate small talk. “So... besides... it, anything interesting or noteworthy happen?”

As Renko tried to initiate a conversation, Marisa continued to watch uncomfortably at the large mass in the skies, continuing to mumble through the tape.

"It?... Oh, did Slapstick tell you about..." Fiona trailed off for a moment, "Well... We only just got here. We all originally came from a lovely fortress, Wolfe's Hold, but just... Showed up here instantly. Everyone was scared and then someone suggested drinks and then..." She gestured to all the passed out women in revealing clothing.

In mild discomfort, partly due to the outfits, and partly due to Slapstick’s description of Wolfe, Renko gave a short response, though still trying to be respectful. “Oh! That must have been... confusing to just be transported out here all of a sudden, wasn’t it?” The physics student gave a nervous laugh.

The longer everyone relaxed and enjoyed themselves, though, the more annoyed Marisa became due to the ignorance to the growing mass in the sky.

"Yes, we- Er.. Why does she tape on her mouth?" Fiona inquired, turning her head a bit and peering over at Marisa.

“Oh, her. She’s.... um.....” Renko looked at Slapstick for help, unsure of what answer wouldn’t upset the rest.

"****ing rude"Slapstick finished.

"Oh... So she's not allowed to take the tape off or something?" Fiona asked.

“Nope,” Renko responded. “And trust me, she’ll likely say something t-“

Marisa clenched her fist as she tore the tape off her mouth, yelling from the initial burn. “Are you f@cking blind,” she roared, pointing to the sky beyond. “Or can you not see the army of vicious, flesh eating fairies outside?! F@cking look for once! Is that not abnormal or something?!”

And indeed, Marisa wasn’t wrong. What was originally perceived as a flock of birds truly was a swarm of fairies. A single-file line of carnivorous, predatory youkai who were perfectly adapted to taking out humans. And all seemed to be carrying sacks roughly human in shape, and they appeared to be about the size of children. And, unknown to Marisa, they seemed to be congregating in the skies above Satori’s final resting place, where they formed a foreboding vortex of flesh-eaters, all carrying said child-sized body bags.

”Don’t tell me,” Marisa continued, “That I’m the only one who doesn’t see a problem here!”

"Why didn't you say something earlier!"Slapstick shouted rushing out the door,mallet in hand.

Marisa followed, her mini-hakkero in hand, broom in the other. Before she disappeared out the doorway, she turned before announcing, “If any of you can fight, come right now! We’ll need as much help as we can get if we’re going to take out that army!” Impatient, Marisa turned and left before checking to see if anybody would follow.

"Come on girls, get your-" Fiona quickly whipped her assault rifle out from behind herself, turning to Penelope, Samantha, and Claire only to see they were completely useless. Penelope had fallen asleep, Claire was too absorbed in writing, and Samantha was just a mess after burying Satori. She let out a groan before running out the door after the others.

“... Was there something on that hill,” Renko asked with concern, pointing to the hill where Satori was buried. “Marisa told me they wouldn’t just flock together like that unless there was a reason, like a commmand from a superior, or a freshly buried corpse.”

"Freshly buried... That's where we buried that little Satori girl," Fiona gasped.

"GET AWAY!" Slapstick screamed standing atop her grave swinging the mallet, as to stave off the gristly beings.

But it wasn’t just the fairies on the top of the hill. Aside from Satori’s small grave stone and Koishi’s pile of offerings, there were now mountains of body bags on the hill, some with fresh stab wounds. All the corpses were wrapped in white linen; the Maw’s signature wrapping “paper,” indicating that all these corpses were fresh imports from the Maw. In addition to the bodies were mountains and mountains of the mythical gemstone Amrita, suggesting the summoning of either a truly enormous or truly terrible youkai of the past.

And standing at the top of the hill were Patchouli Knowledge, Kelley, and Alice, all garbed in black robes for the slaughter.

”Alice,” Patchouli instructed without even turning her head. “Deal with the interlopers. Kelley, this one’s still alive. Put it out of its misery.”

The dark alchemist laughed in maniacal glee as he plunged a knife into one of the wriggling body bags, before the fairies carrying it tossed it carelessly on the top of the growing stack.

As for Alice, she turned to be confronted by Slapstick, Marisa, Reno, and Fiona. Her cornflower blue eyes glistened like the beads on a doll, and her face was contorted into one of pure anger upon the sight of her tormented Marisa.

”Go away,” Alice hissed. “We’re in the middle of something, and we can’t afford for this opportunity to be ruined by troublemakers like you.” She approached the quartet with a pair of dolls that were armed with miniature lances. “Or, perhaps we can strike a deal. We’ll leave, if you give me the honors of killing her. After all, that’s the only real reason I’m in on this.” Alice pointed an accusing finger at Marisa.

Slapstick reached into his pocket and withdrew what appeared to a Slapstick, sock puppet(With stringy purple yarn as hair) Slapstick put it on his hand and held it to the side of his head as it "Whispered" into his ear.

"Mm-Hm"The Puppet turned towards a Alice and looked at her with dead button eyes.

"You'll be strung up like your puppets"It hissed.

Alice’s eyes glowed in fury as more dolls gathered. “Oh, very funny,” she seethed though gritted teeth. “I give you an offer. A simple offer. An offer that benefits us both by getting rid of a no-life, blood sucking leech, and you still decline? And for what? ‘It’s wrong?’ How truly petty and ignorant.”

"You sound like you need to get laid more often," Fiona huffed, rifle trained on Alice.

Renko withdrew a canister of pepper spray, and threatened, “Remember this? I’m not afraid to do it again, you know.”

“It’s lucky we found the grave site first,” Alice monologued, dolls with their weapons still trained on her opponents. “You realize what Marisa would have done? She would have, what’s the word for it? ‘Take pictures’ of the site, and shallowly spit out jokes. Us? We’re trying to create life. And yet you still choose Marisa Kirisame over me?”

"You're trying to hold the moral high ground...surrounded by the bodies of children?"Slapstick looked with disgust, "Get out of my way" Slapstick rushed forward the puppet arm biting down on one of the puppets face and ripping off several features.

Alice glared down at the fallen puppet, staying out of reach of Slapstick’s ferocity. “Putting faith in ‘friends’ who’ll stab you in the back when you most need them is a dire mistake,” Alice continued. “Take it from me. After all, where’s your mallet?”

"I never said I was friends with her, I just hate her slightly less than-wait what?" Slapstick began than paused.

Sheepishly, Marisa whistled as she tried to look the other direction, though Slapstick’s mallet clearly stuck out of her sack. “Just second nature,” she offered. “I couldn’t help it! I like shiny things!”

Alice gave Slapstick a look that spoke, “See what I mean?”

“My goodness, these giants really can’t starve their victims properly, can they? having poor old me slit their throats to end their suffering.” Kelley said to himself at the top of Satori’s burial site with a sarcastic tone as he proceeded to kill more live Maw imports.

Slapstick twitched, before screaming and jumping high and then as a goomba to mario using Alice's head as a springboard to push him up and over.

Alice yelled as she was forced to the ground, her dolls immediately dropping to the sands below to cushion their puppeteer’s fall. Kelley and Patchouli, on the other hand, merely sidestepped Slapstick’s advances. “You’re too late,” the Scarlet Devil Mage rasped. “Feel free to attack us; we’re not needed here anyways.”

And with a cruel smile, Patchouli gently touched one of the Amrita stones that jutted out of the ground, causing the gemstone to glisten and glow. From the mountain of dead bodies, the tearing of flesh could be heard as the bones of the starved and murdered children of the Maw began to levitate out of their bodies, anger coursing through the fresh marrow upon not receiving a proper burial.

Even the earth below began to quake, as Kelley and Patchouli stepped back to admire their handiwork in the form of a mountain of corpses. Protectively, Marisa stepped in between Fiona and Renko, her arms out to herd the two away from the hill. “I don’t like what’s going on,” she murmured.

Slapstick reached into his, pocket shadows across his face, it seemed almost funny as he retrieved what appeared to be a crowbar painted like a candy-cane,, he swung it at Patch's face.

As though it were ready all along, Kelley’s ouroboros lunged for the crowbar, holding it centimeters away from Patchouli’s delicate face. As the serpent-spirit detained Slapstick, Patchouli levitated into the air, her eyes rolled back in her sockets, as she began to chant in an eldritch echo.


The tombstone began to crack as Patchouli’s cruel words penetrated the six feet of sand that separated Satori’s skeleton from the world above. Of course, Patchouli continued with her “incantation.”


It was at this point that Satori’s tombstone fractured entirely as the anger in the Satori’s amplified a hundred fold.


In a plume of sand, Satori’s bones erupted from the earth in all their mummified horror as they began to glow an eerie red. The small, decaying skeleton levitated high into the air, as the bones of the rest of the Maw’s victims arose to follow. Slowly, the bones began to fuse to form gigantic versions of human bones, with up to five entire skeletons being required for a mere finger bone.

Slowly, the bones of the deceased and disgraced began to gather. The bones spoke of different origins and deaths: famine, murder, and suicide to name a few. But they all had one similarity that allowed for them to fuse together. The copious amount of anger and hatred that resonated in an almost lively manner. Slowly, hundreds of skeletons became one skeleton. One enormous, giant skeleton that dwarfed any home, castle, and even some small skyscrapers.

This was the giant bones of rattling rage. The Gashadokuro. Fully formed, the skeleton lowered its head down to glare at its first victims with its four eye sockets; two normal eye sockets, one that was fused between both skulls, and a final ichthyosaur-like orbit that hovered near the skeleton’s chest. Satori’s third eye, only super-sized.

Kelley and Patchouli both gave a victorious smile of satisfaction, before they turned to face Slapstick, Marisa, Renko, and Fiona. “Satori would like to say hello,” Patchouli rasped as Kelley pointed at the quartet. “Kill them all,” he ordered. “Don’t let any one of them get away.”

The Gashadokuro cocked its enormous skull to stare down at Slapstick, Marisa, Renko, and Fiona. The enormous tractor-tire sized orbit lowered itself to their level, not unlike how Satori’s third eye would read into the minds and hearts of others. And the enormous skeleton proceeded to rest in this position for a second or two.

”... We’re f@cked, aren’t we?” Marisa only gazed up at the enormous skeleton youkai that was Satori. “... We’re definitely f@cked.”

All Fiona could sputter out as she trembled was a fearful prayer, "T-Take care of the girls, Claire..."

Slapstick twisted himself in the grip of his shackles,trying to cave in the faces of those who did this, tears streaming from his eyes.

Startlingly, the Gashadokuro let out a scream. A scream that sounded like the anguished victims of a famine, the mournful cries of one about to take their life, the final moans of a warrior on the battlefield. The Gasha Dokuro clenched all six bony hands into fists, as its head began to lower, mouth opening wide. The crooked, disorganized maze of faded-yellow teeth seemed to glisten as the enormous youkai prepared to take a bite out of its victims.

”... Funny,” Alice muttered. “What’s with the ringing? I thought that only the prey of the enormous youkai would he-“

In a fraction of a second, the Gashadokuro closed its enormous jaws on top of Kelley. With a sickening squelch, the dark alchemist’s upper half was pulverized by the enormous skeleton youkai’s Incisors, while Alice’s left arm was obliterated by the youkai’s table-sized molars. In a mournful cry, Kelley’s ouroboros hissed its last as the alchemist’s guardian spirit evaporated into black smoke.

Alice, meanwhile, screamed in absolute pain as she clutched the golden stump that was once her left arm, golden youkai’s blood sputtering forth in addition to stuffing. “My good arm,” Alice cried as she mournfully tried to crawl away.

But the Gashadokuro wasn’t done with the doll-maker or the mage quite yet. With two of its six hands, it grabbed Alice and Patchouli both, before clapping its enormous arms, effectively smushing the two mages against one another. Both Alice and Patchouli proceeded to drop to the ground in a coughing, gagging, sputtering mess as the Gashadokuro stamped its huge skeletal foot into both mages, grinding them against the sands of Mexico.

”I thought it was on our side,” Patchouli wheezed in between stomps, as the Gasha Dokuro continued to roar in a combination of fury, pain, and hunger.

Marisa was about to point and laugh, until a ringing sensation filled her ears next. In fact, Slapstick, Fiona, and Renko would all hear the ringing as well.

The witch’s eyes widened. “Oh crap, I think we’re next! EVERYBODY RUN!”

Indeed, the Gashadokuro, in all its blind rage and hunger, screamed up into the sky again as it lifted its giant skeletal foot up once more, this time angling it to be above the quartet.

Slapstick dripped,his form was weak from all the damage done, "St-st-st-st-st"Slapstick stuttered before yelling at the top of his lungs,"STUPID SHUTTER GLASSES!"

"WHAT!?" Fiona blurted out in pure confusion. After all, Wolfe had told not a single soul, save for Slapstick, of the failsafe.

For a moment, the enormous youkai paused, its third eye hovering down, as if it could still read minds. For a brief moment, there seemed to be almost a look of recognition in the youkai’s bony third eye.

The moment, however, was not to last. Satori’s consciousness, memories, and merciful personality were all lost to time. The youkai above was merely a culmination of rage. The Gashadokuro screamed as it began to bring its foot down.

Marisa pounced on Slapstick, Renko, and Fiona, pushing them out of the way of the skeleton youkai’s incoming foot. Marisa herself, however, was less fortunate as the back end of her body was pounded on by the towering colossus that was formerly Satori. Blood was flung from Marisa’s mouth as she let out a gasp in shock and pain, before the Gashadokuro lifted its foot again for anothe stomp.

”Forget about me,” Marisa sputtered. “Just get out! You heard Patche! There’s no stopping this thing! Just get out of its sight! Run!

Marisa yelled in pain once more as the Gashadokuro stomped on her again, with the cracking of a few bones joining the chorus of screams and yells.

Slapstick, however stubborn as ever wrapped his weakened arms around Marisa's wrists and started to drag her away.

Fiona, on the other hand, was more than willing to run away screaming. After all, she had a responsibility to the Hold.

Renko joined Slapstick’s side, helping him drag Marisa to safety, away from the giant skeleton youkai.

”What’re you doing,” Marisa gurgled before spitting out a solution of spit and blood. “You’re only giving yourselves less time to get away from that thing!”

The Gashadokuro lifted its foot again, aiming right above the trio. It began to scream in fury again as it began to bring down its foot. In a whimper, Marisa shut her eyes and braced herself from the worst.


A second or two passed before Marisa opened a single eye. She expected to awaken in the ferry of the death god Komachi, but instead awoke to the towering silhouette of the Gashadokuro. Its foot was not above them, but rather, planted firmly in the ground next to them. Its skull and third eye were pointing in a different direction, as if something caught its attention at the last moment.

”Hey you! Yeah you, you overgrown anorexic!” The growling voice was unmistakably that of Seija’s, who must have been mistaken for a dead body earlier. Now untied and on both feet, the amanojaku was throwing insults at the enormous skeleton youkai. “What’s the matter? Scared of an obnoxious little imp like me?”

Suddenly, the ringing in Slapstick, Renko, and Marisa’s ears faded out as the Gashadokuro turned its attention towards its new victim. The skeleton youkai screamed as it lifted a foot to crush Seija like a bug.

Of course, the amanojaku youkai wasn’t concerned with the incoming wall of a skeleton’s foot. “Oh, that’s right. You’re scared of an annoying imp like me, aren’t ya? No wonder you killed yourself!” Seija roared with laughter as Satori’s resurrected bones attempted to smash the annoying imp into the ground....

... before kicking itself in the face. The Amanojaku continued to jeer as she reversed all the youkai’s advances moments before they’d do any damage to her, resulting in the youkai skeleton kicking, punching, biting, and slapping itself rather than its target.

”... We should get out of here,” Renko murmured as she attempted to heave Marisa away from the giant skeleton. “While it forgets we’re here....”

Slapstick took one last look at the giant skeleton, his eye starting to sag out of his socket, "Evacuate,we gotta"He mumbled, before his left leg melted into goop.

Exasperated, Marisa lethargically threw her bag in Renko’s general direction. “Just.... gather him... up.... in there,” she muttered, before passing out from blood loss.

Despite being in a state of shock from the events that had just unfolded, Renko did exactly as ordered to, gathering Slapstick’s puddle scoop by scoop (done so very inefficiently with her hands), before slowly inching her way away from “Satori” as she beared the weight of both puddle Slapstick, all of Marisa’s stolen goodies, and Marisa herself, praying that the Gashadokuro wouldn’t turn its head, which it thankfully didn’t, being preoccupied with the more troublesome Seija.


Fiona burst into the bar, blubbering and gasping for air before stumbling over to the counter to for support. Penelope was woken up by all the noise, both she and Claire giving their friend a concerned look.

"Fiona? Are you okay? Where'd you go?" Penelope asked, rubbing at her eyes.

"No!" Fiona snapped, before looking around at all the sleeping women. Even if she could manage to wake all of them up, she wouldn't be able to evacuate everyone to somewhere safer with all the alcohol they had consumed, "W-We need a truck! Multiple trucks! Penelope! Go hotwire a truck for us! We need to get out of here!" Fiona ordered frantically.

"Wait what!? I don't know how to hotwire cars!" Penelope yelped.

"God f***ing- Claire!?"

"Sorry, I only know computers," Claire shrugged.

"Fiona, what's going on? Why do we need trucks?" Penelope asked, getting up from her stool.

"There's a freaking.. Big.. Giant.. Evil skeleton thing! I need to get all of you out of here now!" Fiona shouted.

"You need to chill out for a se-" Claire began.

"CHILL OUT!? EVERYONE HERE IS GOING TO DIE!" Fiona screamed, tears in her eyes. She hated being in charge. Why did the other girls respect her so much? Why did Wolfe have to leave her to fill the role of leadership? She ran a museum, that's all she was good for; and now she was responsible for making sure Wolfe's harem was safe. She let out a little croak, before her rump fell onto a stool as she began to cry.

"F-Fiona.. Fiona it's okay," Penelope awkwardly assured, walking over to Fiona and hugging her, "It's okay.. We have Slapstick to help us. I'm sure he can take care of this.. uhm... skeleton."

At this moment, Renko burst in, heaving and puffing with air as Marisa’s unconscious body lay with her wrists in Renko’s Grasp, with a half-open bag full of Slapstick-puddle in the other. “I.... just.... escaped... that thing,” she gasped. “I just... oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness.” Renko collapsed as she gasped for air. “Oh my goodness... oh my goodness.....” Despite not being unconscious or a puddle, Renko herself seemed to be in bad shape, her eyes wild and delirious after watching Kelley slaughter hundreds of children, only to see their bones fuse into a youkai skeleton. “Oh my goodness I have seen things that were not meant to be seenohmygodsohmygodsohmygods....”

"What the-" Penelope looked over at the exhausted Renko, then at the crying Fiona in her arms. "What in the world happened!? Where's Slapstick?"

“Therewasathingandthenathinghappenedandthenathinganthenathingandanohmygodohmygodohmygod.” Renko rambled on nonsense as she tried to process what happened. “Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygoooooooooood”

And then came the blood-curdling cry of the Gashadokuro, far enough away to not be seen by it, but close enough for its cries to resonate through the bar’s walls.

"Mmmph... Shud up..." Zoey mumbled, half asleep in her drunken stupor.

"What was that!?" Penelope gasped. Claire rushed over to a window to see if she could catch a glimpse of whatever was out there.

Through the windows, the Gashadokuro lurched back as its own skeletal fist smashed into the side of its conjoined skull, before wailing down at Seija, who was not visible through the mirror due to how far away the action was from the bar. Still, it was close enough to allow the vague figure of the enormous skeleton to be viewed to the girls, even though the skeleton youkai wasn’t alerted to their presence yet.

”GiantskeletonthingthatlikestoeatpeoplelikeohmygodIliterallysawsomebodygetcutinhalfbyitohmygodohmygodohmygod.” Renko sputtered out a barely decipherable answer as the Gasha Dokuro screamed and roared in rage.

"Hey, uh.. Pen? I think Fiona was right about the.. Everything," Claire called back as she stared out the window in shock.

"What do you mean the everything?" Penelope asked, leaving Fiona's side to stare out the window alongside Claire, only to adopt a similarly shocked expression.

“Wehavetogetoutofhereweneedtoleavenow” Hurriedly and deliriously, Renko crawled to gather all her and Marisa’s belongings, only to collapse a quarter of a ways, the shock and trauma of the enormous skeleton youkai putting her in a miniature coma.

"Oh my god! Claire, what do we do!?" Penelope gasped before rushing over to Renko's aid.

"I- Uh..." Claire glanced over at the traumatized and strained Fiona, then back at Penelope, then out the window, then back at Penelope again, "I'm.. Gonna go figure out how to hotwire a car I guess..." With that, Claire stepped out of the bar in search of automobiles to steal, relieved she didn't have to deal with the emotional mess.


Despite her upper hand of being able to reverse anything, the Gashadokuro outnumbered Seija’s hand count, eye count, and head count. It was only a matter of time before the troublesome Amanojaku would be overtaken by the six-armed, indestructible menace that was the giant skeleton youkai.

Seija, in the middle of one of her cruel bouts of laughter, was at last grabbed one of “Satori’s” three right arms, before the fist began to close in around the imp. Seija, using her ability to flip anything, reversed the movement of the Gashadokuro’s fingers to release her. This did indeed succeed, only for Seija to find herself being punted by the enormous skeleton’s gargantuan feet, not unlike a football player kicking off the signature unusually-shaped projectile in the ever-so famous sport.

”Oh SHIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-” Seija’s voice trailed off as she disappeared over the horizon, leaving behind “Satori” to focus once more on her prey.

The enormous skeleton rattled and quaked where it stood, all its eye sockets trained on the same horizon that Seija disappeared over. For thousands of years, Satori’s venegance and wrath against humanity was tempered and restrained by the heart she had for others around her. For thousands of years, that anger rotted and festered deep inside Satori’s heart, banished to the most secluded and isolated regions of her mind. For thousands of years, this anger was locked up and sealed, like a Devil in any horror movie.

But now? Satori Komeiji was dead. Her love for others, her passion, her empathy had disappeared along with her warm, gentle soul. There was no more limiter. No more lock. No more seal. Granted, there was little, if any anger left to resonate inside the bones of Satori’s skeleton.

But it was enough to keep the bones fueled. This, in addition to countless slaughtered children of the Maw who were imported for the sake of creating this abomination of a youkai, amplified that rage by a hundred fold. And now, thanks to the greedy exploits of Yukari and her minions, that anger now manifested itself in the form of this enormous behemoth of a youkai skeleton. No sympathy. No empathy. Just raw, unadulterated and untamed fury of a country’s worth of lost children as well as that of a thousand year-old fear spirit who was able to read into the souls of all those who had perpetrated and prosecuted her in the past.

Vengeance will be had. Villains will be punished. “Heroes” wil be persecuted for all the wrongs they caused in an attempt to “save the world,” or “vanquish evil,” or whateve other sorry excuse they had to justify their actions. There were no friends or foes for the Gashadokuro. No pawn or master. No right or wrong. Just hunger. Hunger, and rage. Fury. Anger.




In a bloodcurdling, bone-chilling cry that would shake the world (figuratively speaking), the Gashadokuro let out a scream of pure anger and hatred.

Gone for good.
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