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Installing Mods For Spore - Tutorial  XML
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Civilized Sporeon

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warmslime wrote:
uroker2010 wrote:I guess that sucks you don't have GA.

I will soon find out I get my computer today. It is coming by fedex. Then I am making my recover discs for my computer and then I will installing spore and then I will be installing the mods. I just hope they don't slow my new computer down. Davo's you are a wonderful dedicated person who is way better than EA.

How could mods slow your computer down? They're files, not programs.

I found out from a different source about someone did it and it slowed their spore game down with all the mods put in. The more files put in the slower your program is. If you add too much on your computer it slows the processor down.

Well, I will brb back. I have to set my new computer up. It just got here.

This message was edited 3 times. Last update was at 12/06/2011 17:13:35

Spore is up to originally up to 4 discs.
1.C&C: Spore creature creator starter kit (disc)
2.Spore (disc)
3.Spore Creepy & Cute expansion (disc)
4.Spore galactic adventure expansion (disc)
5.Spore Botz expansion. (Dr pepper promo) (download)
6.Dark injection expansion version 7.0.8 mod. (thanks to davopotomus)
Note: I know what all made it to an actual retail disc. (Yes I do keep track of what comes out)
what not made it to disc for PC and console?

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i putted the mod but it didnt work ingame


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kylety wrote:i putted the mod but it didnt work ingame

Honestly if you install them correctly (and you have Spore installed in the default directories) it should work. Therefore, there was a step you missed or you have something that's not in the correct directory, something you didn't unpack or unzip, or something similar.

The problem with mods is not that they "degrade performance" (that's like saying cars in a parking garage are causing traffic jams on the street) or that they are poorly written --

the problem is that most of the time you are entirely on your own to make sure you back up the correct files, and put the new files in the correct places. It's almost impossible to get help from EA for the programs you lease from them -- you are going to have a hard time getting help without giving better information about what you did and what you thought you did.

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