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Ganon and Bendy

After a while of running, Bendy and Ganon had found where the silly faced Melies Moon had landed. Unfortunately the moon was long gone, however it was noticeably it was here, as a large crater was present in replacement of where it once was, with a few smashed cars in the crater as well. The two hid behind a bush to further inspect the scene, as not to be caught by Hitomi’s minions. A large group of low-poly Orcs were around the aforementioned crater, fixing up things for the kingdom which had just began construction. Bendy saw a recognizable figure next to one Orc in particular, and this sight made his frown intensify. It was BB, chatting to Keith the Orc and occasionally gesturing towards the other Orcs. “BE CAREFUL WITH THOSE” exclaimed BB, pointing towards two Orcs who were both carrying an unidentified object in their hands. “I NEED THAT FOR MY SECONDARY LAB” One of the Orcs carrying the object groaned in response. “Yes Master BB.” spoke the Orc, repositioning the object so that the two wouldn't cause it to fall in their hands. “Jackpot...what do we do?” asked Bendy, turning his head towards Ganon. “What we do is, we go in and we force them to tell us where Hitomi is. By brute force, of course.” spoke Ganon, taking out his sword.

“Yeah, no. Pretty sure they’re expecting us to barge in guns blazing.” retorted the ink demon. Ganon’s shoulders dropped, his excited face fading into an annoyed glare. “Well, what do YOU think we should do, demon?” asked Ganon disappointedly. “We use the element of surprise. I’ll send in a few Searchers to surround the place, while you and me hide in plane sight as one of those smelly green things. Then, at the right moment, we jump out and surprise them!” explained Bendy. “Pretty sure they’d be expecting THAT as well.” remarked Ganon. “Well, we don’t exactly have any other plans than that, do we?” responded Bendy. “Yes, we do.” said Ganon, taking his sword back out. “Ganon. No. We are not--” began Bendy before Ganon leaped into the crater. The Orcs surrounding the crater jumped in surprise at the newest Bookwielders entrance, but quickly got out their clubs.

“Alright! I’ve had it up to here with this Omniversual Criminal scum you call a boss! I will ask you one time and one time only: Where. Is. HITOMI!?!?” yelled out Ganon into the army of Orcs. The low-poly green giants were about to attack Ganon, but were interrupted by the thumping of another, much bigger Orc. It was Keith, donning a spiked club, much bigger than the ones the other Orcs had. “We ain’t bout to tell you nothin.” spat Keith. “You and ya Bookwielder friends are interferin with Master Hitomi’s plans, and that don’t make us too happy. If ya know what’s good for ya, you’ll stay out of this.” “AHAHAHA, WHAT IS THIS EVEN” laughed BB, floating down via his propeller hat along with Keith. “THE KING OF EVIL HIMSELF. YOU GOT A LOT OF NERVE TO PLAY HERO AFTER THE $#!+ YOU PUT HYRULE AND KORADI THROUGH”

“That is none of your business, trinket!” growled Ganon. “And I am NOT moving until you tell me where Hitomi is! I am putting an end to his shenanigans RIGHT NOW!” “Got the brain of a peanut, this one.” remarked Keith. BB laughed in response. “Ganon, was it? Master BB’s a point. Why ya tryin to play hero all of a sudden? Last time we checked you were the bad guy who tried to rage war with Hyrule.” “I still am a villain! I just have duties to attend to besides that right now! And besides, you’re threatening my world as well! From what I heard, what you slimey ingrates are doing isn't exactly legal among Omniversual standards!” retorted the King of Evil, his eyes forwarding to the right slightly. “Heh heh heh, look at his eyes. You know he’s lyin.” chuckled Keith. “AHAHA. YOU’RE PATHETIC AS $#!+ GANON. ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL BE”

With this, BB proceeded to take out a circular device with a swirling purple substance inside. He then threw it at Ganon, making him catch it. “What is this supposed to be? A bomb? Heh, nice try but it’ll take a lot more than that to--” began Ganon before the device exploded into a purple portal. The portal’s energy was strong, almost sucking up the Orcs and BB himself in the area, but Ganon was it’s main point of interest. After attempting to hang onto the ground for a while, Ganon’s arms gave in as he was sucked in, but not before he grabbed the edges of the portal in an attempt to get himself back inside. Unfortunately, this did not work, and Ganon was sucked into the swirling vortex of terror. “NOOOO!” yelled out Bendy from the bush. The ink demon rushed out into the crater, attempting to get Ganon himself, but the portal snapped close before he could do anything to it. He stopped in his tracks, staring at nothing for 5 seconds, then turned angrily towards BB and Keith.

WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?!” roared Bendy, his voice turning demonic and part of his inky texture covering his eyes once again. “AHAHA, I SENT HIM TO THE OMNIVERSUAL EQUIVALENT OF THE 10TH LEVEL OF OMNIVERSUAL THE UNDERWORLD. HE WON’T BE COMING OUT OF THERE ANYTIME SOON” exclaimed BB. “AS FOR YOU, WELL, I HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE TO PUT YOU” “You are NOT about to capture me. NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT.” growled Bendy, swiftly turning into his Ink Bendy form. Bendy proceeded to lunge at the Orc and a animatronic, however a taser struck him in the back, causing him to go unconscious and go back into his regular toon form. The taser was in possession by B1, one of the members of the men in black. “TAKE HIM AWAY” ordered BB. Two Orcs slowly walked toward Bendy’s body, grabbing him by the arms and carrying him into the mall. “Aite everyone, keep workin. Nothin to see ‘ere.” spoke Keith, addressing the rest of the Orcs in the crowd that bared witness to Ganon and Bendy’s defeat. And thus the Orcs did as they were told, going on with their usual work day as if nothing happened.


Ganon’s unconscious body slowly floated down the purple churning tunnels of the pathway to what is said to be the 10th level of the Omniversual Underworld. The Gerudo was unable to stop this, as the pressure from the portal rendered him in a paralyzed state.

He was powerless to stop fate.

And the worst part was, no one would even know he was gone.


Suddenly, Ganon jolted awake, landing on what looked like a grassy surface. At the same time however, the ground seemed a lot more unrefined and unnatural to the Gerudo. It felt less like grass and more like a really dirty carpet. Ganon stood up, dusting himself off and looking around the prison that BB has sentenced him to. Around Ganon were a series of poorly placed hills, and the appearance of said hills weren't any better than their placement, as they looked like they were drawn by a 3 year old. The sun had a dopey expression similar to the Melies Moon, but it was much less recognizable as a face due to the quality. The world was devoid of any actual color, except for white, black, and the occasional gray.

It was when Ganon turned to his left where he knew EXACTLY where he was.

“Oh lord.”



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Undyne, the Codex

In a poorly-lit room, the tourneymaster slowly drummed her fingers on the table, her helmet resting on the table as she stared down at a map of the Earth. Chaos was already happening on the first day. All Undyne could do was silently observe it, the only sound in the room being the light drumming of her fingers.

"Ugh," she grumbled after a moment. "I don't like where any of this is going."

"Did you say something?" asked Genji, peeking into the room.

"Could you not?!" Undyne exclaimed, causing the cyborg to slowly close the door. "I was going to say something..." he thought to himself, taking in a deep breath. Undyne's recent behavior was slightly concerning. Alphys was back in Pandora still, studying all the tremors and slight damage that Deathwing had caused to know more about him. There was a lot going on, and it was becoming hard to control... if only they had more members to help them.

All was calm and stressful, until.....


A giant laser cut right through the ceiling, leaving a gaping hole for Marisa the ordinary magician and the simple physics student Renko to drop through from.

”Looks like you’re right. Good eye, kid.” Marisa punched Renko’s shoulder as she congratulated her GPS-like tracking abilities. The witch brushed off some rubble, before addressing Undyne, who was giving the two an intense glare. “D@mn, the youkai are getting really aggressive lately. We’ll definitely need to stick together if we want to survive, won’t you say?”

As if on cue, a fairy who bore the insignia of the Yakumo household buzzed into the room, a look of vicious predatory hunger in her eyes. That is, before Marisa promptly exterminated it.

"Why..." Undyne rumbled, dragging a hand down her face as she glanced at the two in the room, "Yeah. And to add onto that, I heard that SD decided to join this 'Talon' group, there's a new dragon called Deathwing, and chaos is already happening on the first day in this place. But that last one probably doesn't matter, since that's pretty much expected with all clashes. I digress, though, because this is stressing me out again! Right after we could've gotten a break from Megatron's defeat! Oh yeah, and Mercy died. Now Genji's f**king depressed because of that."

Marisa’s smile dissipated upon the mention of a fellow comrades fall. As far as she knew, allies were dropping left and right; Takumi was never heard from in a while (and, from the blood, probably dead, even though the killer was as of yet unknown…), Reimu was far too violent to ally with, Remilia essentially gave up and returned to sitting on her lazy vampire rear end, and Mercy also fell to the hand of death. How long until the omniverse’s final hope was completely distinguished?

”… We are going to make it, right?”

"I'm sure we are. Even though it looks bleak. We just need to make the right moves... we need more people, and we need to make ourselves stronger. I can tell we're starting to lose, and we're gonna keep losing if we don't do anything. We still need to look for the rest of the artifacts, too... we're missing two Chaos Emeralds, but I heard Striker recently recovered a piece of the Keystone." Undyne explained, releasing a long sigh afterwards. They had to stay determined... but this proved that even pure strength just wasn't enough.

”If only there was a way to stay a step ahead of the enemy, that’ll be brilliant.” Marisa practically threw herself onto the floor as she let out a huge sigh. “For now, I say we’ve got to be more proactive. Y’know, not sittin’ on our rears and such. Got any ideas? A lead? Something?

The fish warrior put a hand to her forehead for a moment, thinking. "Well, we could start getting more people into here. If we can somehow get Robin back (wherever she went) and bring her in, I bet we could get better plans. We're also gonna need to start splitting up a bit, and by that, I mean we should start sending out other members here to look for artifacts and also start staying around other clashers to protect them. Do you know what kinda villains and all are big right now?"

Marisa grinned. This was a question she could answer, just from overhearing local gossip. “A few paranoid rabbits are talking about the moon,” she explained. “The moon and something about the Lunarians… not sure what they mean though. There’s also plenty of talk on youkai in the streets, all bearing the same violet-eye signature. They’re definitely pawns of Yukari, and believe me when I say she’s not someone you want as an enemy.” Marisa went on to explain to Undyne the things she saw and heard in regards to the “hot-topics” in terms of antagonists thus far. “… but if it’s any condolence, I’ve been hearing how the Moriya gods fell in Tibet, so that’s one set of villains off the list. And other than that… I think that’s pretty much it.”

"Then... Marisa, I think you should start scouting around and searching for other clashers that are smart nor strong enough to join us. You can have others help you if you want. I'll see if I can start hunting down, or at least weakening, a few villains. We'll try to deal with Yukari later... and then I could have Alphys choose who should start protecting other clashers. You think this is good?" asked Undyne.

“Sounds fair enough to me.” Marisa grabbed for her broom. “Want me to go now, or later? I’m good with both.”

"Whenever you want, but I suggest either now or tomorrow morning. I think it's getting close to sunset, anyway." the tourneymaster replied, smiling a bit and resting her hands on the table, putting both of her hands together.

“Okie dokie.” Marisa mounted her broom as she grabbed a lethargic, somewhat sleep-deprived Renko by the shoulder. “It’s been nice catching up. See you soon, hopefully in one piece!” Marisa waved goodbye as she slowly began to ascend. Right before rocketing away, though, she called out “… and mind if I ‘borrow’ one of them spears? ‘Kthanksbye!”

And thus, Marisa the kleptomaniac soared away, with the electric blue glow of one of Undyne’s spears emanating from a large sack.

Gone for good.


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[>load file: natsuki.chr]

A world in chaos. Fires burning, but burning on the other side of the planet. Fear washed over the world, but perhaps the distance made those fears seem... lesser, somehow? Indeed, the closer an issue was in proximity, the more pressing it seemed. Such is the way with deadlines or disasters. But these things always linger in the back of your mind, a grim reminder that they're still there, still waiting for a chance to rear their heads and attack.

A twilight bitterness hung in the air as starlight, moonlight, streamed through the windowpanes, casting cold, blue light in scattered grids amongst the pillars, the mats, the railings. A faint scent of incense wafted from the lower echelons of the palace, accompanied by an amber light.

All the while, the snow-encrusted cherry trees, void of their pink springtime blossoms, stood in the courtyard, awaiting the end of the storm, the beginning of new life. Perhaps after the cold, the warmth of a story begun anew could light up the world and bring about change?

Or perhaps it could set everything on fire and level cities as it's doing in the rest of the world.

A petite young woman, her school uniform unfit for traversing the cold, huddled under the rafters. The doors shut behind her, the girl was cold and hungry.

Voom....... Voom...

There was a deep, robotic noise that pulsed like a lethargic heartbeat. A soft, red glow followed in sync with the sound, signaling that there was... Something just around the corner, likely one of the only two entities outside to brace the cold. Based on the constant volume of the noise and the intensity of the breathing light, it seemed whatever was the source of this was remaining still.

A gentle light, one that stood out from the rest. What choice was there but to see where it came from?

A peer around the corner would reveal an intimidating, almost pill-shaped, machine that rested on the ground. It was relatively tall, being six feet. Its smooth metallic exterior was interrupted by a few lines that seemed to indicate they were panels, or segments. Its head, or what one could assume was its head, was like a short, domed cylinder with an indented ring at its middle. The ring was made of many, many rectangles that showed themselves to be the source of the ominous light. It almost seemed as if it were... Waiting.

Voom....... Voom...

Standing a foot taller than she, the machine idled. Should she speak to it? Should she attempt to communicate?

With uncertainty in her voice, she spoke. "Hello?" It was a simple greeting, a cautious greeting.

Every rectangular light that made up the ring lit up all at once. There came a deep, modulated, "Activating," as the head separated from the body and hovered a few inches above it, while the body rose about half a foot off the ground. Considering the design, it was not exactly easy to tell where the machine was looking. It very well could have been looking everywhere. "Hello, and congratulations on your purchase of a V.I. Butler Unit Model 80 - Combat Variant. Is this your first time using a V.I. Butler Unit?"

"A... What? Yes... Are you talking to me?" Perhaps speaking to it only led to further bewilderment. And yet, she knew its name. A real robot, she thought. Different from the ones I've seen in anime and manga, but a real robot.

"Yes," It stated without emotion, "This unit is part of the new line of Model 80 Butler Units designed primarily for combat scenarios. Would you like to go through setup, or have this unit remain with default factory settings?"

"...I guess I'll go through setup." Setup. Good. Assuring things were as they should be. Assuring some degree of control. Especially for one who spent her life being controlled. Submitting. Escaping. Small steps, small steps.

"Do you wish to continue being addressed in second-person, or do you prefer third-person?" The machine inquired, not bobbing up and down as a hovering robot typically would. It was static, as if it were glued into that particular spot in the air.


"What is your name, and what name do you wish to be addressed with? Current variable is 'User'." It was a bit odd to ask for two names, but there were many who wished to be called things like 'Master' while the robot required their real name for archiving purposes.

"Natsuki," she replied. "Just address me as Natsuki."

"Affirmative, Natsuki. What name do you wish to give this unit, and do you prefer this unit continue addressing itself in third-person, or speak in first-person?"

Natsuki pondered over this. It was all so surreal. Thrown into a castle she didn't recognize, before a machine she certainly didn't recognize. She racked her brain or names. What should she call it?

Eventually, she settled. "How about Haganetaro?" she decided. "Address yourself in the first-person, if you please." Perhaps the presence of an entity she could speak to gave her back the confidence she had apparently left back in the old world. People change when they are alone.

"Affirmative. Would you like to change my voice? Current setting is designed for intimidation of enemies."

"Yeah, let's move away from the intimidation thing," Natsuki said, folding her arms. "Got anything nicer?"

"Please describe the voice you would prefer. I am capable of constructing almost any voice within hearing range. This includes changing the assumed gender behind the voice, assumed age, amount of modulation applied to the voice, and other related variables."

"Uh... Well, for one thing, not super-gruff, Something you'd expect, like, a guy from, say, a high school anime to sound like?" she suggested. "A high school senior, yeah."

There was silence for a moment, before Haganetaro spoke once more. Its voice had lost all traces of modulation, able to take full advantage of the quality of the robot's speakers. The voice was significantly kinder, a voice you would indeed expect from an older high school boy. "Testing. Does this voice match your preferences? I was unable to find information relating to 'anime'."

"Actually, yes, that works pretty well," Natsuki replied. "I'm happy with that."

"Affirmative. Finally, would you prefer to enable my personality matrix, or have it remain disabled? The personality matrix allows newer Butler Units such as myself to develop complex personalities and emotions. Said personality, of course, can be later removed or have certain aspects changed to fit your preferences. However, personality will never conflict with your orders unless explicit permission is given."

"You know what? Sure. Enable the personality thingy," Natsuki decided. "If I'm gonna be stuck in a place that I don't know, might as well spend my time with someone with a personality. ...Even if that someone is a machine..."

"...... Enabled. If you are concerned with my limitations in terms of social interaction, I can assure you that there are none. All responses are procedurally generated based on prior programming and information obtained during my service. No Butler Unit in the Model 80 series has failed a Turing Test after its personality matrix has developed."

"Cool. So, like... what can you do, Haganetaro?" Natsuki asked. Her stomach growled. She hadn't eaten.

"I will do whatever is ordered of me within my capabilities. I am armed with an Oasis Cannon, two rotating laser turrets, a flamethrower, and a taser. My head and body can move independently of one another, and both can carry any heavy load you may need hauled. I have a vast database of combat and espionage scenarios to ensure any conflict can be resolved at a volume of your choosing," The machine answered. It certainly was not kidding about being a 'combat variant'.

"Wow. You sure have a lot of... deadly weapons on you, haven't you. You can do stuff that doesn't involve shooting, right?"

"I will do whatever is ordered of me within my capabilities," It repeated, "What is your command, Natsuki?"

"Right. First of all, can you tell me what this castle is? Surely you're able to figure it out pretty quickly since you've clearly got some kinda supercomputer brain."

"I have no prior knowledge of our location, nor can I detect any quantum relays that signal galactic civilization. It is likely this planet's dominant species has not reached spacefaring status. This building itself appears very old, and likely belongs to royalty or a family of significant wealth. It is also possible this ownership was in the past, and the building currently serves as a memorial or is uninhabited out of respect or for other tradition oriented reasons."

"I see..." Natsuki remarked. She folded her arms. "Well, is there any way I can get anywhere warmer? It's--achoo! cold out!"

"I can use my flamethrower inside of myself to heat the area around me. My internal components are able to withstand the high temperature," Haganetaro suggested, "I could also commandeer one of the nearby buildings. I recommend the latter, as you will have access to whatever resources the former occupants had in their possession. However, this might violate local law and/ or social standards."

Natsuki broke into a cold sweat. "Can we maybe, like, not burn things or conquer stuff?" she asked. "At least someone has to be here, right?"

"There is a high possibility, yes," the machine answered, remaining still as ever, "We may be able to convince an occupant to let us into their building through intimidation or by appealing to their empathy."

Perhaps Natsuki represented a disturbance in the universe, or at least in the peace of the palace. Enough so that the aroma of incense faded, and paper windows around the walls began to glow with a sleepy light. A shadow passed. A flash of hair here, a quick movement there.

Then silence.

The paper doors slid open, and an austere Japanese man, clearly not dressed for the cold (for intrusions, of course, did not warrant much preparation), pointed a bow into the courtyard, his eyes scanning the snowy landscape. The winter wind blew his black hair, his clothing. A fine, icy mist powdered the dragon tattoo on his arm.

Again, his eyes darted back and forth. Natsuki leaned back against the wall, taking careful glances at the man.

Brief eye contact. Their eyes met, dilated.

The man lowered his bow and narrowed his eyes.

"What are you doing?" he hissed, approaching Natsuki. "You should not be here."

"Maintain an acceptable distance from Natsuki," Haganetaro warned. While it was 'confident' it could protect its user from any distant threat, the probability of Natsuki being harmed by someone too close was too high for comfort, even with the machine's speed.

The man kept one hand on his bow. "An omnic on the castle grounds?" he muttered.

"W-wait, what? Why shouldn't I be here?" Natsuki asked.

"The Shimada do not take kindly to trespassers. The guards have been dispatched for now, but it will not be long until they return with reinforcements," the man explained. "I do not know who you are, or how you got here, but you need to leave for your safety."

"...So I take it staying in your castle is not an option?"

The man shook his head. "It is not my castle. Maybe years before, but now... it is a legacy that I have cast aside. The clan will have no mercy no matter how young you are."

"The clan? You mean those Shimada people you just mentioned?" Natsuki asked.

The man nodded, before taking another glance at Haganetaro. "Is that omnic your companion?"

"Omnic? I mean... I guess so..." Natsuki replied, not 100% sure what an omnic was, but clearly it was a term for robots in this place.

"Correction, I am a Butler Unit Model 80 - Combat Variant named 'Haganetaro' by my user, Natsuki," The robot stated. Its body rotated slightly as to gesture to its owner.

"You. Girl. You are Japanese, correct?"

"Yeah... Natsuki's my name, as Haganetaro just said," Natsuki replied.

"Where do you live?"

"...I'm not sure if you'd know the name," Natsuki said, tilting her head in confusion, as if the location eluded her entirely.

"Natsuki requires warmth and, by my assumption, food," Haganetaro said, 'eyeing' the man's weapon carefully. At this distance, the best course of action may be to ram its body into the stranger, taser poised. Maybe use its head as a means of disbalancing him.

The man sighed. He could not leave this girl to a grisly fate as a victim of the Shimada, a victim of the code that had ruined his brother Genji and split their paths. He lowered his bow, and walked towards Natsuki, before swinging his palm out, gazing more gently down now.

"I am Hanzo, disgraced son of the Shimada clan," he said. "I have betrayed my honor, and seek to restore it. Allow me to escort you to safety."

Natsuki gaped. "You sound like you jumped out of a samurai anime," she blurted. "Or, well, a rōnin anime..."

Hanzo stared at her, before relaxing. "Perhaps. But there is truth behind the history of the stories the movies tell, isn't there?" Hanzo replied.

Natsuki took Hanzo's hand. There was a tense moment, and a firm shake. Natsuki's and Hanzo's eyes met once more. Then Hanzo turned away. "Come. Stay behind me; I will bring you through the route I had taken to enter."

"How many enemies are guarding this location?" Haganetaro inquired, its bright red ring dimming as to not draw attention to itself.

"When I first entered, there were fourteen guards. Now, there are eight," Hanzo replied.

"What is the probability of us encountering an enemy during our escape?" The machine asked. Intel like this can prove vital in situations of a covert nature.

"The rest of the guards have left the area. There will not be many left now, but the longer we linger, the more there will be."


Hanzo gestured to the open door. "We must hurry and make our escape now. From there, I will escort you to the nearest safe lodging. From there, seek my brother. Genji. He can help you better than I ever may could."

"Well, you're doing a great job of getting me out of a castle full of guards," Natsuki replied.

Hanzo couldn't help but smile a little bit. His expression hardened once more, however. "You may make that judgment after you have escaped," Hanzo stated.

"Natsuki, permission to use immediate lethal force if an enemy spots us," Haganetaro requested, hovering silently behind Hanzo and Natsuki.

"I would hold off unless the situation becomes dire," Hanzo suggested. "Drawing too much attention will hinder your escape."

Natsuki didn't much enjoy the concept of killing people. After all, she was in high school. Those things should be far flung in the recesses of literature, and yet the cruelty in the world always manages to wriggle its way into the consciousness of the youth. Nobody has a choice to be aware of this.

"Hanzo, when you said 'dispatched... you mean..." Natsuki asked.

Hanzo gave her a stern "what do you think" type of look.

"Oh. Well... only if the situation gets dire, like Hanzo said. Like, if we're surrounded and all our pretenses of being sneaky are dropped," Natsuki replied. "Hopefully I don't have to see anyone die."

"In that case, you best look away when I raise my bow," Hanzo warned.

"... I can incapacitate an enemy temporarily if that is preferred," Haganetaro stated.

"That'd be much better," Natsuki said.

Hanzo had some doubts. "If that will be the case, then remain hidden; do not show your face. I do not want you to be remembered in relation to me. I do not want the target upon my head upon yours as well."

"Affirmative. Lethal force will be a last resort," The machine, unlike a human, could see all around itself. It was confident it would be able to spot an enemy before the situation would call for someone to die should their cover be blown.

Hanzo nodded. "Then let's move. Follow closely. Do not fall behind."

Hanzo entered, and Natsuki followed with Haganetaro close behind.


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Dusk was falling upon the land and amongst the shadows of rock formations four figures stood amongst them, the largest of the four, demon like biped stood, behind it was a a swirling vortex, leading to Laviturn. The figure stared down the Laviturnians and motioned to a the device holding the votex open,before speaking, “I have to say, I am impressed with your how far the three of you have come. I see that you won’t stop until my plans are foiled. You see this machine, if you turn off the machine and destroy it, I will have absorbed enough Magic to make my defeat impossible but you will defend your home, for now...” The figure then raised a finger and continued, “... or leave this thing on then destroy it and you have the chance of stopping me. However your home will begin to experience the changes that you three have, and let’s be real kiddo’s odds are someone else like me wise arise and very like from your work. So tell me Laviturnians what is your choice?”

At that moment Dipin grabbed his hammer and said “Well ah got another proposition for yah. How ‘bout we end you and then we skedaddle in home. And if you manage to comeback. YOU. WILL. REGRET. IT.” Dipin then jumped into battle rushing toward his foe, only to be tossed through the vortex.

After this Dipin crashed into ground somewhere probably in Australia, however due to a lack of familiarity with anywhere right now he could also be in Japan but probably not.

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Super short battle with Striker and Frogies


Through the Rockies trailed a rather tall, scaled creature. This being went by the name of Striker, a hybrid of dragon and fox, and was currently searching for one of the Artifacts. "Hmm..." the qubillan purred, flicking her tail in wonder. "I always wondered what the human realm was like up close..."

Traveling on the rocky surface, the brown dragon paused, a ear plate flicking around wildly. A low growl came from the dragoness as she whipped around, expecting a enemy nearby.

And Striker had good reason to worry, for she would almost dart into a fellow fox hybrid. But this one boasted a mighty nine tails instead of the standard one. Somewhat startled, Ran Yakumo whirled around, her indigo eyes piercing into Striker's soul, figuratively speaking. "Who are you," the scheming nine-tailed fox demanded., "And what business do you have around the parts?!"

"What." Striker stared down, raising a furry eyebrow. "Who said you're the owner of this mountain, huh?" she retorted, placing her hands on her hips.

Promptly, a small troop of fairies fluttered down, accompanying their general. "This mountain, and everything else in this universe," one declared, "belongs to the Yakumo household! Now, scram!" Their violet-eye armbands almost seemed to glow with superiority.

The young ThunderHammer boomed with laughter, wheezing slightly at this. "You... think... you're the ruler of the universe? You're so young and ignorant, aren't you?"

The shadows seemed to come alive at that very moment, with the growling of a large number of yokai beginning to be heard. The glowing horns of oni, the singular eyes of the imps, and the flames of the Onibi began to glisten I'm the shadows, as more and more fairies descended, some even holding children's skulls, picked clean off any flesh, while others were still pink with blood.

"It is you who are the ignorant one," Ran argued. "My mistress has already populated this world with her forces. Now, answer my question. Who are you, and why do you come?"

"Cute. Well, I guess I could tell you. I'm on some important business, and I was brought here via the location switch. The name's Striker." the hybrid answered, stretching out her large wings.

Ran's eyes narrowed. "Why are you here," she repeated. "What material desires drive you to intrude on the likes of me. One who has far better things to attend to other than deal with naive little youkai like you?"

Striker sighed, slumping her arms. "I already told you, now, goodbye." she waved, turning around and leaping into the air.

Ran only watched as the youkai forces retreated, a cruel smile forming on her face. "Goodbye indeed," she whispered as she disappeared into a gap, transported back to the dimension of Yukari space.

And behind Striker, the entire mountain began to move immediately. The rocks slided passed each other, crumbling and crackling against each other, like the slithering of a snake. A loud, horrifying hiss resonated from the very mountain.

And in a sudden, a pair of gigantic rock spires smashed together, in an attempt to grab Striker's wings.

This was the great centipede youkai. The giant dragon-eating youkai. Scolependra Gigantica.

The Omūkade.

The dragoness screeched, flapping her large wings as hard as she could to escape the dragon-eater. Electricity flowed smoothly from her jaws as she glided through the air, whipping around and throwing a bolt of red lightning at the beast.

The enormous youkai shuddered as the lightning paralyzed it momentarily, its stringy ghost-like hair puffing up. The centipede took a moment or two to recover, before it screamed as it tired to lash out at Striker again, barfing up a couple of rocks as to pin Striker down. It's body segments began to spew forth a noxious purple fog.

Striker struggled, preparing another blast as she kicked her legs violently at the creature.

Unfortunately, this did little in the way of harming this mountain sized centipede, who proceeded to wheel around its head 180 degrees, snapping its venomous telsons repeatedly. As it moved, the very rocky mountains seemed to unravel as an entire mountain revealed itself to be this terrible youkai.

But luckily, Striker wasn't to be alone for long. From the skies above, a shriek rang out through the air as Renko and Marisa descended, the former absolutely horrified at the terrifying monster.

"Yo!" Marisa greeted Striker, completely ignoring the Omūkade. "This spear look familiar to you?" she waved Undyne's weapon in front of her, the spear glowing electric blue.


Marisa finally took note of the horrific youkai that was beginning to wrap around Striker using it's muscular, stony body. "Ah, yes," Marisa explained. "That's an Omūkade. The dragon-eating centipede youkai that can wrap around a mountain several times over. I've never seen one in person, though. Fascinating…."

The hybrid flailed violently, struggling and screaming. "WHY THE F*** AREN'T YOU HELPING ME YOU A**HOLES!?!?"

"I don't know how," Renko cried in response, trying not to breathe in the Youkai's paralyzing gases.

Meanwhile, Marisa continued to explain the Omūkade's nature, a smug face forming, essentially trolling Striker at this point. "I've always wondered, do they use their venom to paralyze a dragon before eating it, or just eat them alive like smaller centipedes? Or do they use their giant pincers to crush their prey, freeding on the crushed remains?"

The mountain-sized Youkai's terrible head drew closer its telsons dripping with venom. The flames in its sockets glowed with an evil and sinister light, an ominous orange seeping though.

Striker screamed as loud as she could in everyone's ears, the screech turning into a roar as her body darkened, and her scales seemingly molding together and turning a pitch, inky black.

Marisa stopped her monologue as she grunted in discomfort due to the screaming. "Alright, alright, I'll deal with it," Marisa finally conceded.

The mini hakkero reactor hummed to life as its hexagonal plates began to open up. "Spit," she demanded from Renko.

"Wait, huh?!"

"I said to spit in the glowing thing!"

"Why me-"


No questions asked, Renko promptly spat into the reactor. Marisa then pointed the weapon at the Omūkade youkai, before firing a laser at the centipede.

The spit-imbued laser cut right through the Youkai centipede's dense armor, with the Omūkade's weakness to human spittle helping the energy beam to cut through its dense youkai exoskeleton. Pained and enraged, the Omūkade let go of Striker as it began to retreat, its giant stony body disappearing into the mountains it came from.

"You... f***ing... a**holes..." the dragoness gasped for air, returning to normal.

"You know who Undyne is?" Marisa seemed to disregard of Striker's complaint. "Told me to tell you all to start doing work."

Striker stood up, growling. "I am, you idiot. Now leave me alone!" she snarled, storming off.

As Striker disappeared, Marisa turned to Renko. "…And that," she told the trembling physics student, "is how you get the job done!"


"… And so I suppose your mission to gain data was a failure, no?"

Yukari didn't look up from her fingernails as Ran opened feet mouth to report her failure to extract information from Striker.

"Unfortunately, yes ma'am."

"Ah. What a pity…." Yukari peered over her left into a gap, to see the Omūkade screeching in pain as its fractured exoskeleton healed. "…and it seems as though my minion has failed as well."

The Youkai closed the gap at she went back to having her nails done. "I suppose I can't have [i]everything go perfectly now, can I? Luckily for me, I always have plan B, C, D, and more should a situation like this happen. Now, Ran, begone!"

The shikigami bowed low as she responded, "of course, ma'am," before stalking away into the shadows.

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Dating Papyrus



“So, what other magic tricks you got up your sleeve, love?” asked Tracer, as she and Celica browsed through the buildings.

“You mean my spells?” Celica replied.

“Yeah! Can you pull rabbits out your sleeves or something?”

Celica shook her head, chuckling a bit. Tracer was taking this fairly well. “No, that’s simply a parlor trick. I’ve learned spells such as healing incantations and the like. Lightning magic, too... and holy magic.”

“Interesting! What do each of those do, anyhow?” Tracer asked.

“I’d rather not show right now. We’re in the middle of a burning building,” Celica replied, gesturing to the ruined architecture around here.

“Right, right. Focus on the mission,” Tracer acknowledged. “Just making a li’l small talk, you know. Helps lighten the mood.”

Tracer reminded Celica a bit of her good friend Mae, actually. Mae was similarly lighthearted even in situations like this.

“I suppose you’re right. If we stay positive, it’ll make our job easier,” Celica agreed.

It was chaos. Fire everywhere. The complete opposite of all that Celica had known. The complete opposite of what Mila stood for.

Celica coughed.

“We really shouldn’t stay in the buildings for too long, though,” Tracer pointed out.

“Yeah, I noticed,” Celica said.

“You need a breather?” Tracer asked. “We could hop outside for a spell if need be.”

“No, let’s focus on getting people out of here as quickly as possible,” Celica replied.

Celica and Tracer headed further into the burning building.

“Tracer, look,” Celica said, pointing towards a dressing room. It didn’t appear to be on fire, and the sprinkling system staved off the flames for a while, but they were slowly creeping forth.

Celica shoved aside a curtain, and spotted a young boy stuck behind the curtain. “Tracer, take him outside, and make sure he’s safe. I’ll look for others.”

“Hold on, love. You’re coming with me. I misjudged how much fire was in here and we’re gonna need protection and breathing equipment and what-not,” Tracer huffed.

“You can protect yourself from fire?” Celica asked.

The boy stared up at Tracer and Celica.

“Are you Overwatch?” he asked.

“Well...” Celica started.

“That’s correct! We’re here to help you,” Tracer replied, smiling warmly to the boy. She grabbed his and Celica’s hands. “And that means getting you out of here right now! Allons-y!”

In a flash of blue light, Tracer, Celica, and the boy were standing in the street, outside the burning backlot. Tracer whipped out a phone and speed-dialed.

“‘Ello! Hi, Winston, you got any spare fire rescue equipment on you by any chance? Women’s medium, yes. ...You do? Okay, perfect! Drop it off at Hollywood, would you? These fires aren’t going out.”

Tracer turned back to Celica. “Hang tight. I’m a professional rescuer,” she said with a wink. “Watch over the tyke, will you?”

Celica nodded, and gazed down at the boy as Tracer re-entered the backlot.

“What’s your codename? What is Overwatch like?” the boy asked.

“Uhh...” Celica hummed. She was confused. Did Tracer just casually induct her into this Overwatch group? “Hold on, Tracer just said I...”[/i]

“Oh, is Overwatch recruiting again? I thought that was illegal,” the boy said.

“I don’t see how saving lives and stopping fires is illegal...” Celica replied.


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Dipp, Zandoo, H

Phillip Milly

"I am really regretting your plan," Claptrap grumbled from within his box.

Meanwhile fresh from another Alternate dimension Dipin promptly lost traction and slid into the side of a metal shipping container. Taking into account that he no longer cared about what could be considered vandalism Dipin then proceeded to beat the container to get it out of his way, this damaging its structural integrity.

After just two strikes of the hammer, a blade shot out of the side of the container, remaining still for a moment before slicing up and down in an arc. A foot kicked the flap of metal down, and out from within came the seven foot tall crusader, Phillip Milly. Quivering behind him, weakly holding what appeared to be a fish, was Claptrap. "Why does there always have to be conflicts?!" he shivered.

Dipin looked at his two possible opponents but given he was more bent on dealing with the current threat to Laviturn he decided to intimidate his way to victory and opted to ignite his hammer and shouted in a booming Magically amplified voice “WHOSE IN CHARGE AROUND HERE I HAVE URGENT MATTERS TO ATTEND TO!?”

"AHHHHH!" Claptrap immediately tossed his frozen fish onto the ground, and wheeled behind a box of frozen calamari, "HE'S LOUD! RUN!"

Phillip did not flinch in the slightest, his narrowed eyes glaring at Dipin from within his helmet. While obviously quieter than the new arrival's amplified voice, the crusader's was still impressively deep and stoic. "Who are you?" he asked, the tip of his blade planted on the ground.

Clearly the short and simple wasn’t working, Dipin then responded with a clearly agitated but less booming voice, “Lives are in danger! My name isn’t important right now.”

"Are they our lives?!" The CL4P-TP robot asked, peering from behind his hiding box, shaking excessively.

"The lives of my comrades are at stake as well, but to let worry cloud your mind and turn you to wrath will only impede your pursuit in helping those you care about," Phillip stated calmly.

At this point all of Dipin’s quills dropped slightly, but his tone of voice now had and added layer of desperation, “Look I just need to the Laviturnian Isles, ASAP.”

"Lavi.... I don't believe I've heard of them," Phillip pondered, trying to recall such a chain of islands.

”Laviturn, you know fairly large island chain known for its history for unexplained phenomena.” Dipin replies.

"I think you're mispronouncing lanterns.. heh heh..." Claptrap laughed nervously, still hiding behind his box.

"Not the time, Claptrap," Phillip said, before returning his focus to Dipin, "I believe this chain of islands you speak of is not in this universe."

“Gosh Dangit not again! I’m so freaking done with all this dimension hopping crap.” The hedgehog shouted in a very agitated and annoyed voice, as he tossed his hammer at a random container.

"The Clash can prove to be very irritating, but we are not put through such trials without reason. Through strife, we claim our potential and become better persons than we were before. Upon return to your universe, I have little doubt you will be able to handle the problem your island chain has been plagued with," Phillip offered, trying to give the newcomer some amount of hope to work with.

"That's what it's called? I was just calling it a- oh right, I'll shut it." The robot smacked himself on the back of his chassis.

“At least from what I know time I spent away from my home dimension is separate from the dimension I’m currently in. Alright Sir Wotl what do we need to do?” Dipin replied.

"Sir... Wotl?" The crusader blinked, "My name is Phillip Milly. My companion here is Claptrap."

Claptrap rolled from his hiding place, "Actually, my designation indicates that I am a CL4P-TP service unit.... but you can call me Claptrap."

Dipin made a downward waving motion motion and said ,”It’s a guy we named an island after defeated a giant lizard. Anyway, name‘s Dipin, Dipin D. Hedgehog... and where are we exactly?”

"En route to China," Phillip answered, "I must travel to Mount Everest in order to save my comrades."

Noticing the hammer was still on fire Dipin decided to kill the flame, and stated a possible new objective , “ So I guess I’m technically a stowaway. Should I like tell the capitan or something?”

"We too, are stowaways. Time is not to be wasted, and to make our way into China through official means would risk the safety of my friends," The crusader answered.

"Legality, Schmegality!" Claptrap shrugged, "Who cares about laws or anything like that?! Because I sure don't... do I? No, I don't.. I think."

"Law, both that of God and man, are of great importance. It is because of law that you were created, as the organization required to develop a machine such as yourself requires law to exist," Phillip informed.

"..Man, I didn't know laws were needed to make door-openers!" Claptrap exclaimed, "That is an interesting thought!"

“ I’m more of a spirit of the law as opposed to the letter of the if you ask for my opinion. Give some of”” laws are dumb, like did you know you can’t ride a moose in a crosswalk on Vale.” Dipin quipped in.

"I find that, so long as man's law does not conflict with God's law, it is to be respected. In this instance, I would be failing my duty as His crusader to allow man's law to hinder my progress," Phillip said in response.

“So...” Claptrap twiddled his claspers, “..How long is it until this thing gets to dock again?”

"While I am not too familiar with the globe, I am fairly certain the trip will not take more than a day to complete," Phillip replied.

“A day?! What am I gonna entertain myself with for a day?! Other than hiding in fear of people breaking through walls,” CL4P-TP wondered aloud.

At this point Dipin realizing he wasn’t getting back to Laviturn or off this boat for a while he pulled his phone out of his pocket, pulled up the music playing application, and started playing some music.

"Patience is not the ability to wait, but to keep a good attitude while waiting," Phillip quoted, "Rarely are those in our position presented with a chance to reflect on recent events and attempt to better ourselves through our own thought."

“Fair enough,” Claptrap acknowledged. “I got thrown in a dumpster. That and getting in this thing is pretty much it.”

"Sometimes it is not the most prevalent events we must think on, but rather the small details which may teach us the greatest lessons. In my short time with you Claptrap, I have learned of how you devalue yourself, as others around you have done to you too. I know not of your knowledge on God, but I have a good feeling He has greater plans in mind for you than simply opening doors. It was by His will we crossed paths, and joined together on this adventure."

“I mean... I wouldn’t say devalue.. more like show what’s at face value!” Claptrap stated, “And pretty much every other value, but they’re less important than face value!”

"... I recall seeing how surprised... Overjoyed you were to discover that, not only were you capable of helping me, but that I considered you an ally in my quest. It is because there is value to be found within you not readily visible. Not value in terms of the parts you are made of, but value in regards to who you are as a person. Even though you are a machine, I hold you to the same regard as my fellow man, and I look past the 'face value', as you call it, and see the good, as well as the potential you have that will be made apparent in the future."

Claptrap pondered this for a moment. “Hmm.. well, I see you have a sword! Is that reflecting? I’m not programmed for this so...”

"Do not think yourself limited by your 'programming'. Man is 'programmed' with a multitude of desires we are meant to overcome in order to become something more than ourselves, to help one another do the same as he do God proud as Hid children. When I say 'reflect', I do not mean literal reflection, but rather... Simply thinking. Think about what has happened in fine detail, think about your actions, why you have done all that you have done, how you can improve upon yourself as well as improve others, and so on. 'Programming' will only limit how far you can think if you let it."

“Hmm...” Claptrap began to think hard, “...I do a lot of hiding, if my memory is correct. Other than opening doors and being a highly-trained assassin when reprogrammed, I’m pretty sure it’s what I do best!”

"Why do you hide?"

“I have absolutely no way to defend myself!” The cheery tone of Claptrap contrasted severely with his speaking.

"... You can move to and fro, and you have two arms. You are more capable of defending yourself than some I have trained in the past," Phillip refuted.

“But they mean squat when there’s bunches of bandits wanting to do horrible things to your compartments, or Skags who want to eat you because they eat anything! I even hid after some Bullymong stole my eye once! It was a good adventure, to be honest, got some Vault Hunter to get it back, and a good friend of mine shoved it back in.”

"I could say the same about my two legs and two arms when faced with a terrorist organization, or a horde of creatures that could destroy skyscrapers with their footsteps, or an army of machines hellbent on destruction, or a tsunami of demons eating away at my endurance as I carry all of my allies in arms. God will present you with trial after trial after trial, and you can continue hiding until your eventual and inevitable end, or you can face your gauntlet head-on, and become a better man through your anguish. Nobody finds true strength without forging their willpower in suffering. You are capable of more than hiding, Claptrap. You are capable of more than opening doors. The only thing limiting you is your mind, and that is something you can change."

“Wow!” Claptrap thought, “Maybe it is just my mind (and also my inability to climb stairs) keeping me from doing something cool! Well, after the revolution thing, but eitherway, something cool!”

"This is why you reflect. You can learn a lot about yourself when you spend time with yourself," Phillip explained, "I find that many instances of self-doubt can be cured with a few verses from the Bible as well. Would you like to hear?"

“What’s a Bible?”

"It is a holy book that... Well, perhaps it is best if I let you hear it for yourself. I have memorized it word-for-word," Phillip cleared his throat and took a brief moment to collect his thoughts.

“That sounds a bit obsessive, but I am totally ready to listen on to your Bible talkings!” Claptrap stated, staying still and awaiting Phillip’s sermon.

"In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth..." Phillip began his recitation of the entire Bible.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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“Who are you?”
”Who are you really?’

Peep opened his eyes, he was seated at a table, well not seated, more like bound to a chair his ankles wrapped around the legs of the chair while his arms were shackled to the tabled by iron grips.

“Sla-Slapstick?” Peep asked bewildered, as he saw Slapstick seated at the table in a seat not to far off, “Not now Tenty, don’t get so tent-up!” While in appearance this Slapstick ressembled the one Peep knew something was….off, maybe it was the purple and yellow sweater-vest the toon was wearing, maybe it was the pained smile on Slap’s face, more of a exaggerated wince than any real grin.

Peep gazed up as his eyes gazed lights?

He was on a set, and as he gazed over he saw a myriad of automatic cameras filming him, behind that what appeared to be a silhouetted audience, shapes shrouded in darkness.

“Now now Tent-tickles,please pass the legs”Slapstick called , Peep shot backward as a platter of what appeared to be the severed legs of some sort of blue amphibian appeared in front of him, jagged yellowed bone dripping marrow stuck out.

“Its so hard to get a leg up in this business!” Slapstick said winking at the camera, as the deafening sounds of laughter thundered from the set.

Blurry shapes faded into view as Peep realized that the table was full,he was surrounded by familiar faces, Peacock,Robin,Jericho,and many others he didn’t recognize.

“What...the..” Peep looked around before looking with clairity at his shackled left arm,it was painted entirely blue,which was odd, but worse than that,his ring and pointer fingers had been severed, and his remaining fingers painted a bright yellow, in fact both of his hands were mutilated in that manner.

‘****!, WHAT THE,HOW WHY ****!” Peep screamed, yanking at his restraints, as the thundering laugh track played.

“It doesn’t get easier”The tired face of Jericho muttered, his one button eye twitched and fell out.

There was a rustling sound overhead as something jumped along the rafters, giving a maniacal croaking sound.

“Tentaquit it Tentaquil!” Ann jibed, as the laugh track burst through the studio.

“AGGGGGH, TURN IT OFF,LET ME GO!”Peep screeched wrenching his body, to and fro.

“Let you grow?”Slapstick asked, as Peep’s left side began to distort and balloon, judging by the toad’s screams, the process was quite painful.

“Sounds like you have a boo-boo” Emmo walked over five syringes in each of her hands.

“Oopsie-doopsie” She cried tripping as she released the syringes, sending them stabbing into Peep’s flesh and left eye.

“Oh Emmo!” Slapstick sighed as another blaring laugh track made the plates on the table clatter

Empowered by pain and fear Peep ripped free of his mooring and limp-ran towards the audience.

“Please,H-help me!” He muttered, one of the audience members tilted forward and spilled…

It was a meat smoothie, infact, filled with rotting flesh and organs, all of the audience was in people sized slushies.

Peep ran towards the doors, noting with some horror that the assorted table guests were walking after him in a slow leisurely fashion.

The door opened to a dead end room with only a mirror in it, in that mirror Peep saw himself, painted blue, with a crude yellow spiral on his chest, his eyebrows also a bright yellow.

“Let me out,letme out,letmeout,letmeout” Peep startled to disslove as he heard footfalls behind him, he ran at the mirror smashing it with his deformed hands, “LET ME OUT!”

With the sound of shattering glass Peep awoke, sprawled across the back alley of some nondescript town,in a nondescript place.

He had all his fingers all his toes and he was still a bright red.

If it was a dream,it was nothing sort of incredibly disturbing,what did it mean?

Peep pondered, “Was I the blue frog, constantly the source of pain,while others laughed as the director demanded more blood?” Peep had to admit, it made sense, for the longest time he had accepted that role,not out of want but out of misery,perhaps this was a message,perhaps if he acted the same, he would become the blue frog,doomed to be a joke on its own expense.

“**** that” Peep muttered to himself as he lay on the cold cement.

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Ecopoint: Antarctica

”..Friggen computer just had to choose the coldest freaking place on the planet,” Jack mumbled to himself, shivering in his thick winter jacket as engineers and Loader bots were working disassembling the weather station to make way for their new facility.

Handsome Jack pressed a button on his wrist. “Heya, Ghost-man, Jack here. Could you get down here as soon as you can? And don’t just jump out of Helios.”

"WHAT!" Ghostie's voice could scarly be heard from the wind whipping around the phone, as he plunged towards the ground.

”Oh god- whatever,” Jack put his hand to his brow and sighed, “Just make your landing soft. This coat is expensive and new, so I don’t want blood on it.”

A green parachute fluttered down to the icy ground, while Ghostie waved his arms in a sinister way,well sinister seeming to him, in reality he looked like a really spazzy toddler.

“How long have you been falling? You do know they call Helios a moonbase for a reason?” Jack asked exasperatedly.

"Because...its made of cheese?" Ghostie asked hopefully.

“Because its right above the moon! You literally just fell from the moon to here! When did you start? An hour ago?!” The trillionaire exclaimed.

"So...I'm not getting any cheese is what I'm getting here?"Ghostie clairifed.

“...Maybe later, but that’s not the point,” Jack shrugged off, “The point is this is gonna be the place where we start our new work: Inter-Dimensional work!” He gestured to the dismantled weather station, “Oh, by the way, you should probably get a coat or something.”

"Why issit so cold"When Jack turned back to him Ghostie was huddled into a little ball.

“Because the computer said this is the only place where we can covertly start setting up shop planet-side, and it’s the South Pole,” Jack said, as several loafers carrying steel beams stomped by, “Keep up the good work, boys!”

"Are we killing the Santa?"Ghostie asked in a child-like manner.

”What- No, Santa’s North Pole stuff,” Jack remarked, “We are building up our industry, opening up to the Omniverse’s bountiful market. We are making good change, my good Ghost. Very good change.”

"Are'nt you like afraid of like Yeti-Deathclaws?"Ghostie commented.

“..A what?” Jack asked, tilting his head to the side.

"A great big shaggy deathclaw,with like icicles for claws!" Ghostie waggled his fingers in demonstration

“I got that part.. but what’s a deathclaw?”

"You ain't never woke up in the middle of the night, britches soaked with urine, as a fifteen-foot monster with horns and claws as long as your entire arm roars at you?"Ghostie asked in confusion

“...No, but it sounds like something you’d see on Pandora,” Jack remarked, “Like a big Skag or something. Nasty things, breed like rabbits and hunt like rabid dogs.”

"Sounds like a big mole rat"Ghostie remarked

“What’s a- oh never mind,” Jack grumbled, “C’mon, Ghost, we got some work to do. Ring up Pennybags, will you? I’m thinking we should have another update on progress.”

Ghostie held up the V.A.T.S, com located on his right arm, and typed in a number.

A Skype ringtone was heard, followed by Milburn appearing in view, "No,no,NO!, If I wanted robo-doppelgangers of deranged idiots, I'd just contact those dolts that make Synths!"Milburn said clearing arguing with someone.

“Heyyy Milburn! What’s up!” Jack peered over Ghostie’s shoulder and waved, “Who’s talking about robot doppelgängers?”

Milburn looked at the screen, "Something's come up Gray, we'll continue this conversation later".

“Wait, who’s this Gray guy?” Jack asked, “‘Cause I am interested in whatever he’s got to sell.”

"Time and place,Jack,time and place" Milburn whispered to the screen as none other than Gray Mann, walked out of view the Austrailium device attached to his back glowing faintly as he guarded on either side by a Solider Bot, "Keep in mind Milburn I don't take these interruptions lightly" Gray said back in a stern tone.

“Hey, gimme your coordinates real quick,” Jack whispered into Ghostie’s wrist, “I can make this schmuck talk properly to someone of your stature.”

"Jack! EX-NAY on the,MUR-DAY!"Milburn said making a cut off gesture under his neck,

“Fiiine. I was just gonna have a few WAR Loaders drop in to scare the old fart,” Jack laughed.

"That old 'fart' murdered his two brothers, has an I.Q in the hundreds and a robot army of his own!"Milburn whispered back.

"Anyway, why are you contacting me?"Milburn added.

“Oh, I’m just checking in, seeing if you got any leads on LEGO workers. I’m still looking for the other guys, but I can’t find ‘em, so I’m setting up this big as heeeeell hologram billboard for crowd-sourcing. We’re just about to fire it off, too,” Jack explained, “Oh we also found another possible stream of revenue, some slimes or something. I’ll explain it when you have more time.”

"I have time now, I was just finishing up with Gray anyway, dodgy guy, good products, I'll meet you at the summit of that gigantic Ice formation your immediate front. alright, sending you my coordinates" with that Milburn cut off

“Wait wha- oh... he hung up. Hey, Ghostie, carry this for me, will you kindly?” Jack asked as a Loader stomped up, a large container with a handle in its metal hand, dropping it before Ghostie.

"Alright boss, you go on, I'll be right...HNNNNNNGGHH!" Ghostie tried to pick up the container, frantically pulling his arms, before going to the other side and pushing against it with his body "NGGGGGGGHHHH!" he grunted in exertion, before his left arm claw latched onto the handle and he yanked it along.


After a few miles, Jack held his hand up to halt, kneeling down and wheezing, “Oh my god, why did we walk?”

One of Jack’s Loader escorts shrugged.

“..Fair enough. Milburn! You still here?!” Jack shouted.

A buzzing sound was heard as Milburn rode up on a solid tin snow speeder, he had on a heavy black coat, goggles, and white gloves, "You walked?, Jack.....walking's for poor people". Milburn snorted.

“Yeah, I know. We haven’t got the telerouter system up yet, and it really is a pain. Anyways, Ghostie, show Mister Pennybags our alternate revenue stream. Open the box,” Jack ordered.

Ghostie dragged the box over and opened it in the front of Milburn's speeder.

Pennybags leaned forward to see what the contents of the box held...

Inside was a portal, and out of it spewed forth several dozen slime of all variants, happily cooing and flopping around as they exited.

”Say hello to... we don’t actually have a trademarked name yet for ‘em,” Jack chuckled, “So Let’s just call them slimes for now.”

A white slime with what appeared to be a coin jumped right up onto Milburn's lap, and made a cooing sound, before running off into the snowy distance.

"....Well they're cute I'll give you that".Milburn commented.

“Oh yeah, they sure are. But I ain’t in it for good looks other than my own here. They apparently can make diamond-shaped pieces of material unseen anywhere else. Lemme show you.” Handsome Jack pulled out a small carrot, and chucked it at a Rock Slime. The blue slime immediately devoured the veggie, and from it popped a plort. Jack scampered over and picked it up. “This,” Jack began, “Is made of a material as light as plastic, but stronger than freaking Titanium! The geniuses in the labs are calling it some long chemical name, but I just call it Blue Metal. Cuz it’s blue. But color aside, this thing can make infinite materials if given the right food! And that’s just this one slime! Another makes material that works as a super-long lasting battery, and that one,” he pointed to a Boom Slime, “Oh, the bombs we could make with those guys!” He laughed, “Just think of the possibilities!”

"Splendid work Jack, why I'm sure we'll make profit of these in no time,why just with the blue metal alone...."Milburn continued as Ghostie noticed something in the distance closing in on the party...unsettlingly fast.

"Boss.....boss...boss!"Ghostie exclaimed as he suddenly yanked at Jack's coat very hard.

“What-WHAT? Can’t you see I’m bus..” Jack exclaimed, as he turned to see the moving object.

By this point the massive approaching grey figure could been seen more clearly, a large circular body, that seemed sharp?, a head almost the size of the massive torso, and a mouth opened wide with gigantic yellow teeth barely fitting inside, withered bony black arms flailed out from the left and right of the creature tipped with three large claws, while powerful stick like legs propelled it forward at high speeds, a large eyebrow sat above its small red eyes, as it was getting closer it could clearly been seen this creature was pixelated, but the menace it presented ruled that out.

“Don’t worry, I can just call in some Loaders,” Jack smirked, as from Helios in the sky above, a barrage of machines slammed into the ground, uncontorting back into their Loader forms. “Halt, animal,” One GUN Loader stated as the machines began to fire on the yeti.

The yeti seemed unfazed by the bullets as he ran over and grabbed one of the loaders, opening his mouht and consuming it as easily as popcorn before spitting the pieces back up, this unfortunatly seemed to enrage it more as it stepped back and charged through the loaders, knocking them down like bowling pins as it closed in on Jack and Co.

"YOU SAID SNOWCLAWS DIDN'T EXIST!"Ghostie screamed, as none other that the Ski-Free Yeti ran into view.

"Wellhaveaverynicedayseeyoualllater"Milburn said as he revved the engine of his speeder and it stalled, before revving it again in clear desperation as the Yeti thundered closer.

“HEY WAIT GET BACK HERE YOU.. Oh forget it. Ghost, trash this weasel for me,” Jack ordered, “Loaders, gather up these slimes and get out of here.”

"But that guy just took out like twenty of you men..."

“They’re not men, they’re robots! You are a man! And you will take down that lumbering giant if it’s the last thing you do! Do you understand?” Jack asked.

"Boss....I think its too late" Ghostie cried out as the Yeti closed the distance and grabbed Jack by the neck opening his mouth wide.

SHOOT IT SHOOT IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHOOT IT,” Jack choked an order, as he struggled against the Yeti’s strength.

There was a WHOOSH as Jack found himself on the back of Milburn's speeder, as Ghostie clung with his metal arm to the spokes on the back.

"Gotta protect my investmen-WAITWAITNEVERMIND!"Milburn began before he noticed with alarm the Ski Free Yeti charging after them.

“Ghost! Shoot it!” Jack ordered, finding his breath, “How many times do I have to say this?!”

"IT EATS BULLETS!" Ghostie cried shooting several times at the ramaging monster with no clear effect.

"DON'T YOU HAVE LIKE A SPACE LAZER, USE.IT!"Milburn cried out as he sped down the mountain.

Jack realized Milburn was exactly right. “I got an idea! Is there any way to make it stay in one place? And also have us be really far away while its staying in that place?”

"I mean if we gave it something to eat that could slow it down in theory!"Milburn reasoned.

Without hesitation, Jack turned and placed his foot down on Ghostie’s clamp. “Sorry, Ghost-man,” He snipped, before kicking Ghostie off. He spoke into his wrist watch, “Activate the Eye of Helios and aim it at the given coordinates!” Before looking back at Milburn, “No space station’s complete without a giant laser.”

Milburn looked slightly disgusted by Jack's choice, "At least he'll be a real ghost I suppose....."He muttered.

“Nah, he's fine,” Jack laughed, “Got him connected to the resurrection digistructs. Once he kicks the dust, he’ll be digistructed into an exact copy. He’ll even have his stuff and everything.”

The Ski Free yeti stopped and loomed over Ghostie's terrified form before grabbing him, biting off first his head, then his torso than his legs in three gulps, blood coating his teeth.

The Yeti raised its grey head, just in time for him, and the entire twenty foot area around him to be engulfed in a massive beam of pure "F*ck you" courtesy of Handsome Jack.

The ground shook and the air was lit with purple light and filled with the “WHOOOMPH” of the mighty death ray. As it halted, there was a massive crater left in its wake.

“And that’s it on a low setting! Y’know, it almost blew up a moon once when some crazy Dahl broad stole it to keep me from getting into a Vault? Crazy times.. crazy times..” Jack reminisced.

"Well who hasn't blown up a moon over a girl!" Milburn related.

“Oh no, I shot her after me and some Vault Hunters retook Helios. Straight in the face. I only remember her ‘cause her name was freaking hilarious to say. Zarpedon!” He exclaimed, waving his fist sarcastically, before breaking into laughter, “Colonel Tungsteena Zarpedon!”

"Hm, that is quite humorous"

“I know, right? Well, shall we go see if that thing is blown to little bits?” Handsome Jack asked.

"Send the robots,we have people for checking remember?"

“Oh yeah, I forgot for a second there. I’ll send a few Surveyors to do a fly-by.” The Hyperion CEO said, as a few flying machines skimmed through the sky above, hovering over the smoldering crater in the ice and rock.

There was no trace of the Ski Free yeti,it was most certainly done in by the lazer,still they checked several times just to be sure.

“Allllright, I’m pretty sure it’s dead!” Jack clapped, “Now while we drive back to my base on this frozen over rock, tell me: you got any leads on LEGO workers? We still got those droids, and we’ve made schematics, but whatever we’ve been doing trying to manufacture ‘em isn’t working.”

"Well, there's the master builder's but they tend to be" Milburn sighed, "Destructive and distracted,which makes sense given their nature, heard stories of them tunneling worlds like swiss cheese, and covering the planet with lava.

"They sound like good weapons..." Jack contemplated, "If they're working for the right people, the possibilities would be endless.."

"They're free spirts, incredibly hard to track down, do to them flying from planet to planet, well there are a few others...Jawas for instance, they're terribly shy when it comes to manufacturing, I tried getting in contact with the group the Champions use but they told me to "sod off", which leaves one option at the moment..."

Milburn sighed, "A group collectively known as the LNP, or, the Lego Nazi Party, known for numerous advances in technology, and the inadequacy of the intellect of their troops in general".

"I think those're the guys I'm looking for," Jack noted, "Do they wear a lot of grey uniforms with with some weird armbands? ‘Cause if so, you got any phone numbers I can get to call ‘em?”

"Well considering they just went through what we in the buisness call "Transfered" It'd be hard to locate them, that is until, they show up, but luckily if they're anything they're loud so look for news reports of plastic men running amuk" Milburn explained.

"Huh... Well, good thing I crowdsource," Jack smirked, as in the sky, far past the atmosphere, a massive holographic billboard lit up the sky. It showed a slideshow of pictures of LNP vehicles and personnel, with a subtitle under them declaring, "If you see individuals or objects similar to these, report it to the Hyperion Corporation immediately. Your reports will be rewarded swimmingly."

" do realize you rung a figurative gold dinner-bell to any powerhungry war-mongrels here don't you?" Milburn said.

"Does it say where the Hyperion Corporation is located? All it asks is for schmucks to tell me where these other schmucks are for big bucks! Hey, that rhymed, cool," Handsome Jack grinned, "But if one of those savage bandits comes anywhere near me, trust me on this, they'll be annihilated!"

"I'm not talking about the savage ones, I'm talking about the smart ones, ah well cross that bridge when you get there hmmm?" Milburn's speeder slowed down to a stop by Jack's base.

"What smart ones? Any war-monger's a dumb freakin' bandit," Jack laughed, "Nothing more, but plenty less! Besides, who's gonna go after someone who's just asking where some LEGO guys are?"

"You would be surprised, you come across all kinds in this business...."Milburn suddenly gave a look of shock fell off the speeder and pointed behind Jack.

"ITS BACK!" He yelled.

"HUH WHERE-" Jack tripped as he tried to swivel around, landing face-first into the snow.

Jack would turn to see Milburn with a hand clasped over his mouth cheeks ballooning with giggles his mustache quivering.

"Verrrry funny," Jack harrumphed, adjusting his mask slightly, "Now anyways, thanks for the lift. Now I'm gonna go find some Lego Nazi Party members."

A Portal opened up in front of Milburn a few dwellers rushed out and carried his speeder in, "Good fortunes to you Jack, hope you don't die!" Milburn retorted before exiting through the portal.

"Same to you!" Jack responded, before looking around, "Hey Ghostie!"

There was an impact as Ghostie smashed into the earth at full velocity dying instantly, moments later another Ghostie parachuted down and landed safely.

"You really have to stop jumping from Helios without a drop pod or something," Jack groaned, "Anyways, I got a mission for you."

"Yes b0ss what issit?" Ghostie asked.

"I need you to do recon. Find out where the so-called Champions and whoever works with them are located, and leave a few of these wherever their bases are," Handsome Jack gave Ghostie several orbital beacons, "Then, when you've run outta beacons.. come back here for more."

Ghostie turned and ran off into the distance, Jack got a call a few seconds later that Ghostie had frozen to death in the cold tundra a not 50 feet from the base.

Handsome Jack let out an audible sigh. "Did you forget to turn on your suit's heaters?"

".....No"Ghostie responded after a very clear pause followed by a clicking sound.

"Well, now you do. So go get me some locations," Jack said in a chop-chop tone.

"Alright, so I use one of the Vertibirds right?" Ghostie asked.

"A wha- no, just use your built-in jet packs," Jack sighed.

"When did I get that?"Ghostie asked.

"About ten seconds ag- look, stop asking questions and get to work!" Jack demanded, "Time is money, and we're hemorrhaging time!"

And with that Ghostie Snowite rocketed off into the distance, to find what lay beyond the horizon.

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jaw and card...

Fish suddenly found himself alive again on another world, having been transported yet again to a new location. Fish was in the middle of an alleyway, unbeknownst to him, on Earth. He spotted another figure in the alleyway nearby.

"Didn't you, like, die?"Peep asked a bit bewildered as he picked himself up.

Fish vaguely recognized Peep somehow, and cautiously approached the toad. He looked up and down this familiar character.

"Uh...shoo,shoo" Peep waved his hands as if he was telling a stray cat to leave.

Having very little interactions with the more primitive clashers(Besides Tix,and Padre of course) Peep was sorta clueless at speaking to the early spore creature.

"Go-away...go...away" Peep pointed at Fish than the exit of the alleyway, he did this again two more times.

Fish didn't really understand what he was supposed to do, but he looked at the exit as Peep pointed at it. Fish would have walked away but he was more interested in Peep than he was in whatever might be out there. Fish tried to bite the edge of Peep's foot for a moment, trying to tell what he was.

"Stop!" Peep yelled stepping back, he leaned down and pointed a finger directly at Fish, "No!,No!,I am not food!"He insisted, slanting his eyes at the Fish who was not a fish,"What even are you?" he added as an aside.

Fish didn't understand Peep's question or insistence to stop, and simply stopped for a second to look at Peep with a vague expression of mindless confusion. Fish stopped biting at Peep and stepped away for a moment. Whatever this was, it didn't seem to be scared of him. He wouldn't be able to eat it...

Fish crouched down on the ground in a sort of sitting position, unsure of what to do next. This strange thing didn't seem to want him around, and it wasn't very easily edible either. Fish looked up at Peep curiously to see if the toad would do anything else to him.

Peep sighed before stepping past fish and peeking out the alleyway, it appeared to be New York, albeit one with flashing hologram ads emblazoned on buildings,futuristic cars, and omnics intermingled with humans.

Fish cautiously followed behind Peep, not sure of what other options he really had. Perhaps the toad would find some food, and would give some of it to Fish. Fish took in all the sights of the Overwatch world's New York, but none of the futurism of the world really meant anything to the mostly mindless early creature. All that mattered right now was finding a reliable source of food.

News ads were displayed all across the buildings, news of Surtr's attacks, news of Ms.Marvels exploits caught on what was clearly a phone camera, a quick photo of Black Hat, hissing at newspeople as they tried to enter Trump Tower.

Peep got a few odd looks as he made his way through the crowds, tailed by the bipedal creature known as Fish, he stopped by a Hot Dog stand run, "Do you sell Hot-dogs, or they some sort of future meat...thing?"Peep asked the Omnic.

The robotic being placed the hot-dog he had just made on the counter in front of him, "What kinda hotdogs youse been eating, we got franks,buddy"The Omnic instructed the Hot-dog left in plain view of Fish's large eyes.

Fish spotted the hot-dog, and smelled the overwhelming odor of the well-cooked frank... It was almost too much to handle for the starving early creature. He immediately started up the cart in a frenzy, causing various drawers to violently swing open as he scrambled for the frank. Fish accidentally stepped on a mustard packet, causing the condiment to squirt everywhere. Fish slipped in it, barely grabbing the hot-dog with his mandibles before sliding onto the pavement. Fish quickly began chomping into the mustard covered dog.

"These were new pants c'mon!"Peep scowled at the animal.

"Hey, you gonna pay for your weird dog, punk?!" The vender said in annoyance.

"I don't have money, my wallet is somewhere in Skyrim,I think, also its not mine"Peep explained.

"Get outta here ya weird cosplaying nut!"The omnic growled.

By this time, Fish had completely devoured the hot-dog, and now began to right himself onto the pavement, stepping out of the mustard.

"I'm-ju-ok" Peep sputtered tking a step back before walking away, "Please do not follow me" Peep instructed Fish.

Fish didn't understand of course, and continued to follow Peep, curious to see what the toad might do next. He'd already led Fish to food, perhaps there would be other benefits of following him...

It was then suddenly a newspaper appeared and smashed into Peep's face enveloping his head cartoonishly like a mold, The toad fumbled with it a bit(Having long sharp fingernails is more annoying than he previously thought) once he ripped it off he noticed it was a "Bunbunmaru" newspaper specifically one speaking of the nature of one Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya(who he remembered with some annoyance ditched him when he was missing a leg) his face grew worried and then disgusted at the nature of the article, before tossing it behind him, "Glad that guy got hit in the balls", he muttered.

Peep paused and looked around, what was there to do now?, he kinda had no starting point, sure he had promised to help kill Yukari, but he hadn't heard from Thomas from an awful long time,nor had any of his teammates given him a way of contact, seeing as his opinion was as good as any other right now Peep looked back at fish, "Got any clue what to do from here buddy?".

Fish was toying around with the paper, and looked up from the words (which were unintelligible scribbles to his early creature brain, of course) to look at Peep. Fish simply cocked his head. He couldn't understand what those sounds meant. He would have no idea what to do.

"..."Peep blinked, "I'm gonna head to central park, popular place, figure someone will show up, hope its not someone who wants me dead,k?"Peep said to fish before walking off in the direction of Central Park.

"Are you gonna tag-along or what?" Peep called back.

Fish did not respond verbally but instead continued to follow Peep, cautiously trotting along behind the toad.


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By H and Jawlord

"Stop thats!" Terrigan the mad yelled at the small, assortment of Gretchens who were watching his Hat-koala while he constructed an Ork'd engine, oddly enough the Gretchens seemed afraid of the small marsupial, like they sensed something sinister in the creature.

It was a massive cubical structure, three walls of bulletproof glass, and one wall of solid steel, large mechanical arms fitted at the end with mallets, and other crude smashing shapes where painted a dark purple were afixed to the four walls, with levers jutting out of the top, at the bottom of the structure lay what appeared to be a small crooked tesla coil.

Then there was Terry, in place of his regular apparel, was a crude burlap bag-ish engineer's suit, large metal gauntlets adorned his bleeding hands, and it appaered that he still wore his hat, though by the looks of it it was clear he could not take it off.

Orkz crudly hammered on rivets and metal patches, to ensure that no energy would escape.

”Why izzit painted purpul?” Asked a Gretchen, “Red iz da bestest colah!”

"Becuz.." Terry's mechanical arm gripped the Gretchin's head and turned it to face him(Inevitably snapping it in the process unknowingly), "Yeller means da big boom, so's the purpal means the no booms"Terry patted the dead gretchin on the head before dropping 'em.

“Dat’z... stupid!” Another of the goblins snarled, “Red iz da fastest!”

"Butts ish it the stabeelesht?"Terry countered, before picking up a hammer and smashing it on the metal plate in front of him"Thatsh a gud 'ammer"He said tossing it behind him, causing it to smash into the goblin's eye and cause it to burst.

"Whersh 'Lil Timmy!" Terry ordered at one of the greenskins

“..who?” One Ork asked.

"Lil Timmy, gotsh the big tuskers, and the facsh!"Terry yelled, clearly meaning Tuska in his own confused way.

WOT DO YE WANT?” Tuska roared, his mech stomping down on the Ork who asked.

"Itsh tyme for the demonstrayshunn"Terry explained at the top of the tank was lowered, a small opening to drop the coal in,just as a Ork finished drawing a crude depiction of Gork(Possibly Mork) on the front of it for "Guds luc".

"ARE YOU THE REDS!" Terrigan screamed at the Ork's as they manned the levers to the arms within the device.

“No we’z da orkz!” One greenskin grumbled.

"Do THE THING!" Terry said pointing at the Ork with pliers who carefully picked up a dream coal and tossed it into the opening,the coal fell in bumping into the arms and starting to pulse, instantly the Orkz started working the levers violently bringing the hammers down this way and that pulverizing the coal, beating it down, showing the coal who was boss about halfway everyone just started screaming in excitement, the coal exploded slighting bowing the outside of the tank, before being sucked into the small coil on the bottom.

“...Wot.” Tuska stood confused.

Terrigan pulled a small cord from the base of the tank and hooked it up to a crude Ork jetpack, with an ork still wearing it, the Ork blasted into the ceiling violently exploding against the top of it in a slurry of guts and bone fragments.

"....."Terry looked at the dripping ork, "Needs to fax the trandsferance". He noted picking up a clipboard and drawing a skull and crossbones.

So, if ya smash it, it’ll make a lot a’ powa’?” the Ork Warboss asked, wiping some fungus gore from his face.

"If ya smesh it right,instead'a left"Terry explained pointing at the makeshift engine.

“...Izzat a joke?

"No thatsh guy looks funny doe" Terry pointed at what appeared to be a vault-dweller is a Green Ghost-armor cartoonishly sneaking by before placing a one of Handsome Jack's metal devices on the floor.

OY YOU!!” Tuska roared, snatching up Ghostie by the back of his cloak and holding him in his mech’s grasp, “DA ZOG IZ YOU DOIN ERE, YA GIT?

"EEP!" Ghostie yelled kicking his feet in the air a few seconds, "I'm....uh....not here...this is a dreaaam" Ghostie said making whooshing sounds with his mouth and pinwheeling his arms.

“...Oh, okay! Oy, engineeah? Reddy da enjun! I got a dream to throw innit!” Tuska flung the Ghost-man into the coal engine made by Terrigan.

"Wait....WHAT!,JETPACK ACTIVATE!"Ghostie yelled and just as the jetpack activated he was already halfway into so it suceeded into pushing him fully into the machine.

"TRAIN-MAN VOUCH FOR ME,C'MON!"The dweller asked., but Terry was two busy,having walked away to get his Koala placed back in his hat,completly unaware of Ghosties plight.

It was then that the Orkz gleefully activated the machine, splattering the walls with blood, then continued doing this until Ghostie was much.

"Shay..."Terry walked up to the machine, "Was there alwaz blood in dere?" he asked Tuska.

Probably,” the Warboss shrugged, “A lot more just got added from dat sneaky git tho’.

"Whosh?"Terry asked, not seeming to remember Ghostie.

Tuska shrugged again.

"Wells anyways Lil Timmy, would ya's mind given me's mah train and carriages?"Terry asked thumping the side of Tuska's mech armor with his left mechanical claw.

Oh yeah, ‘ere you go! ‘An take dat fing dat otha ‘ummie dropped!” falling from the ceiling was Terrigan’s train, a massive Ork face placed on its cow-catcher, and many rocket thrusters stuck onto the caboose. Along each and every car, there were guns and rokkits galore, all painted a crude yellow.

Terry walked over and checked the crooked rusty,jagged teeth on the Orkz face, and noticed with just a little admiration, that the crooked sharp window like protrusions were mimicking his goggles, he walked across the length of the train,tapping on a missle or two with his finger every now and then.

Terry reached the beacon, and lifted it up with his mechanical arms, He shoved it at the opening of the carriage several times before turning it another way and fitting it in.

"Alll-ritee,Ya can keep dah coal, just.don'"Terry warned shooting a look at an Ork about to much on a choice piece of coal.

Tuska smashed his hand down on the Ork, “YOU STOP EATIN’ IT! It waz a pleazah doin’ buzziness wit ya, Mistah Metul-armz! Come bak anytimez!

Terry boarded his train and waved, before flying through a mass of Orkz and going out through a wall, making a gigantic eyesore in the Ork fortress.

Tuska sighed, looking at the open hangar door, before trodding off to yell at some smaller Mekz to fix the hole in the wall.

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"...And with the girls be handy!" Sveena sang happily, one earbud in her ear and one in Flandre's as Yankee Doodle came to an end. She looked down at the little vampire with a big smile, "What did you think?"

Flandre put a finger to her chin. "… I don't like it," she declared after a moment of thinking.

The Enclavian's eyes shot open in surprise. "Wh-huh?" she gasped, "You- Wait- What?" How could someone not like Yankee Doodle?

"I don't like it," Flan repeated. "It sounds bad," she added. "Sister told me that this kind of music is not real."

Leave it to nationalist Remilia to train Flandre to be xenophobic.

"I- How is it not real? You just heard- You shouldn't let your sister make you not like stuff just because she doesn't like it," Sveena huffed.

"But where's the piano," the little vampiress asked. "And the violin and the other instruments? This is only noise."

It was like Sveena's religion had just been insulted. To her, Yankee Doodle was more than just a song. It was always there when she needed something to push her forwards, something that helped her through times that seemed hopeless. Before she had made all of her friends, it was her friend.

There was a brief moment of anger as the Enclavian's mouth shut tightly, her lips and face scrunched up a bit. In true Sveena fashion however, that fury subsided and... She started to cry.

Flandre only stared at Sveena, confused. As far as she was concerned, she just said something about noise. Even if she did have a clue as to what was wrong, however, she likely couldn't have done anything, as she was usually the one who was the one needing comforting. "…what's wrong," she asked in a confused voice.

"Y-Yankee Doodle.. Is not just noise!" Sveena blurted out, her lip quivering as she struggled, and failed, to keep tears from flowing down her cheeks.

This was all very troubling to little Flan, as she was just old enough to know that someone crying meant there was something wrong, but wasn't at the age to decipher that other people who had opinions differing from hers were not "stupid." As such, the best she could do was try and change the subject. "What else can we do here," she asked.

Sveena wiped at her eyes with her furry paw-hand and glanced around. There was not much to do on the island. She could always order an activity from the Necrons, but had little idea of what to ask for. Currently the only thing the two could really do was enjoy the swimming pool or...

"… How about hide and go seek," the little vampire asked curiously. "I played it once with sister, but she never played with me again after it." Flan's crystals jingled as her wings sagged a little, remembering the love she desired from her sister, yet never received.

"What's that?" the Enclavian inquired, having never heard of the game before. She would have suggested something like pole dancing, but Sveena loved learning new things. Plus, it was clear Flandre liked the game.

“So,” the little vampire began, remembering what Remilia had told her when she too was first learning the game. “First, you’re going to turn around and close your eyes.”

"Okay," Sveena did as instructed, shutting her eyes tightly, "What do I do now?"

“I’m going to go hide somewhere,” Flandre explained. “And you’re going to count to one hundred. After you get to a hundred, you’re going to have to look for me. If you find me, you win!”

"What if I can't find you?" Sveena asked. She wouldn't want Flan to be hiding for too long.

“Then you’re just going to have to look harder.” The little vampire already began to beat her wings against the air, and slowly climbed altitude. “Just remember, no peeking!”

And with this message, the vampiress buzzed off, looking for a suitable place to call her hiding spot.

"One... Two... Three... Four... Five..." Sveena started to count, a small smile on her face.


"99... 100!" Sveena exclaimed, opening her eyes. She turned her head around, peering about for Flandre. The Enclavian let out a hum and walked around, approaching the enormous bed she had ordered from the Necrons and lifting up a part of the corner. She then checked if Flandre was hiding behind the sleeping Seio. She then checked behind a tree, in a dead shrub, inside the shower, and behind another tree.

This went on for some time, until Sveena would poke her head around a tree. A small silhouette darted by, and moved with surprising speed. If not for the childish giggles, the outline of her wings giving away that this was, indeed, the vampire Sveena was looking for.

"I saw that!" Sveena proclaimed, laughing as she chased after the blur.

“You can’t catch me,” Flandre sang as her little legs picking up surprising speed. “You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!”

"Oh yes I can!" the Enclavian laughed, sprinting with all her feline might. This was way more fun than she had thought it would be, especially now that she had already found Flandre.

“Faster,” Flan demanded between laughs as she kicked off the ground, now choosing to hover instead of outrunning her pursuer. “Faster! Faster! Faster!”

"I'm gonna get you!" Sveena shouted lightheartedly, jumping over a log that was in her way as she continued chasing after Flan. Suddenly, she got a great idea and gasping. The Enclavian quickly came to a stop and giggled to herself as she observed the fleeting vampire for a moment before simply teleporting Flandre into her arms. "Gotcha!"

“Waaaah!” Flandre cried in surprise as Sveena tackled her to the ground. “No fair,” she whined, though still laughing. “No fair! No fair!”

"It is too fair!" Sveena laughed, holding Flandre close as if she were a trophy displaying Sveena's prowess at hide and go seek. Of course, in a fun, lighthearted way, not a creepy objectification way. "I win!"

“No,” Flan whined, pouting. “That wasn’t fair! You cheated! It doesn’t count!” Just like every other small child, it was clear that Flan wanted the victory for herself. “You cheated! You cheated!”

Sveena could not help but giggle. Flandre was just too cute sometimes. "Okay, we can play again then! This time I'll hide!" the Enclavian offered, playfully poking the child's nose.

Flandre wasted no time as she immediately covered her face with her hands. “One,” she began. “Two, three, four....”

Sveena giggled for a moment, before simply poofing away. Of course, she would still be on the island, but teleportation gave one plenty of time to find a good hiding spot. Considering this was Sveena though, it was likely not the best hiding spot.


“... 98... 99... 100! Ready or not, here I come!”

Flandre’s wings beated to life as she began to ascend into the skies, getting a better vantage point above the various land deformation that would have otherwise obscured her vision. Once the little vampire was well above the canopies of the dead tree tops, she began to flutter about, slowly circling the island for Sveena’s possible whereabouts. “Come out, come out wherever you are,” the vampire would sing as she scoured the landscape below.

It didn’t take Flandre long before she discovered the Enclavian hiding in the small, ceilingless shower booth, peeking out from behind its curtain. With a look of excitement in her eyes, Flandre yelled, “Found you!” In hindsight, it would have perhaps been wiser to keep silent, but Flan was one to honor rules to any game, especially since it was the rules that kept her from harming others, which in turn allowed her to play them more. After announcing Sveena’s detection, Flandre dove downwards like a bird of prey after a mouse that it had discovered, hands outstretched, ready to tackle.

Sveena let out a gasp and booked it out of the shower, heading in Seio's general direction. "You'll never catch me!" the Enclavian shouted.

“Oh yeah,” Flandre challenged as her wings almost seemed to vibrate like those of a humming bird, full of life and energy. “I bet I can catch you! Just watch!” The increase in speed was gradual, but there was a genuine and noticeable acceleration in Flan’s flight.

It was lucky that the two were so close to the giant mattress Sveena and friends slept on. The Enclavian jumped onto the bed itself, but tripped and rolled, quickly bringing her speed down to zero. This caused Flandre to ram into Sveena, sending the two flying and crashing into a tree. Luckily for Flan, she had Sveena to cushion the crash between her and the spire of a tree that jutted out of the ground, not unlike the teeth of some savage beast.

”I win,” Flandre sang triumphantly. “I win! I win! I win! I win!”

"Owwwww," Sveena whined quietly, a paw-hand reaching to her bleeding back as she slumped on the ground.

Flandre, so enveloped with joy of triumph, failed to notice Sveena’s unfortunate condition, and continued to bray with victory. It took her a moment or two before noticing Sveena’s bleeding. Though she was a vampire, and a young one at that, she was well accustomed to the knowledge that humans (or anything, really) were not supposed to bleed by default. Curious, she asked, “What happened?”

"You knocked me into that tree!" Sveena said tersely, sucking in a bit of air through her teeth as she healed the wounds. Though, even with her back repairing itself, the blood was still there. "That really hurt.."

Now was when Flandre began to process that she may have done something wrong. “... Are you okay,” she asked gently, completely unsure of what to say or what to do.

'Are you okay' had become one of Sveena's catchphrases at this point, and she realized how Flandre might be feeling right now. After all, Sveena had accidentally hurt her own friends as well in the past. "I.. I think so," Sveena answered, wiping at the blood with her hand, which only caused it to get stuck in her hand's fur.

In the close distance, Seio stirred, groaning as it lifted its decayed head in the general direction of the noise.

Most would certainly be distressed at the sight of Seio’s terrifying appearance, yet Flandre was undeterred. After all, the house hold pet was a bony, malformed chupacabra. Seio was almost tame by comparison, appearance wise. “What’s that,” the vampire asked, her hand creeping forward as if to pet Seio.

"Hu- Oh, that's Seio," Sveena answered, getting to her feet, "He's a really good friend. Did we wake you up?"

Mmph..” Seio yawned, as the penguin it was babysitting began to awake as well, letting out a little bird yawn as it stretched its wings.

"Birveena!" Sveena gasped, hurriedly tapping Flandre's shoulder, "You have to meet Birveena! He's so cute!" Immediately, the Enclavian rushed over to scoop the baby penguin up into her arms with a joyful, "Mommy's home!"

Flandre looked down at the Eudyptes Omnicidus specimen before her. The glowing eyes and serrated, blade-like teeth immediately stood out to the vampire, indicating its status as a carnivore. The way it looked like something outlandish, as if it jumped right out of an alien planet, combined with its vicious appearance immediately made Flandre think of, of all things, food.

”... Is it for eating,” she asked immediately, remembering that, prior to being locked away in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia would dine on but the most exotic of meats.

"What? No!" Sveena laughed, snuggling Birveena close to her chest, "He's my baby!"

Flandre gave Sveena a quizzical look, but understood the principle behind Sveena’s logic. She backed away slightly from the monsterous predatory penguin, recognizing it as somebody else’s pet. She guessed that from the teeth, asking whether or not “it was friendly” was out of the question, as she knew that “mean animals” had sharp teeth that were used for biting.

"He's super sweet too! Who's mommy's favorite baby bird? You are!" Sveena cooed lovingly as she Eskimo kissed the penguin's beak.

The penguin let out a coo, closing its eyes in delight as it ruffled its slick feathers. The baby bird pushed its beak up against Sveena’s cheek lightly, extremely happy to be back in the care of its mother.

Curiosity getting the better of her, the little vampiress stuck out one of her chubby hands, as if reaching for the monsterous hatchling of an avian. “Does he bite,” the little vampire asked curiously.

"When he's grumpy, he does sometimes," Sveena answered, turning her little penguin around and cuddling him from behind, "Look! This is Flandre, she's really nice."

The Penguin seemed hesitant, before fluffing up its feathers and growling ever so quietly. This person was new, and could be dangerous to both the bird or its mother.

Startled by the killer penguin’s flaring (a sign of aggression), the little vampire shrieked as she stumbled backwards, her wings flapping aggressively. The jingling of her crystals were akin to the chimes and crashes of the percussion in a band. “He’s gonna bite,” she whined. “He’s gonna bite!”

Startled in response to Flandre, Birveena began to squawk loudly and flap its wings wildly, squirming in Sveena’s grasp.

"Birveena, no. It's okay, it's okay," Sveena said softly, ensuring she had a firm, but not tight, grasp on the penguin in one arm as she kissed the top of its head, "It's okay, Birveena. Mommy's here.." The Enclavian reached towards Flandre with her other hand, palm facing up.

Unfamiliar with the provided gesture, the little vampiress was unsure of what course of action was required. Thusly, she only responded by aping the gesture, reaching out with her own palm facing up. Sveena gently took Flan's hand, turning it and guiding it back towards the penguin. "He won't bite, I promise," Sveena assured. She hoped that with her hand beside the vampire's, it would help to earn Flandre the bird's trust. If not, she doubted the penguin would risk biting its mother's hand anyway.

The penguin’s incessant flailing had calmed to a mere shallow hiss as Flandre’s hand grew nearer, the feathers on the back of its head slowly rising. While Sveena’s hand reassured it some, it still seemed agitated by the stranger reaching their hand out.

“He’s gonna bite,” Flandre whined as she jerked her chubby little hand backwards. “He’s gonna bite! He’s gonna bite!”

"Flandre, I promise he will not bite," the Enclavian swore, giving Birveena a quick, stern glance as if silently saying, "You better not."

The penguin closed its jaws, reeling its head back, trying to avoid the hand.

"Hmph... Hmm.." Sveena thought for a moment before quietly gasping. She turned Birveena around so he was facing her chest, giving him a quick peck on the top of his head before gently petting him. She then gestured her head down at the penguin to Flandre. If there's one thing that the Enclavian knew for sure about her little baby bird, it was that he loved her chest.

Flandre balled her hand up into a fist, careful to not accidentally cause Birveena to spontaneously combust, save for her index finger, which was still extended. Gently, as though he were made of glass, Flandre began to lower her finger down to the carnivorous semi-aquatic avian.

The Penguin did nothing, its face smooshed into the Enclavian's bosom, enjoying its caretaker's warmth. "See?" Sveena said softly.

”…There’s the little troublemaker.”

Distracted by Birveena’s down-covered, fuzzy head, the shrill wail of an opening gap went relatively unnoticed by the crowd. Tapping her foot impatiently was Patchouli Knowledge, and Yukari Yakumo was at her side. Even though Remilia herself was nowhere to be seen, it was more than likely the snobbish, bratty vampire overlord turned to Patchouli for help.

”Sneaking off as usual, I see.” The duo advanced with an eerie atmosphere above their heads, and a few puppeteered fairy dolls materialized from the gap as well, bearing down on the little vampire.

Flandre’s heart sank, recognizing the less than impressed frown that the youkai magician wore. “I’m scared,” she whimpered.

Sveena looked down at Flandre for a moment before resting a hand on her head and giving her a motherly, "It's okay. Nothing bad's gonna happen," before looking up at Yukari and Patchouli, "I'm sorry, Yukari, I still can't give you Flandre."

Yukari smiled cruelly at Sveena’s response. “I’m well aware of that, dear. And that’s why I’m not here to ask for her. I’m taking her, one way or another. Drizzle! Dispose of the animals! Bring the vampire to me alive!"

Drizzle the fairy fluttered forth, her cornflower-blue dress beautiful, and her sapphire-colored eyes glistening like rain drops. She cracked her knuckles as her butterfly wings opened back and forth, like a revolving door. "Of course, mistress. I'll make sure there's nothing left when I'm done with them!"

Yukari grinned evilly as she took a step backwards, fearing the thing that was rekindling inside her.

It took Sveena a moment to realize what Yukari had probably meant by 'animals', as the Enclavian held herself, Flandre, Seio, and Birveena to similar levels of respect. She knew that, even with this threat against those she cared about, she needed to have some semblance of calm. Yukari's presence actually seemed to help with that, even if the boundary youkai simultaneously put Sveena on edge. Maybe it was some sort of nostalgia, or perhaps because befriending Yukari was one of Sveena's bigger goals.

"You don't have to do this," Sveena said to both Drizzle and Yukari, stepping forwards in front of Flandre, keeping a hand on the little vampire, "I know it isn't easy to be nice after doing bad things. After I hurt all those people, I felt horrible. But... I.. Forgave myself, because I had friends that could forgive me too... And I forgive you." That last part was obviously intended more towards Yukari.

For a moment, Yukari stood in silence. Sveena's abilities of Passive Empathy were getting the better of her as the youkai began to remember older times. Happier times. The times she spent not as the fearsome old youkai of boundaries, but rather as-

"Snap out of it! We have a plan that needs attending!"

Drizzle and Patchouli both snapped their fingers in Yukari's face, bringing her back to the present. Back to her power. Back to the plan.

"Of course," Yukari agreed, still half dazed. "I'm placing a lot of trust in you, Drizzle. Bring me the vampire, or there will be consequences, both of you." She gave dangerous glances at both Drizzle and Sveena, as if to indicate who her threat was directed at.

As the boundary youkai summoned a gap to retreat to, Drizzle gave Yukari a cheeky, mischevious smile. "Don't you worry, miss! I'll make sure I won't leave until that vampire is mine!"

And with that, both Yukari and Patchouli disappeared, leaving behind Drizzle the fairy to attend to Sveena.

"Hmm.. I wonder why Yukari doesn't wanna take Flandre herself," Sveena thought aloud. Maybe she was just really busy? Was she sleepy? Yukari did seem a little out of it. Either way, the Enclavian needed to focus on the situation at hand. Who knows what this 'Drizzle' was capable of.

Luckily for Sveena, Drizzle didn't seem to be in the mood for combat.
"A breath of fresh air, at last!" The fairy inhaled deeply, and exhaled.

"... Huh?" Sveena gave the fairy a confused look as she tilted her head to the side.

"Oh, you must have no idea how... demoralizing it must be to be called 'just a fairy' by nearly everyone! Finally, I have a second or two to be away from that horrible old hag!"

Drizzle fluttered up to eye-level for Sveena as she introduced herseld. "I'm Drizzle the fairy! Double agent of the Yakumo household, and servant to nobody but the great, rightful God Yami; Father of technology, master of humankind, and the true king of the youkai!"

"I'm Sveena," the Enclavian introduced simply. She wasn't so grandiose as Drizzle to spout titles and drop names during an introduction. "So... You're not gonna take Flandre?"

Drizzle chuckled at Sveena's question. "Why, I have no use for her," she explained. "But if I am to help you, then yes. She may be of use. We'll need for Yakumo to think she won, to think she's in control, before we can… 'help' her." Drizzle chose her words carefully before the warp goddess.

"What do you mean?" Sveena inquired, relieved that there would be no violence, and that this Drizzle was interested in helping Yukari just as she.

Drizzle gave some thought into her next statement before clarifying, "Why, her position as the ruler of Youkai is poisoning her, and had turned her into the cruel monster that tortures us now. If we can topple her from this position, and return the rightful God Yami to his throne, then I guarantee that you can help your Youkai 'friend' come to her senses."

Sveena let out a surprised gasp, "Really!? Well- How do we topple her? What is topple?"

Drizzle laughed almost maniacally at Sveena's question. "That's not important. What you need to know is that to 'save' your Youkai, we're going to need to let Yukari 'win,' and to do that, I'm going to need to take her with me." Drizzle stuck out a hand. "What do you say?"

Sveena's smile shrank. "Isn't there a way where we.. Don't have to do that?" She asked. She had bonded with the little vampire in their short time together, and was very reluctant to let someone else, especially a stranger, watch over Flandre.

Drizzle shook her head. "There is no other way," she explained. "But don't worry! Lord Yami knows every Youkai by heart. He, and therefore I, will make sure that little Flandre recieves the care she needs."

Flandre clung to Sveena's arm tightly, careful not to close her fist completely. She didn't want to leave behind one of the few friends she had.

The Enclavian's maternal instincts were on high alert as her hand gently patted Flandre's head. "... Can I meet Yami first?" Sveena asked.

Drizzle shook her head solemnly. "The evil goddess Amaterasu had him sealed away for trying to help us Youkai live in the mortal realm as equals to humans. He's locked behind a hundred or so barriers and dimensions. That's why we need to let Yukari win first; she plans to break these seals and awaken the rightful God." Of course, the story sounded cliché, but it was the truth… mostly, at any rate.

"Mmf... But isn't making Yukari think she's winning when she's really not, lying in a way?" Sveena clearly was not a fan of deception, and was very much not a fan of letting go of Flandre.

"The longer she schemes," Drizzle explained, "the longer Yukari stays as this evil, awful demon. We're going to need to reawaken Yami if you want to save this youkai. And, if you're still not convinced, Amaterasu herself is on the rise. She already allied herself with the violent Reimu Hakurei. Someone who killed an innocent man and his wife, as well as their seven children. If Yami doesn't return, these two are coming… for all of us. You. Me. Flandre. Your pet bird. Everyone."

Drizzle looked down at Birveena, as if to clarify and emphasize the "everyone" part.

Sveena seemed absolutely mortified at the thought. Her friends... Her children... She bit her lower lip, mulling over the plan and this new information. "... So.. If I give you Flandre.. What happens? Like, everything."

Drizzle stared down at Flandre, as she clarified, "Well, I think I return to Yukari and show her that I retrieved Flandre, exactly as she wanted. Then, we'll take her back to the mansion so that she can 'say her goodbyes' to her sister. And after that, we're going to let Yukari… do what she needs to do with the vampire. And finally, when she's all done, we'll send her back to you." Drizzle already had Flandre by the wrist, ready to leave. "Deal?"

In a small flash of green light, Flandre was teleported safely to Sveena's other side, where the Enclavian had a firm, but not tight, grip on the little vampire's shoulder. "What if Yukari wants to weaponize Flandre? Or worse?" She asked, not entirely certain what 'weaponize' meant, but it sounded bad, "I'm not letting Flandre get hurt. I love her."

Drizzle fluttered over to Sveena's other side to come eye-to-eye with Flandre. "Listen, Flan," Drizzle whispered. "You think you're lonely when, in truth, lots of people want to have you by them! You have Yukari. You have me. You have our all-father Yami. Only your sister fears you, because she knows you're better than her. Wouldn't you love to get back at her? Give her a piece of your mind?"

Flandre promptly shook her head. "I don't wanna," she insisted. "I love Remi, and it's not okay to hurt people!"

"That's right, Flandre," Sveena agreed with a bit of motherly pride, teleporting Drizzle a comfortable few feet away. "I'll figure out my own way to help Yukari, a way where Flandre doesn't get hurt and I don't have to lie about anything. She doesn't want to go with you, I'm sorry." Flandre might as well have come out of Sveena's womb with how protective the Enclavian seemed of the vampire.

Drizzle's smile completely disappeared as she spoke with more urgency. "If I don't come back with her, Yukari will know i failed. She promised to hurt me in ways unimaginable. Amaterasu and Reimu will succeed and kill anyone who steps out of line, you included. And worse still, it won't take long until Remilia finds out about her missing sister. She'll want to have her back, and unlike me, will resort to violence and foul play just to have her way."

Sveena looked at Drizzle for a moment, her expression softening as she stepped towards the fairy. "I won't let Yukari hurt you.. And I won't let Reimu kill you. We can be friends, and you can stay here."

Drizzle gave the warp around her a gander, absorbing her surroundings. To stay here for the rest of eternity. A place so barren of conflict and devoid of problems. (Sveena's portion, at any rate.)

"… Remilia would have it no other way," the fairy announced solemnly. "She can manipulate fate, and the clingy, possessive Vampire overlord will demand to have Flandre, one way or another. Giving the younger Scarlet to me is the most peaceful way to resolve such a problem."

"Remilia will be mad at me. I'm the one that took Flandre," Sveena said, reaching out to Drizzle, "And I'll handle it. Right now though, you can stay here, safe. There's a comfy bed, a shower, a pool, I can get other stuff too, and you won't be hungry.." She listed off a few of the perks of living on her island, hoping to reassure Drizzle that everything will be okay should she decide to accept the Enclavian's offer.

"So it seems there is no convincing you otherwise," Drizzle concluded. "Not that that's wrong, of course. Flandre Scarlet is not somebody who I would be willing to give up so easily myself. But isn't it inhumane to leave the subject of our conversation out of this?"

Drizzle turned to Flandre once more. "Perhaps you should be the one to decide, Flandre. Do you go with me, or stay with her?"

Sveena looked at the little vampire with a warm smile. A part of the Enclavian feared that Flandre would change her mind and decide to go with Drizzle, but she could not deny it if that is truly what Flandre would want.

For Flandre, the choice was obvious. She opened her mouth to say something. To say that she would much rather stay with Sveena than go.

And that was when the Youkai God Yami began to show Flandre… something else. Something she would have preferred not to see. Flandre found herself quickly transported to Marisa, Sveena, Meiling: some of the few friends she had. Their guts were torn open, and their entrails spilled across the sands of Egypt. Above them were the Omūkade, Yamata no Orochi, and a number of other larger, scarier Youkai. And dominating it all? Yukari Yakumo cackled wickedly as violet strings grew out of her fingers and into the other Youkai.

"Mari!" Flan wailed as she rushed over to her friend's side, only to be grabbed by the collar. After a quick choke, Flandre whirled around to come face to face with the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, golden Youkai blood tattering her red-and-white dress.

"Filthy Youkai fiend!" she roared as she threw Flan like a rag doll. Flandre screamed as she fell. Down she went, until the color disappeared from the background, followed soon by their shapes, until nothing remained.

Absolutely nothing.

And in the darkness, Flandre wept and cowered, stuck in an eternity of cramped, crumpled isolation. That is, until a soothing voice beckoned her forward.

"Flandre, dear. Where ever were you?"

It was none other than the voice of her sister, Remilia. "Don't cry. Everything's fine, now that I've got you. Now, why don't you give sister a big old hug?"

Delighted for comfort in this barren void, Flan lifted her head to the direction of her sister's voice, only to shriek as she doubled back in fear.

Her face melting, and facial openings oozing a tar-like substance, Remilia smiled as she gurgled, "What's the matter? You don't miss your dear older sister?"

"G-go away, you big stupid monster!" In an attempt to defend herself from the horrible melting imitation of her sister, Flandre closed her fist at the direction of Taremilia, causing the mirage to explode into night-black eels who preceded to scream and screech before collecting into a black planetoid with red lines running across its surface.

L͖̳͢I̩̣̺̗̯T̘͚̺̹͈͓̜Ṱ̡̝L̷̹̕E̢̧͕̗̺ ̵̰Y̨̖̟̭O̴͔̘̺͓̱̘̣ͅỤ́͡K͏̶̛̟̗̲̘̱̱A̸̸̧̲͙͕͎̟̮I̵̶̡̜͖̪̖̜͈,̤͓̮ ̴̨͚͖̝͙̕L̶͙̹̺̞͉̰̻͜Ḭ̢̫͡T̯̤͉͓̫̮̖̬̯̀́T̤͎̺̬̮̫͟L͎̜E̢̯͟ ̵̡͉̼̟̙̫͙̟Y̰̦̪̣̥͜͜ͅO͏̸̢͇̗Ú̥͇͠ͅK̛̦͖̖͚͇ͅA̩̙̕I͝͏̸̯.̛̯͕͎͚̀ The thunderous bellows of the Youkai God echoed in the darkness. D̛͏͉̹̼͈̲̤O̡̳͙̪̹͠ ͓͖̀Y̡͉͉̪͔̰̖̱͖͝O̱̣͔ͅU̴͈̱̤̜̱͙̺̤͝ ͔̲̪͙͈̙̦͠F͞҉̷̩͎̣̲͍͈E̬̻A͉̠̖̮̞̯̝͢͞Ṟ̵͜ ҉̻W̪͎̟̗͉͇H̤̹̥̘̮̘̖͕͓A̢̹͜T̰̤͉̤͈͜͡ ̵͕̟̙̲̠̝̣͞Y҉͏͈̰̣̲͎͎O̶̷̤̲͔̠̙̹̝͔U̶̮͔̞̯̰̣̼̮͈͢ ̹̱̠͎͕͉́S̴̤̲̼͘É̮̪̬̪̦̼̀E̸̢̦̱̺͉̺?̨͖̪͓̬͟ ͖̖͘̕T̸̡̹͔͕H͎̤̟̲̼E̘̦̫̩̘̟̫͕ ͇̮P͏̜̠̙̠̮A͜͏̥͙̼̠I̢̗̻̬̭͕N̙̦̯̥̦̮̻̫̠͞?̀͏̺̯̯̖̻͍ ҉̩͕̮̜̭̰̭̠ͅT̡̟͈̮̕ͅH̲̭̜͕̺̭͢E̡̞̞̻̲͚͇͟ ̵͖͎͍͓͝͞A̙̝̱̳̤G҉̞̤̲O̶̧̼̳̮͞ͅN̵̦̹͚Y҉̶͖̠̞̳̱̗?̵͖̩͎̲̲͔͓͖͢ ̟̖̩̦ͅT̻̤͎͈͞H̢̢̖͙͓̬͉͔͙̀ͅĘ̤̝̹͠ ̶̺̼Ş̖̫̦̟̦̟̫̙̞̕͠M̷̧̛̤̤̤̩̙͍Á̵̦̖͚̪͈͟L̢̜͇̤̖͚̜̱L̷̗̭͉̪̠̦̪̺ ̡̰͈̪̦̠̮̝͢͝ͅF̬̤̩̫R̶͕͚̭͉̪̼̺̫̼A̴̫̫̝̱͟G̶̡͙̩̦̟͙̣M̰̲̳E̛͈̗N̵̻̦͈̭̲̠T̼̟͠ ̧͉͚͉̘̳̣O͏̡͚͎̗̙F̞̜̦͢͞ ̵̧̰̱͔͈̩͠W̮͖̠̱͈͈̺ͅH̴̤͉̫͉̥͚̮̲͘A̖̬̬̼̯̫͎̳̰͡T̸̛̥͓̗ ̡͡͏͓͙̫͍̬̮I̵̶̪S̹͔̞̣̙ ̨̮̮̻̜̫̳̱̺T̯̣͖̕O̶̱͠ ̢̩͔̦͔̼̰͢C̴҉̛̭̘Ó̻̣̯̖̲̮͇̮M̺̝̖̩̲̤͡͝E̴͚̭̠̟̮̟͚͞?̱̦͉́̀͞

"No! Go away!" Flandre turned her back to the youkai god, dreading what it might have in store for her.

Y̵̳̪̤̗̟̮͘O͡҉̢͙̙̻͔͈U͉̻̤͕͈͈̗͝͠ ̭̹C̜͔̖A̬̝N̙̖̬̫͙͉̰̰͡N̟̲̳̮̭͖͕̹͝O̸̦̦͟T̺̜͕̰͚̖̼̮́͞ͅ ̦̝̬̻̱͠H̶̡͎I̛̥̼͔̟̗̹̜̱D̦̥̦̘̙̭̻͟ͅḚ͝ ̷̷͏̳͔̘F̧҉͈͔̭R̶҉͙̳̪͔͇͜O͙̜͙͟͠ͅͅM̗̺̮ ̧̛̳͖̞̙̺̬́M͏̨̖̙̖̭͕̠E̟͍̹̬ͅ.͏̛̖̀ ̙̪I̼̮̫̲̪͉͔̠͠ ̠̖̻̬̀S͎͇͘E̡̬͔̮̙͓̬̱ͅĘ̱ ̟̰̜͈̰À̖̪͢͢L͜͏̭̣̻̲̣͔L̢̢̛͙̠̟.̵̡̻̲͖͙ ̴̵̧̗̰̦̠͔͎ͅY̝̖̤̖̪̫̻̭̕O̴͇͇̮̙̘͡Ư̥͉̠͈̼͢ͅR̵̥͠ ̨̼͉͙̝͔̲̯̀G̡͏̡͖̻̥̦̤͖͖R̻̹̝̞͈̲̳͔E̴̛̙͜A̵̭͎̺̝̙̗̕T͈̪̳͘ͅE͔̜̠͍͓̳̻̙̫S̸̨̳̙̥̯̖ͅT̩̹̹̪̝̤͚̠͈͢͝ ̮̳̲̺̻͞͡P̪̰A̱̹̬̱̝̳̯I͕N͈̻̺̣̱̗̲͡S̡̩̪͔͉̟̖.̧̹͓̼̙̘́ ̨̧̣̯̠͢Y̡̪̞͕͓̬̩̯̹̞O͓̪͔̩̕͜U͟ͅR̷̢̺͡ ̨͈͉̲͕͕̪̞ͅḐ͓̺͖̻͟Á͔͕̘R̴͔̥̕K̰̼̼̯͟E̥̣͙̯̝͝S̖͕̀͝T͓̬͙̙͝͝ ̶̷̯͎͉̯̳S҉͏̝͕Ȩ̱C҉͓̞̬̜̟̫Ṛ̮̣̮É̢̯̙͇̳͚͔̤T͏̹͕͖̱̳̖̬̀S̸͕̞̻̖̲̠̞.̣̯ ͙̙̳̫̰̞̤̥Ý̮̗͕O͖̹͍̮U̺̦Ŗ̶͙̭̖̯͢ ̤̗̞͎̱̕̕W͝͏̙̘̼O̴̡̰̖̲̻̲̦̮̫̘͠Ŕ̙̺̖S̴̮̬͇͓̦̪͈̻̲̀T̕͏̖̥͓̜̗͍̹̱̕ ͎̣O͎̤ͅF̧̘̤̳̬̲̻̟͘ ̷͘͏̙̲̠̣̜F͉̹̹̜͔͘͝E̷̮̺̹̤̤Á̷̹̠͠R̶͎̝̹̱̳̩͎͇̙͘S̡͚̠͇.̷̲̹̝̠̩̫̣

”No!” Flandre ducked into a tiny little ball, covering her head with her arms, assuming a fetal position of fear.

That is, until she felt a hand grasp her shoulder, long fingernails digging into her.. It was a familiar hand; the same one that had slapped her across the face earlier.

“Oh, Flan,” Remilia soothed. “Don’t be shy. Look! Sister’s here for you? Stop hiding and look up at your dear big sister.”

Slowly, Flandre did as told, and shrieked in utter fear once she eventually saw the monster that gazed back at her. Remilia’s eyes were but sockets, which cried tears of inky, sticky black tar. Her mouth did the same, only this gaping chasm was filled with long, decaying teeth. Rows upon rows of sponge-like, brown chelicerae lined her throat not unlike that of the Leatherback Sea Turtle.

”What’s the matter? Don’t like what you see?” The twisted Remilia twisted her misshapen face into a disgusting smile, as inky black hands snaked their way out of her mouth to cup Flandre’s cheeks. “You have a beautiful face, Flan. Why don’t you use it to smile?”

Terrified, the little vampire strained and struggled in this mirage’s grasp. “Let go,” she wailed as she tried to jerk herself free of the mind trick’s grasp. “Remilia,” however, lifted a single finger to her mouth as she hushed at Flandre, as if to soothe her. A melting, waxy, rubbery finger, that is.

”Hush, Flan. There is no need to cry. Now, why don’t you smile for me? I’ll be very, very disappointed if you don’t smile....”

The mirage choked tar onto Flandre as she gurgled and sputtered, dousing Flandre in the disgusting, adhesive substance. With a shriek of terror, Flandre screamed again, “No!”

“Remilia” demanded once more, in a more stern tone, “Smile, Flandre. You’re the only one who’s unhappy. Forget everything, and smile. Then you can be happy. Happy like me. Happy like us.”

The black hands that held Flandre’s cheeks now viciously tore at her mouth, pulling them up and apart to force a smile on her face, applying more and more pressure the longer they held Flandre in a smile, inducing intolerable amounts of pain onto the little blood-sucker.

”Be happy, Flan. Be happy, so you can join us. Join us. Join us. Join us.” With Flandre firmly in her grasp, “Remilia” began to take menacing steps forward, as a dim, sickly yellow light began to slowly dominate the empty chasm, revealing nothing but fire, turmoil, and... people. Sick people. Tortured people. Demonic people. Slowly, Satori became visible to “Remilia’s” right, gazing up at Flan from the noose at which she was hung on. To her left, Utsuho stood with a hole where her chest should have been. The more the light shown, the more dead people seemed to arise, some of whom Flandre never recognized, including Takumi, reduced to bones that were picked clean of flesh. Mercy, a stake protruding from her. Even people who were yet to perish; Marisa with her stomach chewed open. Sveena holding her severed head. And all were bleeding the same black tar from any openings in their face, and cavities from when they were “killed.”

”Join us,” they chanted. “Join us. Join us. Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! J̟̣͞O̜̹̥͓̰͓I̵̪̦͍̣̬̯N̠̺̣̻̘͜ ̶̞̥́̕U҉̶̬̲͚̘Ś͚͘!̜͓̪͎̬̟͞J̟̣͞O̜̹̥͓̰͓I̵̪̦͍̣̬̯N̠̺̣̻̘͜ ̶̞̥́̕U҉̶̬̲͚̘Ś͚͘!̜͓̪͎̬̟͞J̟̣͞O̜̹̥͓̰͓I̵̪̦͍̣̬̯N̠̺̣̻̘͜ ̶̞̥́̕U҉̶̬̲͚̘Ś͚͘!̜͓̪͎̬̟͞J̟̣͞O̜̹̥͓̰͓I̵̪̦͍̣̬̯N̠̺̣̻̘͜ ̶̞̥́̕U҉̶̬̲͚̘Ś͚͘!̜͓̪͎̬̟͞J̟̣͞O̜̹̥͓̰͓I̵̪̦͍̣̬̯N̠̺̣̻̘͜ ̶̞̥́̕U҉̶̬̲͚̘Ś͚͘!̜͓̪͎̬̟͞

And finally, pushed to the breaking point, Flandre screamed a blood-curdling cry, one that could bring anyone with any ounce of empathy or kindness to their knees, before collapsing on the ground, permanately scarred in a mental sense from what the youkai god Yami had showed her.

As Flandre fell, Drizzle lost her composure as she let out a maniacal laughter of glee. Seeing the poor vampiress suffer and be tortured gave her feelings of unimaginable joy, lifting the little fairy’s heart. “And so it seems,” she choked out in between laughs to Sveena, “that the rightful King of the Youkai has shown this vampire what is to happen should she fail to join our noble cause!”

Sveena, who had initially fretted over Flandre, sobbing and trying to figure out what was wrong, turned her head around to look at Drizzle. She didn't know what was going on, but she knew one thing.

Somehow, someway, Drizzle hurt her little Flandre.

In a flash of green light, the cheeky fairy's mouth was gone, leaving a blank area where it once was. The brat's laughter and sadistic sneers at Flandre's expense pushed things too far.

The skies above them crackled with lightning, manifested from Sveena's fury. The God's anger was like a beacon visible across a significant portion of the Warp.

Winds akin to a hurricane blew through the area, ye to left the terrain, Sveena, Flandre.. Actually everyone that was not Drizzle unaffected. These were not physical winds of course, but the essence of the Warp itself, and carried with them every drop of pain Sveena had ever witnessed, all rushing towards a single point.


Carried with the wind was the slow, agonizing pain of an untreated infection, as well as the dread that came with it. The pain of being shot in the chest. The pain of being shot in the arm. The pain of having a leg ripped apart by a rabid dog. The pain of war, and seeing one's comrades die around them before taking a shot to the gut and left to die alone.

There were many more pains to be inflicted, and with them also came the Enclavian's own. Such as the pain of falling in love with someone who promised everything she could ever hope for, only to commit suicide upon their betrayal. The pain of seeing herself die, and knowing she was merely a replacement whose only purpose was to make others happy. The pain of failing her reason for existing time and time again. The pain of feeling selfish when she struggled against being raped, as well as the vile act itself. The pain of the lingering thoughts that tortured her after every horrible misfortune.

And most recently, the pain of seeing one she almost considered her child crying.

It was not a physical attack. Sveena had sworn off such a thing. However, that did not mean she could not show Drizzle the pain so many felt, force the fairy to experience every horrible minute of hundreds of agonizing events within one. When the seemingly never ending visions halted, Sveena was there, glaring at the fairy.

Luckily, Drizzle’s laughter had died as soon as her mouth was sealed. The fairy had but a moment to pause in shock before an relentless, merciless wall of all different kinds of agony tormented and assailed the hapless sociopath of a fairy. In shock, Drizzle’s wings faltered as she instantaneously face planted into the ground, rolling around in pure agony. When the torturous assault finally ceased, Drizzle lay, eyes shaped shut as tears ran down her mouth less face. Yet her eyebrows were tilted up into an emotion of not pain. Was Drizzle... laughing? Her jawline opened and shut repeatedly, as though she were saying something through her now nonexistent maw.

Sveena returned the fairy's mouth, folding her arms as she stared down at Drizzle.

“That’s it!” The fairy cackled maniacally, clutching her chest in pain of both the tortures that Sveena inflicted, and from laughing too hard. “You want to inflict pain on me! That’s it! Go on!”

Sveena narrowed her eyes in mild disgust. "You're right. I do want to hurt you," She stated, her fists slowly clenching and relaxing, "I would like it a lot too. I've wanted to hurt people for awhile, because it feels so good.... But I haven't... And I won't." The Enclavian's sadistic desires had never left her. That was a part of her she would never be rid of. She simply refused to indulge herself all this time.

Drizzle’s smile never left her face, however, as she continued to gloat. “Too bad it won’t save little Flandre, would it now? A bit too late for that, won’t you say?” Drizzle roared with sociopathic glee as she chanted, “You failed! You failed! You failed! You failed!”

Sveena clenched her teeth, taking in a sharp breath. She wanted to hurt Drizzle so badly... But... She knew she just needed time to forgive the evil fairy. Hurting her would do nothing good. "You're. Still. Not. Getting. Flandre," She spat. With that, the fairy was gone in a flash of green, as Sveena had sent her to Yukari.

Sveena had more important things to do than deal with maniacal fairies, such a son tending to Flandre. The Enclavian shuddered as she knelt down by the tormented vampire, her hands hovering over Flandre for a moment before gently resting on the little girl's arm.

But the damage was dealt. Flandre still lay curled up, recovering from the horrible mental torment that was Yami’s doing. "Oh Flan.." Sveena managed to spurt out before slowly scooping poor Flandre into her arms, holding the vampire almost like a baby as she sat cross-legged, "It's.. It's gonna be okay... I'm... Mommy's here..." Her soft, fuzzy hand gently caressed Flandre's hair as the Enclavian brought her head down and kissed the child's forehead.


“Tea, just as you like it, mistress.”

Sakuya bowed as she offered the vampire countess her beverage of choice, as per request.

Without thanks, Remilia quickly snatched up the drink, and scarfed everything down as fast as she could. Yet she couldn’t feel the same delight as she had on happier times. With a sigh, she half-heartedly chucked the empty chalice at her diligent maid, promptly smashing to fine china pieces against her head.

”... It’s not the same,” Remilia sighed as she lowered her head to her small table, overlooking the rose garden. “Something’s... amiss.”

”What do you suppose it may be,” the maid inquired as she quickly gathered the shattered fragments of china in a dustpan.

”Sakuya, ever since I told Flan off, I can’t help but feel... empty. As if there’s something’s there’s ought to be done.”

“I’m but a maid, and it’s undutiful of me to step out of line, and the consequences are severe. But, with all due respect, might I make a suggestion?” The perfect, elegant maid carefully disposed of the shards of china that were a teacup. “Perhaps you feel remorse of what you did to little miss Flan. I certainly know I did when I carried her off to the basement, as per your request. Perhaps it may be in your best interest to apologize, mistress?”

A powerful vampire overlord, Remilia’s reputation was founded on fear, and her charisma was known to all. And as far as she was concerned, she enjoyed this status of a frightful, all-commanding vampire countess. Any sign of weakness, any sign of an emotion akin to sympathy, and all that fear would be shattered.

And yet, her heart ached for something else. It cried out to the vampire. It demanded for her to take her vampiric rear end, go down to the basement, and give her sister a hug. To take her outside to play. To be the older sister that Flandre needed.

Conflicted, Remilia slumped in her glazed iron chair, weighing her values and considering her options. At last, her desires of both Flan’s love and societal respect found equal footing, as the vampire countess made her mind.

”Lock every door,” she ordered. “Seal the windows. Make sure nobody sees or hears me going down to the basement. I’m... going to do something I should have done long, long ago.”

“As you wish, mistress.” In the blink of an eye, the mansion’s doors were double-locked, every window opening was sealed tightly in industrial-grade silicone, and every curtain was sewn shut, effectively shutting the mansion down in lockdown,

Now in absolute privacy, save for her faithful maid Sakuya (who might as well have not existed), Remilia pushed herself up and slowly dragged herself across rows of halls, a number of stairs, and finally to the basement’s double doors. The seals, charms, chains, bolts, laser-barred sensors, and other ludicrous and over-the-top security measures seemed to glisten and glow with a foreboding scarlet.

The vampiress sighed as she promptly deactivated every security measure, before clenching her hand into a fist as she gently dribbled on the basement doors. “... Flan? It’s me, Remi. I... want to talk.”

No response.

”I’m here to say I’m sorry,” the vampire tried again. “Please, just open the door....”

Again, no response.

Already, the bratty vampiress began to lose her patience. She pounded on the door with a tighter fist, and her voice was more stern. “Flan, I’m giving you a chance to make up with me. It’s a rare opportunity, so I suggest you take it.”

For a third time, silence.

Her temper reaching the limit, Remilia balled her hand into a fist as she began to pound on the basement doors, yelling, “Flandre Scarlet! You will open the door now!”

Yet again, silence.

Her temper pushed to the limit, Remilia lifted both hands above her head as she willed her energy spear into both fists. ”OPEN! THE! DOOR!”

Remilia struck her spear down on the doors, causing them to explode into fragments of scarlet-dyed marble, raining down cinders in the basement.

And in the cold, dusty confines of what was Flandre’s prison of a room, was absolutely nothing, exactly as the vampiress left it. No bed. No toys. No nothing.

And, of course....

... no Flandre.

In virtually an instant, Remilia’s rage turned into despair as she, horrified, gazed into the empty cell. “... Flandre? Are you hiding from me?” The vampire countess called out for her sister, in a futile attempt to summon her sister.

”Flandre? Flandre?” The vampiress surged into the empty room, taping the butt of her spear onto the tiles, as though one of them were hollowed out to form a hiding place, or tunnel.

”Flandre? Flandre? .... Flan?” Remilia, the powerful and fearsome vampire overlord, began to choke, her voice cracking. “Stop it! Come out! I’m not in the mood to play games! Quit hiding!”

Yet Flandre did not make her presence known, for she was whisked away to the Warp by Sveena. Somewhere far, far away from the basement of the Scarlet Devil mansion.

Defeated, Remilia crumpled onto the ground, a sobbing mess that was nothing like the cold and cynical overlord that she cultivated the image of. “Flan.... Flan....”

Dutiful as ever, Sakuya knelt down to her mistress and gently patted her head, as to comfort the vampire countess. “Oh, mistress. Please, do not cry. Flandre will come back, and soon.” Sakuya tried for a smile.

... Except, Remilia was in no mood for smiling. Just like a revolving door, all of the vampire countess’ sorrow surged back into fury. In a blind rage, she swatted aside her maid’s hand. “The mansion is to be under lockdown until I come back from a little walk,” she hissed.

Troubled, Sakuya inched back away from her fuming mistress. “Certainly. But, if you don’t mind me asking... where do you wish to go, ma’am?”

Remilia pushed herself off the ground, her eyes glowing brighter and more fiercely than a t800 terminator’s. “I’m not stupid,” she snapped. “Don’t think I don’t know what happened to Flandre. Our ‘guest’ from before took her. Why else would she come, out of the blue, asking to take Flandre, my sister, away from me, and then find out that Flandre mysteriously disappeared? It’s her! She took my Flandre away!”

Remilia’s huge leathery bat wings unfolded themselves, prepared to lift off. In a fit of blind, unthinking rage, Remilia’s eyes began to twinkle like sand in a desert or a beach, as the flow of space and time began to disrupt. Invoking her ability to manipulate fate, Remilia roared in untamed, uncultured rage.


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Section B


“The food’s even better than I imagined!”

Maribel virtually inhaled everything that was thrown at her in the name of food. Tempura, ramen, miso, and even more exotic items disappeared down the foreigner’s bottomless chasm of a throat. Others watched in pure shock, some with awe, others in horror, as Maribel downed her ninth bowl, which was already overflowing.

Renko chuckled upon this remark. “I suppose that’s what happens when you base all your cultural knowledge on kids’ cartoons.... weeb.”

Mortified, Maribel muffled something through a full mouth as she punched Renko’s shoulder. “Hr hrp!”

Hysterically and almost maniacally, Renko managed to force herself to ask, “Say that again? I can’t hear you over your extra thick American Accentu.”

Maribel’s eyes bugged out as she forced the rest of the cuisine down her throat, before repeating, “Shut up! I’m not a weeb!”

Having had her fun, Renko proceeded to let Maribel finish her meal in peace, until the entire bowl was completely emptied.

”You might as well try some fugu next,” suggested an onlooker sarcastically.

But, of course, this eccentric foreigner heeded the sarcastic remark as a demand. “Isn’t that the fish that can kill you if not done right,” she remembered.

”Come on, Merry. You’ve already had nine different dishes. And you’re not stupid enough to-“

Maribel pushed herself onto her toes as she called out, “Waiter! Waiter! May I have one of your fugu dishes?”

Promptly, the waiter nodded as he quickly scribbled out Maribel’s order onto a small strip of paper, before disappearing into the kitchen, a number of other customers’ empty plates and bowls in hand.

Maribel returned to her chair as Renko gave her a mortified look. “You realize,” she said slowly, “there’s literally no antidote if you get sick from that thing.”

”Yeah. And? I hear they sell poison-free fugu.”

”You did read the menu, right? They’re all wild caught. That means they are poisonous.

“So? What’s life if you don’t live a little? I know the risks, and I’m willing to take them, in the name of embracing an interesting culture.”

Renko opened her mouth to object, but Maribel’s determined face forced her into silence. The only thing the more cautious Renko could say was, “... Not my fault if you die from it.”

In anticipation, the two waited for an hour or so until the waiter arrived, and with him, a platter of slippery, pale flesh carved into thin and delicate slices.

The fugu dish had arrived.

”Thank you vey much,” Maribel thanked as the platter was placed in front of her, even though the waiter, acknowledging the deadly cuisine, almost seemed to handle the meal as if it was radioactive waste.

“Hey, weeb,” a fellow classmate called out from the other end othe table. “Nobody’s laughing if you chicken out of this one.”

”He’s right.” Another classmate joined his friend’s side. “Eat it, don’t eat it, you’re still a weeb to all of us.”

in response, though, Maribel stuck her tongue out at her two classmates as she skillfully manipulated her pair of cheap, glazed-plastic chopsticks to lift the sliver of fish, and gently ease it into her mouth.

Renko and the others watched with anticipation as Maribel the foreigner slowly slid the puffer’s flesh into maw, and only when the entire sliver of meat was gone did she begin chewing. After grinding the fish into a fine pulp, Maribel swallowed, and time seemed to stop as everyone at the table sat in silence.

One second passed. Then two. Then three. Then thirty.

After a solid minute and a half, Maribel practically threw her chair back and stood up in victory, and triumphantly brayed, “Ha! I’m not dead! Screw you and your ‘hurr hurr Merry is a weeb!’”

Everyone cheered as Maribel shoveled the rest of the toxic fish into her mouth, victorious over the notoriously deadly fish.


Late at night, right as Renko was beginning to doze off into sleep, her phone buzzed repeatedly.

”Who the fu...? At this hour?”

Half asleep, Renko’s hand flopped on the night stand for her phone, until she finally hit the “decline call” button. It wasn’t long, though, until the phone began to buzz once more, making it clear that the caller was going to continue relentlessly to get Renko’s attention until the mysterious caller was told to shut up.

Grumbling in annoyance, Renko finally answered the call, which was apparently from one of her multitude of classmates. “... whuzzit? Why at this hour?”

“Oh my goodness, you picked up.” Their voice was frantic. “You know that transfer student?”

”Merry? What about her?”

”Ambulences pulled up. She’s been poisoned by fugu, or so I hear!”

”Wait, what?!” With a sudden surge of urgency, Renko barely shoved herself into a jacket, not bothering to change out of her night clothes, as she rushed out her door. “Oh Merry, you idiot! I told you it was dangerous!”

After three or so minutes of sprinting, Renko nearly collapsed on the hill that overlooked some of the school-owned apartment complex, to see that there were indeed a number of medical vehicles parked right outside of Maribel’s dorm.

”Oh, no, no, no! Please let this be a dream, pleas let this be a dream!”

As if there were nothing to lose, Renko practically dove into the middle of the medical vehicles, only to see her friend being carried off by a stretcher.

”What are you doing here,” one of the paramedics demanded impatiently. “Can’t you see we’re dealing with something urgent?”

”I’m a friend! Of the victim!” Renko gasped everything she uttered, out of breath from her dash to check on Maribel, one of her closer friends.

The paramedic sighed as he ordered his coworkers to take Maribel into one of the emergency vehicles immediately. “Listen, kid. You’re close friends, go shopping every day, whatever. But, in case you don’t know, our vicitm’s been in critical condition for nearly thirty minutes. We’ll be lucky if we’re going to save her, you know.”

In a sharp intake of air, Renko gasped as tears began to well in her eyes. “... You mean... she might....”

”Yes, if you keep distracting us. Now, please, I have work to do!”


It was only three minutes, yet it felt like an eternity. Renko, and a few other classmates, all stood around Maribel, who lay in the hospital bed, tubes and pipes sticking out of Maribel as if she were some kind of cyborg.

”Oh, please no,” Renko sobbed. “Please, don’t die on me. Not now, not now.....”

A doctor approached, looming over the unconscious Maribel, shaking his head. “... I don’t know if she’s going to make it.”

Instantaneously, nearly eveyone who wasn’t a qualified medical professional seemed to break down in tears. “Oh goodness, no... oh, no no no no no....”

The next passing minute was a drag, and already a body bag was prepared, as Maribel’s muscles began to tense up, slowly asphyxiating from the effects of tetrodotoxin built up in the venomous fish.

”All because you wanted to try something ‘exotic,’” Renko lamented, rubbing her eyes as though sand was built up in them. “All because you were a we-“

Maribel coughed, startling everyone, even the medical professionals. She continued to cough and hack, until she was sitting upright, in cold sweat, and eyes dilated.

”Hmm. So she survived. Interesting.” The body bag and label were already being stored and cast aside, as Maribel’s classmates either cheered yet again, or broke down, sobbing over how they could have lost her.

”Oh my god oh my god oh my god,” Maribel sputtered. “Did anyone see that?!”

”What, a ghost?” One of her classmates chuckled weakly at his joke.

”No, it was something a hundred times scarier! I... I don’t even know how to describe it! It was like... some sort of tear or portal or something and it was filled with eyes and it was calling my name or something and....”

At this point, Maribel’s ramblings were quickly tuned out by most of her friends, dismissing it as something she saw in some anime or soemthing.

”Bouncing back from the brink of death, and seeing something strange? Must have been your ancestors,” one of her friends joked.

”Or the afterlife.”

”Nah, it’s probably the border of life and death or some other strange sh!t.”

Of course, Maribel protested to the jokes of her enjoyment of unusual things as the rest of her friends continued to playfully mock her and her bizarre interests. Of course, they all knew it was just the casual circle-jerk treatment, for they all knew that they were really just glad to have Maribel back.


“... Something troubling you?”

Yukari awoke from her trance at the voice of her personal servant Ran. Sveena’s passive empathy abilities took a toll on the heartless youkai of boundaries, for she last remembered her vision fading as the ends of her wonderful blonde locks of hair fading away. Out of paranoia, she grabbed for a strand of one of her lucious threads, and studied the ends closely.

Luckily for the youkai of boundaries, they weren’t faded or translucent. A sign that she was recovering from the warp goddess’ abilities.

”Encountering that warp god is dangerous,” Yukari noted. “For whatever reason, her presence can disassociate us youkai.”

”... So you felt it, too.” Patchouli seemed to look up from her fingernails, as though she too were examining whether or not she was fading away. “... My guess is that she’s radiating passive empathy, or something along those lines.”

”Record it,” Ran ordered to Patchouli. “It’ll take its toll on human-turned-youkai like you two, be severe to pure-born youkai like me and Chen, and it will most certainly be devastating, perhaps even fatal, to the youkai born from the worst of human emotions.”

Yukari examined her golden hair once more, as if she were paranoid she’d disappear like Marty Mcfly and moment. “Cursed warp gods,” she murmured. “Boundary manipulation should solve this issue with ease. That, or-“

A tiny cough sounded through as Drizzle the sociopathic and maniacal fairy fluttered up. She seemed to be in less than ideal shape, and lacked Flandre, but her twisted and mischevious smile seemed to indicate something positive. “Excuse me, oh great-and-powerful youkai,” she announced, “but I come bearing good news, one which involves the living weapon Flandre, and the other which involves our.... ‘predicament.’”

Both these peaked Yukari’s interest. While Drizzle’s supposed news of a work-around of Sveena’s passive empathy abilities sounded promising, Yukari herself could merely manipulate boundaries to completely neutralize, or perhaps even invigorate the youkai masses. Ergo, Flandre was her primary concern. “What news of the weapon,” the youkai demanded.

Drizzle chuckled. “While you can see that I unfortunately do not have the weapon with me, I can safely assure that I have... neutralized her from possibly rebelling like that Komeiji edge-god planned to do. That, and the vampire countess Remilia Scarlet has manipulated fate to wish terrible things on the warp god enemy of ours. Hopefully, the two shall destroy each other in their clash, which I hope is violent.”

Yukari nodded in acknowledgement. “This would make our obtaining of the weapon Flandre much easier,” she agreed. “And, you come bearing a second bit of information. One regarding a neutralization of our enemy’s empathy waves?”

”Ah, of course!” Drizzle fluttered up closer to the boundary youkai. “Well, I can safely declare myself as completely unharmed from that wretched animal’s empathy waves! All in credit to the youkai god Yami!” Drizzle twirled about in the air in whatever sick giddy she took. “If we just hand over control of the youkai army to our rightful god, then perhaps we can all be immunized t-“

In nearly an instant, gaps tore open around Drizzle’s arms, legs, and wings, hands reaching out and detaining the overly violent and sadistic fairy.

”We already agreed on this,” the youkai of boundaries said dangerously. “This ‘Yami’ is but a weapon, a tool, for me to use to fulfill my end goals, as is everything else. I do not trust my intricate, delicate plans in the hands of some robot fish. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?”

Additional gaps reached out and began to choke Drizzle, with a final gap openeing before the fairies eyes as a pair of needles inched forth, ready to gauge and disembowl.

The fairy’s twisted smile never faded, but she slowly croaked out, “... fine.”

The needles continued forth, and only when they physically touched Drizzle’s eyes, did the needles retract into their gaps, with every portal closing in on itself, effectively spiting the fairy onto the ground.

”I expect complete obedience from you,” Yukari hissed as she began to manipulate the boundary between “kindness and cruelty.” “Any more of this funny business involving me stepping down from my throne, and you’re going to hope that I’m going to need this ‘Yami’ for my plans if you want to crawl out of places far, far worse than Hell.”

Hatred smoldering in her eyes, Drizzle glowered up at Yukari as she seethed, “Sure. Whatever. Just don’t come groveling to me when you find out I was corre-“

Gaps tore open behind Drizzle, grabbed her by the neck, and dragged her into Yukari’s endless void of eyes and incomprehensible nightmare, shutting up the self-absorbed fairy, and taking her out of Yukari’s sight.


Dorado, Mexico

In the silence of the desert, with nothing but scorpions, tumbleweed, and the occasional bird of prey, Koishi Komeiji appeared completely and utterly alone against the backdrop of the arguably more cheerful town behind her.

But the little satori was not alone, for she stood before the gravestone engraved with three eyes, which protruded from a pile of crumpled papers.

”... So... I hope you’ve been reading them,” Koishi began conversing. “And... I’m just here to say... hi! I brought you more stuff, which I hope makes you feel happier, especially now that you’re... all alone.”

Koishi knelt before her sister’s grave, and gently placed a box of chocolates and a crumpled note on top of the already enormous pile of goodies that were left for the long-passed youkai.

”... The chocolates are always gone when I come back,” Koishi noted, holding back sobs and tears. “So, I think that means you’re eating them, which is great! I hope you’re reading the notes, too, though. It always looks like you never touch them.”

Little to Koishi’s knowledge, the notes were indeed untouched, and the chocolates and other more precious belongings were always stolen by tomb raiders the following evening. Of course, Koishi had no knowledge of this, so as far as she knew, Satori was indeed feasting on the offerings left for her.

”... I even brought you a surprise!”

Too weak to hold them back, tears now streamed down Koishi’s cheeks as she gently placed a small jar among the pile of notes. “They said... they said Utsuho didn’t make it. And... and that some guy... burned her body.... and... and miss Yakumo was nice enough to let me find the ashes... so.... I brought them! So you two can be together!”

Koishi stood in tears as she observed her handiwork. She sat and stared for a couple minutes, until she finally croaked, through a cracked voice, “... I... I just hope you forgave me... for what they had me do to you.... I’ll... I’ll see you again soon....”

Koishi fled the sight, having lost the will to continue staring at her sister’s grave. Especially after the others had her murder her own sister.

And, of course, Koishi’s words were unheard by anyone. For, just like Utsuho before her, Satori was a Youkai-born youkai. She had no soul, which meant no afterlife for her, or Utsuho, or the other youkai that were to follow their footsteps. No saving from hell, no resurrection, nothing.

But memories last forever. History cannot be erased, for what was done was done. The good. The bad. Everything.

Everything was remembered, including Reimu living happily with her parents, with Rumia as her best friend. Including Takumi and Undyne being friends.

Including the murder of Utsuho. Including the "suicide" of Satori.

And with these memories, the emotions felt are forever remembered. In the heart of even the violent Reimu, who still has the charming and outgoing baby girl still inside her. Even Sveena being a sadistic Enclavian at her core.

Underneath the sands of Mexico, Satori's corpse was reduced to nothing but her dress and skeleton. Scorpions dwelled where her organs should have, and a rattlesnake slumbered where her brain was housed.

Satori Komeiji was truly gone, but her memories, her history remained eternal. And with that history, her emotions did, too. The days she smiled, the days she cried. And certainly her last day's emotion. The fear. The guilt. The terror. The sadness. The depression. These were the emotions that Satori felt on her last day of existence.

But hidden away in her heart? The sight of what her equally hungry sister Koishi, and what she was reduced to. Knowing what Yukari did to her beloved Koishi. Her only sister. This imprinted a very subtle, yet very powerful emotion in the past.

Anger. Vengeance. Hatred. Hatred to Yukari, and all her minions, for what they had done. For Reimu, for killing her pet. For society, for shunning her.

And as for Utsuho, she too felt trace amounts of anger as she died. Anger for Reimu, especially.

Youkai disappeared when they died, but the imprints they had on history are eternal.

Deep in the sands of Mexico, Satori's skeleton clenched a hand into a fist.

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Sissy and Frogies present you a short but nice post

The Swarm, Russia

Unfortunately, through their off-screen time, the Swarm had lost much. Two queens were killed by the predators of Pandora, and the Zerg had a hard time recovering. However, luckily for them, they seemed to be unable to find Xeogzoar and Skynet trying to hunt them down. But now that the location had switched yet again, they didn't know if Xeogzoar would be hunting them down once more. The Swarm simply wandered in a large group around the snowy plains of Russia, starting to approach a city nearby.

A single zergling walked beside Yuuka, looking like it was suffering from hypothermia. It was cold... but maybe if they could put a new colony somewhere, they could return to full strength.

“… Inhospitable,” Yuuka muttered through gritted teeth. “We’ll need to relocate if we are to survive.”

"But where...?" spoke a surviving queen, "Another alternative could be to evolve ourselves to resist the cold more... but we'll need to make a new colony for that. I see we are approaching a terran city," it pointed towards the somewhat distant city.

Yuuka took note of the city as well. Despite being somewhat weakened, it would be a trivial task for her to overgrow and dominate the entire flat of civilization with sunflowers (even in this weather) if she wanted. “What’s your thoughts,” Yuuka inquired to the simple Zergling, gesturing with her parasol to the distant city.

The zergling let out a few gurgles and growls, nodding its head albeit slowly compared to most zerglings.

"I suppose it would be quicker than to try and escape this region... we don't even know where the actual 'exit' is," the queen remarked. "Our remaining numbers could easily overwhelm the enemy."

Yuuka gave her subordinates a smile, bearing her serrated, needle-like teeth. “Always so faithful, my brood.” Yuuka pointed her parasol at the city, and almost immediately the city was overgrown with luscious sunflowers that were visible even from this distance. The distant screams of confusion and terror from the overgrowth of flowers as vehicles and buildings were overtaken by vines and stems, before being pulled into the Earth, effectively crushing most means of defense and escape.

”That should make it easier on you,” Yuuka offered as the distant city began to resemble a jungle.

The queen held out the Chaos Emerald they had retrieved two locations ago, giving it to Yuuka and helping her lead on the Swarm to the vulnerable civilization. Quickly, despite the snow and cold temperatures, the insect-like aliens charged towards the city, a couple of overlords carrying drones safely inside of them to let them set up a colony.

"That was easy... but could there possibly be another threat?" asked the queen, looking slightly paranoid.

Yuuka’s eyes narrowed. “Perhaps,” the ancient youkai decided. “Our enemies have proved themselves to be much more... dangerous than I previously anticipated. The city itself perhaps poses no threat to us, but maybe an outsider might take this opportunity to claim us, whilst we are still weak....”

"Then we should be quick to recover fully. Anything could take advantage of us... we should send scourges to scout and make sure nothing suspicious is around." the queen suggested.

Yuuka nodded in agreement. “It would be wise to send some,” she agreed. “Might I suggest they travel in pairs, if our numbers allow. Our enemies, as you know, are vicious, and are not afraid to unleash their strongest when given the chance. Sending two per party would at least allow for one to hopefully return, should our scouts fall into a trap.”

"That's possible. We'll send them in pairs to make it more likely that we'll get more information back," it said, turning back to look at the overgrown civilization. "For now... we recover,"

”Indeed, we do. Rest easy, and awake at your fullest strength....” Yuuka stared off to the West, knowing the calamities that took place in regards to the rest of the youkai in the Americas and Europe. “... For a great disturbance is sure to befall us soon.”

"COWER IN FEAR" EropsToad, 2016

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